Esiason’s Summarized Results: The Fourth Season Spring into Summer Edition

HI EVERYONE!! This the final summary of the season! Starting with the April 5th episode of Asylum and ending with Motivation 8, I will be covering the happenings in PWI for your summarized pleasure!


The show kicks off with Mickey and the Executioner waiting for the new world champion: Scott Nash. Nash wants to know why Mickey is bothering him and Mickey assures his former “pillar” of the locker room that the answers will all soon be revealed. Following the opening video package and pyro, Jeff Hardy defeats Samoa Joe and a very good match!

In the Dollhouse Suite, Angelina Love and the Allure welcome Madison Rayne into their fold as the newest member of the Dollhouse. I then provide a superstar report on the injuries sustained via the Death From Above match at the Epic as I wish Amazon good luck in challenging for the gold at Motivation. Stevie R appears catatonic as Lawrence Mason fails to get a comment from the icon before we head back to the ring to see A Beautiful Lie defeat the Undying Legends and Cruel & Beautiful to challenge for the women’s tag team gold!

Fitz provides a Dirt Sheet Review of the great action we are seeing from the tag divisions of PWI. He assures us all that PWIs teams can demonstrate their superiority in two-on-two matches without special gimmicks. Amazon and Victoria then meet in the locker room. Victoria wishes Amazon good luck at Motivation, Amazon tells Victoria not to give up, and the two remark that they are confident that they will soon meet for the gold that neither of them possesses. Rhyno then meets Teo in Teo’s locker room. Rhyno tells Teo that there are no hard feelings and he insists on promising Teo that he was a) not the attacker back in August, and b) that he will find out who was. Teo seems unconcerned with such, and as Rhyno leaves the room, he is angrily met face to face with Attitude. Attitude and Teo talk about that incident and the scare it gave everyone. Teo remarks that he is happy to be able to walk, and Attitude agrees before we head back to the ring where Bobby Lashley barely defeats Kevin Owens in a Semifinal Match in the Tournament Roulette, with the help of Mark Henry!

Michelle McCool tells Layla that she (McCool) needs to demonstrate her worth as a singles competitor, proving that she isn’t just a tag wrestler. Ariel tells Sunny that she isn’t ready to give up her pedestal yet for new up and coming stars and then she promises that she and Living Dead Girl will again meet in the ring. Robby Storm and Marty Scurll argue in the parking lot about the tag title failure. They are joined by Lashley and Henry all before Brock Lesnar arrives and leaves them all beaten down before he threatens that Storm’s days are drawing to a close. In a decent match, Michelle McCool pulled off an impressive victory over Ariel!

Before the main event, Murrey and Catherine meet in his Suite. Murrey tells Catherine that they are in a bind and trapped in their agreement with Mickey. They agree to swiftly help Mickey defeat the “existential threats” and then move on to dispose of Mickey himself! In the Main Event, Drew McIntyre barely eeks out a cheap victory over Dragonfly to determine Nash’s next challenger. Drew wins by pinfall, but only because the official doesn’t notice Dragonfly’s foot under the ropes. Drew cleverly pushes Dragonfly away from the ropes as his hand is raised in victory with the show drawing to a close!


The opening bout sees Timothy Thatcher forcing Mr. Kennedy to submit in an impressive singles debut!

The IIconics catch up with the number one contenders – A Beautiful Lie – and tell Kelly Kelly that she and Torrie Wilson are not worthy of their spot, which the IIconics obviously feel more deserving of. Kelly and Billie arrange a battle next week on Legends to sort things out.

Dakota Kai is getting ready for her match when Tegan Nox shows up. Dakota’s former partner from the Indys tells Kai that she hopes they can one day tag again. Kai notes that she is more interested in a singles career at the moment. Nox reiterates how happy she is for Kai and wishes her luck in the opening bout. Kai then goes on to debut and defeat Taya Valkyrie in the next bout, which turns out to be quite a good show-stealer.

In the main event, Shinsuke Nakamura gives the Immunity Champion quite a challenge for the title, coming close to winning, but Angle secures a victory once again and escapes as champion once more!


In the opening bout, Dakota Kai shocks Queen Sherri with a surprise roll-up victory as the Queen stares daggers through the victor!

Keith Lee and Lex Luger then have a great battle which results in a resounding victory for Lee, marking the first singles loss for Luger since returning to the industry!

In the Spotlight Interview, Anvil talks about his renewed career and the origins of his theme. He notes that his music came from how he was introduced to hip hop in the 1990s and how it is meant to warn his opponents that he is about to make their entire world collapse around them. He noted that he butted heads with Perfect because he reminded Anvil too much of Bret Hart, and he was wanting to be a singles star now. Finally, he warned Adam Cole that his time will soon be up!

In the main event, Christopher Daniels and Shinsuke Nakamura picked up a shock victory over the Undisputed Era (Adam Cole and Roderick Strong) when Christopher Daniels pinned Cole! The show came to an end with Undisputed Era seething as the victors celebrated on the stage!

ASYLUM – APRIL 12TH, 2021:

After the opening of the show, The Henchmen defeated the Elite and Los Guerreros to become the number one contenders for the world tag team titles!

In the Dirt Sheet Review, Fitz Riot said that what works for tag team wrestling is the “Brutality” of the Henchmen, what won’t is the mundane nature of “tradition”, and what’s whack is that the Henchmen haven’t been champs yet!

We then see the Undying Legends in their locker room talking about how the miss Stevie R. Molly Holly specifically thinks that Stevie added to their team and that she wants to make him proud by looking at what the Harlem Turtles would have done to get to the top. Ivory says that they will do this together and the two go forward.

In the hallway, Bray Wyatt stalks the world champion, Scott Nash. Nash demands to be left alone and remarks that he never needed Wyatt’s help, but Wyatt insists that everything will make sense soon enough as he disappears once again.

A Fatal Four Way is slated to happen next, but the match immediately erupts into chaos as Brock Lesnar chases Marty Scurll away and Braun Strowman approaches Petey Williams looking as if a murder was about to happen only to lay down and let Petey get the pinfall victory!

Following the break, we see Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy again at each other’s throats/ Joe get the last laugh, though, as he knocks Hardy out and leaves the scene!

In the Cult of Alexa lair we see Alexa bragging that she saved Tessa Blanchard from obscurity. Tessa shows up and Alexa dictates that Tessa should send a message to Alexa’s handpicked opponent for the finals of the Premier Athlete Tournament Roulette. Tessa reluctantly agrees and leaves on her mission.

We then see Sunfire with his famous “I know what you’re thinking” catch phrase. The crowd goes wild as Sunfire says that he will reveal his final decision on whether or not to return soon, but will host a series of “Sunfire Knows” pieces in the meantime.

In the last semifinal match of either division’s Premier tournament, Bianca and Gail battle it out in an Iron Woman Match! The match goes smoothly until – toward the end of the match – Tessa shows up! However, her attempt to attack Bianca backfires as Bianca and Gail both attack her!! Then, Slammer arrives, knocking out both Gail and Bianca!! Even so, Slammer’s interference is also met with resistance! Bianca fights back, but soon finds herself in a losing battle as Slammer takes her out, leaving Gail Kim to win! After the match, Tessa sees Slammer scowling at her while we go to break!

