AEW Dynamite #002 (12.05.22)

Live from the Total Mortgage Arena | Bridgeport, CT | Crowd Size: 10,302


The pyro explodes and Arn Anderson and Kevin Kelly welcome us back to All Elite Wrestling! We’re live from Bridgeport, CT, just twenty miles outside of BWM Inc.’s headquarters in Stamford. Anderson and Kelly are barely able to thank the fans for tuning and to preview tonight’s AEW Knockouts Championship battle royal before they’re interrupted by AJ Style’s theme music!

“Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep ,yep, yep
No, they don’t want none…
No, they don’t want none.
They looking scared, no they don’t really want none…”

Bridgeport is on their feet for The Phenomenal One as he struts to the ring, proudly opening his vest to show off the gold around his waist.

Kevin Kelly: It’s been a long road to the top for AJ Styles; from humble beginnings in the original EWA to the top of the X-Division, and now AJ Styles is finally world champion!

Styles grabs a microphone as he enters the ring. He takes a moment to soak in the pop – the culmination of years of hard word and sacrifice. He taps the microphone awkwardly, as if to say, ‘is this thing on?’

AJ Styles: 14… that’s the number of years I’ve worked for this company under one name or another. In 14 years, can you count the number of times they’ve put a microphone in my hand? For 14 years, I’ve been the best wrestler in the world, and for 14 years the bosses have refused to put this stick in my hands! Last week, I stopped asking, and I did what I should have done long ago… I started taking!

The crowd continues to pop for AJ, affirming that Bridgeport, CT knows there’s a lot of truth to what Styles is saying. AJ takes a beat to soak in the reaction, before placing a hand around his wait atop the AEW World Heavyweight Championship.

AJ Styles: Now that I’ve got this around my waist, I don’t ever have to ask anyone for anything ever again. Because this… this belt… it gives me a mandate! And all week long, I’ve been getting texts and calls from people I never hear from. They’re telling me they knew all along that I could do it. It’s the same thing I’ve told myself for 14 years. The only difference is that when I say it, I knew it to be true. But these platitudes from executives pleased with last week’s ratings? It’s like they’re surprised!

Arn Anderson: They say Styles should be celebrating, but he actually seems pissed off tonight!

AJ goes to continue when suddenly he’s interrupted by Kurt Angle’s theme song! The crowd jeers and chants “You Suck” as the Olympic Gold Medalist and former PWI World Champion appears on the top of the ramp.

Kurt Angle: Oh, I suck? I suck?! I’m not the one out here crying over a microphone!

The crowd boos louder as Angle smirks.

Kurt Angle: And as happy as I am for you that you finally learned to cut a promo, I can’t help but roll my eyes at you out here airing your grievances as if you truly believe you’re the best wrestler in the world! As far as I’m concerned, you’re just a Dollar Store Kurt Angle! You may have walked out of Dynamite last week with the World Heavyweight Championship, but you’ve never pinned me!

AJ Styles: You’re right Kurt, I didn’t get the chance to pin you, because Brock Lesnar tossed your ass out of the ring before I got the chance. But you’re in luck, Kurt! Because I didn’t wait 14 years to get here just to be a paper champion. You think you’re better than me? You want this belt? Come take it!

Angle rushes down the ramp and slides into the ring under the first rope. Styles dives for him and the two jockey for position on the mat, each landing several punches on the other. The two are pulled apart by referees and security as the audience chants “Let them fight!” Anderson receives an update in his headset that makes it official: AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle for the first time ever in singles competition, tonight! And the AEW World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line!!

Kevin Kelly: What an explosive start to tonight’s Dynamite!


Backstage, Cody Rhodes is shown exiting his locker room; as he exits into the hallway he runs into Goldust! Goldust tells Cody he’s been trying to call him to congratulate him on his win last week against Sammy Guevara. Cody thanks Goldust and says he has to get going. Goldust asks Cody when they’re going to get their team back together. Cody tells Goldust that he loves him and appreciates him, but this is his time to finally break out of the tag division and to make something of himself in singles competition. Cody tells Goldust he hope he understands. Goldust tells Cody that of course he understands as Cody walks away. Goldust is left alone looking rejected.


