AEW Dynamite #007 (04.17.23)

Live from the State Farm Arena | Atlanta, GA | Crowd Size: 20,306 


Kevin Kelly and Arn Anderson welcome us to Dynamite as the opening video concludes and the pyro explodes. Anderson says he picked a hell of a week to take off last week, recapping the events that transpired following AJ Style’s epic defense of the AEW World Heavyweight Championship against Kurt Angle and Bryan Danielson, Brock Lesnar’s total annihilation of Conor McGregor, and the attempted hit and run of Megan Mouse as we went off the air. They also note the surprising arrival of Kenny Omega, who seems to have his eyes set on the World Championship. Kelly predicts that tonight will be just as wild, and hypes up the first two matches of the second round of the TV Championship tournament, in which we’ll see Vader go one on one with Wardlow and Miro will take on Darby Allin! 

Anderson and Kelly are interrupted as “This Year’s Girl” by Elvis Costello plays; the familiar theme song of the interim chair of BWM Inc. Megan Mouse. Mouse makes her way to the ring surrounded by the Authors of Pain. 

As Megan walks down the ramp towards the ring, he expression is determined and calculated. She grabs a microphone from ringside and raises it to her lips. 

Megan: Last week, someone tried to run me over with a car. And, as if that was bad enough, Rob Amick lied to me about my father’s return to this company. 

The crowd murmurs as Megan continues, her eyes blaze with fury. 

Megan: I want Rob Amick to come to this ring right now. Come on, Rob, we don’t have all night. I demand an explanation! 

Amick appears atop the state, a look of remorse washing over his face as he makes his way down the aisle. The crowd boos, and the guilt and fear on his face shines clearly as he steps through the ropes, microphone in hand. Megan wastes no time in questioning him. 

Megan: What do you know about the attempt on my life last week? 

Amick hesitates a beat before answering. 

Rob Amick: I had nothing to do with it, I swear on my life. 

Megan’s eyes narrow as Amick continues. 

Rob Amick: I did lie about Benny’s return, though, and I am sorry for that. I never meant for things to escalate as they did. I wanted to use the opportunity to seize power for myself, but obviously things got way out of hand. 

Megan grits her teeth in anger. 

Megan: You broke my trust, Rob. And unlike my father, I’m not a forgiving person.

Amick looks at Megan with pleading eyes. 

Rob Amick: But Megan, I’m practically your uncle. I care about your well-being. You need to be careful, because there are threats beyond what you know, and they’re coming from inside and outside of the company. 

Megan’s expression softens for only a moment, before hardening once again. 

Megan: I wish I believed you, Rob. I really do. But you let me down… and now, I’m going to have to take matters into my own hands. 

Megan signals to the Authors of Pain, lingering behind her. They quickly seize Amick, as he pleads for Megan’s forgiveness. 

Megan: Take him away! 

As Amick is dragged from the ring, Megan stands alone, her eyes fixed on her henchmen. The scene fades as the crowd murmurs in shock at Megan’s display of power. 


Backstage, Kevin Nash is shown as he arrives at the State Farm Arena, carrying his bags as he heads toward his locker room. He looks focused. His expression sours slightly as he’s approached by Hulk Hogan, carrying a large gift-wrapped box. 

Hulk Hogan: Hey brother! Welcome back! I got you a little something to celebrate! 

Nash looks skeptical. 

Kevin Nash: What is it? 

Hulk Hogan: It’s a brand new custom-made Segway! I know you’ve been laid up with that injury, so I figured this would be a perfect way for you to get around backstage and save your energy for your match tonight! 

Hogan beams with pride at his attempt at a thoughtful gift, whereas Nash looks unimpressed. 

Kevin Nash: Thanks Hulk,  but I think I’ll stick to walking. I don’t want to be the guy who’s too lazy to walk to his own matches. 

Hogan is clearly deflated by Nash’s refusal of his gift, as impractical as it may be. 

Hulk Hogan: Oh, uh, yeah, I guess that makes sense. My bad, brother, I just wanted to do something nice for you. 

Nash sighs. 

Kevin Nash: It’s alright, Hulk. I appreciate the gesture. But, I need to focus on my match tonight. This is my chance to turn things around, and I can’t have any distractions tonight. 