Attitude sees Rhyno in the hallway and is heard laughing. Rhyno demands to know why Attitude is doing so. Attitude remarks that he is fed up with the accusations aimed at him regarding Teo’s injury back in August. He tells Rhyno that he is here to make sure that Teo gets “what’s coming to him”. Rhyno assures Attitude that there won’t be any issues as long as Attitude remains this way after Attitude warns him against the constant accusations and stalking.

After the two part ways the cameras take us to Cesaro and Dolph Ziggler getting an earful by Mike O’Malley. O’Malley tells the Best League that they will leave Moxley alone tonight in favor of a better plan. Cesaro and Ziggler seem annoyed about this obsession with Moxley and while trying to joke around with his group O’Malley unwittingly offends both of them after making a play on their names. Ziggler and Cesaro then leave the room as O’Malley stands dumbfounded about it all.

As Amazon – the number one contender for the Women’s gold – is about to enter the arena, she is suddenly attacked by Angelina Love! Love pins Amazon to the ground, noting that she hasn’t forgotten their rivalry from 5 and a half years ago over the women’s gold. Love promises to become champion soon enough to wreck Amazon’s plans and then she leaves the icon for dead.

In a classic bout, Jon Moxley gives Rhyno a run for his money but comes up short as the man-beast defeats Moxley following a Gore!

I am then about to give my superstar report on the disappearance of Living Dead Girl when Apocalypse comes out of nowhere, trying to choke the life out of me and insisting that this end of the world situation is “upon us”.

Following this assault, Angelina Love and Victoria battle it out for the opportunity to challenge Alexa at WM 7! They battle to a draw – forcing a decision to name them both as contenders for Alexa’s gold – and we are suddenly met with the insane and blood-curdling scream of Living Dead Girl as a grim threat to the two of them!

Finally, as the credits roll, we see Mickey approach the cell that holds the Crock. Mickey then approaches the captured legend and tells him to spill the proverbial beans on everything that he knows!


The show began with the War Raiders eeking out a victory over the equally brutal tag team of the Authors of Pain.

We then see Rob Van Dam working out when Matt Hardy interrupts him. Hardy talks about continuing their so-called “quest”, but RVD is having none of it. Van Dam suggests that Matt needs help, Matt presses the issue, leading RVD to leave the scene.

Shifting to another camera angle we hear Bossman interrogating someone about the whereabouts of Crock, he leaves the room when he doesn’t get any answers. However, in the hallway he is met by Baron Corbin who calls him “pathetic” for seeking the Crock’s “apparition of a bygone era” and then tells Bossman that he too will be joining the Crock in the annals of history. Bossman responds by challenging Baron to a match next episode of Legends.

In the next match, Tegan Nox pulls off an impressive victory against Taya Valkyrie.

In the main event, A Beautiful Lie defeats the IIconics in their defense of the top contendership for the Tag Titles.


In the opening bout, the Street Profits and Johnny Gargano won a great match against Legado Del Fantasma.

Dakota Kai defeated Queen Sherri in a match that quickly fell apart when the official was knocked out and after Rhea Ripley returned and took out Sherri.

In the Spotlight Interview, Mr. Perfect told Lawrence Mason that he was only “imperfect” because of others and that the Anvil couldn’t see their potential as a team. Perfect wrapped up by highlighting his belief that he will soon become a model for everyone as a “perfect champion”.

In a barnburner main event for the number one contendership for the Ascendant title, Christopher Daniels defeated Shinsuke Nakamura.

ASYLUM – APRIL 19TH, 2021:

The show opened up with what was supposed to be a tag match between the YMCA and the team of Ziggler and Cesaro. However, the Road Warriors attacked everyone in sight, leaving absolute carnage in their wake and paving the way for Apocalypse to come down. Apocalypse that the “deciding factor” will “soon be revealed”.

Scott Nash is standing by with Lawrence Mason. He tells Mason that the Apocalypse Collective is “no different” from past industrial destructive forces like the Apocalyptic Corporation of the N.W.O. and that they will soon be defeated. He also says that this experience in combating in the stable wars of the past have prepped him to battle Drew McIntyre at WM 7!

Samoa Joe then spots Jon Moxley in the hallway and mocks him for failing again. A fight ensues with Moxley coming out on top. Moxley subsequently challenges Samoa Joe to a fight.

Drew is then speaking with the hussy who used to stain the couch next to me and promises that he will demonstrate how he is the “chosen one”.

Following that interview Emma shows a ruthless side and defeats Allie in a decent match!

After the break we see Cruel and Beautiful having a disagreement. Ivelisse is discontent with the team, blames Zelina for their loss of the gold, and says they are “through”.

Rhyno enters Teo’s locker room, tries to get his attention about possible backstabbing and warns him to be aware of the harm in trusting everyone, telling him to “look for the signs”.

Paige is then seen catching up with Emma, telling her that she was impressed with what she saw in the match versus Allie. She suggests that this newfound determination could be mutually beneficial. Paige proposes an alliance with Emma, telling her to think about it. In the match between Paige and Carmella, Emma interferes, costing Carmella the match, solidifying the allegiance between her and Paige!

Upon returning from the break we see Marty Scurll trying to calm Robby Storm, who is visibly shaken by the determination of Brock Lesnar, and tells him that if Mark Henry can’t stop Lesnar then he – meaning Marty – will do it himself at WM 7! This helps avert Robby breaking ties with Villain Enterprises for the time being.

Cameras then catch Comic Nightmare kidnapping Stevie R, calling him the “key”!!

Seeing Cesaro and Ziggler struggling to walk around, Mike O’Malley laughs at them for leaving him behind, suggesting that he could have helped them stave off the attack, but Cesaro knocks him out for offering a reentry into the Best League.

Brock Lesnar and Mark Henry then have a hard-hitting match which Lesnar wins in sound fashion!

After the last break for the evening, we see Petey Williams wake up in a mystery location, surrounded by the Wyatt Family. Bray informs Petey that there is a plan for him and everyone which will “soon be revealed”. As we pan out we see that the Family is gathered in the ruins of Mickey’s abandoned lair!

Finally, in our main event 8 woman elimination no holds barred tag match we see the Undying Legends tag with Victoria and Amazon against the Dollhouse (except for Harley). In the midst of this chaotic bout Slammer interferes, taking out Victoria and Love in brutal fashion as the team of Amazon, Victoria, and the Undying Legends win!


The show kicked off with a great opening promo and pyro to hype us up and that was immediately followed by an inspiring introduction by Mickey himself who proclaimed that tonight was a “clash between the past and the future”. He declared that whoever wins tonight will punch their ticket to Motivation and he welcomed us to the show…19 years in the making!

After the introductions, we had our opening bout, an incredible Triple Threat Match for the Women’s Championship as Alexa Bliss successfully defended her gold against Victoria and Angelina Love with a serious help of Slammer and a botched attempt at help from Tessa Blanchard!

Following the break, we have an exclusive interview hosted by yours truly for Drew McIntyre and the World Champion, Scott Nash. Drew tells Nash that he respects him, that they are going to “tear the house down”, but that Drew will stand tall tonight. Nash rebuts that by stating that the difference between them is that Nash clearly “belongs here” and that everyone is still trying to figure that out about Drew. The two of them stand up and promise to see each other later in the night as we move on.

Dragonfly is walking through the hallway when he suddenly see Sunfire exiting another room. The former Icons tag team partners embrace and leave to drink and share stories elsewhere!

