W.W.E. SD Results 4.21.23

WWE Smackdown Results 04/21/2023

Philadelphia, PA Citizens Bank Park


Sold Out

It was a big night for Murrey Entertainment, the Ignite Wrestling Initiative, and the launch of World Wrestling Entertainment’s Friday night two hour show titled “Smackdown.” Fans packed Citizens Bank Park to witness the historical 8 man tournament to crown the first ever WWE Champion!


In Murrey’s office we can see and hear Murrey talking on his office phone.

Mr. Murrey: “We are getting close. So close. I am ready to have you be done with that bullshit company. Yes. Yes. You are a generational talent! I have the best team of lawyers working on getting that bullshit contract ripped to shreds. I get it, it is tough working for idiots. I used to work for a lot of them. You will be here soon. Yes. Yes. You are better than them and I know that.”


(European Champion) Matt Riddle vs Cameron Grimes

Start of the one night single elimination 8 man tournament to determine the first WWE Champion

The feud between Matt Riddle and Cameron Grimes is starting to build after the first encounter. The last match was a close one but ended with Riddle becoming the first ever European Champion. Will tonight be any different or will Grimes have his emotional moment as the first ever WWE World Champion?

The rematch lived up to the hype, and both men were determined to come out on top. Riddle promised to make Grimes pay for his underhanded tactics, while Grimes boasted about how he was going to outsmart his opponent.

As the night of the match approached, tensions were high. The fans were split, with some rooting for Riddle and others cheering on Grimes. The two men made their entrances, and the crowd erupted in cheers and jeers.

The match started off fast-paced, with both men trading blows and trying to gain the upper hand. Riddle’s MMA background gave him an edge in grappling, while Grimes relied on his quickness and agility to keep Riddle on his toes.

The match was back and forth, with both men getting close to victory multiple times. Riddle hit Grimes with a devastating knee strike, but Grimes kicked out at the last moment. Grimes managed to counter a suplex into a DDT, but Riddle somehow kicked out at the last second.

As the match wore on, the exhaustion began to set in. Both men were sweaty and breathing heavily, but they refused to give up. Grimes went for his signature finisher, the Cave-In, but Riddle caught him in mid-air and turned it into a powerbomb.

Riddle then locked in his submission finisher, the Bro-mission, and Grimes struggled to break free. The crowd was on their feet, cheering Riddle on as he tightened his grip. Grimes looked like he was about to tap out, but he managed to slip out and roll up Riddle for a pin.

The referee counted to three, and Grimes celebrated as if he had just won the lottery. Riddle was beside himself, furious at the loss. Grimes quickly made his exit, not wanting to stick around and risk the wrath of Riddle.

The feud between Riddle and Grimes is far from over, but for now, Grimes has come out on top. The fans are already anticipating their next encounter, wondering what twists and turns the rivalry will take next.


“Jungle Boy” Jack Perry vs Dominik Mysterio

Match Two of the tournament

The two engage in a war of words, with Jungle Boy claiming that Dominik is riding on the coattails of his father’s legacy, while Dominik fires back that at least he still has a father.

The match is fast-paced and intense, with both wrestlers trading blows and high-flying maneuvers. Jungle Boy seems to have the upper hand for most of the match, but Dominik refuses to give up. Finally, after a series of near falls and close calls, Jungle Boy hits Dominik with a spectacular corkscrew 630 splash and pins him for the three count.

After the match, Dominik attacks Jungle Boy, showing no respect for each other’s skills.

*When we come back from picture and picture Tony Schiavone is in the ring with a microphone thanking the fans of Philly for selling out another WWE event. Tony says a match between Jungle Boy and Cameron Grimes in the semi finals will be premium event quality. Tony has some unfortunate news to deliver that Luchasaurus was found injured in the back and would be replaced tonight with a newly signed WWE superstar.*


Ricky Starks vs Darby Allin

Match 3 of the tournament

The match itself was a brutal affair, with both wrestlers throwing everything they had at each other. Starks used his strength and agility to try to overpower Allin, while Allin relied on his speed and high-flying moves to keep Starks off balance.

As the match wore on, it became clear that Allin was gaining the upper hand. He landed a series of devastating kicks and punches on Starks, leaving him dazed and disoriented. But just when it seemed like Allin was about to win, Starks pulled out a surprise move, hitting Allin with a low blow while the referee’s back was turned.

With Allin writhing in pain on the mat, Starks seized the opportunity to finish him off, hitting him with the roshambo and pinning him for the win. As the crowd booed and jeered, Starks stood tall in the ring, proclaiming himself the better wrestler and taunting Allin as he made his way back up the ramp.