Hulk Hogan: I understand, brother. I just wanted to say again, I’m very sorry for showing up at your house last week with that camera crew. I know I have let you down as a friend quite a bit recently, and I’m gonna do better moving forward. 

Nash nods in agreement. 

Kevin Nash: I appreciate it, Hulk. Let’s just leave that in the past and move forward tonight. 

Hogan agrees, reiterating to Nash that he’s got his back. Nash begins to leave, as Hogan again gestures to the Segway inside the large box. 

Hulk Hogan: Hey, wait up! You sure you don’t want to ride the Segway? It’s really cool, brother. I promise! 

Nash turns back to Hulk, looking increasingly annoyed. 

Kevin Nash: No Hulk, I don’t want to ride the damn Segway. I need to focus on my match! 

Hogan looks hurt. 

Hulk Hogan: Okay, okay. I get it. No Segway. Just wanted to do something nice for my friend. 

Nash sighs. 

Kevin Nash: I know Hulk, and I appreciate it, but right now I need to focus on tonight and doing what I do best. 

As Nash walks away, Hogan looks at the Segway and shrugs. He starts to ride it down the hallways, almost running into a stagehand. The scene fades as the stagehand shakes his head in disbelief. 


Back at ringside, Anderson and Kelly discuss what we’ve seen so far tonight, with Anderson noting that Kelly was right; this week is just as wild as last week thus far. The two discuss our opening contest, which will feature Athena Star taking on Charlotte Flair. Anderson reminds viewers that this match came to be after the two exchanged some harsh words before AEW went on hiatus, and Charlotte insisted that the scheduled match happen. Anderson says Athena has become a target for the likes of Ronda Rousey, Nia Jax, Sasha Banks, and now Charlotte Flair. Kelly notes that the best way to make a splash in the Knockouts division is by knocking off Star, who is perhaps the most notable women’s wrestler of all time. 

Match #1 | Exhibition Match 
Athena Star (0-1) vs. Charlotte Flair (0-0)

The crowd roared for the veteran Athena Star as MIA’s “Paper Planes” blared over the sound system. Star made her way down the ramp with a determined look on her face. Anderson is quick to point out that Star has fought against, and beaten, some the industry’s toughest women, but this will be her first one on one encounter with Charlotte Flair. Kelly said Flair is from a wrestling dynasty and is one of the most sought-after women’s performers in the world, and that we are in for a treat tonight as the two battle for the first time ever. 

The two women locked eyes, the tension palpable as the bell sounded. The two tied up in the center of the ring, and Charlotte was quick to whip Star into the ropes. Star bounced back and ducked a big boot attempt; Flair turned around and was caught with a spinning heel kick. The two continued to circle one another, each looking for the opportune time to strike. Flair dodged a clothesline attempt and followed up with a fallaway slam. 

The two women traded blows back and forth, neither having the upper hand for long. Charlotte hit Star with a fierce snap suplex, as Anderson put over Flair’s raw talent, noting that with more experience should could be unstoppable. The announcers discussed Star’s string of losses lately, most recently to Sasha Banks who is now the number one contender for Asuka’s title. The two continued fighting back and forth, with Charlotte sidestepping Star’s offense and catching her off-guard with a gut wrench power bomb for two. 

As both women made their ways back to their feet, Star unloaded a fury of offense, including her patented corner back hand spring elbow, following up with a face crusher. Charlotte eventually made her way to the top rope, going for her trademarked corkscrew moonsault. Star was able to roll out of the way at the last second, leaving Flair reeling from the ferocity. Star followed up with a sunset flip and a near fall of her own. 

As the match continued back and forth for over fifteen minutes, the crowd eating up every move, Anderson and Kelly began to speculate on what it will take to finally crown a winner. Anderson said neither woman could afford a loss tonight; and the winner would likely find herself back in title contention. 

Charlotte caught Star with a big boot that nearly took her head off, following it up quickly with the natural selection. As Star got back to her feet, Charlotte charged at her with a spear. Star hopped over her, transitioning into a roll up. The ref counted 3 as Flair just barely missed her chance to kick out! 

