AEW Dynamite (11.28.22)


In her office, Megan Mouse sits in front of a window showing the New York City skyline; the office set-up made famous under her father, Benny. To her side is Rob Amick, Benny’s head of security.

Megan faces the camera and greets the audience at home and in the area as the long-anticipated and often delayed debut of All Elite Wrestling is finally upon us!

MEGAN: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to All Elite Wrestling! The wait has been arduous, and every time we’ve gotten close, my father’s legal team has stopped us with one injunction after the next. No one will tell me where he is, but if he’s still in the mental state that he was in the last time we’d seen him, I’d argue that his team should spend less time with injunctions and more time getting him the help he so clearly needs. That said, tonight is not about my father; and it’s not about his brothers and it’s not about any other wrestling promoter. It’s about you, the fans. Thank you for being with us tonight, and I welcome you to this new era. I know the wait has been long, but we’re going to make sure it’s worth it. Welcome to All Elite Wrestling!

The camera transitions to a raucous crowd inside Madison Squared Garden, as 20,000 screaming fans express their excitement for the moment. The pyro explodes and Kevin Kelly and Arn Anderson welcome us to Dynamite!

Match 1 – Exhibition – Cody Rhodes (0-0) vs. Sammy Guevara (0-0

The newcomer, Sammy Guevara, makes his way to the ring to a mild reaction from the NYC crowd, not too sure what to make of him. Anderson and Kelly are surprised by the reaction Cody receives on his way out as the announcers discuss the long road he’s taken to get to this point in his career, from being mocked as a young rookie by the Crock and having fans turn on him, to his time spent with Randy Orton and the Legacy, and more recently his identity crisis in the tag team with his brother Goldust. Anderson says Cody seems to have his head on straight tonight. Rhodes and Guevara tie up in the center of the ring, Rhodes whips Guevara into the ropes and Sammy ducks a clothesline attempt. Sammy bumps off the ropes again, catching Rhodes with a quick flying cross body block! Rhodes goes down and Sammy covers, but Cody kicks out at one. The announcers discuss Sammy’s speed and Cody’s resilience. Sammy’s quick to get back to his feet and catches Cody with a dropkick. Cody gets back to his feet and Sammy charges at him, Rhodes sidesteps and tosses Sammy into the corner. Cody begins kicking away at Sammy’s midsection, taking some of the wind from his sails. Cody whips Sammy across the apron into the opposite corner, Sammy hits the buckle hard and flips over, finding himself tied in a tree of woe position. Cody charges at him with a baseball slide, but Sammy is quick to sit up. Cody misses and slides out of the ring, landing on his feet. Sammy gets into position and motions that “he’s crazy” before leaping from the top rope and hitting Cody with a corkscrew splash as the crowd comes alive!

Kevin Kelly: High risk, high reward for Sammy Guevara!

Sammy tosses Cody back into the ring. Sammy gets back in picks up Rhodes, who catches him with an elbow to the gut. He follows up with several more elbows before hitting Sammy with a vertical suplex. Rhodes goes for a cover but only gets the two count. Rhodes stomps on Sammy a few time before going to the top rope. Sammy kips up and charges at the turnbuckle, catching Cody with a Spanish Fly! The crowd pops hard as Sammy goes for the cover. 1…. 2….. 2.999999! Rhodes kicks out. The two are slowing down from the grueling battle and exchange a few punches in the center of the ring. Sammy attempts a kick but Cody catches his leg, Sammy hits an enziguri kick! The kick catches Cody right in the temple, splitting open his head. Blood pours from Rhodes’ head as Sammy scoops him up, catching him with the GTH! Sammy attempts another cover and is frustrated as Cody again kicks out a millisecond before! Sammy argues with the referee as Cody slowly and unstably gets to his feet. Cody jumps to the second rope and catches Sammy with the Disaster Kick! Instead of covering him, however, Cody scoops Sammy up and carries him to the corner. He places him on the top rope and begins climbing to the second rope. He goes for the superplex but Sammy stops him, Cody loses his balance and Sammy pushes him down to the mat! Sammy goes for a Shooting Star Press but Cody gets his knees up! Cody roles him up with an inside cradle and gets the three!