Next, Brandon Lee stunned all by defeating Bobby Lashley in the first of the Three Stages of Hell Finals of the Tournament in an Ultimate X match!!

Amazon and Ariel are then seen walking through the hallway together. Ariel wishes Amazon luck at Motivation, but expresses how she wishes it were her out there instead. Amazon says that she understands, but that this may be her “last shot”. Then, the two of them were suddenly attacked by Paige and Emma. The duo left Amazon and Ariel beaten down, saying they “took out the trash…which was long overdue” as they exited the scene.

Cameras catch Jon Moxley working out as Samoa Joe suddenly attacks him. This brawl eventually adds Jeff Hardy, who bursts into the room and attacks Joe as well. However, Samoa Joe proves to be too good as a fighter whilst overcoming the odds and leaving both men beaten down.

Next, A Beautiful Lie shines as they conquer the Riott Squad in a good bout for the Women’s Tag Team Titles!

Rhyno, following the break, is caught escorting Teo to the parking lot. Teo conveys his doubts about Rhyno’s suspicions, saying that he has known Rhyno’s suspect for too long to suspect him of being capable of the incident back in August. Rhyno promises to keep guard of Teo, then as Teo leaves, the lights flicker to find Petey Williams – ostensibly possessed – attacking Rhyno and disappearing into the night afterwards!

Robby Storm is then spotted following Marty Scurll in the hallway towards the ring. Scurll reassures Storm that he will stop Lesnar in keeping with his part of their deal. Storm seems reluctant to believe him as Scurll heads to the ring. Then, in the match, despite Scurll’s best efforts, Brock Lesnar decimates him in sound fashion. Following the match, Robby Storm stands stageside, looking down at Lesnar as Brock gleefully points to Storm.

After the commercials, Cesaro is attacked in his locker room by Mike O’Malley. O’Malley tells Cesaro that this is the price to pay for leaving the “Best League” and that he will soon recruit replacements for Cesaro and Ziggler.

Mickey and Executioner walk down the hall together, seemingly in mid-plot. Mickey says that their plan for molding a “perfect company” is falling into place, and Executioner underscores that by noting that they merely had to remain on their current path in order to achieve their goals.

The next bout is for the Men’s Tag Team Titles as American Alpha shocks all by routing the challenging Henchmen! After successfully retaining their titles, Chad and Jason leave the scene, but as the Henchmen lick their wounds that familiar Apocalypse music hits, we soon see flashes of a beast – presumably Apocalypse’s “deciding factor” – as the monster obliterates the Henchmen and disappears before we head to a break!!

Returning from commercial we see Chairman Murrey in his Suite watching TV when Apocalypse suddenly appears and interrupts him. Murrey appears aghast about this intrusion and insists on knowing why Apocalypse has invaded his space. Apocalypse says that he has come for a talk about “terms”, for which Murrey is told to sit down and hear him out.

The Dollhouse, absent its leader – Angelina Love – convenes with Harley Quinn returning. Madison Rayne is rallying everyone to the cause of making the group stronger even as Love struggles to gain her footing, but they are all violently caught off guard by Becky Lynch as Lynch decimates all of them, saving Rayne for last as she delivers a Pillmanizer to Rayne’s right arm in reciprocation for what happened at the Epic! Lynch promises that this isn’t over and then leaves the scene.

We are then treated to the first match of the Women’s Three Stages of Hell final round for the Premier Athlete Tournament Roulette. Alexa Bliss (who appears to be barely conscious), Tessa Blanchard, and Gail Kim prepare to do battle in a three-way strap match! Kim puts up a hell of a fight as Tessa is forced to carry her team while Alexa gradually regains her senses, but Tessa suddenly appears to poised to win the match for herself only for Alexa to roll Tessa up and pick up the sneak victory! Tessa then looks on at Alexa in shock as Alexa grins ear to ear about surviving another test of fate!

With our last break out of the way, we see Bray Wyatt in his new lair, seemingly praying. He remarks that the “plan” is almost complete and that everyone will soon know what he and his conspirators are up to. A mystery figure then enters the room and Bray lights up, seemingly meeting the one to whom he answers as the cameras cut to black and send us back to ringside.

Finally, it is time for our World Title MAIN EVENT!! Scott Nash defends against Drew McIntyre and this match is immediately hard-hitting. Nash and Drew push each other to the limit. After the two had been battling for about ten minutes, though, Drew appeared poised to win as members of the Wyatt Family started appearing and soon paved the way for interference without consequence! Nash was able to secure a retention of the championship as Drew pursued Bray to no avail! However, just as Nash felt that his deed was done, the Immunity Champion Kurt Angle burst onto the scene, attacking Nash and Drew, and then cashing in his championship for a shot at Nash’s! Within seconds, Angle nailed the Angle Slam and scored the three count fall to become the new champion!! As the show closed and the world watched in shock, including Drew and Nash, Angle cemented his spot as THE guy in PWI!

ASYLUM – MAY 3RD, 2021:

The show kicks off with the arrival of the new PWI champion, Kurt Angle, as he arrives and walks into the arena.

Then, following the opening video package and pyro, Mickey and the Henchmen make their way to the ring. Mickey demands to know what’s going on, and insists on getting retribution for what happened at Wrestlemania to his Henchmen. Apocalypse then arrives and tells Mickey that he is one step ahead of Mickey. Mickey issues an open challenge on behalf of the Henchmen to their attacker at WM 7, but Apocalypse says that won’t happen, except that someone else will answer that challenge!

Following that exchange, we see the Undying Legends get the best of Comic Nightmare right before their match, which the Legends won!

After the break, Scott Nash comes down to the ring. He conveys that he finally understands why he needs to be the head of the locker room again, but that Angle ruined it all by stealing the gold one week ago! Nash then promises to once again become “Big Daddy Cruel” in order to reassert himself atop the proverbial food chain!

In the locker room we see Ivelisse working out as Zelina Vega interrupts her. Vega wants to rekindle their alliance, but Ivelisse demands that she be left alone and threatens violence if Vega bugs her again.

Cameras then catch Petey Williams appearing a little disoriented in a spot-lit area only to be approached by Bray. Bray tells Petey to take his hand to officially accept his place in Bray’s fold. Petey does so reluctantly, and Bray tells him that “he” has grand plans for Petey.

Next, Rhyno and Petey Williams go toe to toe in a barn-burner of a match, but as Rhyno seems poised to win, Petey uses some underhanded tactics to get the best of him and willfully gets disqualified after hitting a Canadian Destroyer on Rhyno outside through a table!! Petey then leaves Rhyno out of commission as we cut to a break!

Amazon and Ariel are spotted walking through the hall together. Ariel tells Amazon that she is ready for tonight, but that she wishes she was taking on Alexa at Motivation. Amazon tells Ariel that she has great respect for her, and that she will give Ariel a shot when she defeats Alexa at Motivation. The two wind up putting the matter aside as they head to the ring.

Alexa’s Cult is seen gathering next as Tessa enters and is forced to bow. Alexa demands that Tessa apologize for “failing” her at Wrestlemania as she takes sole credit for surviving both challenges of the evening. Alexa then angrily reminds Tessa of the mission, which is to ensure that Bliss remains champion and recognized as the “Premier Athlete”! As Tessa leaves the Cult is then bothered by the interruption of Krazy Kid who seems lost and looking for pizza. Alexa orders Slammer to dispose of Kid, which he does happily.

