Esiason’s Summarized Results: The Fourth Season Winter Edition

WELCOME BACK!! This is Jeff Esiason, the Fourth Season continues as we cover the period from the first 2021 event in January through to the Sping Pay Per View entitled The Epic!!


Wait…this isn’t HCW…but, it is…for one night only! The historic show kicks off with a Premier Tournament match with First Blood rules! Samoa Joe takes on Christopher Daniels in this encounter. Daniels puts up a hell of a fight, as expected, but Samoa Joe masterfully uses the tip of a crutch (after ripping the protective piece off of the foot) and jabs it into the face of Daniels to lacerate him and win the bout! After the match, Samoa Joe displays his ruthlessness as he locks in the Coquina Clutch until he is forced to release the hold!

After the break we see Harley Quinn and Amber Gallows getting grilled by Angelina Love about needing to find Becky and bring her to Angelina. She demands they find her as soon as possible. After they leave, Angie turns her ire towards Velvet Sky and threatens bodily harm if Becky is not found soon. Once the Allure has completely left the scene Madison Rayne is seen walking with Becky from a hiding spot in the locker room, with Rayne telling Becky that she has to be careful due to what they just saw. Becky seems poised to still take this head on and leaves.

We then see Ted Brown’s office, with Blade lounging and watching TV. Suddenly, Iron Claw makes his way into the office. Ted starts teasing Iron Claw about being “past his prime”. Iron Claw doesn’t seem amused as he knocks out Blade and comes right after Ted Brown. He orders Brown to put him in charge later tonight, which Brown reluctantly agrees to just before Claw throws him into the TV!

The next match is a tag team bout between the Riott Squad and Comic Nightmare. All seemed well and good for Ruby and Sarah until Starfire started bringing her A-Game and then tagged in Thundra. Thundra destroyed the Squad and made quick work of them, sending a message to Ivelisse and Zelina Vega!

Kurt Angle is then seen walking in the hallway when he abruptly stops as he spots Krazy Kid reading an ad at a table and sitting in half of an office chair. Krazy Kid welcome Kurt to his “office”. Kurt seems weirded out by Kid, but Kid persists, pushing for Kurt to acknowledge him. Kurt tries to get away as fast as possible.

In the locker room Paige catches up with Maria. Paige seems to laugh at the thought that Maria “belongs here” and Maria pushes back. The two agree to an encounter soon.

Kurt Angle challenges Aleister Black for the Immunity Championship. Kurt displays that he still has the skills after 22 years in the business! Aleister, though, upholds his end as a defending champion and knocks Kurt out with a Black Mass! Black retains his gold and as he is leaving, Angle insists on a rematch as soon as possible. Black returns and notes his respect for the request, but he dismisses the challenge by saying that Kurt “needs” it more than Black does!

Following the break, Stevie R is trying his damndest to encourage Molly Holly and Ivory to lift a really heavy weight set. Ivory and Molly refuse and say that Stevie’s training has led them nowhere. Stevie R pushes back by trying to demonstrate what it will take to complete the task. When he repeatedly proves unsuccessful Ivory and Molly leave.

Cameras then catch Jackie Mouse seemingly flustered as she begs for help in Mickey’s Lair. Knowing that her Grandfather isn’t there, Jackie seems to be “praying” aloud for answers. Unfortunately, the camera pans out to see Bray standing in the room behind her as she remains unaware just as the lights go out!

In the next match we have a tag team bout between the teams of Brock Lesnar, Robby Storm and Villain Enterprises’ Marty Scurll, Mark Henry. The bout seems pretty even at first, but Villain Enterprises gets the early advantage as they isolate Storm. However, Storm soon shows resilience and tags in Lesnar as Marty flees, leaving Henry to fall to an F-5!

Petey Williams and Jeff Hardy bump into each other in the hallway. Petey jabs a little at Hardy and himself for falling short of their goals. Hardy resents these remarks and tears into Petey, calling him a failure after he had come so close to the gold back at Motivation. Petey brings up Matt’s mental stability and Jeff gets irate. Petey tells Jeff to watch out tonight as they prepare to participate in the Lumberjack Match main event!

Miz and Morrison are in Fitz Riot’s locker room, asking him for advice on how to get back to the top. Fitz reminds him that he is not their manager. They press on and Fitz relents by reminding them that they just have to learn American Alpha’s weaknesses. Miz and Morrison seem somewhat satisfied with what advice Fitz offered as they leave.

Amazon and Victoria go toe to toe in the next match and tear the house down, as always. Victoria shows just how determined she is to get back to the top and has a number of close calls with capturing the win, the last one being an amazing reversal into the Widow’s Peak! However, as she is covering, the referee is pulled out of the ring by Slammer before the three count! Victoria kicks Slammer in the balls before he could hurt her, then Tessa Blanchard shows up and gets knocked down as well. This leads to Alexa Bliss arriving as the numbers game becomes overwhelming! Alexa hits the Twisted Bliss while still wearing her championship and then places Amazon on top of Victoria before allowing the official to count to three! After the Cult of Bliss leaves, the lights suddenly go out! Living Dead Girl arrives and drags Amazon away to hell!!

Lawrence Mason then brings us an Exclusive Interview with Asuka. Asuka is live via satellite and appears slightly off. Cornette chimes in, trying to assure us that Asuka is not scared of Living Dead Girl. Asuka decides to speak up and remarks on Living Dead Girl, noting that Living Dead Girl was ready for Asuka and that soon Asuka will be ready for her!

We return to ringside where I am sitting next to Ric Venom and Lawrence Mason to offer some commentary on an episode of Mayhem for the first time since HCW’s 101st Episode thereof in the Summer of 2010. The Main Event is a Lumberjack Match for the PWI World Title as Scott Nash defends against Rhyno one more time! Lumberjacks include Petey Williams, Jeff Hardy, YMCA, the Henchmen, the Elite, Drew McIntyre, and Dragonfly! The match becomes pretty hard hitting rather quickly as these long-time foes tear each other apart for the top prize! Eventually, after a few brief visits to the outside by the competitors with the Lumberjacks doing their job, all hell breaks lose amongst the Lumberjacks, with Hardy and Williams in the middle of what started the melee. Rhyno appears to benefit from this and the momentum it creates for him until FRED decides to intervene and attack Rhyno! Rhyno fights back, but after FRED disappears Scott Nash gains the upper hand and the victory from the distraction! Immediately following the match, Iron Claw makes he way to the entrance stage. He uses his one-time power to announce that Nash will have to defend the title again in a Bedlam match against everyone at ringside…immediately! The bell rings and it is absolute mayhem! Even so, after fending off everyone, Nash again puts Rhyno down and pins him for the win! Iron Claw is then seen scowling at the victorious Nash as the show comes to a close!


The show started off with a great match between the debuting Io Shirai and Lacey Evans. These two set the standard for what the second tier is all about (note: the women’s division is too small to technically have a third tier, so the second tier women compete on both Legends and Ascendants moving forward). Io pulls off an impressive victory!

Kurt Angle is being interviewed by Lawrence Mason. He notes that he is disappointed in himself for not being in a better position than he is. He acknowledges that Aleister Black is right to say that Aleister doesn’t need a rematch as much as Kurt does, so Kurt promises to make Aleister realize how much he also needs it!

Randy Savage is talking with “Sensational” Sherri Martel. Randy is trying to hype her up and tell her that she will be on top of the world soon. Sherri proclaims that she will be…as Queen.

The next bout is a tag team match between the War Raiders and the New TNT. Triple H and Test seem better focused than ever in this match and it seems for a while like they might actually pull off the upset, but Erik and Ivar bounce back in vicious fashion, toppling the veterans and coming out victorious!

In the Main Event we are treated to a great bout between Rob Van Dam and the now-“Broken” Matt Hardy. Hardy and RVD have a pretty even match, but Hardy pulls it off. However, before Hardy can even celebrate, Matt Taven arrives, standing on the stage and staring Hardy down. This distracts Hardy long enough for the Revival to attack Hardy from behind. After the assault from all three men, Taven tells Hardy that he is in Taven’s kingdom now. The show closes with Taven and Revival standing tall.


The show kicks off as the IIconics take on the former Champions, A Taste of Heaven. Peyton and Billie are in rare form, more determined than ever as they catch Zevon and Britt off guard. The match becomes a little more even, but the IIconics stay ahead of the game, picking up the victory.

In our next bout, Wylde and Mendoza of the Super Luchadores are slated to take on Mr. Perfect and The Anvil. Anvil no-shows, though (remember that he abandoned Perfect the last time they tagged together), and Perfect is forced to fight in a Handicap Match. Perfect holds up his own for a while and does well until the high-speed numbers game overwhelms him, allowing the Super Luchadores to pick up the victory!

In the Spotlight Interview, Johnny Gargano admits to Lawrence that Adam Cole was the better man, and that he underestimated him. Gargano reveals that he will use his privilege as having been champion for two months to secure a rematch for the gold!

The Main Event between Scorpion and Jeff Jarrett is a barn-burner in its own right, as both men bring their best game to the fight. No one seems like the clear dominator of the bout throughout up through when Scorpion nails his Scorpion Death Punch finisher to secure the win!


The show kicks off with a Premier Quarter Semi-Final Bout which is a Barbwire match between Madison Rayne and Bianca Bel Air. These two give us a hell of a show. Bianca and Madison end up torn up by the barbwire and as Madison appears like she is going to win, the Allure interferes and hands the victory to Bianca. However, no one is able to celebrate as the Allure disposes of Bianca and starts to tear into Madison before Becky Lynch runs to the ring, chasing the Allure away!

In the back, we see Robby Storm in a locker room when Brock Lesnar angrily bursts in the room asking why Robby is trying to get his attention. Robby insists that they can fend off Villain Enterprises together, but Lesnar wants none of it. Instead, he demands that Robby leave him alone as he departs.

We then see Becky and Madison leaving together. Becky tells Madison Rayne that she was right after all about needing help dealing with the Allure. She assures Madison that they will deal with them as one.

In our next match, two HCW alum from the Fourth Era, Jeff Hardy and Petey Williams tear the house down in what is arguably the best match of the night, and maybe even 2021 so far! Hardy pulls off the victory but both men come out looking strong. After the match, we get a good show of sportsmanship between the two!