Winner: Cody Rhodes (1-0)
Match Time: 12:52


In the backstage area, Sammy is looking dejected when he’s approached by Chris Jericho! Jericho gives Sammy a pat on the shoulder and tells him better luck next time. Jericho says Sammy really impressed him out there before walking away. Sammy smiles big, looking confident.

A promo is shown for next week’s Dynamite, which will crown the AEW Knockouts Champion!

MJF is backstage with Wardlow. MJF tells Wardlow that he’s a much better bodyguard than that fat piece of shit Vader. He tells Wardlow to stick with him because he’s going places. MJF complains that he’s not in tonight’s world title match after originally declaring for it last Summer. MJF says if management doesn’t get better, he’ll start looking into alternative places to work because he’s a generational talent and deserves better.

Match 2 – Umaga/Yokozuna (0-0) vs. Santana and Ortiz (0-0)

The bell sounds and we start off with Umaga and Ortiz. The two tie up and Umaga pushes Ortiz into the ropes. Ortiz bounces back and catches Umaga with a flying forearm that rocks him slightly but doesn’t take the big man off his feet. Ortiz bounces off the ropes and tries for another, this time Umaga catches him in the air and slams him hard to the mat! Umaga tags in Yokozuna and he attempts a leg drop; Ortiz rolls out of the way and tags Santana in. Santana comes in hot and catches Yokozuna with a series of punches and kicks. Santana hits several kicks to Yoko’s legs before eventually taking the big man off his feet. Santana goes upstairs and hits Yokozuna with splash. He attempts a cover but Yoko kicks out. They both get back to their feet and Santana attempts a DDT but Yoko counters into a back body drop. Yoko bounces off the ropes and hits a splash! He goes for the cover and Ortiz breaks it up. The ref argues with Ortiz, pushing him back to his corner. Yoko is able to make a tag and Umaga comes in. Umaga chops away at Santana. He charges at him with a clothesline but Ortiz catches him from the corner with a kick. Umaga stumbles as Santana rushes towards Yoko’s corner, hitting him with a dropkick to the knees and knocking him off the apron. Santana hits Umaga with a kick to the gut and positions him into a powerbomb. He’s barely able to lift him as Ortiz flies in, hitting the Streetsweeper for the 3!

Winners: Proud & Powerful (Santana/Ortiz) (1-0)
Match Time: 8:13


Main Event: Massacre 6 match for the AEW World Championship
AJ Styles vs. Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle vs. Jon Moxley vs. Mark Henry

Kevin Kelly and Arn Anderson go over the rules; explaining that two men start off the match and a new entrant comes in every two minutes. Eliminations are scored by pinfall, submission, or over the top rope.