We then see the Riott Squad and Fire & Desire in the midst of a hallway brawl which only comes to an end after the officials force them to separate.

Next, in a brawl of its own, Ariel and Amazon eek out a victory over the not-yet-coordinated team of Emma and Paige.

Back from the commercial break, Teo is walking through the hall when Attitude greets him from the shadows. Teo is surprised by Attitude’s presence, who asks why Teo has been dodging him. Teo explains that there have been some rumors spreading around. Attitude notes the irony of how he once had no trust in Teo only for the tables to be turned around now. Attitude then said he would leave instead as Teo called out for him.

Madison Rayne is walking out to the parking lot only to be forcefully pushed against the wall by Angelina Love. Love appears paranoid that Madison is trying to unseat her, but Rayne promises that is not the case. Love demands that Rayne deal with Becky Lynch once and for all, to which Rayne agrees before being released by the angry Love.

Lawrence Mason is then prepared to interview Robby Storm on Lesnar when the Beast Incarnate chases him out of frame. Lesnar then tells Mason that he will soon destroy Storm and then his sights will be set on Angle!!

In the open challenge match, the Henchmen are met in the ring by the Legion of Maniacs! L.O.M. defeats the Henchmen in sound fashion, outmaneuvering the duo and standing tall as a disgruntled Mickey stands at the stage angrily scowling.

The final commercial break comes to an end and Scott Nash goes to the parking lot shouting for Angle. He resolves to never give up the search, but he is caught off guard by Angle who clobbers him with the gold, mocks him with it, and then holds the title up high above him like a conquering warrior.

In the main event, Jeff Hardy, Jon Moxley, and Samoa Joe beat the hell out of each other. All three take incredible bumps, with one botch by Joe sending him to the back for medical attention. However, Joe returns just in time to spoil Hardy’s plan to hit Moxley with a super senton bomb from the top of the stage when Joe tosses Hardy off the top on top of Moxley who was in the middle of climbing the stage!! Joe then drags both men in the ring and pins them for the win!!

The show comes to a close as Samoa Joe stands tall!

LEGENDS – MAY 7TH, 2021:

We kick off the show with Matt Hardy and RVD taking on the Revival. Revival takes out Matt Hardy, leading RVD to get no tag out of the ring, which contributes to the Revival winning the match. After the match, RVD tells Hardy to stay away from him as he licks his wounds.

Cameras then catch Mr. Kennedy checking himself out in the mirror. Aleister Black interrupts this vanity worship by rudely attacking him and warning him that the vanity he exhibits will cost him in the end.

Queen Sherri then takes out Rhea Ripley in the hallway, wishing her “good luck” on getting to the battle royal in the main event!

In the next match, Test helps Triple H defeat Randy Savage after Savage displays courage and determination!

The main event is a Battle Royal to determine Alexa’s challenger on Monday! This incredible battle – which saw Rhea Ripley retaliate against Sherri, by knocking her out and preventing her entry in the match as well as Living Dead Girl return, entering in the Battle Royal, eliminating a slew of competitors, only to be eliminated by Tegan Nox following a distraction by Asuka, and finally Dakota Kai accidentally eliminating Tegan Nox – was won by Io Shirai after Io last eliminated Taya Valkyrie!


Queen Sherri and Rhea Ripley kick off the show, with Sherri using weapons and a prematch assault to get a cheap victory!

Timothy Thatcher defeats Lex Luger via a submission following a shockingly one-sided bout! Thatcher and his manager Dr. Evil leave in satisfaction!

In the Spotlight Interview, Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox join Lawrence Mason, Lawrence presses the issues of Team Kick and the accidental elimination of Tegan by Kai. Kai confirms it was an accident and reluctantly accepts Tegan’s offer to reunite Team Kick until they fail in their goal. Nox had plead with Kai, suggesting this was the best course for both of their careers, but Kai pushed back, saying that she is done with Tag Wrestling and has proven that she can succeed alone.

In the main event, Adam Cole defends the Ascendant Championship against Christopher Daniels. Daniels has an incredibly strong showing, nearly winning the gold following the Angels Wings until Roderick Strong interferes, hitting Daniels with the belt, forcing a DQ! After the match, the Undisputed Era decimate Daniels, as Cole holds the belt in Daniels’ face, promising that Christopher will never be champion as the show closes!

ASYLUM – MAY 10TH, 2021:

The opening bout is about to get underway when Riott Squad and Fire & Desire start brawling out of control, leading to the announcement of a Tornado Tag Match, which is won by the Riott Squad!

Following the break, Ariel is confronted by Paige and Emma. Ariel senses their intentions and challenges Paige to step up, suggesting that if Paige beats her, Ariel will do whatever Paige wants. Paige and Emma accept, moving on through the hall.

The Dollhouse is seen in their suite. Some members seem interested in what Emma and Paige are up to, but Angelina Love tells them to “focus” on the task at hand, namely taking Becky Lynch out! This will enable them to dismantle their threats one-by-one.

I then chime in with a special Superstar Report, revealing that Jon Moxley and Jeff Hardy are out of commission until Motivation and that something will be announced soon enough. I also run down the current card for Motivation!

Paige then defeats Ariel with the help of Emma, but as Emma and Paige look to harm Ariel further, Amazon runs down to the ring to stop the madness. Amazon cleans house as Emma and Paige leave.

After the next commercial break, we see Murrey in his office as Catherine emerges. Catherine mentions an email that Murrey apparently overlooked as Mickey waltzes in. Mickey sits and tells the two of them that their arrangement has to be invoked so as to deal with the threat of the Apocalypse Collective. Murrey and Catherine are at a loss for words as Mickey suggest a solution for dealing with the Apocalypse issue plus the Wyatt issue. Catherine appears enraged that Mickey suddenly cares about the kidnapping of Jackie. Mickey explains that his proposal will both save the company and his granddaughter. Mickey proposes that all of them offer a significant chunk of their shares, alongside Jackie and the Board, to give the winning team of a 15 man, team v. team v. team elimination match majority control over the fate of the company, as well as releasing the custody of Jackie. Murrey and Catherine reluctantly agree, with Murrey naming it “Project Extermination Two” after the original match by the same name which ended the USWA in 2002.

American Alpha is then standing by with Lawrence Mason, who asks them about their match tonight. Chad Gable and Jason Jordan are both animated and ready, saying they will prove just how “unelite the Elite really is”.

The Cult of Bliss is convened with Alexa sitting on her throne demanding to know where Tessa is with her Starbucks. Tessa arrives with no Starbucks and Alexa tears into her, saying that it is no wonder that Tessa keeps failing. Alexa says that if Tessa can’t even remember one simple drink request how can she be expected to safeguard Alexa’s reign? Tessa leaves to fetch the beverage as Alexa laughs.

Next is the Women’s Championship match. Tessa Blanchard gets blocked from interfering on behalf of Alexa and Slammer gets taken out by Gail Kim, this allows Io Shirai to shock everyone by toppling Alexa to become the new champion!! Gail Kim shows respect to the new champion as we fade to commercial!

Samoa Joe, upon our return from a break, tells the Sunny Bimbo that he is just getting started and forewarns the locker room that their fate will mirror that of Moxley’s and Hardy’s!