Emma bumps into Victoria and mocks her one-time heroine as a shell of her former self. Victoria replies that Emma can only wish she can share Victoria’s success one day. Emma challenges her and we have a match for next week.

In the back we see the World Champion Scott Nash when Drew McIntyre approaches. Drew notes that it seems like the bosses overlooked him for Nash in the end. Nash brags that they trust him ultimately and Drew promises to one day soon be holding Nash’s title before he leaves.

We get another fantastic match here as the iconic Dragonfly and Rhyno square off in a PPV-caliber showdown! The two of them seem evenly matched and exhausted, and as Rhyno looks like he is going to win, Drew McIntyre pulls the official out, hits Rhyno with a Claymore, and then hides as Dragonfly recovers, this momentum shift paves the way for Dragonfly to nail his coveted Dragon Twist Driver and secure the pinfall! After the match, Drew decimates Rhyno and stands tall over him as the camera cuts to a break!

Returning from the break we see Comic Nightmare walking through the hallway when the Undying Legends suddenly attack them! Molly Holly and Ivory leave Thundra and Starfire out cold finishing up with a 3-T!! They disappear just as officials arrive on the scene to check on the victims!

In our next match we see Maria and Paige giving it their all. We are led to believe that Maria is on a path to victory until Paige swipes it away from her, hitting the Paige Turner and securing the pinfall! Paige rejects the opportunity to be a good sport as she leaves Maria beaten down.

Finally, it is time for our Main Event and the World Tag Titles are on the line with American Alpha defending against The Elite! What a match this was, too! The Elite was caught off guard at first, but Gable and Jordan soon experienced the full range of Miz and Morrison’s talents! This si-saw battle wound up going to the champions after they hit their impressive yet-to-be-named finisher! There wasn’t a second to celebrate, though, as the Henchmen rushed into the ring and destroyed both tag teams, leaving only Abyss and Kurgan standing as the show concluded!


Kurt Angle and Mr. Kennedy kicked off the show with a hellaciously good bout, but it included a twist: when Kennedy was looking like he was going to get the best of Angle, Ol’ Kurt threw Kennedy into the official and used the distraction to hit Kennedy with a low-blow and then a Black Mass all before locking on an Angle Lock and securing the shady submission-victory!

In the back we see Matt Hardy apparently praying to the wall when RVD comes in. Hardy talks like he is half mentally ill and tells RVD that he is a fellow warrior in a “war” against “House Taven”. RVD refuses the “quest” placed before him and Hardy promises to win it all alone.

We then see AOP walking in the hallway when the New TNT try and fail to attack them. AOP punished the new team for their ignorance. I doubt this will be the end.

In the next match, Torrie Wilson puts up as much of a fight as she can against the newly aggressive Sherri Martel, but Sherri displays her vicious side and wins the match with an Elbow Smash.

In our Main Event we have a rematch from last week’s show-stealing encounter between Io and Lacey. Io Shirai and Lacey Evans bring the house down again with another amazing encounter which swings back and forth more than a child’s play swing. Lacey stuns everyone with an incredible “Woman’s Right” which cleanly knocks out Io and secures the victory for Evans as we close the show!


The show starts with Andrade coming down to the ring alongside his fellow Legados Del Fantasma members Wilde and Mendoza. Andrade then takes on Johnny Gargano in a great opener which Gargano wins with an inside cradle! Legados Del Fantasma (DAMN YOU GUYS FOR HAVING SUCH A FREAKING COMPLICATED NAME FOR A STABLE!!) doesn’t looked pleased as they watch Gargano leave.

In our next bout, Mockingbird comes in and completely destroys Kelly Kelly. Poor Kelly (Kelly) never got a single offensive move in, as Mockingbird achieved a flawless victory via a painful-looking spike piledriver before the pinfall.

In the Spotlight Interview, the IIconics (Billie Kay and Peyton Royce) tell Lawrence Mason that they are heading straight to the top regardless of what any other team says. They reportedly used the Summer Vacation to regroup and drift away the mic and learn more to hone their craft in the ring. Kay tells Lawrence that the key to their success is a “secret”, and as they are about to leave we see A Taste of Heaven emerge on the stage and engage in a staredown with the IIconics as we head to a break.

Finally time for our main event! Mr. Perfect and the Anvil look to teach each other a lesson in what turns out to be a classic encounter. The two put on a show unlike anything that we may have thought possible for them! Anvil eeked out a victory and the two showed each other respect in the end. However, as Perfect was departing, the Ascendant Champion Adam Cole clotheslined him and rushed into the ring to assault Anvil too. After Cole had dealt with them, he addressed the viewers. He called everyone around him “pretenders”, claimed that the entire brand was “beneath” him, and pledged that he will soon “have it all”. Saying that this was “undisputed”, Cole ended the show with his hands raised in the air, a bona fide statement that Cole is on top of the world!


This show opens up with a banger of a match between Victoria and Emma. Emma really puts Victoria to the test until she makes a major blunder which allows Victoria to hit the Widow’s Peak and score the pinfall victory! Emma stares down Victoria as the victor leaves while we go to a break.

Cameras catch the Elite sitting in their office contemplating how they can get back on top. They appear frustrated that the Henchmen got the best of them and Miz suggests to Morrison that what they need is another vacation. Morrison agrees, and notes that everyone else will be upset about their success upon returning as they assert that the Elite didn’t “put in all the work” that the other teams would have. Miz brushes that concern off, saying that they will earn their success despite being gone for an extended period of time and that everyone will basically have to accept it. Morrison agrees on the plan as we cut the feed.

Brock is then seen walking through the hallway when Robby Storm tries to catch up with him. Lesnar beats the hell out of Robby for bothering him, saying that the next time he won’t be so “merciful”.

Just before our next match, which is slated for the Immunity Championship, Alexa Bliss comes out with Slammer and Tessa Blanchard. Alexa chides Gail Kim for being out of her “league”. Tessa then proceeds into the ring as Alexa and Slammer wait on the stage. The match itself is good, as Gail gives Tessa a run for her money. The bout comes to a sudden end when Tessa surprises Gail with a Spring Board Back Suplex and covers for the win! After the match, Alexa and Slammer have their fun with Gail, decimating her and undoubtedly putting her on the shelf for a while.

“The Best League” (Mike O’Malley, Cesaro, and Dolph Ziggler) are seen standing in a room with O’Malley bragging about them when Iron Claw emerges. Iron Claw tells O’Malley to shut up (repeatedly) as he remarks that the three of them have the potential to change the business (with proper leadership). Claw notes that some recent plans fell through for him, but that he has something else in mind for which he is considering the services of the “League”. He then leaves the men to contemplate what he said.

In the parking lot we see Maria standing with her hands against a corner appearing sick. Paige approaches and finds the sight amusing. Maria inquires as to why Paige has a problem with her. Paige expresses her disgust for women like Maria wasting television time before she attacks Maria and throws her face first into her own vomit, leaving with a remark that Maria belongs in the dumpster.

Our next match is a Premier Athlete Tournament Roulette Quarter Semifinal Match, and it is a Finisher to Finish match! We haven’t seen one of these matches in a few eras! The contestants are revealed as Daisy Buffer and Taya Valkyrie! Taya and Daisy go at it for a little while before Taya catches Daisy and nails her Road to Valhalla for the win!

In their suite we see the entire Allure gathered together. Gallows and Sky are watching TV, Quinn is watching herself in the mirror, and Love looks annoyed in her master’s chair. An argument breaks out between Gallows, Sky and Quinn which Love cuts off. Love orders the girls to get serious and prepare to teach Rayne and Lynch a lesson. She warns them against disappointing her before she leaves.

Next, sitting down for an interview with Lawrence Mason is Dragonfly. Mason asks about the fact that Drew McIntyre helped Dragonfly beat Rhyno last week, but Dragonfly insists that he doesn’t know anything about such and reminds Mason that he is “the greatest” in the industry, ever. Mason attempts again to press Dragonfly about the interference by Drew and how that may contradict with Dragonfly being the best, but Dragonfly angrily fires back by insisting that he will prove everyone wrong, that Teo, STD, Attitude, Drew, and the rest are all “pretenders”, having capitalized on a lapse experienced by Dragonfly. He pledges to be world champion “very soon” and then leaves out of frustration.

Becky Lynch and Madison Rayne take on the Allure in a tag team match from which Angelina Love and Harley Quinn are banned. The two teams give us quite the show which the Allure dominated at first by isolating Rayne, but once Lynch gets in the ring the tables turn completely. The bout turns into a bit of a si-saw until Lynch forces a tap out to the Dis-Arm-Her! Rayne and Lynch celebrate as the Allure watches on from outside while we cut to a commercial!

Our Main Event is next and it pits Drew McIntyre against Rhyno! These two incredible athletes gives us a pay per view-caliber classic which sees both of them on top and scoring near fall after iconic near fall. It all comes to and end, though, when Drew catches Rhyno in mid-Gore with a sweet Claymore kick to allow a pinfall victory! After the match, as we come to a close, Drew and Rhyno acknowledge each other with a sign of respect before Drew stands atop the world with the fade to credits!


Starting things off we see the New TNT, but they are caught off guard with a sneak attack by AOP! Test and Triple H stand no chance in hell and Akam and Rezar rip them to shreds, beating them with a pin after a devastating Super Collider!

In the parking lot, RVD arrives and tries to enter the building when he is stopped by Dash Wilder of the Revival. Scott Dawson emerges as well to confirm that RVD is being denied entry. RVD insists on being let in, but he is taken by surprise when Matt Taven attacks from behind. The three assailants proceed to beat RVD down until Matt Hardy rushes to the scene and saves RVD. Hardy and RVD clean house and Matt tells RVD that this is confirmation as to why RVD should join him in his “quest against House Taven”! Hardy leaves on that note with RVD staring at him in disbelief.

