AEW issues press release on ratings success

12.11.22 | Stamford, CT
BWM Inc. Headquarters

From the Desk of Megan Mouse:

I was delighted to learn that episode two of All Elite Wrestling’s flagship show Dynamite –- the first to go head to head with PWI — continued on BWM Inc.’s long established ratings success.

This past Monday’s Dynamite defeated PWI’s special “Bitches Ball” (an abhorrent, offensive name, but I digress…) Last week’s Dynamite premiere set new records, as it was the highest rated debut show of all time and the third highest rated show of all time. Additionally, it was the highest rated show of the season! Though PWI put up a valiant fight, AEW’s “anything can happen” atmosphere secured us this crucial ratings victory.

As happy as I am for AEW’s early success, I recognize that the true test comes with time. BWM Inc. has been fortunate to remain undefeated against the PWI in this era, but I recognize to keep this streak alive, we’re going to have to continue to grow and evolve. I’m confident that is what will happen, and I’ll be doing everything in my power to guarantee it’s a reality for as long as possible. Of course, upsets can and will happen, but until that day comes, I will continue to recognize this company’s undeniable ratings track record.

As we move into episode three, we’re excited to have announced some of what we can expect Monday, but as always, you never know what can happen. Just this past week we were given an impromptu World Championship Dream match in AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle, and Monday night I’m sure that Athena Star and Sasha Banks will go all out to prove the Knockouts Division is and always will be THE division to beat. Leave it to men to think that bigger is always better; the Knockouts Division will only employ this industry’s top women, as we have no room for the dreamers. If you’re here, you’re important.

Hopefully my critics will finally take note that I’ve got a knack for this; though Benny isn’t my biological father, this business — this family — is in my blood. I’m excited for the fans to see what we have in store for them, and I thank you all for making All Elite Wrestling THE destination for wrestling fans worldwide!

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