Match #1 | Exhibition Match
MJF w/ Wardlow (0-0) vs Rey Mysterio Jr. (0-1)

MJF makes his way to the ring to loud boos, as the cocky heel just shrugs it off and insults the audience in the front row. He leans in like he’s going to kiss a fan before pulling back and telling her that MJF doesn’t kiss fat chicks. Wardlow stays a few paces behind MJF; a towering and intimidating shadow for the young superstar. Rey Mysterio enters to a good reaction. The bell sounds and Mysterio offers to kick things off with a handshake in a show of respect. MJF reaches for the handshake but instead kicks Mysterio in the gut. MJF lands some hard strikes to Mysterio as he’s hunched over trying to catch his breath. MJF whips Mysterio hard into the corner and immediately charges at him with a splash into the corner. MJF follows up with another whip, this time he keeps ahold of Mysterio and hits him with the short arm clothesline. MJF taunts the audience as Mysterio is down, as the announcers remind us that MJF says he’s a “generational talent.” MJF scoops Mysterio up for a body slam and Mysterio slides down his back. Mysterio catches MJF with a dropkick as the tides begin to turn. MJF is back to his feet and charges at Mysterio, who drops to the mat. MJF jumps over him and bounces off the ropes, Mysterio is back to his feet and takes MJF down with a cross body block. Both men get back to their feet and Mysterio follows it up with a sunset flip into a pin. 1…. 2…. !

Kevin Kelly: MJF just barely able to kick out!

Both men continue to battle back and forth. MJF goes to the top rope and Mysterio follows him. The two battle on as MJF is seated on the turnbuckle and Mysterio on the second rope. MJF tries to hit a powerbomb from the top, but Mysterio counters into a hurricanrana! MJF lands hard and Mysterio follows up with a cover. Just as the ref is about to strike the mat for the third time, Wardlow suddenly pulls the ref out of the ring! Referee Max McMahon threatens to eject Wardlow and Mysterio hits the ropes, flying over the top and hits a tope suicida!

Arn Anderson: The big man’s down!

MJF is back to his feet and he follows Rey to the outside. The two exchange blows before MJF whips Rey hard into the steel steps! MJF tosses him back to the ring and goes for a cover. 1…. 2…. 2.9999!

Kevin Kelly: Another near fall! What a match up!

The two again exchange blows in the center of the ring; this time Mysterio gets the upper hand. Mysterio hits a snap mare and when MJF gets back to his feet and charges at him, Mysterio is able to counter, sending him draped over the second rope! Mysterio calls for it and goes for the 6-1-9! Wardlow is on the apron and Mysterio is able to switch gears; he instead strikes Wardlow with his legs as MJF rolls out of dodge. With Rey caught up in the ropes, MJF positions him for the Heat Seeker pile driver! MJF covers… 1… 2… 3!!!

Winner: MJF (1-0)
Match Time: 14:47


We’re shown a video recap of what transpired last week in the main event, when Connor McGregor shocked the world by attacking Brock Lesnar. We’ll hear from Connor for the first time, next week on Dynamite!


Backstage, the Macho Man, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Hulk Hogan are standing around catering. The four men are catching up and having a good time when Randy Orton walks by. Orton cuts ahead of Kevin Nash in line, causing a disruption. Nash tells Orton he needs to go back to the back of the line. Orton tells him to be careful, because he’s an old man and he’d hate to see Nash in a wheelchair, although he doesn’t think it’s that far off either way. Nash gets in Orton’s face as Hall, Hogan and Macho Man take a few steps back to get away from the altercation. Nash yells at Orton that he’s a legend. Orton tells Nash he better be careful because he’s a Legend Keller. Nash shoves Orton, Orton kicks Nash in the nuts and follows up with an RKO through the catering table! Hall, Hogan, and Macho Man take their plates to a nearby table as Nash lays helpless. Hogan tells Orton that wasn’t cool, because he destroyed the desserts, brother!