In the hallway, we see the IIconics heading to the ring for their match when they are stopped by A Taste of Heaven. Baker and Heaven tells Kay and Royce that they want their “dignity back”. The IIconics laugh it off, telling them that they will have to “do it the hard way”. Zevon and Britt then tell the IIconics that they will be watching their “every move” and indicates that Royce and Kay need to be worried. The IIconics proceed towards the ring after the confrontation. In the match, though, it seems like the encounter got under their skin a little as The Agency takes the IIconics by storm! The even match soon sees the IIconics persevere, though, after they take Mockingbird out of the equation and isolate Carter!

In the main event, Queen Sherri destroys Torrie Wilson, starting the bout off with a cheap shot to the kidneys. The rest of this encounter sees Sherri decimating the kidney and rib cage until Torrie taps out to end the assault!

After Sherri and everyone else leaves the ring we see Legends Commissioner Catherine making her way to the ring! Catherine announces that Showcase on February 1st will feature a “Rubber Match” between Io Shirai and Lacey Evans! As Catherine is leaving, the lights go out and come back on with a giant “The Apocalypse is Coming” sign blocking the entrance way!


Ascendants gets started with a great opening bout between X-Pac and Matt Taven. X-Pac shows that he still has the talent and the drive that it takes to win, but Taven overcomes the challenge, hitting a Melvin Driver before a pinfall. Taven sends us to the commercial by posing for the cameras after throwing the defeated X-Pac out.

Next, we have a rare six man tag match with Legado Del Fantasma taking on Johnny Gargano and a mystery team: the Street Profits! This match is pretty exciting with nonstop action until Gargano pulls off the victory for his team. However, the celebration is short-lived as Andrade leads Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza back into the ring for a surprise sore loser attack. Legado Del Fantasma stands tall after laying waste to their foes!

In the Spotlight Interview, Lawrence Mason welcomes Queen Sherri and Randy Savage! Savage warns that Sherri isn’t going to stop until she topples the so-called “False Goddess” Alexa Bliss and takes the gold! Sherri takes over the interview, remarking that there are terrible things in store for women’s championship, as she plans on unleashing hell on every woman in the locker room on her way to the top!

Our main event for the weekend features Adam Cole defending the Ascendant Championship against the Anvil! This is a great match and it makes you wish we were seeing this on a Pay Per View! Anvil damn near wins it all, but Cole pulls out all the stops as he retains his gold in prime fashion!


The show gets underway with the Women’s Tag Team Championships on the line for the opening bout! Cruel and Beautiful defended against Comic Nightmare in a match which seemed incredibly even matched! Thundra managed to get in the ring and it looked like it was going to be over until Zelina Vega played possum and flipped the script on Comic Nightmare, taking Thundra out and pinning Starfire to retain!

In the parking lot, Becky Lynch is making her way to the building when Amber Gallows and Velvet Sky suddenly attack her, leaving her to recover as they proceed into the building!

Cameras catch Iron Claw reminiscing to the Best League about the good old days with Slammu when Chairman Murrey interrupts. Murrey kicks the Best League out of the room and then he interrogates Claw as to his intentions. Murrey insists that Claw leave, but Claw notes that Murrey has no power over him or the venue. Claw notes that Ted Brown has control over those things and that Brown and he have an “understanding”. Murrey warns Claw that he is keeping an eye on him, and Claw laughs it off as the chair leaves.

Before our next match can begin Jon Moxley attacks Cesaro and takes both of them outside of the ring! The two of them brawl for a while outside of the ring, O’Malley and Ziggler also get involved, but Moxley ends up controlling the flow of the fight! Moxley drags Cesaro in the ring, the fight persists, but Moxley pulls off the victory!

Tessa Blanchard is summonsed to Alexa Bliss in her apparent throne room. Bliss tells Tessa to take care of Sherri Martel for her, and then she approaches Tessa and asks if she understands her role in the tournament. Tessa indicates that she might, and Alexa clarifies that it is to ensure that Alexa wins it all. Tessa seems disappointed as she expresses that she understands. Alexa promises that her victory will benefit Tessa just by being associated with her. She then sends Tessa away to deal with Ms. Martel.

Marty Scurll is seen walking with Bobby Lashley and Mark Henry. Scurll comments that the two of them will be helping him rise to the top. Neither man likes hearing that Marty will be exploiting them to get on top of the world. Marty assures them that they will also get their chance to shine. He reminds Henry that he approached him to help save his career, and he reminds Lashley of the potential he saw in him to dominate the company. Lashley and Henry leave out of frustration as Scurll is forced to ponder his thoughts.

Further down the hall the cameras catch a group of officials crowded around the Immunity Champion, Aleister Black, who seems to be out from a surprise attack. Kurt Angle walks up to the scene as the officials are calling for help. Angle expresses that Aleister should be more careful, since he is a marked man. Angle then leaves the seen, seemingly pleased with himself.

Our next match is the Premier Athlete Tournament Roulette Match for the Quarter Semifinals of the evening. The randomly selected stipulation is “Bone Break Rules” (a stipulation which hasn’t been employed since 2004) and the random opponents are Brandon Lee and Elias! The two men rip each other apart in this great encounter, but the brawl comes to an end when Lee uses a modified Spin to the End (propping Elias’s right arm behind his back for the move) to injure Elias and win!

Lesnar prepares to leave the building when he sees Robby Storm resting on the concrete floor of the parking lot. Storm assures Lesnar that he isn’t here to bother him. He’s just a victim of an assault by an angry Bobby Lashley and Mark Henry. Lesnar says it isn’t his problem. Storm agrees, but says that if Lesnar wants to help…he can. When Lesnar reiterates that he doesn’t want to help, Storm acknowledges the response and goes to head back in the building to “take care of it”. Lesnar stops him and says that he will help, telling Storm to meet him at Showcase next week! Storm looks relieved when Lesnar leaves as we cut.

Stevie R is praising the Undying Legends in the hallway for their recent actions. The celebration is cut short, however, as the furious Comic Nightmare attacks. Starfire then forces Molly Holly and Ivory to watch as Thundra destroys Stevie R and then leaves them all laid out before we cut back to the ring!

Harley Quinn is ready for action against Madison Rayne, but Rayne is carried to the ring by the Allure. Sky and Gallows then watch on as Quinn insists on the bell being rung so that she can quickly dispense with Rayne! Angelina Love then makes her way to the ring, and tells Rayne that she will teach her a lesson for getting involved. However, Becky Lynch rushes to the rescue, attacking Love’s Allure from behind with a chair! Becky lays waste to Love and her crew as she and Rayne stand tall above them all!

Ted Brown is seen in his office when the World Champion Scott Nash shows up. Nash is irritated that Brown called him to the office. Brown takes his time – intentionally irritated Nash – explaining that he called for Nash to see him so that he may unveil that he “accidentally” booked Nash to twice defend his world title in the Main Event of Showcase!! The first match will be between Nash and the winner of tonight’s main event, and the second immediate defense will be against a mystery opponent! Nash is naturally angry, and sarcastically thanks Brown for the “mistake”. Brown chuckles to himself as we cut back to the ring.

In the Main Event, Dragonfly and Drew McIntyre battle to determine Scott Nash’s next opponent! The match is a crazy si-saw war which takes both men to the limit, and after all the false finishes and reversals of momentum, Drew manages to nail Dragonfly with an incredible Claymore kick as Dragonfly is executing a Krusault! Drew secures the victory and is named the Number One Contender!!

After the ring is cleared, Showcase Proxy Commissioner Harry “Business Man” Puddphucker makes his way to the ring. Harry is in the process of revealing next week’s special card when the lights go out, Harry disappears, and we end the show with a familiar evil Wyatt laugh all before we snap to…BLACK!


The show’s pyro got going and then…we see color bars? Suddenly, a masked voice comes over as we see the camera panning out to an image. The voice tells us that “they” have the “power” to shut PWI down, and that they have officially cancelled tonight’s broadcast! In fact, the voice tells us that PWI will be off the air for the next week! They made sure to conclude by reminding us that “the Apocalypse is coming”!


Just as the show is about to begin, we see the Business Man, Harry Puddphucker, being held captive by the Wyatt Family. Harry insists on knowing what the clan want with him. Wyatt enlightens him by saying that he has “her” and that Harry ever wants her to be okay again then he will make a match between Harry and Wyatt tonight in a “Save My Soul Match” wherein “everything that [Harry] possesses” becomes the property of Wyatt. Business Man is informed that he really has no choice, he reluctantly agrees, and we see a snap to a black screen before the promo video.

The show opens up with Alexa Bliss defending the Women’s Championship against the Living Dead Girl. LDG destroys Alexa’s cult, clearing the way for the two of them to go at it. Bliss puts up a slight fight but LDG is too dominant. Tessa Blanchard risks her well being to help, Bliss capitalizes on the distraction, taking the official out of the equation, and then Asuka attacks LDG! Slammer nails his finisher on LDG, allowing Alexa to hit her finisher and steal the victory as she is carried out by Slammer!

Lawrence Mason is standing by with Petey Williams. Mason asks why we haven’t heard much from Williams since he dropped the ball on his entry into this year’s tournament. Petey expresses his outrage that his name would even be disgraced with such a question. Mason presses, saying the he understands the frustration, but that the point remains. Petey retorts, saying that he will prove to the world that he still has what it takes and that everyone will be talking about him soon enough.

In the next match, Ariel and Gail Kim compete in an Aerial Assault Match in the Quarter Final match of the Premier Tournament. The match turns out to be a barnburner as Gail Kim eeks out a victory over the former women’s champion!

After the commercial break Stevie R is instructing Molly Holly and Ivory on their push-ups when the tag champions (Vega and Ivelisse) approach. Zelina Vega tells the Undying Legends just how impressive they have been as of late. Holly and Ivory appreciate the compliment as Vega expresses her confidence that Molly and Ivory will be challenging for the gold soon. Then, out of nowhere, Comic Nightmare brutally attacks everyone in sight, leaving carnage behind before leaving!

In their much-celebrated “Rubber Match”, Io Shirai and Lacey Evans tear the house down again! The two of them seem evenly matched until Shirai pulls off the win! However, her celebration is short-lived as Queen Sherri attacks both Io and Lacey! Her special focus is on Io, though, as she leaves Io with an elbow smash and a message from Randy Savage that Sherri wants Io next!