Petey Williams is then spotted sitting on the floor staring off into the darkness without saying anything.

Back to the ring, Kurt Angle comes down and celebrates being the champion. He is interrupted by Scott Nash, who sees himself as the rightful champion. Nash challenges Angle to defend his gold against Nash, provided that he has the testicular fortitude to do so. Angle accepts the challenge and Nash warns that Angle’s days as champ are numbered!

Then, as Angle stays at ringside, American Alpha successfully defend their tag team gold against the Elite. After Angle witnesses the contest, he applauds the winners and seemingly heads to the back.

Our last interruption by advertisers is followed by Sunfire staring in a mirror and telling us that he knows what we are thinking! He says that he knows that we need his brand of entertainment, and he wants us to welcome his guest on “Sunfire Knows”: Dragonfly. In the interview, Sunfire reminisces about the reunion of the “Icons”. Sunfire tells Dragonfly that he is missing his once prominent “spark” which drove him to conquer the world in 2002-2004 and again from 2008-2010. Dragonfly explains that he has been pushed aside by other factors and Sunfire insists that this is no excuse. Dragonfly fights back, promising to again rise to top following an inquisition wherein Sunfire insisted on knowing whether Dragonfly still wants to be the “top guy”!

Finally, in our main event, the Immunity Championship is up for grabs in an open four corner elimination hardcore match!! Total anarchy breaks out as dozens of undercard ad midcard stars rush to the ring in the hopes to end up as one of the participants! Finally, Aleister Black, Keith Lee, Randy Savage, and Kurt Angle (who was hiding under the ring since the break, as it appears) get in the ring and unleash hell upon each other! Savage is eliminated first by Black following an inspiring display, Black is eliminated by Lee, and then Angle manages to eek out a victory over Lee to become the Immunity Champion!!

As the show comes to a close, Angle holds both the World and Immunity Titles while the world watches on!!

LEGENDS – MAY 14TH, 2021:

Aleister Black defeated Mr. Kennedy

The Untouchables (chiefly Drake Nash) confronted Catherine in the hallway about the lack of exposure for tag teams in the undercard, especially in light of the lack of opportunities for teams like theirs. Catherine responds by scheduling a match for all the second and third tier teams next week to determine the number one contenders for two weeks from tonight.

Test and Triple H then talk about Test’s match with Randy Savage. Triple H has been banned from ringside by Catherine. Test is sure that he doesn’t need any help to win. Triple H is oblivious to the fact that it is implied that he – Triple H – needed Test’s help beforehand. Randy Savage then goes on to defeat Test.

Main Event: Agency and IIconics battle, but lights go out and come back on as Billie Kay and Mockingbird are in the ring. Match ends by no contest when Living Dead Girl appears, decimates everyone, and screams out “ASUKA!!” as the show ends.


Aleister Black defeats Timothy Thatcher, Lex Luger, and Mr. Kennedy

Team Kick defeats A Taste of Heaven

Randy Savage is in Spotlight Interview. He notes that he had to get out from under Sherri, as she was making him her servant, and now he is gunning for the top. This is when the New TNT come down. Triple H tells Savage that he needs to prove that he belongs at the top by defeating them. Savage says he has already dealt with them, Triple H says they will leave him alone if he wins, but he must retire if they win. Savage surprises all by taking the deal, setting up a match at The Uprising.

Christopher Daniels defeats Roderick Strong by DQ. Strong and Cole stand tall over Daniels after Strong decimates Daniels.

ASYLUM – MAY 17TH, 2021:

Io Shirai defeated Alexa Bliss by DQ when Gail Kim misses an attack on Tessa and hits Io instead. Slammer beats up Gail and takes Tessa to the back after ordered to do so by Alexa.

An exhausted Robby Storm is then using the restroom when Brock Lesnar bursts in and attacks him with an homage to the classic restroom assault by Rhyno on the Enforcer back in the Third Era.

In the Wyatt Family Lair, Bray brags about the apparent looming fact that the “keys to the city” are about to be handed to them. Bray points to FRED as their greatest asset.

Slammer is seen pushing Tessa down the hallway as she pleads with him not to hurt her and promising to make things right. Slammer relents and appears to accept this pledge.

Petey Williams defeats Teo with FRED’s help, much to the fearful shock of Petey.

Madison Rayne is attacked by Becky Lynch. They are pulled apart, Lynch demands a match at Motivation and promises to make Rayne tap out.

Emma and Paige are preparing for the Gauntlet Tag, Ariel and Amazon enter to wish them luck. Emma and Paige taunt Ariel, reminding her that a debt is owed. Amazon gets between them, says it isn’t the time.

In the Dirt Sheet Review, Fitz Riot discusses tag team wrestling history, including the Harlem Turtles, the Legion of Maniacs and many others too remind us why tag wrestling is the best.

In the Gauntlet Tag Match, Undying Legends end the dominance of Comic Nightmare, Paige no-shows as Emma is forced to fight by herself, and the Undying Legends win in the end.

Mike O’Malley talks about the “Best League” and its future, and introduces the Elite as his newest members for the group.

In the hallway, the Undying Legends are met by Comic Nightmare. The Legends note that they still have to get back Stevie R from Thundra and Starfire. Starfire says that they need to put their shot at the titles on the line in two weeks if they want to have a chance at getting Stevie back. Molly and Ivory then accept.

In the Superstar Report, I reveal the Triple Threat Match at Motivation between Moxley, Samoa Joe, and Jeff Hardy, as well as the match between Becky Lynch and Madison Rayne, and the Second Project Extermination Match.

Asuka stuns Living Dead Girl as their match was supposed to take place with a surprise attack. The two of them scrap back and forth for a few until Living Dead Girl ripping off the post backfires as Asuke gets a chance with it and beats Living Dead Girl down. This leads to Living Dead Girl disappearing with that scream of hers. Jim Cornette then challenges Living Dead Girl on behalf of Asuka to one final match at Motivation; No Holds Barred!

Mickey, Executioner, Catherine, and Murrey come out in solidarity. They offer a message of unity against the multiple threats posed to the company and the industry. Mickey notes the importance of saving Jackie as well as wrestling. Mickey announces the series of tryout matches over the next several weeks.

In the Main Event, the Second Stage of the Men’s Three Stages of Hell Premier Finale, Bobby Lashley defeats Brandon Lee in a Tables Match.

LEGENDS – MAY 21ST, 2021:

In a Team PWI Tryouts Match, Mr. Kennedy defeated Lex Luger

Catherine then announces a Stretcher Match between Queen Sherri and Rhea Ripley at the Uprising. Additionally, Catherine makes it clear that her highest priority is getting Jackie back safely from the Wyatt Family.

Matt Hardy interrupts RVD’s exercising in his locker room. RVD is furious and orders Hardy out, saying he is done with tag teams. Hardy insists that he is looking out for Rob, Van Dam warns Matt to stay away.

Team Kick defeats the IIconics

Main Event, Los Guerreros win the Tag Team Turmoil Elimination Falls Count Anywhere Match to earn a title shot next week!


Slammu kicks off the show with an announcement, bans interference from Roderick Strong for the Ascendant Title Match at Uprising between Christopher Daniels and Adam Cole!

Bianca Belair defeats Lacey Evans, but Evans angrily attacks Belair after the match with her Woman’s Right to the back of the head!