As the bell sounded, Flair looks furious as Athena celebrated. Anderson said we could be witnessing the big turnaround that Star’s been waiting for since this era started; having found herself on the losing end to all the others who’ve tried to make a name for themself off her fame. 

Winner: Athena Star (1-1)
Match Time: 15:33



In Eric Bischoff’s office, the Director of Operations is sitting at his desk reviewing paperwork. The door bursts open, as a red-faced Sasha Banks storms in, the anger on her face palpable. 

Sasha Banks: We need to talk. I’m sick of being ignored and overlooked around here! 

Eric Bischoff (raising an eyebrow): What’s going on, Sasha? What’s got you so riled up? 

Sasha Banks: When I left PWI, Benny Mouse promised me the world. He said he wanted to build the Knockouts Division around me, and that I’d be front and center. But now that he’s gone, Megan Mouse isn’t doing a damn thing to keep those promises! 

Eric Bischoff: I understand that you’re frustrated — a lot of the talent is right now, and that’s why I’m here. I’m working my ass off the rectify things around here, since Megan’s focus has been so divided. So, tell me, Sasha… what do you think should be done about this? 

Sasha Banks: I think any wrestling organization in the world would kill to have me on their roster. And yet, here I am, often left off the show even though I’m the number one contender for the Knockouts Championship. I’ve got no idea when my title match is even going to happen, and meanwhile lesser talents like Charlotte Flair, Chyna, Victoria, and Athena Star are getting all the airtime week after week. 

Sasha takes a pause and shakes her head, first in frustration and then in disgust. 

Sasha Banks: It’s no secret that I grew up idolizing Athena Star. I used to dream of being the Knockouts Champion. I came to the AEW and beat my childhood hero, and now I”m ready to fulfill my childhood dream. Asuka’s been a worthless champion, and as far as I’m concerned, she’s just been keeping that belt warm for me! 

Eric Bischoff: You know what, Sasha? You’re right. You are a sought-after talent, and you do deserve your shot at the title. I’m going to give you what you want. If you want to challenge Asuka, I’m going to make that a reality — next week, on Dynamite! You’ve earned this opportunity, and I hope you make the most of it. 

Sasha looks placated with Eric’s decision, the match made official for next week! 


Renee Young is standing by backstage with the AEW World Heavyweight Champion, AJ Styles. Young asks the champion for his thoughts on last week’s shocking ending to Dynamite, in which Kenny Omega finally made his debut in All Elite Wrestling, after months and months of speculation. Young says Omega’s sights are clearly set on the champion, and she wants to know his reaction. 

Styles takes a deep breath, looking to the gold strapped over his shoulders. 

AJ Styles: Listen, Renee. Kenny Omega is a talented wrestler, one of the best in the world. I worked with him years ago in Japan, and I’m about the only guy around here who truly knows what he’s capable of. I have a lot of respect for Kenny Omega, but if he wants a shot at my belt, he’s going to have to earn it like everyone else. 

Styles continues, growing visibly frustrated as he continues. 

AJ Styles: I’m the best wrestler in the world. I’ve beaten Bryan Danielson and Kurt Angle, and instead of everyone recognizing that and giving me the credit I deserve, I’m getting questions about Kenny Omega. So, let me make this clear… if Kenny wants a shot, he needs to get in line. 

Renee starts to ask a follow up question but AJ cuts her off. 

AJ Styles: And if and when the time comes, if he EARNS a shot, I’ll knock him down just as I have every other challenger. My championship reign – the reign I worked my whole life to achieve — isn’t about to end because of some hype job. I’m the AEW World Heavyweight Champion for a reason, and I plan to stay that way. 

Renee Young: Strong words from the champion! Final question, AJ… if not Kenny, who do you see as the biggest threat to your world title? 

Styles smirks. 

AJ Styles: My biggest threat? That’s easy, Renee. The biggest threat to my title is whoever the next guy who is standing across from me in that ring is, because that’s how I approach things. My focus is one match at a time, not on hypothetical matches that may never even come to fruition. Now if you don’t mind, I’ve got some other business to attend to. 

AJ walks away, as Renee Young notes that the champion has definitely started to feel comfortable in the role.