Following the break, Harry Puddphucker is seen walking through the hallway. He leans against the wall, obviously exhausted. Chairman Murrey catches up with him and asks him what is wrong with him. Harry responds that he “has to do this!” and insists that Murrey leave him alone. Murrey refuses and says that he understands what is going on. Harry responds, telling Murrey that this chaos is all his fault, and suggesting that if Murrey really knew what was going on he would have stopped it long ago. Harry said that this is all on Murrey, especially if something happens to “her”! Harry leaves Murrey to stew in his thoughts as we cut the scene.

Becky is getting pumped for the tornado tag match to come for her and Madison Rayne to take on the Allure! Becky lists the goals they have ahead and remarks that she should have teamed with Madison sooner! Madison smirks and listens as Becky continues. Becky looks to leave as a group, but Madison tells her that she will stay behind for a few and practice a little more. Becky agrees, leaves, Madison smirks, and practices as we cut back to the ring!

Our next match is the “Save My Soul Match” where Bray gets to own what Harry possesses if he wins! Bray decimates the retired Harry Puddphucker, and despite Harry’s best efforts to fight back Bray swings back into control and swiftly wins! Bray towers over Harry, and whispers to the camera “RUN” as the screen goes black and we head to another break!

In his suite, we see Ted Brown flustered. Leaning back in his office chair and talking to himself amongst his destroyed office, Ted his practically praying for forgiveness. He soon sees the door come open and he starts begging for mercy, telling the mystery visitor that he destroyed all of his possessions in the office as some show of subservience. The visitor angrily slams the door and Ted sobs, noting that the person was furious with him and that “he’s back!”

Lawrence Mason is in the hallway recounting the insane events of the night when Vice Chair Catherine walks by. Mason asks for a word but Catherine is not in the mood. Lawrence insists to know more about the insanity of the evening. Catherine chimes in, confirming that the show is operating like some “rudderless” program with Proxy Vice Chair/Commissioner Harry Puddphucker reportedly escorted from the building. Catherine remarks that Chairman Murrey needs to get control of the chaos and then she notes that she hasn’t heard from or about her daughter Jackie in weeks! Catherine leaves the scene as Lawrence sends us back to the ring!

Getting ready for the Tornado Tag match, Madison Rayne collapses as she and Becky charged after the Allure, which led to Becky being distracted and quickly overwhelmed. Sky and Gallows threw Rayne out of the ring as they obliterated Lynch, making quick work of her with a decisive pinfall victory! Then, once the bell rang to end the match, Angelina Love and Harley Quinn made their way to the ring. Love taunts Lynch, telling her that she will never win, and then tosses Lynch out of the ring as the Allure stand above their carnage.

Now it is time for our double main event! Scott Nash defends the world title against Drew McIntyre in a brutal and incredible bout. Drew gives the champ quite the fight, but Nash pulls off the victory by nailing a surprise powerbomb and pinfall! The problem for Nash, though, was that he didn’t get to celebrate due to Drew hitting him with an overly delivered Claymore kick! Immediately following that assault, Dragonfly made his way down to the ring, being revealed as Nash’s mystery second opponent! The bell rang, Dragonfly quickly grabbed Nash, and then hit his patented Dragon Twist Driver!! He then covered for the pinfall victory!! As Dragonfly celebrated making history, Nash collapsed into the ropes, glaring at Drew and then Dragonfly as the show came to a stunning close!!


The show kicks off with Chairman Murrey approaching the podium for a press briefing. Murrey first focuses his attention on the Apocalypse Collective, warning them that they will soon be found out and stopped! He then unveils that the Epic will feature a new twist on the classic Royal Rumble match. Dubbed the “Epic Royale”, this match would feature 40 superstars, with four entering at a time every three minutes, eliminations occurring via pinfall, submission, or being thrown over the top rope, and the winner earning a world title shot at Motivation!

The opening bout features the IIconics giving it their best as they challenge unsuccessfully for the women’s tag gold against Cruel and Beautiful!

In the back, Lawrence Mason interviews Test and Triple H of the New TNT. Mason asks why they are struggling and Triple H and Test respond by giving half-hearted guarantees about their impending success, with overly-enthusiastic praise for one another. Immediately following New TNT’s departure, Sherri and Savage prevent Mason from sending us “back to ringside”. Sherri wants to talk about how she is heading straight for the top, but Io Shirai cuts her off, attacking her and Savage before we finally…head back to ringside.

Mr. Kennedy is interrupted from doing his special introduction as Christopher Daniels attacks him. Daniels and Kennedy get in the ring and the two go at it in an even match until Kennedy pulls off his Kennedy Slam and pins for the win.

Finally, in our main event, Kurt Angle puts up a hell of a challenge for the Immunity Championship against Aleister Black. Black and Angle give us a hell of a show before Angle pulls off the incredible victory, capturing the gold! His first championship in a very long time!!


Just as the show is about to get underway, the intro pyro is interrupted by another sign that the Apocalypse Collective is watching. When we get back on track we have our first match, a squash between Lex Luger and Jeff Jarrett, which is won via the Torture Rack submission by Luger.

Our next match features the culmination of the short and fun feud between Io Shirai and Sherri Martel. Io catches Sherri and Savage off guard, allowing her to get the upper hand for a moment. Martel soon exploits a distraction by Savage by hitting Io in the gut with a chair as the referee admonishes Savage. Io valiantly fights back but Sherri eeks out a victory after her cheating ways.

Lawrence Mason is now set to do a Spotlight Interview with Daisy Buffer…but…LIVING DEAD GIRL APPEARS! Living Dead Girl is understandably angry about what Alexa and her crew did at the Showcase. Living Dead Girl obliterates Daisy and disappears with her!!

Now for our main event! Shinsuke Nakamura takes on Matt Taven to determine the number one contender for the Ascendant Championship. Taven and Nakamura give us a great match, and Taven looks poised to win until Matt Hardy shows up on the entrance way, permitting Nakamura to nail Taven with the Kenshasa (I know that I spelled that wrong, but oh well!)! Nakamura wins the match, Hardy disappears, and Taven is left to look at the lights as the show comes to a close!!


Starting the show was the final Quarterfinal match of the Premier tournament. It was a casket match between Kevin Owens and Shinsuke Nakamura (Shinsuke just became number one contender for the Ascendant Championship 2 days ago!). After a brief and vicious battle, Owens defeated Nakamura to advance to the Semi-Finals!

Following the break, Dragonfly was getting interviewed by Lawrence Mason. Dragonfly brushed off Mason’s question about the controversial victory over Nash, but Nash interrupted the interview. Nash promised Dragonfly that their paths will cross again and Dragonfly welcomed the opportunity.

Next we had the first of two encounters between Fourth Era HCW Alum: Abyss taking on Rhyno. These two powerhouses gave each other quite the bout and nearly stole the show until a frustrated Abyss hit Rhyno with a giant glass shard! The two of them brawled to the back as we cut to break.

Becky Lynch and Madison Rayne are then seen arriving at the arena. Becky is enthusiastic about their opportunity in the main event battle royal. Becky tells Madison that they need a strategy to ensure that they fend off the Allure and pave the way for either of them to win the battle royal. Madison agrees as they enter the building.

Jon Moxley then barges into the Best League’s dressing room interrupting O’Malley telling Cesaro and Ziggler his master plan for tonight. Moxley challenges O’Malley to make his “goons” stay in the back as the two of them settle this once and for all. O’Malley assures Moxley that he will be able to win without them…because…well…he’s the best. Moxley startles O’Malley with a punch fake as he leaves the room.

We venture to a dark scene next as Bray Wyatt speaks directly with his “fireflies”. He celebrates his “latest achievement” and notes that they are now one giant step closer to letting “him” loose and letting the one in the “shadows” out to play.

“The Best” Mike O’Malley and Jon Moxley then fought in a rather decent encounter. Each man kept the other in check up until that point where O’Malley snuck in a clever roll-up complete with his feet latched secretly on the ropes, allowing him to steal a victory from Moxley! Moxley seethed as O’Malley escaped with a giant smile on his face.

Brock Lesnar emerges after the break as he walks through the hallway. He is suddenly attacked by Bobby Lashley and then Mark Henry as well. Marty Scurll then joins in and the three humiliate Lesnar until Robby Storm jumps into the scene to break it up. Lesnar sounds agitated about Robby’s late arrival as we cut to another scene…which is focused on Rhyno and Abyss fighting in the parking lot!! Officials rush to the scene to break it up, and as Abyss his dragged away, Rhyno promises that he will get to Abyss soon enough!

In the next bout we have the second 4th Era HCW alum match as Petey Williams and Jeff Hardy battle in another classic…the match of the night! The two men give us a Pay Per View-caliber bout complete all their high spots and Petey pulls off an impressive victory after he dodges the Swanton Bomb and nails the Canadian Destroyer for the pinfall! Post-match, Williams and Hardy show us some sportsmanship prior to the break.

For our main event we had a twenty woman battle royal to determine the number one contender for Alexa Bliss’s Women’s Championship! This match featured a number of great stories: Thundra getting shockingly eliminated by Ivory, and then leaving Ivory for dead on the outside of the ring after both were tossed out, Emma and Paige both being eliminated together and fighting to the back, Becky and Madison taking on the Allure with Becky eliminating all of them except for Angelina Love, Madison Rayne accidentally eliminating Becky, and then the final four participants being Victoria, Asuka, Ariel, and Angelina Love! Angelina and Ariel were eliminated, which left Victoria and Asuka, but Living Dead Girl appeared and attacked Asuka, but as Living Dead Girl was choking Asuka, Victoria tipped Living Dead Girl and Asuka out of the ring for the win! Living Dead Girl scowled at Victoria before she disappeared and Victoria celebrated.

This celebration was cut short, however, when Mickey Mouse Junior returned!! The sound of his music hitting led to an insane reaction from the crowd, and as we all watched on the former Chairman and creator of USWA entered through the entrance way to close the show!


The show innocently kicked off with a bout between Rob Van Dam and Baron Corbin. Commentary sells the fact that RVD was the first man to hold three world titles at the same time (USWA, HCW, and the BFCW), but RVD’s efforts go nowhere as he loses to Corbin in a decent bout.