Taya Valkyrie defeats Daisy Buffer

In the Spotlight Interview, Christopher Daniels expresses his confidence in defeating Adam Cole at the pay per view and says he won’t need any special treatment to do so. This triggers Adam Cole and Roderick Strong to come out. Cole says that if Daniels is so confident then he should put that to the test in facing off against Strong next week one more time! If Daniels wins, he gets to pick the match stipulation for the gold, but if Strong wins then Cole gets to. Daniels reluctantly agrees to the challenge.

Main Event, Aleister Black defeats Timothy Thatcher in a hard fought match to qualify for Team PWI!

ASYLUM – MAY 24TH, 2021:

The event kicked off with an open extreme battle royal to determine Tessa Blanchard’s challenger for the Immunity Title at the Uprising and it was won shockingly by Victoria!

Sunny then interviews Scott Nash, who says he will prove himself next week by defeating Kurt Angle for the World Title! This, in his words, will prove that Angle is a fluke and will remind everyone why he is “Big Daddy Cruel”!

Samoa Joe comes across Krazy Kid in the hallway as Kid is lifting weights and walking at the same time. Kid asks Joe for help, Joe pushes him over, causing the weights to crush him underneath. Joe says “pick yourself up” and proceeds down the hall.

The Allure is spotted leaving the arena as they are talking about the cranky Angelina Love who was embarrassed by an early elimination in the opening bout, Becky Lynch attacks both of them, but then she herself is attacked by Madison Rayne, who accepts her challenge!

In a PWI Tryout Match, Mike O’Malley defeats Cesaro following a distraction caused by the Elite trying to interfere and thwarting a counter-interference by Dolph Ziggler.

FRED appears with a frightened Petey Williams somewhere in the back. Petey begs for his life and promises to do what Wyatt wants him to. This pleases FRED and he disappears again.

Robby Storm surprise attacks Brock Lesnar and issues a challenge for a match at Motivation, saying he will show just how great of a star he is!

Cameras catch the Undying Legends and Comic Nightmare in the middle of a fight, which is separated by officials after Thundra and Starfire get the best of their enemies. Molly Holly promises to get Stevie R back as well as win at Motivation!

In a Gauntlet Tag Team Match, the Henchmen come out victorious to become the number one contenders for the tag titles at Motivation!

Drew McIntyre tells Lawrence Mason that it is “bullshit” that he isn’t challenging for the world title, he then shifts his attention to Teo, reminds him of the big question about who the “next guy” was between them. Drew challenges Teo to put his title contention on the line next week against him to test and see who that next guy really is!

In Alexa’s Cult Room, Alexa is telling Slammer that everything will go according to plan and that Tessa will do her part. When Tessa arrives, she looks obedient once more while Alexa chides her about her subservient role here in the main event match, saying that Tessa needs to help her end the tournament tonight!

Sunfire introduces himself as the special announcer for the next match – another PWI Tryout Match – as he introduces Dragonfly! Dragonfly comes out and Sunfire unveils himself to be the surprise opponent, attacking Dragonfly. This evenly-fought match frustrates Sunfire to the point of getting disqualified via a chair shot! Sunfire goes on a rant about Dragonfly stopping his own rise to prominence as he continues to obliterate Dragonfly in the ring. Sunfire declares that his own time has come, not Dragonfly’s!

Rhyno is attacked by Teo in Teo’s locker room. Teo is furious with a photo that he saw, which led Teo to believe Rhyno was his attacker. Rhyno insists that he is innocent, Attitude enters the room, Teo catches him up to speed, Rhyno accuses Attitude of photoshopping the picture, Rhyno gives up and tells Teo that he is done and that Teo will see who was right soon enough! Attitude apologizes for learning about this insanity, Teo tells Attitude that he was right along and that it was a mistake to trust Rhyno, Attitude tells Teo that he has his back and that he should focus on Motivation. However, Teo mentions what Drew said, and Attitude responds by saying that Teo should prove Drew wrong and head into Motivation strong. Teo thanks Attitude for being there, despite everything, Attitude reassures Teo and looks around to see if Rhyno left.

Main Event, Second Stage of Women’s Three Stages of Hell Finale, Gail Kim defeats Tessa Blanchard and Alexa Bliss in a No Way Out Match despite interference by Slammer and being overwhelmed in numbers, thus guaranteeing the Third Stage at Motivation!!

LEGENDS – MAY 28TH, 2021:

Johnny Gargano defeats Matt Taven by disqualification when the Revival enters the fray and attacks, when the Street Profits come in, the Kingdom leaves the ring. Montez Ford speaks up and says that they (Street Profits and Gargano) “want the smoke” as the Kingdom continues to walk away, grinning ear to ear.

Matt Hardy talks to himself about releasing people and becoming their savior, Rob Van Dam bursts into the room and knocks Matt out! He is upset about a note purportedly from Matt and says it sealed Hardy’s fate, and then he challenges Matt to a match at the Uprising!

Sunny then confirms that a match has been made by Catherine for Matt Hardy and RVD at the Uprising! She then turns to Rhea Ripley and asks her about her own match with Sherri at that PPV, as Rhea is responding about how Sherri’s “nightmare” will begin, Sherri attacks Rhea, forcing Sunny to run away screaming and the officials to jump in the middle of it! Rhea promises to prove to Sherri that she is the “real bitch” at the Uprising!

Bianca Belair defeats Lacey Evans

Main Event, Men’s Tag Team Titles, American Alpha retains against Los Guerreros, and after the match, Kurt Angle comes out on the stage and the show closes with him giving them a nod of respect.


Team Kick loses to A Beautiful Lie to kick off the show in the Women’s Tag Title Match. As the champs leave, Tegan is apologetic, and Dakota appears sympathetic until she starts to attack Tegan, saying she never wanted this team.

Street Profits defeat the Super Luchadores, after the match, the Kingdom comes down to attack the Street Profits, Johnny Gargano enters the fray to save the Street Profits, but in the midst of this chaos, Andrade comes out and orders everyone to stop, noting that Legado Del Fantasma has been forgotten. Then, all hell breaks loose between the three stables, with Legado Del Fantasma left standing strong!

In the Spotlight Interview, Slammu breaks the news the Dragonfly has been pulled from Team PWI – due to the fact that he now has a match with Sunfire at Motivation – and that an announcement will be made soon to replace him. Slammu schedules “Dakota v. Tegan” as well as a Nine Man Elimination Tornado Tag (between the three stables that just fought) at the Uprising, but before Slammu could leave he is harassed by Krazy Kid demanding to know his role. Slammu tells him that he needs more time and then proceeds to knock Krazy Kid out before leaving!

Main Event, Roderick Strong defeats Christopher Daniels with help of the Undisputed Era’s theme music distracting Daniels, thusly giving Adam Cole the choice of the match stipulation at the Uprising! Cole and Strong then stand above Daniels looking unified and ready to conquer!


Show starts with Mr. Perfect winning the Extreme Battle Royal to become number one contender for the Immunity Title at the Uprisng after hiding under the ring for most of the match and busting open Keith Lee!

Angelina Love tells Lawrence that she refuses to answer a “stupid question” about not being on the Motivation card, that she is the “Queen Bitch” regardless, that Madison Rayne will win and the Dollhouse will reign supreme.

Mike O’Malley is with the Best League and he is promising that the world title will soon be his!