Back at ringside, Kevin Kelly and Arn Anderson discuss what we’ve seen so far tonight. Anderson says everyone’s in a bad mood tonight, from Megan Mouse to Sasha Banks to AJ Styles. The two hype up the next match, in which we’ll crown our first quarter finalist for the TV Championship tournament! 

Match #2 | TV Championship Tournament Second Round
Darby Allin (1-0) vs. Miro (1-0)

Anderson says the tournament started with some of the best wrestlers on the planet, and now we’re down to eight men, one of which will be crowned the first ever AEW Television Champion! Miro is out to boos, as Kelly discusses his comments last week in which he promised to “redeem” the wrestling world. Anderson says he’s happy to see this side of Miro, and he’s setting himself into position to have the best run of his career thus far. 

The bell sounds and Darby rushes Miro with a flurry of offense; hitting him with stiff martial arts kicks. Miro takes it all in stride, before blocking Darby and overpowering him with his brute strength. Anderson speculates Miro could be, pound for pound, one of the strongest men on the planet. Darby takes some hard hits and attempts to outmaneuver Miro, but Miro is just too quick and agile (shockingly so, for a man his size!)

Despite Miro’s dominance, Darby just refuses to give up. He fights back with all his might, catching the big man with a series of flying moves that score him a two count. Back to his feet, Darby catches Miro with a devastating Canadian destroyer, and Darby signals he’s going to put a lid on Miro as he ascends to the top rope. 

Darby’s positioned himself for the Coffin Drop as the crowd comes alive. Darby flies off the top at Miro, as Anderson and Kelly gasp at the impending impact. Somehow, Miro rolls out of the way in just the knick of time, immediately pouncing on Allin, flipping him into position and locking on the Accolade! 

Darby writhes in agony, as the announcers discuss the precarious position he’s found himself in. Anderson puts over the sheer agony Allin must be in, as Allin remains in the hold in the center of the ring, with nowhere to go. The longer he holds the maneuver, the more defiant Miro becomes, latching in the submission from a higher angle to gain more leverage. 

Anderson screams “oh my God!” Kelly points out that Darby Allin is now spitting up an alarming amount of blood. Anderson pleads for Darby to just submit, as he fears he’s doing longterm damage to his career. Blood continues to spew from Allin’s lips as referee Michael McMahon has no choice but to signal for the bell! 

Winner: Miro (2-0)
Match Time: 12:49



In the hallway, Eric Bischoff is walking towards Megan’s office holding a stack of papers. From behind him, Randy Orton comes into frame and shouts for Bischoff to hold up.

Randy Orton: What’s the deal with AJ Styles? Why is he running his mouth about Kenny Omega getting a title shot before I do? I don’t even know who the fuck Kenny Omega is! 

Eric Bischoff: Come on, Randy, you know as well as I do what a big deal Kenny Omega is… he’s a former IWGP Heavyweight Japan and he’s been tearing it up in Japan for years. It’s only natural that people are speculating about him potentially challenging for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship. 

Randy Orton: I don’t give a fuck about Kenny Omega. I’m the first ever EWA World Champion, I’m the only man who held that belt twice. There’s no way in hell that I’m going to take a backseat to those has-beens like Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan. I’m not here to be a comedy act! I’m here to get my shot at the belt, a belt that should have been mine from the jump! 

Bischoff: [Sighs] Look Randy, I get it. I understand that you’re frustrated, and I understand that you’re a star. But what you’ll have to understand is you’re not the only guy who wants a shot at the AEW World Heavyweight Championship. Brock Lesnar nearly beat you on the final Dynamite of the year, and after what he did to Conor McGregor last week, he has a VERY strong claim to a title shot… and there are others, too. 

Randy Orton: [Even angrier] I don’t give a shit about Brock Lesnar. He didn’t beat me, the match was a no contest and I could have turned things around. I’ve made an entire career of beating legends and guys who thought they were bigger than I am. 

Bischoff cuts Orton off with a hand, and pauses a beat, as if he’s coming up with a plan. 

Bischoff: Here’s what I’ll do… I’ve already made a big match for next week with Asuka and Sasha Banks for the Knockouts Championship, what could another big match hurt? Next week, it’ll be Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley, and the winner will be next in line for a title shot. 