In the back, after the break, RVD meets with Matt the “Broken One” Hardy. Hardy rambles on some more nonsense about how they need each other and how between them is the “master of the universe”. RVD gives up and leaves as Hardy insists that he will be sorry.

In the hallway, Mr. Kennedy attacks Christopher Daniels. Kennedy tells Daniels that they will meet again next week after “leaving him for dead!”

In the Lumberjill Match between Io Shirai and Queen Sherri, the Lumberjills predictably get involved, taking sides between the two women, and Io winds up picking up the victory! However, Sherri is outraged at the outcome as she attacks Io while Savage runs the referee out. Sherri then put Io through a table using Io’s own moonsault before we cut to commercial!

Finally, we have our MAIN EVENT! It is a Tag Team Bedlam Tornado match to determine the Number One Contenders for the Tag Titles pitting AOP, Los Guerreros, Untouchables, New TNT, and the War Raiders against each other. Once the bell rings mayhem IMMEDIATELY breaks out! AOP destroy the top rope, causing it to collapse as the insanity ensues! Chavo and Rezar fly off the set, and War Raiders appear poised to win when the lights shut off, a bunch of action is heard, and the lights come back on to reveal that Eddie is covering for a victory! Los Guerreros are declared the winners as we pan over to see a familiar message: “The Apocalypse is Coming” whilst we close the broadcast!


In the opening bout we have a great gauntlet match to determine the number one contenders for the Women’s Tag Team gold! IIconics and the team of Torrie and Kelly battle to kick it off and after an extended struggle Kelly and Torrie win! Then, the Agency comes down and gets caught off guard by Kelly and Torrie for ANOTHER WIN! Common sense ushers back in as A Taste of Heaven (the inaugural women’s tag champions) enter the bout. Baker and Zevon dominate the match until a sequence of events enables Kelly Kelly to sneak in (with the help of the ropes) a roll-up on Zevon!! I am shocked!

Before the next match has a chance to begin, Andrade happily watches on as his fellow Legado Del Fantasma members Wilde and Mendoza drag Gargano into the ring. Andrade forces the ref to start the match, which Andrade wins with ease! Andrade then mocks Gargano’s status as “Johnny Wrestling”, saying that he is “Johnny Failure” and that Andrade is the real standard for wrestling. Andrade, Mendoza, and Wilde then stand together as the deadly trio that they are as we cut to a commercial!

Lawrence Mason is standing in the ring with Mickey for the Spotlight Interview. Mickey unveils that his treatment took so long because he had a “lot of demons to get out”. He revealed that his path to healing took him down a route of realizing that he has been in an endless battle with Benny for Mouse Supremacy, even at the risk of hurting his business. He assured everyone that changes are coming and that he is “more focused than…ever”!

In our Main Event for the Women’s Tag Team Championship, the champs Cruel and Beautiful (Ivelisse and Vega, for those of you who can’t pay attention) take on Kelly Kelly and Torrie Wilson. The match is pretty balanced despite the fact that Kelly and Wilson battled in three previous matches earlier in the night! Sadly for the challengers, they would come up short as Ivelisse forced Torrie to tap. The champions celebrate as we end the broadcast.


At the outset of the show we see the familiar image of Mickey’s lair. Mickey is appreciative for Executioner’s loyalty and suggests that he should let “him” in the room. Enter Ted Brown and Mickey begins to grill Brown about his decision to double-book Scott Nash in such a way that it cost him the title. Mickey indicated that it was a great thing that he was back in office because Ted did a terrible job. Ted was basically told that he would only have a chance of retaining his job if Scott Nash – who Mickey exclaimed was “important” to the company – regained the World Title from Dragonfly. This then sent us to the opening video package.

The opening bout was between Harley Quinn and Madison Rayne. Quinn made it a point to hurt Quinn’s foot throughout the match even though Rayne was victorious in the end. After the match, Quinn ruthlessly attacked Rayne, leaving her out of commission as we cut to a break.

In the parking lot, Drew McIntyre was displeased to see Scott Nash enter the building. Drew expressed his anger about the fact that Mickey gave Nash a rematch for the gold and he warned Nash that the belt would soon be his regardless of who wins tonight.

Robby Storm is cornered in the hallway by Villain Enterprises. Brock Lesnar comes to the rescue, but he is ATTACKED BY ROBBY! Robby mocks Lesnar for trusting him as he joins the Villains in pummeling the Beast before leaving him laid out in the hallway!

The Tag Team Gold is on the line as American Alpha defends against Mickey’s Henchmen. Chad and Jason actually wind up dominating Kurgan as Abyss is distracted and eventually Gored by Rhyno! The champions retain with Kurgan left to lay in the ring defeated while Abyss and Rhyno battle to the back!

After the break Alexa Bliss comes out to address the audience. She makes it a point to say that her reign as Champion will be disrupted by Victoria, because Victoria has no idea what she is dealing with with Alexa.

Sunny tries to help me give a Superstar Report about the Epic Royale coming up, but she apparently gets overwhelmed by my sex appeal as she violently attacks me!

After my assault, Asuka is seen in the hallway. Suddenly, that creepy voice whispering “Asuka” chimes in, lights flicker, and then we see Living Dead Girl who captures Asuka into thin air!

Our next bout is an insane battle for the Women’s Immunity Championship as Tessa Blanchard defends against Gail Kim! The women completely steal the show up to that point, leaving us all in awe as Tessa barely eeks out a victory.

In the back, Lawrence Mason is with Victoria. Victoria issues a simple and short response to Alexa and it is that she will soon become champion after toppling Miss Bliss!

In the hallway Stevie R is chilling in the corner when he is suddenly spotted by Comic Nightmare en route to their match against the Undying Legends. Stevie botches an attempt to hurt his potential assailants and the Undying Legends save the day for him!

Back at ringside we see the Undying Legends finish what they started after a good match against Comic Nightmare to secure the number one contendership for the Tag Team gold at the Epic!!

Then we have our MAIN EVENT!! This bout for the World Championship turns out to be an undeniable classic! Scott Nash brought his a-game in challenging Dragonfly for the gold, but after almost 20 minutes of hell Dragonfly pulled off the incredible victory!

However, Dragonfly’s celebration was cut short at the close of the show when his holding the gold up high was blacked out by that Wyatt-inspired segue to darkness.


This show kicked off with a really good match between Randy Savage and Matt Hardy. Sherri helped Randy defeat Matt and then, as the Queen and her King left the ringside area Matt Taven and the Revival (known as the Kingdom) barged into the scene and attacked Hardy. Soon, though, RVD rushed to the ring, chasing the attackers away!

Next, we see Mr. Kennedy looking perplexed as he spots a table and a barbwire-covered two-by-four set up in the parking lot. As he is distracted by this unusual sight, Christopher Daniels attacks from behind, using the weapons and leaving Kennedy laid out on the floor after telling them that they are even.

In a locker room we see RVD carrying Matt Hardy in. Hardy expresses his gratitude and how this is a sign that they will be “battling the forces of evil together”. RVD tells him not to read too much into it as he leaves to find help.

In our next bout, Kelly Kelly and Torrie Wilson take on the IIconics in another decent match which turns out to be a shocking one-sided victory. Kelly and Torrie effectively isolate Billie Kay from Peyton Royce and pull off an incredible upset, topping it off with a new tag team finisher with Kelly hitting a spinning neckbreaker as Torrie held Kay in a torture rack position!

Then we have our main event! Elias comes down prepared to challenge Kurt Angle for the Immunity Championship, but Angle blindsides him with a shot to the face with the belt before the bell rings! Angle takes advantage of the lack of disqualifications for the championship match and completely decimates Elias in such a way that it earns the ire of the crowd. He finishes the match with an unnecessary Olympic Slam and a lazy cover, placing only his foot on Elias for the three count fall!!

With the show coming to a close, Kurt kicks Elias one more time and holds the gold up high as we fade to black.


The event opens up with a spectacular triple threat match between Queen Sherri, Io Shirai, and Lacey Evans. The three of them put each other through hell until Sherri pulled out her dirty bag of tricks to win. After her victory she was hell bent on continuing the beatdown on her opponents until some mysterious music played and in walked Rhea Ripley!! Rhea walked to the ring, Sherri charged after her, received a boot to the face and then a Riptide! Rhea stood tall in defense of both of Sherri’s prospective victims as we cut to a commercial.

Following the break, Lex Luger tore X-Pac apart, defeating him in a convincing fashion, knocking X-Pac out before applying a Torture Rack for the victory! Following the match, Luger tosses Pac out of the ring as he proceeds to pose.

The next break is followed by the next Spotlight Interview, featuring Kingdom leader, Matt Taven! Taven attempts to explain the targeting of Matt Hardy and RVD, but RVD suddenly interrupts him and comes to the ring. Taven says that this is an example of why the Kingdom exists – to force stubborn veterans to move out of the way for a new era of dominance -, but RVD defends himself, saying that Taven isn’t catching on with the crowd because he lacks the talent and charisma that RVD possesses. Taven reiterates his claims that the past stars are standing in the way, and RVD challenges Taven to a match next week on Legends.

In the main event, we have a rather good tag team title defense by American Alpha against the number one contenders: Los Guerreros. Eddie and Chavo give it their best, by Chad and Jason prove too cunning for the “Liars, Cheaters, and Stealers”. Chad sets up to win the bout for his team when the lights go out, a strange theme song as we see the familiar “Apocalypse” graphic which appears to be intentionally misspelled. The show comes to an end.


The show got off to a righteous start when the Asylum Commissioner and Co-Vice Chairman, Mickey Marcus Mouse Junior made his way to the ring. Doing so for only the second time in about 9 months, Mickey addressed the “injustice” that befell Scott Nash, expressing his irritation about such, but also promising to “look forward”. He announced that the match tonight between Wyatt and Williams would award one of the four spots for the “final batch” in the “Epic Royale”. He also announced that on April 26th, one day prior to the 24 year anniversary of USWA’s Wrestlemania One and two days shy of the anniversary of the sixth and final Wrestlemania in 2002, a special episode of Asylum will air called: “Wrestlemania 7: Asylum” in the first of a number of “semi-regular” mega events! Mickey then left as we prepared for our first bout.

