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Fast PWI News:

12/29/2021: The Chairman made a special holiday announcement decreeing the following – “Starting right now, the PWI’s Post-PPV breaks will be extended by a week. Merry Christmas!” The end result of this decree is that PWI will now return on January 10th, instead of the 3rd. The chairman also promises that more announcements are to come soon after the new year!

10/18/2021: The Chairman has postponed “A Night of Violence” until a week from today.

10/16/2021: Chairman Mickey has postponed “The Return Ascendants” until Monday.

10/12/2021: Reports are coming in that Mickey’s press conference will be this Saturday, at the start of Ascendants.

10/8/2021: Chairman Mickey – who cancelled the previously scheduled press conference at the last minute – announces a new press conference for Sunday!

10/2/2021: Chairman Mickey plans to host a press conference Monday Night, just 24 hours before the 26th Bloodbath Anniversary, whereupon he will make some major announcements!

9/8/2021: Chairman Mickey posts a tweet saying “I will happily reveal the new Commissioner for the Showcase at the start of the Wrath of Mickey!”

8/21/2021: Upon hearing about leaked information pertaining to EWA possibly not returning until September at the earliest, Chairman Mouse posted a tweet of three laughing emojis early this morning. Word is that the Chairman plans to open this Monday’s “PWI Live!” with further comments about this.

8/8/2021: Chairman Mouse reportedly celebrates the milestone of “35 Days of waiting for the EWA”.

7/24/2021: Chairman Mouse confirms that he did not misspeak at his latest press conference: the next episode of “PWI Live” will air this Monday – in direct competition with the scheduled return of EWA for “Revolution” -, changed from this Sunday!

7/13/2021: With swift release of PWI Live via WOW TV today, Mickey offers the world a reason to prefer the PWI over EWA.

7/6/2021: Board of Directors seeks answers from Mickey as to his opinion on the surprise premiere of EWA on Independence Day. No response yet from the Chairman, but the word is that he is “very unhappy”.

7/2/2021: Chairman Mickey in serious talks with more outside talent. Warning signals abound for Third Tier talent about what may be coming.

Coming Events:

A Night of Violence

A Premier Halloween

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