Backstage, Renee Young is standing by with acting Chairwoman of BWM Inc., Megan Mouse! Young congratulates Megan on the success of last week’s Dynamite, which scored the highest rating of the season and became the third highest rated show of all time. Mouse tells Young that she appreciates the interest in AEW, and that she promises things are just heating up. While her competition is prepping to take the rest of the year off, the AEW will be here delivering quality action each and every week. Young asks Megan if she’s heard anything more from Benny, and Megan says she has not. Megan calls Benny Mouse a relic of the past, and says that the days of erratic behavior at BWM Inc. are finally over. When asked about the aXw and Camden Cross, Megan says she has nothing but respect for Cross and that she’s happy to work with him to ensure that both brands are successful. Mouse says that although she respects Cross, aXw has a long way to go before she’ll consider it competition. Mouse says that she’s not here to talk about the competition, however. She’s here to announce that next week we’ll begin a tournament to crown the first ever AEW Television Champion! Mouse announced that we’ll also be crowning the Tag Team Champions before the year is over! Mouse again thanks everyone for tuning in, calling it a lifelong dream to promote her own brand. She says the best is still to come, and there are plenty of surprises as AEW heads towards the new year!


Match #2 | Exhibition Match
Dolph Ziggler (0-0) vs Jon Moxley (0-0)

Ziggler and Moxley both receive good reactions, as Anderson and Kelly put over both men. Kelly says this is Ziggler’s debut under the BWM Inc banner, and that both men were eagerly sought after in last summer’s draft. Anderson says that Moxley has an impressive showing last week in the Massacre 6 match before ultimately being eliminated by AJ Styles. Mox hits Ziggler with a hard slap, Ziggler responded with a dropkick that sent Moxley to the outside of the ring. Ziggler follows him out there, whipping Mox into the barricade and following up with a splash! Ziggler hits a neck breaker and rolls Mox back into the ring. Mox fires back and takes Ziggler down with a DDT. Mox covers but Ziggler kicks out, quickly following up with a series of inside cradles and roll-ups to try and get an early victory.

Arn Anderson: The speed of Dolph Ziggler is incredible, one of the quickest young talents in the business!

Mox catches Ziggler with a butterfly suplex which gets him another two count. Mox transitions into a single legged Boston crab, to which the announcers put over as smart strategy against a guy like Ziggler who relies on his speed and resilience. Ziggler manages to escape and Mox follows after, only to be hit with another massive dropkick. Ziggler follows up with a fameasser in the center of the ring! 1… 2…! Mox kicks out. Both men get back to their feet and bounce off the ropes, catching each other with a flying cross body attempt that puts both men down on the mat. Referee Kenzie begins a 10-count and both men are back up at 8.

Kevin Kelly: What an evenly matched encounter from two men with everything to prove here tonight!

Ziggler attempts a superkick but Mox is able to block it. Ziggler however is able to immediately follow up with the ZigZag! Ziggler covers… 1… 2… 2.9999! Mox is just barely able to kick out! Mox counters a sleeper attempt from Ziggler and bounces off the ropes, catching him with the jawbreaker lariat! Ziggler is back to his feet and attempts the X-Factor, but Moxley lands on his feet and immediately counters with with the Paradigm Shift! Moxley covers as Kenzie counts the three!

Winner: Jon Moxley (1-0)
Match Time: 12:13


Frank Dutch is backstage with Ricochet, Kalisto, and Gran Metalik. Ricochet tells Dutch that all three men are excited for the opportunity to wrestle here tonight, as all three are making the BWM Inc. debut. Ricochet says that the three have trained together all year, and their friendship will give them the edge against Proud & Powerful and Sammy Guevara. Kalisto says that their opponents have one thing in common: They’re all arrogant and they’re all about to be blinded by their hubris. Dutch doesn’t understand the word hubris, but says it would suck to be blind. Kalisto is frustrated that Dutch is losing the point of the interview. Ricochet says they’re ready to show the world what they’re made of as the three men leave a bewildered Dutch behind. Dutch trails off talking about braille and using a cane as the feed fades.


Match #3 | Exhibition Match
“Proud & Powerful” Santana & Ortiz (1-0) and Sammy Guevara (0-1) vs. Kalisto (0-0), Gran Metalik (0-0) and Ricochet (0-0)

All six men are in the ring as the bell sounds. The camera pans to the front row, where Chris Jericho is sitting with Jake Hagar watching on! The announcers recall Jericho’s surprise appearance last week, and his high praise of Sammy Guevara in spite of his loss to Cody Rhodes. The bell sounds and Proud & Powerful, Kalisto and Gran Metalik exit. Ricochet bounces off the ropes and catches Guevara with a springboard cross body. Guevara is back to his feet and counters, hitting Ricochet with a springboard drop kick from the second rope. Guevara goes for a bodyslam but Ricochet counters with an arm drag. Guevara charges at Ricochet, who counters with a sunset flip into a pinning combination! Guevara kicks out of two. Guevara gets back to his feet and gets the upper hand, catching Ricochet with a sit-out power bomb. Guevara rolls to his corner and tags in Santana. Ortiz comes in as well and the two hit a huge flapjack on Ricochet, and Santana gets a near fall.