In the opening bout, Brandon Lee pulled off a shocking win over Samoa Joe in a Falls Count Anywhere Semi Final match for the Premier Athlete Tournament Roulette!

After the break, Becky Lynch is speaking with the injured Madison Rayne. Becky tells Rayne that her injury will be avenged as she fists bumps her partner and leaves for the fight.

In the hallway, Victoria is walking through when she is suddenly stopped by Alexa Bliss’s bodyguard Slammer. Slammer refuses to move out of Victoria’s way. Victoria acknowledges that Alexa probably dispatched him to scare her away from challenging for the gold. Victoria assures Slammer that all of this is pointless and that she will be champion soon. Slammer gets aggressive, pushing Victoria against the wall, and violently releases her after she begs him to do so. He then leaves as she recovers on the floor.

The Dollhouse (formerly the stable known as the “Allure”) are in their suite getting prepped for the match with Becky. Angelina asks if her team mates understand the importance of stopping Becky from gaining momentum. Harley notes that she does and Angelina Love sends her to the ring, entrusting her with the task at hand.

In the match with Becky Lynch, though, Harley puts up a fight, but Becky brings her “A” game. Becky forces Harley to tap to the Dis-Arm-Her and then subsequently injures Harley’s right arm in her pursuit of vengeance.

Stevie R is back when we return from a break and he is challenging the Undying Legends (Molly Holly and Ivory) to a staring contest. Stevie insists that this is essential to establishing tag team dominance since a staring contest can serve as a model for maintaining one’s focus. The Undying Legends defeat Stevie in this staring contest by jointly moving in opposite direction towards Stevie’s opposing sides, which force him to give up. He applauds their teamwork, claiming that they are ready and no longer need his services.

Back to the Dollhouse Suite and it has been destroyed out of Angelina Love’s rage. She angrily warns the Allure that continued failures to stop Lynch will hurt them in the end. Velvet Sky insists that she understands the risks. Love tells her that she better understand and commands her to get to work as we cut away.

In the Villain Enterprises Suite Marty Scurll is talking with his partner for the night: Robby Storm. Noting that tonight’s match against YMCA holds a lot of potential (possible future tag title shot and Robby’s entry into the Enterprises), but Robby suggests that the Villains need him more than he needs them. He then departs for the ring, leaving Marty, Lashley, and Henry baffled.

In what was swiftly announced as a Number One Contenders match for the Tag Titles, Robby Storm and Marty Scurll narrowly defeat YMCA  after a bit of luck following a great display of Storm’s incredible athleticism. After Storm and Marty leave victorious, though, the lights go out, we hear that familiar Apocalypse Collective music, and we are soon treated to the return of Road Warriors Vulcan and Spider of the Legion of Maniacs! LOM viciously attack YMCA, leaving them for dead as we take a commercial break.

Paige is then seen walking in the hallway when she is abruptly and viciously attacked by Emma! Emma assaults her with a chair, teasing that Paige is about to miss some action before doing a Pillmanizer to Paige’s upper body and leaving her victim laying in a mess!

I happily introduce all of you to another edition of the Superstar Report and prepare to explain the absence of Sunny when the Apocalypse Collective suddenly hijack the segment. Iron Claw soon emerges in the frame and quickly explains that he is part of the leadership of the Collective. He recounts how his era was the “glory days” when the industry peaked and that the modern eras have failed to impress him. In fact, he felt that these recent eras were a convincing indictment of the industry and warranted an “Apocalypse” for the same. He noted that he and the Legion of Maniacs are far from the only “warriors”, and that the actual leader of this new threatening faction is none other than Apocalypse himself, who briefly terrorized the WWF in the late stages of the First Era and early months of the Second Era. Apocalypse arrives on the scene and tells the audience at home “The Apocalypse has come” before we cut back to the ring!

In a qualifying match for the final batch of four entries in the inaugural Epic Royale, Bray Wyatt played mind games with Petey Williams. This was a standard Wyatt encounter with some high spots for Williams. It soon became apparent, however, that Wyatt didn’t want to win the match, as he disappeared, preventing Williams from being able to pin him and forcing the official to call the match for Williams.

Finally, it was time for our MAIN EVENT! Billed as the rubber match between Asuka and Living Dead Girl, Asuka got the jump on LDG right away as she stunned the beast with a barbwire 2×4 shot to the back of the head. Asuka put on her best performance in quite some time as she pushed LDG to the limit numerous times, and after several false finishes, including both women kicking out of or escaping the other’s finisher, LDG finished Asuka off by finally pinning her to the mat. As the show concluded, Living Dead Girl stood tall, appearing every bit as menacing as one would expect, appearing to loom as the evil shadow increasingly being cast over the Women’s Champion, Alexa!


The show kicked off with an amazingly good match between Christopher Daniels and Mr. Kennedy which was surprisingly won by Daniels! While Daniels left in victory, Kennedy watched on, sneering the whole time.

In the back, Queen Sherri was getting annoyed with Randy Savage going on about how they were going to teach Rhea Ripley a message. Sherri grabbed the Machismo and told him to wait in the back, threatening him against “ruining this” for her. Savage obliged, promising to spend that time icing his member.

Lawrence Mason was then standing next to the Immunity Champion, Kurt Angle. Mason noted how much has changed since they were last having a hallway interview. Angle noted that he amped up his “intensity”, saying that Aleister had bested him in that department before. Angle promised that this was only the beginning of the “Age of Angle” as he left the scene.

Next, we had another fantastic encounter as it was between Queen Sherri and the debuting Rhea Ripley. Rhea and Sherri tore the whole place down as they waged a war against each other. Ripley pulled off the incredible victory, leaving Sherri beside herself!

Then it was time for the main event! Rob Van Dam taking on Matt Taven! Taven tried to put up a fight, but RVD was on his game, pulling out all the classic spots! Taven grew tired of RVD bouncing back every time Taven tried to get some momentum, so he forced a disqualification with a low-blow! Taven then attacked RVD cowardly, soon being joined by fellow Kingdom members, the Revival! However, their assault didn’t last long as Matt Hardy barged in to save the day, using the lights to his favor and wiping out the Kingdom in the process. As Matt Hardy stood tall having saved the day, RVD leaned up against the ropes beholding the partner in crime he never wanted!


The action got underway as A Taste of Heaven took on the IIconics, but the bout was cut short just as it was getting good when Queen Sherri came out and viciously attacked everyone, leading to a No Contest! After landing an Elbow Smash on Peyton Royce and tossing her out of the ring, Sherri addressed Rhea Ripley, saying that she wants her one more time, saying that they will do it Sherri’s way to prove that Sherri is the better woman. Sherri then left the carnage she created as we broke for a commercial.

After said commercial, the Agency took on A Beautiful Lie (Kelly Kelly and Torrie Wilson). ABL gave the Agency quite the fight, and it was a fantastic showdown, but Torrie and Kelly pulled off the victory after their impressive finisher was hit yet again!

Then it was time for the Spotlight Interview! Lawrence Mason welcomed the Apocalypse. Apocalypse tried to connect his arrival in the WWF in 1997 with the eventual demise of the famed original national wrestling brand a year later. Mason scoffed at the idea, tried and failed to get Apocalypse to reveal who else was involved in this movement, and seemed to shit his pants when Apocalypse both revealed that someone sent him to destroy MMouse Enterprises and the industry as a whole and then when Apocalypse promised that “terrible things” await PWI, demonstrating by placing his large hand around Mason’s throat! Apocalypse tormented Mason, suggesting that the choke was a symbol of what’s to come for PWI and the industry overall, saying finally that he NEVER fails when he sets his mind to something!

Io Shirai then prepared to take on a mystery opponent in our main event! The mystery opponent turned out to be British Indie sensation, Tegan Nox (she’s Welsh, actually, but nevermind that). Tegan and Io gave us an amazing, show-stealing performance which saw Tegan get the best of Io and Io seemingly converting gradually to being a heel! Io started desperately playing dirty as Tegan fought back valiantly, eventually sealing the victory over Io in incredible fashion and style! With the match over, Tegan celebrated as Io experienced a bit of an angry disbelief as the show closed!


Kicking off the Asylum was a fantastic Triple Threat Match to determine who would compete in the Triangle Match for the Women’s Tag Titles at the Epic. After a lot of intense and great action, we see the Riott Squad pull off the victory!

Cameras – following the commercial break – take us to Aleister Black assaulting Kurt Angle. Aleister expresses that he is irritated that Angle has tested him and picked this fight. He tells Kurt that this isn’t over as he leaves the scene with officials rushing to Angle’s aid!

We then see Moxley and O’Malley meet up again. Moxley challenges O’Malley and the Best League to a Street Fight, and O’Malley accepts, but Moxley – who said that this was his preferred approach – warned that none of the Best League will be the same after the encounter.

Petey Williams is then seen walking through the hallway when Bray Wyatt’s voice can be heard. Williams gets startled as the lights flicker, Wyatt appears behind Williams, but disappears as the lights flicker again. Wyatt says “soon”, appearing to take an interest in the first ever men’s premier athlete.

Next, we have a stellar match to determine the first person to qualify for a Death From Above match which will decide the Motivation challenger for the Women’s Championship. Maria develops a vicious side as she conquers the favorite – Allie – and moves on to the Epic!

Following the break, Scott Nash is suddenly approached by Drew McIntyre again. Scott is extremely angry that Drew keeps toying with him. Drew mocks Scott for being older and a virtual has been, who struggles to control his own career…let alone lead the locker room. Scott and Drew wind up setting up a match next week, which is later announced as a Number One Contender’s match for the World Title at the Epic.

In the Cult of Alexa’s lair, Alexa sits atop her throne, guarded by Slammer when Tessa shows up. Alexa notes that they have a problem as the Epic approaches and that she needs Tessa to “take care of it”. After Tessa seems to push back a bit, an aggravated Slammer sways Tessa’s opinion, leading her to agree as she leaves the room.

We then see Stevie R approaching the Women’s Tag Champions, Cruel and Beautiful, Stevie tells the girls that he came to see what “soon to be former Women’s Tag Champions looks like”. Ivelisse and Zelina Vega take offense to that. Vega tells Stevie that his methods are outdated and irrelevant today…just like him. Stevie gets testy, telling them that they will soon see how wrong they are as he leaves.