*After the match we are shown video footage of Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio attacking Luchasaurus earlier in the evening with steel chairs.*


Damian Priest vs mystery opponent

Match 4 of the tournament

Priest stood in the ring waiting patiently and then a theme song of Olympic proportions rang out through the arena. KURT ANGLE!!!

As the bell rang, Priest immediately charged at Angle, throwing him against the ropes and delivering a series of powerful blows.

But Angle, ever the experienced wrestler, quickly regained his composure and fought back with his signature moves. The two wrestlers traded blows, each determined to come out on top.

In the end, it was Priest who emerged victorious, proving himself as a force to be reckoned with in the WWE. The two wrestlers shook hands, acknowledging each other’s skills and sportsmanship and then out of nowhere Angle was attacked by Aiden English!

English completely lost his mind. He has been trying to get hired by any major wrestling company that would hire him and he has snapped!

English: “I will destroy every former PWI piece of crap until I get a contract! I am a man of the people! I’m a gladiator! A man’s man! The man that scaled Mount Everest! HA HA HE HE HE.”

Starks runs in and attacks Priest and our first Semi final match begins.


Damian Priest vs Ricky Starks

Semi-Final Match

Priest and Starks faced off in a no-disqualification, falls-count-anywhere match. The match was brutal, with both men using chairs, tables, and other weapons to try and defeat their opponent.

In the end, it was Priest who emerged victorious, hitting Starks with his signature finishing move, The Reckoning, through a table. As Starks lay motionless on the mat, Priest stood over him and declared that tonight he will become the first ever WWE World Champion!


Cameron Grimes vs “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry

In the world of WWE, a match between Jungle Boy Jack Perry and Cameron Grimes is something that we thought we would never see. The fans are very lucky tonight to witness this one.

The match began with both men circling each other, trying to get a feel for each other. Jungle Boy Jack Perry quickly took control, using his speed and agility to outmaneuver Grimes. Cameron tried to overpower Perry, but he was too quick, slipping out of every hold and countering every move.

As the match progressed, the tension mounted. Each competitor was determined to win, and the crowd was on the edge of their seats. Jungle Boy Jack Perry seemed to have the upper hand, but Grimes was not one to be underestimated.

In a sudden twist, Grimes caught Perry off guard with a powerful kick to the head, knocking him to the mat. Grimes pounced on his opponent, taking advantage of the opening he had created. The crowd roared as Grimes seemed to be closing in on victory.

But Jungle Boy Jack Perry was not about to give up. He fought back with everything he had, using his quick reflexes to dodge Riddle’s attacks and launching a series of his own. The two competitors traded blows, each refusing to back down.

Finally, after a grueling back-and-forth battle, Jungle Boy Jack Perry emerged victorious. The crowd erupted into cheers as he celebrated his hard-earned win. Grimes was gracious in defeat, congratulating his opponent on a job well done.


WWE World Championship Bout

The Finals

Jungle Boy Jack Perry vs Damian Priest

The WWE Universe was buzzing with excitement as the World Title match between Damian Priest and Jungle Boy Jack Perry was set to take place. Both wrestlers had put in incredible performances leading up to this match, and fans were anticipating a nail-biting showdown.

As the match began, Priest and Jungle Boy showed off their impressive skills, each trying to gain the upper hand. The two wrestlers seemed to be evenly matched, and the match quickly turned into a back-and-forth battle. The crowd was on the edge of their seats, cheering as each wrestler landed their signature moves.

As the match went on, it became clear that neither wrestler was going to give up easily. The two were locked in a grueling battle, and the match could go either way. Finally, after a long and intense struggle, both wrestlers were down on the mat, unable to continue.

The referee began the ten count, but as he got to nine, something incredible happened. Both wrestlers suddenly sprang back to their feet, each determined to win the match. They charged at each other, trading blows and countering each other’s moves.

For what seemed like an eternity, the two wrestlers battled it out, neither able to gain the upper hand. Finally, after an incredible display of athleticism, both wrestlers landed a kick to the face on each other at the same time. The referee counted the pinfall, and both wrestlers’ shoulders were on the mat.

The crowd erupted into a frenzy as the referee declared the match a draw. The two wrestlers lay on the mat, exhausted. In an unprecedented move, Murrey entered the ring and declared both Damian Priest and Jungle Boy Jack Perry as co-world champions.

This epic match will go down in WWE history as one of the greatest matches of all time and definitely a first as the first title holder in the history books will be shared by two warriors. But now the big question…how can a company have two world champions moving forward?

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