Arn Anderson: Proud & Powerful are working well with Guevara tonight!

Santana whips Ricochet into the ropes and Ricochet counters with a spinning head scissors. He’s able to tag in the fresh Kalisto who comes in hot with a series of martial arts kicks. Kalisto hits a spin kick taking Santana off his feet. Kalisto covers but Ortiz is quick to dive in and break up the count. Santana and Ortiz hit a double suplex on Kalisto, and Santana follows up with a cannonball splash! 1… 2… 2.999! Gran Metalik breaks it up. Ricochet is in as well, and the hungry newcomers clean house, tossing Santana and Ortiz to the outside. Kalisto, Gran Metalik and Ricochet dive to the outside in unison, taking Santana and Ortiz down. Out of nowhere, Sammy comes off the top of the rope, nailing a senton on Kalisto, Gran Metalik, and Ricochet!

Kevin Kelly: Sammy Guevara! What a manuever!

Arn Anderson: Guevara with no regard for the longevity of his career with that one!

Proud & Powerful roll Kalisto back in. They top it off with the Street Sweeper! Santana tags in Guevara who comes off the top with a 450 splash! He covers Kalisto… 1… 2… 3!!

Winners: Proud & Powerful (2-0) and Sammy Guevara (1-1)
Match Time: 9:56

Following the match, Jericho and Hagar give the winners a standing ovation as Arn Anderson and Kevin Kelly question what it is that Jericho’s after.



We’re shown a vignette for Kenny Omega. The promo hypes up Omega’s work in Japan and on the independent scene, and the fact that he was one of the most sought after free agents in 2022. The vignette ends with the words “Coming Soon. 2023.”


Match #4 | AEW Knockouts Championship Battle Royal
Asuka (0-0) vs. Miss Athena Star (0-0) vs. Charlotte Flair (0-0) vs. Ronda Rousey (0-0) vs. Sasha Banks (0-0) vs. Nyla Rose (0-0) vs. Britt Baker (0-0) vs. Victoria (0-0) vs. AJ Lee (0-0) vs. Natalya Neidhart (0-0)

As the Knockouts make their entrances, Arn Anderson and Kevin Kelly discuss the legacy of the Knockouts Championship, noting that two former champions including the last Knockouts Champion Ronda Rousey are in the match, the other being Miss Athena Star. Anderson notes that the only other women to hold the belt are Brie Bella, Ember Moon, and Megan Mouse. Kelly says that Rousey has been hot on social media as she feels she never lost the title and shouldn’t have to win it back. They also highlight the history between Sasha Banks and Star. As the bell sounds, Rousey wastes no time going for Asuka, who last interrupted Rousey at Starrcade in 2021. Flair and Victoria also tie up, as Nyla Rose, Britt Baker, AJ Lee and Victoria battle one another. Star and Sasha square off in the center of the ring to a huge pop, as Kelly and Anderson say they eagerly wait to see those two settle their score. Anderson says there’s a lot of potential dream match scenarios here, and plenty of opportunities for an underdog to walk out with the title. Rose powers through Baker and Victoria, tossing them around like rag dolls. AJ Lee is the first to take the monster Rose down with a spinning head scissors. Meanwhile, Victoria busts up Rousey and Asuka, hitting both with a DDT. Victoria is caught off guard with a big boot from Charlotte Flair, who follows up with a double under hook suplex.

Arn Anderson: Charlotte Flair has all the makings to lead the Knockouts Division, and she’s gotten close in the past. But never before has she seemed so inspired and fired up!