Back in the ring, Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy put on one hell of a match, which sees Hardy putting on one of his best performances yet and Samoa Joe displaying why he is here today. In the end, Samoa Joe acts out of desperation, sneaking in a low blow followed by a Muscle Buster for the pinfall victory!

In the locker room area, Angelina Love approaches Becky Lynch. Love expresses that she wants to end this war once and for all, especially as Harley Quinn was injured by Becky last week. She then challenges Becky to a No Disqualification match at the Epic, to which Becky agrees before Love leaves!

Amazon and Victoria are then seen walking through the hallway. Amazon notes that while she and Victoria certainly have a history, she is rooting for Victoria in 13 days. Victoria and her part ways as Tessa Blanchard blindsides Victoria with a crutch! Tessa assures Victoria that this “isn’t personal” as she decimates Victoria, leaving her down and out as Amazon returns and begs for medical help!

In the parking lot, we see the World Champion Dragonfly leaving the arena until he is stopped by the Ascendant Champion, Adam Cole. Cole tells Dragonfly that he will be watching Dragonfly’s Epic match very closely, citing his interest in challenging Dragonfly in light of the fact that Cole is quickly approaching the benchmark wherein he will qualify for such a shot! Dragonfly responds, hinting that he will be ready regardless, and we head back to the ring!

Next, we have the second qualifying match of the four matches overall to determine the four women in the Death From Above match! Emma and Paige iron out their differences as they battle it out to decide who qualifies. After some dirty tactics by Paige, where she intentionally injures Emma’s back, Paige wins with the Emma Lock, adding a literal insult to a real injury!

Finally, we have our MAIN EVENT!! A Bedlam Match to determine who will join the Los Guerreros in challenging American Alpha for the Tag Titles in a Ladder Match at The Epic! This match was originally supposed to decide who would join a fatal four way, but Marty Scurll and Robby Storm entered themselves into the Bedlam Match to prevent a fourth team from joining them in the challenge! We saw the Henchmen, YMCA, Ziggler and Cesaro, and a debuting Natural Disasters joined by the returning Elite to battle it out!! All hell broke loose instantly in a clash that – thanks to Abyss and Earthquake – caused the top rope to break, Rhyno interfere to take out Abyss, all four officials involved get taken out, and bodies everywhere!! By some miracle, Storm pulled off the victory for he and Scurll, securing their spot in the Tag Title match at the Epic…again!

As the show came to a close, American Alpha came through the entrance way, surveying the damage and looking on at one of their opponents for the upcoming PPV!


In our opening bout we have a six man elimination tag match pitting team Matt Hardy against the Kingdom. Hardy has a mystery partner and that turns out to be the debuting Keith Lee! Lee helps eliminate one member of the Kingdom, but in the midst of the chaos Taven uses a secret weapon to knock out Lee and eliminate him. However, the damage is already done, as RVD and Hardy clean house, last eliminating Taven!

In the hallway, Lawrence Mason is standing by with newcomer, Timothy Thatcher. Mason doesn’t get a chance to ask Thatcher anything before Dr. Evil (who now insists on not being called “E-Dawg”) comes in, says that he sought counseling to remind himself of what he is capable of. He then revealed that he is the one who discovered Thatcher and that Thatcher’s reputation for inflicting pain upon others is the primary reason he recruited him. The two of them then left as Evil said they had some plans to go over.

In our next match was a rematch between Io Shirai and Tegan Nox. Nox again gave Shirai everything she had, giving her the fight of a lifetime! Shirai looks so sure of victory until Nox took advantage of another opportunity to nail her Shining Wizard finish and secure the pinfall! After the match, we saw Shirai descending even further down a dark path.

After the break, Fitz Riot returns with another installment of “Dirt Sheet Review”. He justifies his absence as “being busy watching tag team wrestling”. He then introduces his guests: A Beautiful Lie. He notes how Kelly Kelly and Torrie Wilson weren’t taken seriously in the EWA and that they were apparently bullied there. Torrie and Kelly promised that they would soon be on top of the division, and Fitz told the audience to keep an eye on them.

In the next match we saw a definite barnburner of a brawl between the Anvil and Mr. Perfect. Perfect gave Anvil a tough challenge as the two tore the house down, but ultimately Anvil won by doing a one-man Hart Attack and pinning Perfect for the win!

Following the commercial we see Andrade and Gargano readily fighting in the hallway! Andrade gets the best of Gargano, nailing his Fisherman’s DDT on the floor and leaving Gargano for dead as he leaves the scene!

In the ring we see the Immunity Championship defended by Kurt Angle against Aleister Black in what was undoubtedly match of the night! Angle won using his predictably underhanded tactics, finishing Black off only after nailing a picture perfect moonsault through a table! Angle capped off his victory by taunting Black with the gold, telling him that the Immunity Championship will never again be his!

Sunny then attempts to interview Lacey Evans, but Evans calls her a “Nasty” and rightfully tells Sunny that the locker room looks at her as a tramp. Sunny storms off camera as Lacey directs her attention to all the other women, telling them that the “Sassy Southern Belle” will soon meet them all in her own way!

 We then have the No Holds Barred match between Queen Sherri and Rhea Ripley! Rhea and Sherri match their awesome strengths, but Rhea soon overcomes and begins to dominate! However, this domination is short lived as Sherri grabs a crutch and then subsequently nabs a number of other weapons, including a steel chair with which Sherri slams against Rhea’s throat! Sherri then relentlessly assaults Ripley with the arsenal of weapons at her disposal. This culminates in Sherri effectively choking out Rhea, achieving a victory. Sherri then proudly gazes at her fallen foe as the official tends to Rhea!

We finally have our main event!! Adam Cole defends the Ascendant Championship against Shinsuke Nakamura in a good bout which emphasizes both of their strengths. Nakamura appears to get the best of Cole, though, eventually hitting his patented knee strike finisher! However, as Nakamura goes for the cover we hear “SHOCK THE SYSTEM!” which causes Nakamura to prepare for an interference. That’s when Cole gets back up, nails Nakamura with a superkick, followed up by a Last Shot and then the three count fall!!

As the show comes to a conclusion, Adam Cole is celebrating when we suddenly hear that “SHOCK THE SYSTEM” sound again! We then see Roderick Strong – a buddy of Cole’s from the Independent Circuit – emerge and join him in the ring! The two of them then stand tall, apparently forming some kind of alliance!

ASYLUM – MARCH 15TH, 2021:

Before the show could kick off we have a scene where Bray Wyatt is sitting at the family table with Scarecrow and Strowman. He tells his “family” that the time has come to grab everyone’s attention again and that they now have the means to do so. This is when he orders FRED to bring “her” in. The “her” turns out to be Jackie Mouse, daughter of Catherine! FRED throws her on the table and Wyatt sneers. She begs for mercy, but Wyatt tells her that he has plans for her as she continues to plea and we start the show!

After the opening and the pyro, Commissioner of Asylum, Mickey makes his way to the ring. Mickey tells the people that while he noticed that things fell apart with he was away, he won’t point any fingers! Instead, he pledged to defeat Wyatt and Apocalypse, bring his granddaughter to safety and restore the greatness of the company he built!

Next, we have a match between Amazon and Carmella to determine who will qualify in the first-ever Women’s Death From Above match!! The bout is a downright show-stealer, but Amazon shocks Carmella with a certain injury after flying from the rafter into the ring with a torpedo drop kick! Amazon then hits a single powerbomb pinfall and advances to the PPV!

After the break, we see Rhyno attack Abyss in the parking lot. Abyss soon gets the best of him though, knocking him clean out before promising to see Rhyno this Sunday!

From there we are then taken to a destroyed Mickey’s Lair! Scott Nash surveys the damage as he is greeted by Executioner. Nash asks what happened and Executioner tells him that they don’t yet know, but Mickey wanted him to find the culprit. Nash says that he doesn’t want to be associated with this anymore, but after Executioner presses more Nash relents and promises to help only after he dispatches Drew tonight!

Finally, before returning to the ring we see Lawrence Mason standing by with Dragonfly in the hallway. Dragonfly assures Mason that it doesn’t matter who he faces at the Epic, because he will always be the best!

Next is a Semifinal Match in the Premier Athlete Tournament Roulette, which turns out to be a Submission Match between Tessa Blanchard and Taya Valkyrie! Taya gives Tessa a hell of a fight, and the two trade some classic submission holds in awfully painful positions until it looks like Taya might win! However, then, Slammer emerges and clobbers Taya in the face with a Head Mashing Super Punch! This knocks Taya out, allowing Tessa to sneak in a headscissors to the unresponsive Taya, which forces an end to the match in Tessa’s favor! After the match, it is clear to Tessa that Slammer was sent to help her as she glares out of the ring at Slammer as we cut to a break!

Following the commercial, Slammer reports to Alexa to report that he did his job when he gets smacked over the fin with a steel pipe by Victoria! Victoria approaches Alexa after making sure that Slammer is down and tells the Goddess that this Sunday will see them brawl for the gold…with no “shenanigans”. Alexa agrees, chuckles, and smirks as Victoria leaves, noting that she likes the fight in Victoria.

Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy then meet in the hallway. Joe laughs at the sight of Hardy, and Hardy naturally takes offense. Samoa Joe gloats about his victory last week, which Hardy scoffs at. Joe tells Hardy that he will agree to a rematch on the first Asylum after Epic, but warns Hardy that he will need to set some arrangements for himself because Joe was going to leave him crippled.

In the locker room area, we see Becky Lynch telling Madison Rayne – who leans on a crutch – that she will get payback against Angelina Love this Sunday, which should clear the way for the two of them to pursue greatness as a unit! Rayne stays silent as Lynch rambles on and we head back to the ring!

We now find ourselves in the back alley way behind the building for the Street Fight between Moxley and the Best League! Moxley takes the fight right to the trio immediately, clearing the way on his way to O’Malley! O’Malley gets a break from the assault when Ziggler and Cesaro get the best of Moxley for a moment, but Moxley bounces back, taking Ziggler and then Cesaro out of the picture! Then, Moxley goes after O’Malley, but Mike is rested and gets the upperhand for a few until Moxley snaps out of it, beats O’Malley with a steel water pipe and then chokes him out with it until the ref calls for the bell!