I am with Io Shirai and the Women’s Champion tells me that she is ready to defeat Amazon and lead the division. She reveals that she is aware of Amazon’s history and skills, having been a fan of Amazon’s for decades.

Kevin Owens defeats Mark Henry to qualify for Team PWI!

Becky Lynch is interrupted from looking in the mirror by Victoria, who inquires what is on her mind. They discuss their upcoming challenges and after Victoria notes the Women’s Title is in her future she is caught off guard when Amazon enters the scene, the two legends then have a lighthearted back and forth about who will be champion first this go around and it is brought up how Becky and Io are the future of the industry. They all wish each other good luck.

Gail Kim tells Sunny that she is tired of the Cult of Bliss and being overlooked as an “afterthought”, considering her high-valued contract. She also promises to win the tournament and predicts that Tessa will prove to be nothing more than Alexa’s pet.

Sunfire explain “why”, remarking that Dragonfly stole his opportunity for glory years ago when he was reaching new heights. Dragonfly comes out and says that Sunfire himself is to blame for his failures, and that he – Dragonfly – was always going to be the BIGGEST star in the industry. Dragonfly notes that this score should have been settled when they last fought 12 years ago, but that he will accept one final battle between them at Motivation this year!

The Undying Legends defeat Comic Nightmare to retain their shot at the tag titles and to save Stevie R!

Apocalypse Collective comes out to the ring after the break, and Apocalypse warns the PWI and the industry that the day of “reckoning” is coming and the end is here! He also promises to unveil their fifth member for the match at the PPV!

Atitude encourages Teo, saying he has Teo’s back and that he need not worry about what Apocalypse just said and instead worry only about the world title. Teo is hesitant to ignore the threat of Extermination, but he agrees to focus. He asks Attitude to stay in the locker room during the next match, saying he wasn’t to do this on his own. Attitude indicates that he will.

After Alexa Bliss explains why Slammer was stalking Tessa (Tessa was demanding that he stop doing so), she scorns Tessa and Slammer for failing her last week and says that they must prove themselves at Motivation!

Teo defeats Drew McIntyre to retain his number one contendership, but with the unwanted and seemingly unnecessary help from Attitude. Attitude had distracted Teo when his music hit after Teo did the Fall From Grace, then Attitude took the ref out of the picture and took Drew out to help Teo win! Post match, Drew can be heard yelling that he had the match won, but the official ignores him.

Murrey, Catherine, and Mickey come out to make an announcement. Murrey tells the story of the Five Eras of Wrestling and how it has all come to this. It is then announced that the winner of a 20 Man Battle Royal at Uprising will determine Dragonfly’s Team PWI replacement, and he announces Dragonfly v. Sunfire at Motivation!

MAIN EVENT, Kurt Angle retains the World Title against Scott Nash in a confusing twist which has Angle and Nash both pinned in a belly-to-back pinfall. Mickey comes out and announces that with both matches (Teo v. Drew and Nash v. Angle) ending in controversy he will slate a first ever Total Anarchy Version Two Match for the World Title at Motivation!!


Slammu and Lawrence Mason introduce the show.

Rhea Ripley promises to become Sherri’s nightmare, and Sherri retorts that Rhea will see why she is the “Queen”.

Slammu then takes over and brings up with Mason all the highlights of the Fourth Season. They especially emphasize things like Kurt Angle’s rise, Teo, and Alexa Bliss’s domination.

Victoria talks about how this is her “last chance”, and Tessa seems to leave me with the impression that she is unsure how loyal she will be to Bliss.

Rob Van Dam recounts how Matt Hardy has awoken something fierce within him that was long buried by not taking “no” for an answer. Matt Hardy talks nonsense about how he will “delete” RVD.

Jeff Murrey tells Sunny about the importance of the next two shows for the PWI and wrestling in general and he expresses how confident he is in the outcome.

In the Super Punch, he says to keep an eye on Tessa.

Mr. Perfect promises to win the battle royal and forgets the Immunity title, saying it is time for him to get serious again.

Tegan and Dakota have a fight during their contract signing following some words.

The Kingdom promise to win, Taven says this match will show the world why he is to be respected.

Gargano and the Street Profits express their excitement about this match.

Andrade says that Legado Del Fantasma will never be ignored again after this match.

The Interview: Kurt tells Mason that he was overlooked in this era and in this match, and just like throughout this era he will prove everyone wrong again in this series of matches.

Adam Cole and Christopher Daniels are forcefully separated from fighting. Cole promises that Daniels will regret stepping in the ring with him come Saturday.

Randy Savage says that every time people think he is down he gets back up, and that it will be no different in his match with New TNT.

Triple H and Test laugh off Savage, saying they are going to send him into retirement.

Alexa is frustrated about Tessa no-showing and talking with me. She instructs Slammer to keep Tessa in line. Gail Kim next expresses her confidence in herself come Motivation.

Brandon Lee is annoyed by everyone disrespecting him. He promises that he will outshine his brother against Lashley.

Marty Scurll promises that Lashley will win against Lee.

Angelina Love beats the crap out of the Dollhouse members, snapping and saying they are “weak and losing focus”. She warns Rayne against losing to Lynch.

Becky Lynch is talking about Rayne when Amazon comes in. They both jovially talk about their matches, and Amazon promises she will regain the Women’s gold. Io Shirai talks about being ready for Amazon.

Jeff Murrey assures Mason that Moxley and Hardy are ready to take on Samoa Joe in a Street Fight.

Jim Cornette snaps at Mason and Slammu when they inquire about Asuka’s readiness against Living Dead Girl and leaves angrily.

Sunfire talks about the rise of Dragonfly and how his rise was only possible because he stayed out of the way. Dragonfly says he considers Sunfire to be pathetic and that he will put him in his place come Motivation.

Stevie R is trying to give a last round of prepatory training, getting to the last level. He then gives them “turtle ass” to prepare them for their match, and then launches a statue arm. Their frustration leads him to say that they are ready.

Bray Wyatt says that at Motivation they will do the “bidding” of their “master”. The camera pans out and shows Jackie held hostage.

Mickey and Executioner are walking and talking about “the plan”, which Mickey is sure will work.

American Alpha says they are ready for their challenge at Motivation.

Catherine leaves very emotionally, worried about Jackie.

Lawrence and Slammu then wrap up talking about the next two PPVs in a final attempt to get us amped for the shows, clarifying some rules, and saying “see you soon”!


The show starts with the opening video package, followed by Slammu and Jeff Murrey welcome the crowd and talk about the card and importance thereof.

Rhea Ripley defeat Queen Sherri in the Stretcher Match.

Tessa Blanchard is trapped by Slammer in her locker room. She assures him that she will still follow the plan, but she still has to squeeze her way out of the room after Slammer barely moves. Victoria then tells Mason about the fact that this could be her last match. Tessa retains the Immunity Championship against Victoria when Slammer crushes Victoria’s head with the Head Mashing Super Punch. Tessa then watches in concern as the officials tend to Victoria.

Matt Hardy arrives, but he is unable to get in the building until the door is kicked open by RVD, who blindsides Hardy and locks him out! RVD then heads to the ring and brags about his actions, insisting that Hardy be counted out. Hardy makes it in and proceeds to defeat RVD.