Meanwhile, Britt Baker and AJ Lee go at it, with Baker catching Lee with a lariat that almost took her head off. Anderson notes that Baker is a dentist as well, so maybe Lee can see her for the teeth she might have just lost. Victoria hits Baker with a big boot followed by a neck breaker. Victoria is picking up momentum when Rose interjects, scooping her up into a guerrilla press slam to the outside, as the legendary Victoria is the first to be eliminated! Nyla’s celebration is short lived as Rousey squares up to her and the two exchange blows as the crowd is loving it. The two powerhouses fend off attacks from the other women who try to get them out, Rousey hits Rose with a spinning power slam to a huge pop. AJ catches Sasha with a low dropkick and follows it up with a monkey flip. Asuka comes up behind and hits Lee with a devastating back suplex, dropping her directly on her neck. Flair hits Asuka with the Natural Selection! Lee charges at Flair, who sends her flying to the outside! AJ Lee has been eliminated! Rose charges after Charlotte and the two battle into the corner. Athena Star hits them both with her patented springboard elbows, she is then back to her feet and immediately catches Sasha with a spinning wheel kick!

Kevin Kelly: Athena Star has had a taste of the gold before, and was rumored to be considering retirement in the past. A win tonight could set her back on top of the women’s wrestling world!

Natalya and Flair battle in the corner as the announcers put them both over as second generation superstars, both of whom have eclipsed their fathers in terms of popularity. The announcers say that both have also been highly sought after by MMouse Enterprises in the past, with Natalya coming back from a year in PWI. The two are broken up by Nyla who sends them both crashing into one another head first. Baker hits a leg drop on Charlotte and Rose picks up Natalya, tossing her to the outside and ending her dreams of becoming Knockouts Champion! Rousey and Rose square off once more, as the two powerhouses exchange blows before Sasha sneaks up behind them, tossing them both to the outside! Rousey is furious that her championship aspirations have been darted and attempts to go after Sasha in the ring, but Nyla attacks her. Rousey and Rose continue to brawl on the outside before the refs and security are able to separate them and get them to the back.

Arn Anderson: A huge elimination from Sasha Banks takes out Rousey and Rose! We’re gonna have a new champion tonight!

We’re down to five, with Asuka, Star, Sasha, Flair and Baker remaining. Asuka and Star square off for the first time to a huge reaction from the crowd in Bridgeport. Kelly puts over Asuka’s success and notes that she’s out here with Jim Cornette, who’s managed her throughout her career and has done a damn fine job of it. Asuka catches Star with her patented spin kick as Baker nails Flair with a hurricanrana. Baker’s picking up steam when her momentum is suddenly ended as Sasha hits the Bankrupt neck breaker! Sasha tosses Baker to the outside, scoring another big elimination! Anderson hypes up Banks as we’re down to the final four. Charlotte hits Asuka with the exploder suplex! Flair turns her focus to Star, sending her over the top rope. Star’s ring awareness allows her to hold on and land on the apron. Flair turns to celebrate thinking she eliminated Star, only for Asuka to catch her and toss her to the outside! It’s down to Asuka, Banks, and Star as the announcers hype that we’re looking at our next Knockouts Champion. Flair is beside herself on the outside, as Banks and Star reluctantly work together to take on Asuka. Banks turns on Star, hitting her with the Bank Statement! Asuka hits Banks with a release German suplex. She’s able to capitalize on the damage done to Star from the Bank Statement and eliminates the former champ!

Kevin Kelly: Athena Star has been eliminated! One of these two women will be the Knockouts Champion!

Asuka hits Banks with the Asuka Lock! There’s no rope breaks and Asuka refuses to let go, keeping Banks in the hold. Banks is screaming in agony and Asuka finally releases the hold. Asuka scoops Banks up and tosses her over the top rope, a near lifeless Banks is able to hold on. Asuka charges at Banks and Banks jumps up, hitting Asuka with a sunset flip that sends both to the outside! Unfortunately, Star is still on the outside, and Asuka just so happens to land on top of her, preventing her foot from touching the floor! The announcers momentarily think we’ve got a draw, until referee Michael McMahon shows Kenzie a replay. The referees determine that Asuka’s feet never hit the floor, and the bell rings! Asuka is champion!

Winner and NEW AEW Knockouts Champion: Asuka (1-0)
Match Time: 24:26

As Asuka’s music hits, Jim Cornette helps her up and hands her the AEW Knockouts Championship. Asuka celebrates as Star and Banks are on the floor in disbelief at what just transpired!



Arn Anderson and Kevin Kelly recap what happened earlier tonight with AJ Styles and Angle, leading to tonight’s impromptu World Championship match. Anderson says it’s been a tremendous episode so far, and that All Elite Wrestling is off to a great start. Kelly says that he’s just learned that next week, the Legend Killer Randy Orton will take on Kevin Nash for the first time ever! Additionally, they hype the appearance of Connor McGregor and the start of the TV Championship tournament!

