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The Official Rules of the Premier Wrestling Incorporated (Revised – 2019) (Revised – 2021)

1) All other offices alongside their respective duties and powers established in the UWA shall be retained for same said function in the PWI.

2) All regulations and stipulations pertaining to all former UWA championships still in existence (including the “chaos championships” a.k.a. Deathmatch and Hardcore championships) are fully restored; addendum – the Immunity Championship shall not exist as a chaos championship, but a championship with the following rules: First Champion of the 6th Era to be determined by an Extreme Open Battle Royal on Opening Day, and subsequently challengers for the Championship will be willingly chosen by the Champion or they will earn it either via an Extreme Battle Royal following a major PPV, in an Open Hardcore Elimination Match, or by defeating a former champion. Future Immunity Title Vacancies will be filled either an Extreme Open Battle Royal or a Ruler of the Mountain Challenge. The Women’s Immunity and Women’s Tag Team Championships will also follow the same rules as the Men’s Tag and Immunity. Addendum: The Tag Titles of both divisions will be defended under traditional tag rules except during Pay Per Views.

3) All champions will be required to compete – as directed/needed – within every four episodes. A Championship defense or Championship Contenders Match must transpire at EVERY PWI show. Each PPV – except for Motivation – will feature a multi-person match to determine the number one contenders for the World and Women’s Championships at the next PPV.

4) All members of the talent roster shall be eligible for pursuing all existing championships except as described in rule #7.

5) Pursuant to rule #4, every qualifying* (see rule # 6) member of the talent roster shall be privileged with no less than one title shot – determined at the discretion of the President – within the season. If any qualifying member of the talent roster shall be unjustifiably overlooked at any time, an automatic PWI Championship match shall be given to them.

6) “Qualifying” Talent includes anyone in the Premier Class – see #’s 9 and 10 – as well as the tag and women’s divisions.

7) The Women’s Division Championships shall be exclusive to the women’s roster. Addendum: Inter-gender wrestling is officially banned from PWI, except as directed by the chair.

8) Count-outs shall only transpire when all active participants are incapacitated outside of the ring in “traditional rule” one-fall bouts. Once the count has commenced, traditional rules apply. Otherwise, count-outs will no longer be utilized.

9) By February 1st, 2020, all superstars will receive a tier designation – which will be maintained according to standards seen in #10 -, and their designation will affect their placement on the cards according to the following standard: Monday shows will feature tier one, Main Roster Pay-Per-Views and Showcase will feature tier one stars exclusively, and tier two and three stars will be featured on Ascendants, Legends, and Ascendant PPVs. Addendum (3/7/2022): The Tier System has been replaced with the Class System (which amends the language of all other rules listed here), which features the  Premier and Ascendant Classes.  Moreover, all PWI Non-PPV Broadcasts will now transpire on Pre-designated PWI days.

10) Movement through the class system will depend on who you defeat, who defeats you, your status in the public eye, and standards laid out in rules #16 and #17.

11) Every Final PWI day of the month will be designated as a “Goddess Appreciation Day” wherein the Goddess of PWI will have the privilege of controlling the booking. Amended with the consent of the Goddess (10/17/22): this will exclude any month either with a PPV or lacking at least one episode of “Asylum” prior to the final week.

12) Slammer and whomever else the Goddess chooses is hereby exempt from the ban listed in #7.

13) The Goddess is hereby protected and a permanent exempt star from the WOW Drafts, alongside Slammer as her mixed tag team partner, named “The Cult”.

14) Alexa Bliss is now a protected shareholder of the PWI.

15) Repeal of rules #11 through this rule requires the unanimous consent of every shareholder.

16) Starting on January 1st, 2022, all superstars must remain active or possibly face automatic demotion in the ranks after one month of inactivity starting from January 10th, 2022. Every quarter, following a pay per view, a talent will be selected from amongst the bottom 10 stars (in what will be called the “Danger Zone”) for a permanent retirement and transition to becoming a PWI referee.

17) Starting on March 21st, 2022, the bottom ten ranked superstars in each tier will be subjected to a tier demotion at the end of each quarter.

18) Starting on May 6th, 2022, any superstar within the top 5 ranks who receives a title shot and loses (outside of a battle royal or gauntlet match) will drop to the bottom of the ranks in their respective class.

19) Starting on June 19th, 2023, any superstar who loses to another superstar whom has been active for 20+ years fewer will be forced into retirement.

All Rules are subject to review/change.

Additional Rules Pertinent to the Immunity Championship


* “There can be only one” Immune superstar in the men’s and one in the women’s divisions, respectively. If the Premier Athlete elects “immunity” as one of their perks for winning the tournament it will force the Premier Athlete to challenge in an Immunity Championship Match to establish the single immune talent of said division within a month after the existence of two immune superstars therein.


* The Immunity Champion will reserve the right to relinquish their championship in exchange for a shot at the World Championship or a slot in the Premier Athlete Tournament Roulette of their respective division, but they will likewise forfeit the right to enjoy immunity from the consequences of their actions during said challenge since the title abdication would have to precede the title opportunity.


* The Immunity Champion will have three “cash-in” chances, with the title being returned to the champion if they succeed within those three tries, but if they fail on the third and final try they will forfeit the championship completely.


