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2021-2022 Premier Athlete Tournament Roulette

Third Annual Premier Athlete Tournament Roulette This will be your source for updates on the Third Annual Premier Athlete Tournament Roulette, taking place in Season Five (2021-2022) of PWI. AUGUST 30TH, 2021: Teo defeated Keith Lee in a Qualifying Match. SEPTEMBER 6TH, 2021: Angel Garza defeated Pete Dunne in a Qualifying Match. MEN’S FIRST ROUNDContinue reading “2021-2022 Premier Athlete Tournament Roulette”

Classic Results: ECW Aggression 2002

ECW Aggression – 10/14/2002 – United Center – Chicago Illinois, 25,074 fans in attendance. In the back locker room we see Mentor shove Kurgan across the room, Kurgan pushes him back! They begin to brawl around the locker room. Earl Hebner runs in along with Chase and Shane Murphy. They are all screaming at one another! Mentor tells Shane that he wants Kurgan tonight! Shane is quick to say no but Kurgan insists thatContinue reading “Classic Results: ECW Aggression 2002”


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