Match #5 | AEW World Heavyweight Championship
AJ Styles (C) (1-0) vs. Kurt Angle (0-0)

The bell sounds, and Angle spends the first minute or so bailing from AJ Styles, sliding in and out of the ring. Styles loses patience and chases Angle around the ring, and Angle slides back in. Angle attacks Styles upon reentering, as the announcers put over Angle’s veteran strategy in getting under Styles’ skin. Angle lands some strikes before following up with a snap suplex that scores him a one count. He catches Styles with a headlock, Styles reverses it and sends Angle to the corner, following up with some corner strikes. Angle rakes Styles eyes to the admonishment of the referee Kenzie. Angle charges at Styles who ducks down under Angle and follows up with a dropkick. Styles clotheslines Angle to the outside. He follows it up with a suicide dive!

Kevin Kelly: A frustrating start for the champion, but AJ Styles finally seems to have Angle under control!

Styles tosses Angle back into the ring. He follows and hits him with a slam, following it up with a running knee drop. He covers Angle and gets a two count. Angle again tries to get away from Styles, this time cowardly begging as he approaches the corner. Styles charges at him but Angle dumps him to the outside! Angle follows him and tosses him into the barricade. He whips Styles towards another barricade, but Styles springboards off of it only for Angle to catch him with an overhead suplex into the barricade!

Arn Anderson: A nasty landing for the champion!

Angle tosses him back inside the ring and covers. 1…. 2… ! The champion kicks out. Angle smashes Styles’ face into the turnbuckle but Styles fights back with punches. Angle counters with another overhead suplex attempt, but Styles lands on his feet and catches Angle with the Pele! Styles covers and gets a 2.5 count. Styles tosses Angle to the outside and catches him with a somersault senton! Styles tosses him back into the ring and covers him!

Arn Anderson: A cover! A count! A vict-! Kurt Angle kicks out!

Both men are back to their feet and Angle hits a rib breaker. Anderson says Styles must be regretting giving the former PWI World Champion a title shot tonight because he felt the need to prove his worth. Angle puts Styles into a chinlock but Styles powers him into the corner and is able to catch a breather after hitting an enzuguri. Angle reverses a corner-whip attempt from Styles and catches him with a belly to belly! Angle follows up with a big slam and covers, scoring another super close near fall. Angle latches on a grounded headlock onto the champion. Styles fights out and hits Angle with a barrage of strikes. He sends Angle into the ropes but Angle ducks, both men hit each other with a double crossbody! Both men are down for a count of six and Styles catches a second wind, hitting Angle with some quick clotheslines. Styles lifts Angle into a Torture Rack position but spins him, hitting him with a Rack Bomb! Styles covers… 1… 2… 2.999!

Kevin Kelly: A tremendous display from two of the best wrestlers in the industry. What a treat of a main event for what’s already been a tremendous show!

Styles lifts Angle and goes for the Styles Clash, but Angle counters it into an Ankle Lock! Styles knows that he needs to get out of the hold and quickly spins around, catching Angle with a kick to the gut breaking the hold. Angle charges Styles, Styles catches him with a spine buster! Styles goes to the top rope as the announcers note that he’s running out of options to pin Angle. Anderson says it’s one thing to toss an Olympic Medalist over the ropes like in a Massacre 6 match, but it’s another thing to go toe to toe with him alone in that ring. Angle follows after him and tries to cut him off, but Styles fights him down. Styles goes for a dive but Angle catches him with a powerbomb! 1…. 2…. 2.999!

Arn Anderson: We were a millisecond away from a new champion!

Both men are back to their feet, notably slower from the battle that’s ensued. Styles rushes Angle into the corner and lifts him to the top turnbuckle. Angle attempts to counter, teasing a belly to belly to the floor. Styles hits him hard with a head-butt and follows it up with a diving DDT to the center of the ring! Styles hits Angle with the Styles Clash and covers…. 1… 2…. 3!!!

Winner: AJ Styles (2-0)
Match Time: 25:15

AJ Styles celebrates with the AEW World Championship after a hell of a first title defense. Anderson and Kelly thank us for tuning in and says we’ll be back next week for Dynamite!

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