HLW All Hallows Eve 2022

All Hallows Eve Extravaganza (10/29/22, 7pm)

Halloween can be a spooky time of year, but nothing was able to prepare us for the horror that we witness at All Hallows Eve Extravaganza. Beer Money Inc. did exactly what they said by becoming HLW Tag Team Champions.

At the beginning of the night, Kushida was locked in a janitorial closet and his partner Michael J Fox was left alone to take on Beer Money Inc by himself.

After suffering 10 powerbombs a piece from Roode and Storm, the incurable optimist was rushed to a local emergency room. When asked what the hell is wrong with Beer Money Inc., Storm replied, “Michael, sorry about your damn luck”

In one of the most shocking moments of the night, we saw Big Cass debut to help Barrett retain the Main Event title from Darby. After the match, Cass put an updated title on Barretts shoulder and said, “Barrett, Apollo, and I are the United Front and nothing can stop us!”

*Barrett has formed HLWs first faction: The United Front with Apollo Crews and Big Cass

Matt Cardona defeats Matt Riddle for the World title!


After winning the world title this past Saturday, Matt Cardona sent out a tweet about a fan he refused to take a picture with at a meet and greet because the fan didn’t have the full 40 dollars. 💸


Cardona tweeted the following: “You damn right I was. And that was a bargain! I am a fucking superstar. And this is my job. You cheap fuck.”



Matt Cardona shocks the world! 😲💥

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