Kurt Angle and AJ Styles kick things off. The announcers put over Angle’s work as the former PWI champion and said that Angle’s looking to add a second world title to his career resurgence. The two circle one another until Angle charges towards Styles, who catches him with a hip toss. The two are quick back to their feet and Styles hits him with another. The two stop center of the ring as the crowd claps in anticipation of these two wrestling for the first time ever. Styles goes for another hip toss but this time Angle lands on his feet and counters with a clothesline. Angle gets behind him and tries to hit a German suplex, Styles is quick to counter and hits a German of his own. Angle looks stunned that Styles is able to keep up with him. The two tie up and Angle hits a kick to the gut. He follows it up with a quick DDT and a pinfall attempt, but Styles kicks out after 1. Angle hits an Irish whip and Styles counters with a springboard elbow off the ropes. The buzzer sounds and Mark Henry enters the equation, overpowering both men. The announcers talk about what a huge opportunity this is for the World’s Strongest Man, who has never been a world champion before. Henry picks Angle up bench press style and goes to toss him out when Styles hits him with a superkick causing him to drop Angle. The two are forced to work together on the bigger Henry as they try to scoop him out of the ring. Henry pushes them both off sending them flying. Henry charges at Styles and hits him with a clothesline that nearly turns him inside out. Angle comes up behind Henry and catches the near 400 pounder with a German! The crowd pops big for Angle’s impressive show of athleticism and strength. Moxley is entrant four and goes straight after Angle. Moxley hits Angle with several punches as Styles and Henry battle on the other side of the mat. Henry scoops Styles up for a powerbomb but Styles is able to counter into a sunset flip. 1…. 2…. 2.99999! Henry is furious that a simple counter almost took him out of the match. He argues with the refs before turning around and hitting Styles with a big boot. Mox and Angle take notice of Henry and the two are forced to put their fight aside to focus on the big man. Orton is the fifth entrant and he comes out slowly, watching the chaos in the ring. When Henry picks Mox up for a suplex, Orton slides in and hits Henry with an RKO!!! Orton, Mox, and Angle pick Henry up and toss him out of the ring, making him the first elimination of the match! Finally, Lesnar’s music hits and the Beast Incarnate makes his way to a BWM Inc. ring for the first time in his storied career! Orton and Mox immediately attack Lesnar as he enters the ring, as Angle and Styles turn to help. Lesnar battles through them all, catching them with one belly to belly after the next. Soon, Lesnar’s the only man left standing in the center of the ring as he surveys the carnage. Mox is first back to his feet and catches Lesnar with the Paradigm Shift! Before he can cover, though, Angle hits Moxley with the Olympic Slam! Angle scoops Mox up and attempts to toss him to the outside, but Mox is just barely able to hang onto the apron. Styles hits a springboard dropkick from nowhere, sending Mox to the outside and eliminating him!

Kevin Kelly: An impressive showing for Jon Moxley tonight, but unfortunately it’s not enough!

We’re down to Styles, Lesnar, Angle, and Orton. Orton and Lesnar square up in the center of the ring in their first meting ever. Orton fires away with some punches, and Lesnar fires back with some of his own as the announcers caution Orton’s desire to go toe to toe with Brock Lesnar. Styles catches them from the top rope with a splash, taking both men down. He attempts a cover on Lesnar but Lesnar kicks out with authority, sending Styles flying into the air. While mid air Angle catches Styles, hitting him with a huge German suplex. Lesnar goes after Angle and takes him to Suplex City, hitting him with suplex after suplex. Lesnar scoops Angle up and hits him with the F5! Lesnar covers and scores the pinfall as Kurt Angle is eliminated.

Arn Anderson: We’re down to the final three, one of these men will leave here tonight as the first AEW World Champion!

The announcers discuss that Orton and Lesnar are both former World Champions, but this is AJ’s biggest shot at gold to date. Styles and Orton suddenly realize the position their in as it’s down to just them an Lesnar. The two work together on Lesnar until Orton hits him with an RKO! Before Orton can cover, AJ Styles hits him with the Pele Kick! He follows it up with the Styles Clash, eliminating Orton! We’re down to two as Styles and Lesnar battle back and forth in the center of the ring, Lesnar tossing Styles around like a rag doll. Lesnar accidentally tosses Styles through the second rope and to the outside. Lesnar follows after him as the announcers clarify that one must go over the top rope in order to score an elimination that way. On the outside, Lesnar powerbombs Styles through the announce table! Lesnar scoops up Styles’ lifeless body and rolls him back into the ring as he poses to the crowd. As the referee argues with Lesnar on the outside, someone jumps over the barricade with a steel chair. It’s CONNOR McGREGOR! UFC’s badboy cracks Lesnar over the head with the chair and tosses him into the ring. A near lifeless AJ is able to cover him…. 1….. 2….. 3!!!!!

Winner and NEW AEW World Champion: AJ Styles

As AJ celebrates, the announcers go over what we just saw. McGregor hightails it through the audience as the screen fades to black. We’ll see you next week on Dynamite!!!

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