Randy Orton: [Protesting] You’re kidding, me right? Ya know what? Fine, I’ll beat them. And after I do, I’m going to beat AJ Styles for the AEW championship, and maybe then you’ll put the respect on my name that I deserve! 

Orton punches the wall next to Bischoff’s head, clearly intimidating him. Orton smirks a wicked grin before walking off, ready to prove himself next week. 


In their locker room, Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle are gathered around a television monitor, watching what just transpired between Randy Orton and Eric Bischoff. Jericho’s face is soured with anger, as he gestures to the television monitor. 

Chris Jericho: What the hell is this? First we weren’t featured last week on Dynamite’s return, and now he’s leaving me out of the number one contenders match? This is bullshit!

Sammy Guevara cracks a smile, trying to lighten the mood. 

Sammy Guevera: Hey, I get it sucks, but at least he didn’t put any of those House of Black fuckwads in the match. 

Jericho: [Unamused] This isn’t funny, Sammy. We need to be taken seriously around here, we’re the Inner Circle, dammit! 

Jake Hagar stands silently in the background, his expression never changing. Jericho does crack a smile at that. 

Jericho: You’re a man of few words, Jake, but I know you’ve got my back.

Ortiz: We’ve got this, Chris. We just need to stay focused and keep doing what we do best. I mean, we’re already the AEW World Tag Team Champions, it’s just a matter of time before you get a shot at the World title and bring it home with the Inner Circle. 

Jericho takes a deep breath, calming himself down. 

Jericho: You’re right. We’ve got a plan and we’re going to stick to it. The Inner Circle is going to dominate All Elite Wrestling, mark my words! 


Match # 3 | Exhibition Match
Kevin Nash (0-1) vs. Ricochet (0-2)

After Ricochet made his way to the ring, the crowd popped loudly for the return of Kevin Nash. The announcers discuss the injury that put Nash out of action for months – a viscous attack inflicted upon him by Randy Orton. Anderson and Kelly recap Nash’s journey to recovery, highlighting his dedication to getting back into fighting shape. 

The match started off with a series of quick moves and counters from Ricochet, who was clearly trying to use his agility and speed and wild offense to gain an early advantage. Nash, however, proved to be more agile than Ricochet expected, surprising the crowd with how quickly and fluidly he moved. 

As the match progressed, Nash began to take control, using his size and strength to overpower Ricochet. Ricochet put up a decent fight, but it was clear that he was just outmatched by Kevin Nash, who remained in control. 

Arn Anderson couldn’t help but marvel at Nash’s performance, noting that he looked better than ever. Kevin Kelly added that Nash has had a rough year, but he’s looking to prove himself once again and reach the heights he achieved earlier in his career. 

Richochet was finally able to get Nash off his feet and take control, as the announcers noted that neither men have experienced a win in AEW and that a victory tonight would stand to benefit the both of them as they look to turn things around. 

Ricochet found his way to the top rope, looking for his signature 630 splash. However, Nash was ready for it, catching him and positioning him into a ring-shaking Jackknife power bomb! 

Winner: Kevin Nash (1-1)
Match Time: 9:12

Nash’s music hits and he raises his arms in triumph, the crowd going wild. But suddenly, the music cuts out and the crowd falls silent. Nash looks confused as he turns to the entrance ramp, wondering what’s going on. And then, to his horror, “Real American” sounds and Hulk Hogan begins to roll his way down the ramp on the Segway he attempted to gift Nash earlier in the broadcast! 

The crowd erupts in laughter as Hogan struggles to maintain his balance on the Segway, his arms flailing wildly in the air. Nash can’t believe what he’s seeing and begins to shake his head in disbelief. 

Hogan finally makes it into the ring, still wobbly from his ride on the Segway as he tries to join Nash in celebration of his victory. 

Hulk Hogan: Brother! What a victory! 

Hogan attempts to give Nash a high-five, and Nash leaves him hanging. Nash just glares at Hogan as he exits the ring. As he walks by the Segway, he grabs it and smashes it to the ground. The crowd erupts as the Segway shatters, and Hogan can only watch in shock as Nash walks away. 

Hogan shrugs, before speaking into the microphone. 