Murrey is discussing the importance of the Battle Royal with Mason. However, the Battle Royal comes to a no contest when the Juggernaut arrives and destroys Rhyno and Lee and then we cut as we see Murrey staring at the carnage.

American Alpha arrive and welcome Kurt Angle and assure him that they are on board with him now. Mr. Perfect is being interviewed by Mason, Perfect asserts he was drugged and missed the battle royal, and he heads to the ring to challenge Angle for the Immunity Title and comes up short. Perfect’s right ankle is then shattered by Angle.

Cameras catch all three teams for the next match heading towards the ring. It ends with the Kingdom coming out victorious when Gargano is pinned by Matt Taven.

We see a preview for the career match, and Randy Savage saves his career and ensures that the New TNT will leave him alone after he defeats them.

Following another preview, Tegan Nox defeats Dakota Kai.

There is one final preview, for the MAIN EVENT for the Ascendant Title, Cole makes it near impossible to defeat him, making it easier for him to defeat Christopher Daniels. Daniels has to beat Cole twice, and Cole can win in multiple ways. Adam Cole then goes on to win by disqualification when Roderick Strong hits Adam Cole with the championship as Daniels was poised to win with the Angel’s Wings.

The show comes to a close with the Undisputed Era celebrating as Daniels and Gargano look on in shock!


Show opens with video package, pyro, and the rundown of the show.

The opening bout is the third and final stage of the women’s Three Stages of Hell Premier Athlete Tournament Roulette Finale which doubles as an Immunity Title defense for Tessa Blanchard. In this concussion match, Tessa Blanchard defeats Alexa Bliss and Gail Kim when Tessa accidentally benefits from Slammer hitting the Head Mashing Super Punch on Kim followed up by Tessa’s springboard back suplex onto a steel chair! The Sudden Death Round turns into a Last Woman Standing Match, which Alexa Bliss wins with Slammer’s help after Bliss freaked out on Tessa! Alexa announces that she will be “Boss for a Day” again as one of her two privileges. She assigns Tessa Blanchard to the Project Extermination Match and tells Gail Kim that she will work directly for the Cult of Bliss now!

Robby Storm is trolled by Lawrence Mason during the interview here. Robby insists that he will prove himself tonight and defeat Brock Lesnar.

Mickey and Executioner arrive as Mickey says that it is “time”.

Brock Lesnar then soundly defeats Robby Storm after Storm put up a decent fight. Lesnar then frames his waist, indicating that he wants THE championship!

Brandon Lee tells Sunny that he knows what he has to do to defeat Bobby Lashley and that he is proud of the fact that he has made farther than what anyone ever thought he should!

Villain Enterprises is seen walking down the hallway where Bobby Lashley freaks out on Mark Henry and Marty Scurll, saying that Scurll is just exploiting him. Scurll insists that they are stronger as a unit. Krazy Kid then interrupts them from getting to the ring. Lashley knocks out Krazy Kid for annoying him with the Dr. Seuss rhyme for “One Fish, Two Fish” and when the actual lyrics are said, Kid pops up like he had an epiphany! In the Third and Final Stage of the Men’s Premier Three Stages of Hell Finale, Brandon Lee defeats Bobby Lashley in an Ambulance Match, fending off the whole Villain Enterprises in the process!!

We see a preview for the Rayne v. Lynch Grudge Match, Becky Lynch defeats Madison Rayne despite the interference throughout the match by the Dollhouse as each interfering member gets ejected as they come down.

Cameras take us back to the Street Fight, which is won by Jon Moxley over Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe. Note: Samoa Joe loses in large part after he is put in the dumpster and rolled in front of a passing car!

There is then a preview for the No Holds Barred Match, which is won by Living Dead Girl over Asuka in a very bloody hard fought battle!

Amazon is in the back and notes her long tenure in this industry, and warns that Living Dead Girl is a threat no matter who the champion is! She promises that despite the great fighting spirit of the Women’s Champion, Io Shirai, Amazon is going to get her gold back!!

In the hallway, Paige and Emma are bullying Ariel, demanding that she acquiesce to their demands, Io Shirai tries to put a stop to this, but Paige threatens her next, but Amazon attacks Paige from behind, leading to a brawl in the hallway which forces Paige and Emma to flee! Ariel thanks the women for helping her and wishes them good luck in their match!

Io Shirai successfully defends against Amazon, but as she is celebrating and showing Amazon respect, Alexa Bliss comes out with Slammer, Slammer knocks out Amazon and Shirai, Alexa cashes in her Immunity Title, and quickly regains her Women’s Championship after she makes Slammer the referee!!

There is a video package for the Iconic Showdown, followed by a fight between Ziggler and Cesaro against the Elite that is split up by officials! Dragonfly then defeats Sunfire in a great match!

Stevie R is with the Undying Legends, says they are ready for the completion of their training! He then bids them “good luck” as he watches from the locker room.

Ivelisse is stopped in walking down the hallway by Zelina Vega. Vega wants Ivelisse to get back as a tag team, but Ivelisse warns that the next time she sees Vega will be a bad time and that Vega better disappear. Vega reluctantly disappears before Ivelisse turns around.

The Undying Legends then defeat A Beautiful Lie for the Women’s Tag Team Gold! They gleefully celebrate with Stevie R after the match!!

There is then a video package for Project Extermination, Ted Brown replaces Tessa Blanchard in Team PWI, claiming that he is here to save PWI, and as Murrey, Mickey, Catherine, and Apocalypse watch on, The Wyatt Family defeats Team PWI and the Apocalypse Collective to gain just over 50% control of the company!!  Owens is the last person eliminated from PWI, Strowman and Owens are eliminated by Juggernaut, then FRED eliminates Juggernaut via mysterious circumstances.

Bray celebrates the victory, and as Catherine crawls on her knees towards Bray begging for her daughter back, Bray hands power over to his master…MICKEY! Mickey mocks Catherine, castigates her as a pathetic excuse for a daughter, Jeff Murrey steps in to put a stop to it, but Bray attacks Murrey after Mickey happily fires Murrey!! Mickey thanks Apocalypse and Bray for their services and then thanks Bray as well for bringing FRED back to him in all his glory, and with a snap of Mickey’s finger, FRED arrives and destroys Bray Wyatt as Mickey cackles!!!

In the back, we see American Alpha and Kurt Angle all getting psyched for the matches coming up.

Mickey orders the Henchmen to go out and do their job, especially as things are back on track, according to him. However, American Alpha retain their tag titles against the Henchmen despite Abyss basically dominating the match.

There is then a preview for the Main Event, in that World Title Defense in the first ever Total Anarchy Match Version 2, Kurt Angle retains in sudden death with 18 points to Scott Nash’s 17 points, Drew McIntyre’s 2 points, and Teo’s 8 points! Teo did have a chance at winning, and he likely would have if it weren’t for Attitude betraying him with a series of Attitude Adjustments! He then sent Teo to through a table with a super Fall From Grace, crippling him for the rest of the match!

After the match, after everyone else left, Teo was trying to leave when Alexa Bliss’s music hit. Alexa reminisced about last year and how she rehired Attitude, and that Attitude is back because he wants to be Teo’s nightmare! She and Attitude then make out in front of Teo as the cameras cut away.

Mickey is with Executioner and tries to knock on the door to visit his prisoner only to find out that the prisoner escaped! At this moment, Mickey screams “nooooo!!” as the show and the fourth season close!

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