After the break, we snap back to the scene of the previous match. It appears all cleaned up, but then a flash of the camera brings us the Apocalypse Collective! Apocalypse addresses Mickey, promising that nothing will be normal for him soon and that no one in the industry is safe from what is to come…not even Benny and the EWA. He promises that “more are to come”, with a flash of two apparent additional members behind him and that the “Apocalypse is here”!

The Undying Legends find Stevie R in an awkward workout pose that he calls the “Spider Pose”. They help him get back to his feet and ask him why he taunted the champions. He assures them that it is part of the plan and that they will be ready this Sunday to challenge for the gold! He wishes them well and then leaves.

Cameras then catch a glimpse of Angelina Love sitting on the floor in some golden room. She seems disturbed as she plunges into madness obsessed over beating Becky Lynch on Sunday. The camera zooms in as the madness grows and we are sent back to the ring!

Scott Nash and Drew McIntyre then battle it out to determine Dragonfly’s challenger for the Epic! Nash and Drew give us their all as they battle all over the place, and as Drew looks poised to win after a Claymore, the lights flicker to reveal Petey Williams has attacked the official in the dark, Williams leaps to execute a Canadian Destroyer on Drew, leaving the laughter of Bray overhead. Petey disappears in the darkness as Bray laughs again. Nash wakes up to the laughter, hits the Jackknife Powerbomb on Drew, covers him and gets the win, but Bray’s music plays instead while a bewildered Nash stares around in confusion. The lights and cameras then cut as Bray brings us to a break!

We then see Mickey sitting in an office/suite at the desk computer as Chairman Murrey and Co-Vice Chair Catherine enter the room. Murrey is shaken by Mickey’s presence. Mickey assures both that he comes in peace and asks jovial as he asks them to sit and hear him out. They oblige and Mickey addresses Jackie’s capture. Catherine rips into Mickey, claiming that it is Mickey’s fault. Mickey pleads with her to let him help them resolve this and bring Jackie back to safety. Murrey and Catherine reluctantly agree and shake his hand for a temporary partnership where they will each do “whatever it takes” to get Jackie back! Mickey then approaches Murrey before he leaves the room and tells Murrey that he wants Murrey to get his confidence back and not feel so down about his recent inability to control the chaos. Mickey assures Murrey that he will be right at his proper level of confidence when this is all said and done and then leaves Murrey and Catherine in the office a little stunned.

We finally have our MAIN EVENT! A final qualifying match for the first ever women’s Death From Above match as Living Dead Girl and Ariel square off to determine who qualifies this Sunday! Ariel sees the beast in front of her and initially gets some impressive hits in, but this doesn’t last long as the irritated Living Dead Girl obliterates Ariel, breaking the top ring rope (which happens for the second week in a row) and pummeling her face until it spurts blood and officials forces her to stop! Ariel gets one last burst of energy, but it gets snuffed out as Living Dead Girl obliterates Ariel with a Double Handed Chokeslam and a pinfall victory! Following the match, Living Dead Girl stands tall and disappears as we prepare to go off the air.

However, before we can go off the air completely, we see Mickey leaving the building and accidentally call Executioner “Enforcer” again. Executioner comments that he really isn’t all better now. Mickey brushes that off and notes that he is getting all the pieces in place for his plan to come. That’s when Executioner notes that their “prisoner” has begun to talk. Mickey orders Executioner to bring him to the prisoner and the two leave as the show comes to an end!

THE EPIC – MARCH 21ST, 2021:

After the opening promo and pyro we get right to business with the Falls Count Anywhere match between Rhyno and Abyss. The two of them go to war everywhere in the arena, including in Murrey’s Suite. In the end, Rhyno pulled off the victory and we moved to the back again!

In the locker room area, Robby Storm insists that he knows for a fact that he will become tag champion again and that the Villains need him more than vice versa. Robby demands that Marty come out prepared for the match as he leaves the room.

Chad Gable and Jason Jordan are then standing by with Lawrence Mason in the hallway.. Mason asks the Champions if they are confident in victory, and Chad goes on a rant about how they are constantly underestimated and that they will again prove tonight why they are the best in the industry!

Then we have an incredible tag team championship ladder match wherein American Alpha defends against Los Guerreros and the team of Marty Scurll and Robby Storm! Robby eventually seemed poised to win it for his team when Brock Lesnar suddenly reemerged and attacked both him and Marty, leaving them for dead as Chad and Jason retained their gold!!

Becky Lynch and Madison Rayne are then walking through the hallway. Becky notes that just because Madison feels better she shouldn’t come out to the ring during the No Disqualification match. Madison seems to reluctantly agree as she silently disappears.

Back in the locker room of the Dollhouse, Angelina Love is angrily sitting in silence as Amber Gallows and Velvet Sky plot revenge against Becky Lynch for what Lynch did to Harley. Love demands that they shut up and stay put, leaving Becky’s beat down to her!

In the No Disqualification match between Becky and Love, the two women tore each other a part! Love proved just how ruthless she is and Becky demonstrated her own determination to win. However, Love soon mastered the use of a chair and tried to break Becky’s arm with it! It was during this that Madison Rayne showed up, with Becky laying on the mat, arm in the chair, and Love backing up. Suddenly, Madison stomped on the chair, crushing Becky’s arm! Love and Rayne then teamed up, decimating Becky Lynch, allowing Love to get the pinfall, and ending the segment with Love, Rayne, and the Allure standing united!

In the Court of Alexa, Tessa emerged after being summoned and Alexa began to complain that Victoria is “too close”, suggesting that Tessa needed to remember her own “role” and do her part. As Tessa left the room, Alexa chuckled to herself and Slammer, saying that her plan was almost coming to fruition!

Being interviewed by Sunny, Victoria promised to defeat Alexa tonight, since her own career was on the line per her own deadline to climb back to the top by the end of the season!

In the Women’s Championship match, Alexa Bliss and Victoria both brought their A-Game! Bliss had a hard time taming Victoria’s momentum, and when Tessa tried to interfere on Alexa’s behalf, Victoria successfully fended off the attack. However, Slammer lawn-dart launched Tessa into Victoria, taking her out! No DQ was called since Tessa is immune, and as the official tried removing Tessa from the ring, Slammer nailed Victoria with the Head Mashing Super Punch, allowing Alexa to hit Twisted Bliss and score the victory!

I then took over the airwaves with my “Superstar Report”. I explained that Sunny was released from the show, but that she undeservedly landed an interviewing gig. Good for her. Anyways, I used my experience with HCW in the Fourth Era and witnessing the first ever Death From Above matches therein to forecast the horrors which awaited us in the historic same match taking place tonight! I warned that it could end careers, or even lives as we headed back to the ring!

Back at ringside we introduce the competitors, and Living Dead Girl absolutely mauls Maria, Paige, and Amazon at the start of the bout! She sends Maria flying to the floor below with a monstrous Double Handed Choke Slam and prepares to murder the other two as well until Asuka shows up! Asuka spits mist in Living Dead Girl’s face and then she tackles her in an Asuka lock grip from the rafters to the floor below! Next, after a delayed battle, Amazon powerbombs Paige to the ring below, securing her victory!!

Following that incredible bout, Fitz Riot talks about his pride that the Tag Division is dominating much of the talk tonight. He remarks that the women are set to have a “classic” as the Women’s Tag Titles are up for grabs. Fitz highlights the strengths of each team, notes that he will be watched Stevie R for his expertise, and sends us back to the ring!

In the Women’s Tag Team Championship Triangle Match, Cruel and Beautiful, Riott Squad, and Undying Legends give it their all, but the Champions are SHOCKINGLY eliminated first! Then, as the Undying Legends seem like they may have it in the proverbial bag, Ruby Riott nails her patented Riot Kick and secures the pinfall for the championship win!! Stevie R looks on in shock as his team loses…again.

As Scott Nash is trying to get ready for his match, Executioner approaches and insists that Nash do everything possible to win, citing that everyone is counting on it! Nash demands to be left alone, Executioner leaves after reminding Nash of the match’s importance.

As Dragonfly arrives for his World Title defense, the Ascendant Champion Adam Cole appears behind him. Dragonfly demands to know why Cole is here, to which Cole replies that he basically came to see Dragonfly lose, because people supposedly keep getting the best of Dragonfly. Dragonfly tells Cole to leave him be, and Cole laughs to himself about the fact that he believes Dragonfly is doomed.

In the Best of Three Falls Match for the World Title, Dragonfly defends against Scott Nash. The two put on a hell of a show, with Dragonfly dominating much of the battle by targeting Nash’s left knee and then his right knee as well as the match progresses. A frustrated Nash hits Dragonfly with the gold belt to earn a DQ loss on the first fall and then secure an easy second fall win over Dragonfly via the Jackknife Powerbomb! Finally, as the match starts to pick up, Dragonfly hits Nash with the Dragon Twist Driver and goes for the pin…lights out…scuffle…lights back on, with Nash covering Dragonfly for the victory!!! Before Nash can even try to celebrate, though, the Legion of Maniacs appear on the stage. Nash is taken off guard, though, when the Legion of Doom appear behind him and destroy him, leaving a mess in the ring as all four Road Warriors stood tall!

Flipping back to the hallway, Catherine and Murrey are discussing their concern about something when Mickey approaches them again. He tells them that they need to prioritize a new pack over their previous one: uniting to destroy the Apocalypse Collective. Catherine is irritated that saving her daughter gets demoted on the priorities, but she and Murrey agree with Mickey on how to fix the problem!

Finally, we have our MAIN EVENT!! In this 40 man Epic Royale, we Stan Hart, Krazy Kid, and Sunfire return, alongside Blade and Ted Brown trying to steal the win. Christopher Daniels lasted the longest at just under 50 minutes, and TEO returned!!! In the end, Teo pulled off the victory by eliminating Rhyno!

As the show came to a close, Rhyno celebrated with Teo, paving the way for the path to MOTIVATION!

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