Hulk Hogan: Well, brother… I guess it’s back to walking for me! But first, hit my music, Jack! 

“Real American” sounds again as Hogan breaks into his signature hand to ear pose as he flexes his muscles and the scene fades to commercial. 



Erich Bischoff and Megan Mouse are shown in Megan’s office. Megan commends Eric for his work in keeping the show on track, and for the huge matches he’s announced for next week. Megan says she wishes she could give all of her attention to running AEW, but for the time being, she’s happy to have Eric’s assistance. 

Megan Mouse: I just wanted to say thanks again, you’ve taken charge and I couldn’t have done it without you. 

Eric Bischoff: Hey, that’s what I’m here for! So, out of curiosity, what did you do with Rob Amick? 

Megan pauses, considering her words carefully. 

Megan Mouse: The Authors of Pain are keeping him somewhere safe for questioning… it’s imperative that we get to the bottom of this, Eric. Whoever tried to run me down last week likely has answers to my father’s whereabouts. 

Eric Bischoff: I know, and I’m committed to getting to the bottom of this. I’ve made a lot of phone calls and followed up on some leads, but I’m still at a loss on who tried to run you over last week. I feel like Armageddon was in on it, he chased you right to the parking lot. 

Megan Mouse: I’m just glad I wasn’t hurt. 

Eric Bischoff: Me too. I’ll keep at it, I won’t rest until you get justice. 

Megan thanks Eric as she stands to exit. 

Megan Mouse: I’m off to question Amick, hopefully he’ll give me something more to go off of. 

Eric: Just be careful, Megan, we have no idea who or what we’re up against. 

Megan smiles, a gleam of determination in her eyes. She tells Bischoff she’ll be careful, but she won’t let fear get in her way of finding the truth. 


In the women’s locker room, Miss Athena Star is breathing a deep sigh of a relief as she finishes up changing from her wrestling gear and into her street clothes. Just as she was grabbing her bag, Athena’s head turned as she hear the sound of footsteps coming towards her. Athena turned to see Charlotte Flair, approaching her. 

Athena braced herself, wondering if Charlotte was going to start something following their match earlier in the broadcast. To her surprise, however, Charlotte stopped in front of her and extended a hand. 

Charlotte Flair: Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for the match tonight. I would have preferred to win, of course, but wrestling against you was an experience I won’t soon forget. You really lived up to the hype. 

A smile wiped across Athena’s face, as she extended her hand and accepted Charlotte’s olive branch. Athena thanked her, saying those words meant a lot coming from her. 

As Charlotte and Star prepared to exit the locker room, they bumped into someone coming in. The camera panned to show a stone-faced Chyna; Charlotte’s eyes quickly widened as she started to utter an apology. 

Athena barely had time to react as Chyna’s fist slammed into her jaw! She stumbled backwards, as Charlotte tried to fend off Chyna’s wild swings. 

Security rushed in, breaking up the fight as Star tended to her lip, now busted open from the impact. The announcers speculate about the reason for Chyna’s bad mood, as Anderson concludes some women are just angry. 


Match # 4 | Exhibition Match
Yokozuna & Umaga (0-1) vs. The Legion of Doom (0-0)

Back at ringside, Anderson and Kelly discuss the events that have transpired tonight,  as the Legion of Doom make their way to the ring. Kelly notes that this might be the tag team’s first televised one on one tag match under the BWM Inc. banner in their careers. Anderson notes that things haven’t been going their way since Malaki Black replaced them in the House of Black. Yokozuna and Umaga are out next, and Anderson discusses last week’s events in which their cousin Roman Reigns reenergized the former EWA tag champs with his pep talk. 

The bell sounded and the match began with Yokozuna and Animal, one half of the Legion of Doom, squaring off. The two behemoths charged at one another, colliding in the center of the ring with a thunderous impact. Yoko’s sheer size took Animal off his feet, and Yoko followed it up with a series of offense. 

Umaga and Hawk didn’t waste much time before joining the fray, as the match quickly devolved into a chaotic brawl that referee Pete struggled to control. The four mastodons traded blows back and forth, each trying to get the upper hand.

