Megan Mouse issues rare response to Mickey Mouse

STANFORD, Connecticut — I learned long ago from watching my father that the best way to deal with my uncle was to ignore him and not take the bait, but I couldn’t help myself after he rambled at the press for a half hour at midnight this morning. You see, as my uncle touts beatingContinue reading “Megan Mouse issues rare response to Mickey Mouse”

Megan Mouse issues statement on AEW premiere, HLW

STANFORD, Connecticut — This afternoon, I had a very nice call with HLW CEO Camden Cross. Unlike my uncle, I welcome Mr. Cross and the HLW to the fold. And following a very productive conversation, the AEW has come to the release of Xavier Woods, who has since been signed to the HLW roster! WhileContinue reading “Megan Mouse issues statement on AEW premiere, HLW”

BREAKING: Megan Mouse announces new talent acquisitions & more

STANFORD, Connecticut — We here at All Elite Wrestling have also been hard at work negotiating new talents during what I’ve always referred to as the “pre-season sweeps,” that is, the battle between promotions that typically takes place this time of year, in which we see the most new talent acquisitions in all promotions. In keeping withContinue reading “BREAKING: Megan Mouse announces new talent acquisitions & more”

Megan Mouse issues statement on AEW season premiere

STANFORD, Connecticut — All Elite Wrestling will debut with a one match show to determine the World Heavyweight Champion. On this show — the date and name of which will be announced — we will have a first of its kind Open Invitational Battle Royal. The men’s roster, not including inactive members and legends contracted, is well overContinue reading “Megan Mouse issues statement on AEW season premiere”

BREAKING NEWS: AEW announces talent acquisition

From the Desk of Megan Mouse: Earlier this afternoon, I secured the contract of Kenny Omega, one of wrestling’s brightest and most buzzed about superstars. Omega had previously signed a deal with BWM Inc. under my father, but the contract had expired making Omega a free agent. After hearing talk of my uncle’s wishes toContinue reading “BREAKING NEWS: AEW announces talent acquisition”

Megan Mouse issues press release

The Elite Wrestling Alliance is dead. I did not kill the EWA. My uncle Mickey and MMOUSE Enterprises did not kill the EWA, though it was not for a lack of trying. John Brown did not kill the EWA. My father, Benny Wade Mouse, chose to self-destruct, as he has done so many times before.Continue reading “Megan Mouse issues press release”

EWA World Heavyweight Championship tournament bracket

The EWA World Heavyweight Championship tournament kicks off on Monday, July 26 on Revolution and will culminate with the semi finals and finals at EWA’s Heatwave PPV extravaganza towards the end of summer! In each match that Grand Daddy Duxen participates in, he will be forced to defend the title, per Megan Mouse’s orders. IfContinue reading “EWA World Heavyweight Championship tournament bracket”

EWA Chairwoman Megan Mouse announces additional roster additions, removals

Megan Mouse has confirmed to that the company has granted releases to Big Cass, Enzo Amore, and Ricochet. All three were signed to developmental deals that have since expired, with Megan opting not to renew the contracts due to rapidly growing rosters for both the Men’s and Knockouts divisions.  Additionally, Mouse announced the signingContinue reading “EWA Chairwoman Megan Mouse announces additional roster additions, removals”