WOW Special Match Types

The following are match types created since the Second Era

Match Type | Stipulations | (When Invented & By)

  • Bruised and Bloody Match | Victory achieved after opponent is injured and busted open | (Third Era/UWA)
  • Bone Break Rules Match | Only way to win is by causing an injury to your opponent | (Third Era/UWA)
  • The Concussion Match | Fought entirely with weapons. Objective is to bash your opponent over the head throughout the match until they appear to have a head injury, but victory comes via pinfall and the failure of the pinned star to respond to a ten count | (Third Era/UWA)
  • Death From Above Match | Four (or more) person elimination rafter match where the last one standing on the rafter is the winner | (Fourth Era/HCW)
  • The Epic Royale | Battle Royal starting out with four combatants with four new combatants entering every three minutes until all have entered | (Sixth Era/PWI)
  • Open Four Corner Hardcore Elimination Match | First four to make it into the ring participate in a no holds barred falls count anywhere elimination | (Sixth Era/PWI)
  • Extreme Battle Royal | Elimination by pinfall, submission, over-the-top rope, or blood drawn, starts with 4 participants, first elimination is answered by a single replacement, second by a double replacement, and each successive elimination sees a doubling of the replacements of the previous entries until all participants have entered | (Sixth Era/PWI)
  • Crimson Car Match | Falls count anywhere in a parking lot surrounded by vehicles and other deadly equipment | (Second Era/ECW)
  • Brick House Brawl | Pinfall or submission achieved within four brick walls | (Second Era/USWA)
  • Total Anarchy Match | 7 Match Types in one – Iron Man, Cell, Barbwire, Fatal Four Way, First Blood, Falls Count Anywhere, and Bruised and Bloody – with falls earned accordingly: First Blood equals two falls, pinfall/submission equals one fall, and injury equals five falls | (Third Era/UWA)
  • Catherine Total Anarchy Special | Cell stipulation is replaced by gauntlet rules and the Iron Man stipulation is replaced by best of three falls | (Fifth Era/PWI)
  • Total Anarchy Match Version 2 | Cell stipulation is replaced by a ladder with capture of the briefcase resulting in ten falls | (Sixth Era/PWI)
  • Massacre 6 Match | Six participants battle in the ring with elimination occurring via pinfall, submission, or being thrown over the top rope | (Third Era/UWF)
  • The Blood War | Elimination Match via blood drawn | (Sixth Era/PWI)
  • The Blood Bath | Objective is to cover your opponent in blood | (Fourth Era/HCW)
  • The Mountain King Challenge | First person to the top of the structure wins | (Sixth Era/PWI)
  • Sacrifice/Crucifixion Match | Victory comes when opponent or pinned or submitted and subsequently put on the crucifix | (Second Era/USWA)
  • The Scaffold Challenge | Multi-participant first fall to a finish battle on a scaffolding set with automatic elimination occurring via being tossed off of scaffolding while solid victory happens via pinfall or submission | (Sixth Era/PWI)
  • The Insane Lumberjack Match | Lumberjack/Jill Match with Gauntlet-style rules, where each round allows a new participant to enter if they can, winner is last victor standing after time limit | (Sixth Era/PWI)
  • The Ultimate Elimination Match | Multi-person elimination match, falls count anywhere, elimination occurs via pinfall, submission, table break, blood draw, injury, and failure to answer ten count | (Sixth Era/PWI)
  • The Opportunity Brawl | Single Fall to a Finish Multi-Person Falls Count Anywhere, victory by pinfall or submission | (Sixth Era/PWI)
  • The Opportunity Match | Either 5 participants with no holds barred and first fall to a finish with winner earning a title shot or 2 participants with winner getting either a title shot or promotion as loser gets demoted | (Third Era/UWA, modified rules in Sixth Era/PWI)
  • Pwn’d Match | No Holds Barred, winner earns title shot while loser gets demoted | (Fifth Era/PWI)
  • Extreme Roster Falls Count Anywhere Gauntlet Match | Gauntlet Match involving an entire select roster with pinfalls and submission permissible anywhere | (Sixth Era/PWI)
  • Endurance Gauntlet Battle Royal | Gauntlet involving an entire select roster wherein a set number of participants – typically 10 – starts off the match and then that same number of participants replaces each elimination until all have entered and only one survives, standard elimination | (Sixth Era/PWI)
  • Sole Survivor Match | Gauntlet with last man standing elimination | (Fifth Era/PWI)
  • Steel City Street Fight | The use of steel weapons is encouraged and sometimes required for pinfall or submission victory | (Second Era/USWA)
  • Finisher to Finish Match | Only way to win is to hit one’s finisher successfully | (Third Era/UWA)
  • Aerial Assault Match | Only way to win is to score a pinfall or submission while or after hitting a move off of the assault ladder which has been deemed appropriate to utilize | (Third Era/UWA)
  • Trio Tag Special | Trio Tag Team special rules, victory can only be achieved by eliminating two out of the three members of the opposing team with a pinfall over one and a submission over the other | (Third Era/UWA)
  • No Way Out Match | Barbwire either on top of or covering the cage, victory achieved by pinfall, submission, or escape | (Second Era/USWA)
  • Premier 8 Match | 8 Person Elimination Hardcore, with eliminations occurring anywhere via pinfall, submission, or blood drawn | (Sixth Era/PWI)
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