Despite the Legion of Doom’s one-time reputation as one of the most dominant tag teams in wrestling history, Yokozuna and Umaga proved to be formidable opponents. With their size and strength they were abled to overpower the Legion of Doom and wear them down with a series of punishing attacks. 

LOD attempted to mount a comeback, but Yokozuna and Umaga were relentless, cutting them off at every turn. Yoko sent Hawk flying to the outside and he and Umaga capitalized on Animal, the legal man, being left alone in the ring. Umaga delivered a devastating Samoan Spike, and Yokozuna followed it up with the Bonsai Drop! 

The referee counted to three as the Samoan Connection were declared the winners. The Legion of Doom slowly retreated to the aisle way as Yoko and Umaga celebrated, defeated but not broken. 

Anderson said for Yokozuna and Umaga, this was a right step back to tag team gold. Kelly said that the two are a force to be reckoned with, and they’re ready for whatever challenges lay ahead. 

Winners: Yokozuna and Umaga (1-1)
Match Time: 12:06



Yokozuna and Umaga walked down the corridor, both still breathing heavily from their intense match. Yokozuna smiled as he looked over at Umaga, pleased with their victory. As they rounded a corner, they came face to face with their cousin, Roman Reigns.

“Hey, there he is!” Roman exclaimed, clapping Yokozuna on the back. “I knew you’d perform to the expectations put on our family. You were amazing out there.”

Yokozuna grinned widely, grateful for the compliment. “Thanks, Roman. It means a lot coming from you.”

Roman then turned to Umaga, who looked slightly nervous under his intense gaze. “As for you, Umaga,” Roman began, his tone taking on a more serious edge. “You were rusty out there. You’re lucky that Yokozuna was able to carry you tonight. I expected better from you, and I’m disappointed with your performance.”

Umaga looked down at his feet, feeling ashamed. He knew that Roman had high expectations for him, and he had let him down.

“But,” Roman continued, his voice softening slightly, “I know you’re capable of better. Use this as motivation to improve and come back stronger next time.”

Umaga nodded, looking up at Roman with gratitude. “I will, Roman. I won’t let you down again.”

Yokozuna put a hand on Umaga’s shoulder, giving him a reassuring squeeze. “We’ll work on it together, brother.”

Roman nodded in approval, before clapping them both on the back and heading down the corridor. Yokozuna and Umaga exchanged a look before heading into their locker room, determined to improve their performance for the next match.


Match #5 | TV Championship Tournament Second Round
Vader (1-0) vs. Wardlow (1-0)

The arena darkens as Wardlow’s entrance theme starts to blare through the speakers. The crowd roars as he emerges from backstage, flexing his muscles and pounding his chest. The big man from Pittsburgh looks ready for a fight as he strides down the ramp and climbs into the ring.

As Wardlow bounces up and down in his corner, Vader’s music starts to play. The arena shakes as the massive wrestler makes his way to the ring, his face hidden behind his signature mask. The fans cheer as he steps between the ropes, and the referee signals for the bell.

The match is a battle from the start, with both men taking control at various times. Wardlow uses his impressive strength to toss Vader around the ring, but Vader is no slouch himself, delivering a series of hard-hitting punches and kicks. The fans are on the edge of their seats as the match reaches its climax.

Suddenly, MJF’s music hits, and the fans start to boo as he makes his way to the broadcast booth. He’s flanked by Arn Anderson and Kevin Kelly, both of whom look wary of the cocky young wrestler.

MJF takes a seat at the booth and starts to put down Vader, bragging about tossing coffee in his face last week.

Back in the ring, Wardlow is getting frustrated. He’s having trouble putting Vader away, and he can feel the victory slipping through his fingers. That’s when MJF decides to make his move.

He hops off the commentary table and starts to taunt Vader, distracting him long enough for Wardlow to hit him with a powerbomb. The crowd gasps at Wardlow’s strength in lifting up the 400 plus pound Vader.

As Wardlow celebrates his victory, MJF orders him to attack Vader. The fans scream in horror as the two beat Vader down, putting him through the broadcast table. The announcers react with shock and disbelief as the show ends with MJF and Wardlow standing tall over the beaten and broken body of Vader.

Winner: Wardlow (2-0)
Match Time: 11:03

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