HCW Inc.

Hardcore Championship Wrestling, established 2001

HCW Champions

HCW Roster

John Brown, Owner and C.E.O.

HCW 4th Era Title Tournament

The Best Monday Show of the Fourth Era (2008-2010)

HCW Interviews

The Greatest Talk Show in the 4th Era! Stoner’s Lounge!

HCW 4th Era Pay Per Views

The First HCW PPV of the Fourth Era, August 2008: HCW Tumultuous Iniquity
October 2008: HCW Sinister Urges
(Original Image Not Yet Found) December 2008: HCW Fearless
February 2009: HCW Bloodshot
(Original Image Not Yet Found) April 2009: HCW Hell’s Forecast
June 2009: HCW Overkill
August 2009: HCW Tumultuous Iniquity
October 2009: HCW Sinister Urges
December 2009: HCW Fearless
February 2010: HCW Bloodshot
April 2010: HCW Hell’s Forecast
June 2010: HCW Overkill
August 2010: HCW Tumultuous Iniquity “Into The Abyss”
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