* If the Immunity Champion also holds the World/Women’s Title, then they will be required to defend both simultaneously at every Pay Per View and special event in a two out of three falls match wherein the first fall will be for the Immunity Title.


* If the Immunity Champion holds the title for 2 consecutive months (excluding the period from Motivation to the Season Premiere) without being active, they will forfeit the title to the most recent crowned Premier Athlete of their respective division.

Rules pertaining to the Men’s and Women’s Ascendant Championships

1. All Ascendant Class Athletes will be eligible to challenge for the Ascendant Championship.

2. The Ascendant Championships must be defended twice a month and must be vacated if the champion somehow manages to elude this requirement for more than 2 consecutive months.

3. If the Ascendant Champion reigns for 4 consecutive weeks and loses the championship, they will be automatically guaranteed a rematch for the championship.

4. If the Ascendant Champion reigns for 8 consecutive weeks and loses the championship, they will be given the choice of an automatic rematch for the championship or a promotion to the Premier Class.

5. If the Ascendant Champion reigns for 12 consecutive weeks and loses the championship, they will be automatically promoted to the top level of the Premier Class.

6. If the Ascendant Champion reigns for 16 consecutive weeks they will be automatically eligible for a World/Women’s Championship opportunity.

7. New Ascendant Champions will be crowned when the championship is vacant via either an Extreme Ascendant Roster Falls Count Anywhere Gauntlet Match, an Ascendant Trio Tag Tournament (with the winning team facing each other), a Tag Tournament (with the winning team facing each other), or an Endurance Gauntlet Battle Royal (with Ten Men starting and Ten Men entering with each elimination).

8. The Ascendant Championship must be automatically vacated after a consecutive 6 month reign, with the champion being promoted to the top level of the Premier Class, earning an automatic world title shot, and being accompanied by any other roster member of their choosing to same said roster positioning.

Premier Athlete Tournament Roulette

Here is the page for the tournament


16 Entrants; all qualifying via random selection. Brackets are created on New Year’s Day by selecting opponents randomly amongst the pool of qualifying superstars who’ve advanced. Match stipulations beyond the qualifying round are not pre-announced, but are revealed just before the bell rings. No two matches from the Quarterfinals through the Finals will utilize the same match stipulation across both divisions (once a stipulation has been drawn it is removed from the roulette).

Match Types: In addition to the random selection of opponents, the match stipulation will likewise be randomly selected from amongst the following options; Aerial Assault Match, No Holds Barred, Cage, First Blood, Bone Break Rules, Finisher to Finish, Casket Match, Barbwire, Submission, Falls Count Anywhere, 30-Minute Iron Man, Two out of Three Falls, Last Man Standing, Strap Match, No Way Out Match, Ultimate X Match, Concussion Match, Ambulance Match, Cell, Crimson Car Match, Rafter Match, or Tables Match. In the Final Round there will be a 3 Stages of Hell Match Series.

The winner will receive the distinction of becoming PWI’s “Premier Athlete”, a privilege which will afford them the following benefits through to the following season finale; a) 3 title shots of their choosing, b) the option of automatic placement as a finalist for the next tournament (which would make that match a triple threat), c) immunity, and d) the power to control their own match stipulations for the duration of the season.

Follow “The Vein” for updates as to the entrants and progress of this tournament.


1. All Championship Matches are OPEN CHALLENGE.

2. The Class Division is Suspended.

3. Rankings ARE influenced.

4. ANYTHING GOES (Classic USWA Rules).

5. Starting 8 days after Motivation and ending at the end of September.

The Official Rules of the Undisputed Wrestling Alliance (Revised – 2008) ARCHIVED

1) The Promotional Administrators of each UWA sudivision shall be granted with all executive powers necessary to manage their respective promotions and shall be directly supervised by the Cabinet President.

2) All other offices alongside their respective duties and powers established in the UWA prior to March 2005 (with the exception of the commissioners) shall be retained.

3) No assembly amongst athletes – either for stables or the establishment of a union – shall be created without the authorization of the athlete(‘s) Promotional Administrator. {Amended – March 9th, 2009} Henceforth, No authorization for assembly shall be required.

4) The Unauthorized appearance/interference of an opposing promotion is not to be tolerated and will be construed as trespassing; a violation punishable by suspension and/or a $100,000 fine.

5) All regulations and stipulations pertaining to all first-era UWA championships still in existence (including the “chaos championships” a.k.a. Deathmatch and Hardcore championships) are fully restored.

6) All UWA Champions are granted free movement privileges between subdivisions, but are not obligated to do so unless directed.

7) Beginning with the August 2008 PPV, every other UWA hosted PPV will feature interpromotional matches; including defenses of UWA Tag, Women’s, Immunity and World Heavyweight Championships.

8) The UWA World Heavyweight Championship will be determined by a WWF Champion v. USWA Champion match in accordance with rule #7, wherein the victorious champion and promotion will be recognized as the UWA Champion. All successive champions within the victorious promotion will receive this prestigious honor until the moment the opposing promotion is declared the winner under this rule.

9) {Appended – March 9th, 2009} With the exception of the World Heavyweight Champion, all UWA Champions will be required to compete – as directed/needed – every month, even if the month in question doesn’t highlight their respective Sub-Promotion.

All Rules are subject to review/change.

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