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            Hello wrestling fans! Lenny Mouse here and I am proud to present this promotional interview series as we count down the day to the debut of PWI in kicking off the Sixth Era of Professional Wrestling! For this first interview, we are going to be focusing on the Six Pack Challenge to crown our new PWI World Champion, and I will have former PWI Champion Teo with me! How exciting!

(LM: Lenny Mouse, T = Teo)

LM: Thank you for joining me today, Teo.

T: *Sighs* Yeah, whatever, let’s get this overwith. I have better things to do.

LM: Like?

T: I don’t know, banging hot chicks. I’m just not all about these stupid sit-down interviews, man. I’d rather be out there beating ass or getting ass. Now, come on, shoot your damn questions.

LM: Your hostility aside, this has been quite the year for you so far…

T: Has it now?

LM: Yes! I mean, you finally had your long-anticipated match with your greatest rival Attitude at “From Dusk Til Dawn” this past summer and you came out on top, then you were subsequently put in this coveted spot at “Greatness Reborn” to reclaim the gold you once held. What are you thinking heading into this match and a brand new era?

T: What do I think? I think it was stupid to end the previous era. Especially the way we ended it.

LM: How do you mean?

T: I mean, I was robbed, Lenny and everyone out there damn well knows it! I should not have had to defeat that waste of space at “From Dusk Til Dawn” for Mickey and the Board of Directors to recognize that I belonged in this match for a championship that I unified with the Undisputed Championship and which I never officially lost!

LM: Wait a minute, Teo. You were not the last PWI Champion of the previous era.

T: Yeah, and the reason I wasn’t was because of some bullshit decision to force me to partake alongside every other hack in the company at the time in the most ridiculous tournament ever just to face Terry FUCKING Austin in the finals!

LM: Well, the decision at the time…

T: Was stupid as fuck, Lenny, and you know it!

LM: No, I don’t know that, Teo. The Board and Catherine – as Mickey was out of the picture at the time, as you may remember – felt that all of the male talent in PWI deserved an equal shot at closing the era as champion.

T: But I was the GOD DAMN CHAMPION!! It was vacated despite the fact that I was perfectly capable of defending it against the winner of the tournament. But NOOOOO, Catherine in her eternal pussy hat-wearing genius determined that the champion of her company should compete on the same level as the wannabes around me as if my accomplishment up to that point didn’t matter one damn bit! It was bullshit, and I will scream that until my dying day.

LM: Ok, let’s imagine you hadn’t competed in the tournament. The fact is that fate still had it that you were in the championship match against Terry Austin and lost. What say you about that? Will you at least admit that you dropped the ball that night at Motivation 6?

T: Um, absolutely not! Do you really think that I would have lost to Terry Austin of all people if I had not been forced to compete in the tournament through to the finals?! No, just no. Terry Austin was a pathetic excuse for an athlete who lucked out because I had to face undue exhaustion irrespective of the fact that I was the champion that he wished he could be. I had nothing to prove, which is why I should have NEVER been forced to partake in the tournament, whereas he had to prove himself all along.

LM: Did he not prove himself by winning the tournament?

T: I will give him credit for winning his half of the tournament, but I took out the other half. If I hadn’t been forced to compete in such a way he may well have lost to another wrestler, but we will never know because of the injustices I’ve already covered. Had he competed in a tournament to determine the last “number one contender” – which would have been far more just and would have made way more sense -, then he would have proven himself as such and would have been subsequently defeated by me, as I would have been fresh at the top of my mountain.

LM: Well, now you will have your chance to right what you perceive to have been a wrong…

T: What I perceive is that all of you asshats in this company have been drinking Catherine’s koolaid. She screwed me over and destroyed the legacy I built for her company in doing so. Now the Fifth Era will be forever remembered as the Era that Terry Austin and Catherine Mouse ruined.

LM: Aren’t you the least bit concerned about the consequences for your words today? After all, you were drafted by Catherine to “Legends”.

T: No, because I will prove to the world and to Catherine why it was a mistake to forget why her father once referred to me as the next icon in this industry. Mark my words, I will be PWI’s first champion of this era, and no one is going to stop that from happening. *Leaves*


            Welcome back, everyone, to the Pre-Greatness Reborn Interview Series, as I look to delve into the mind of another contender in the PWI World Championship match: the legendary Scott Nash.

(LM = Lenny Mouse, SN = Scott Nash)

LM: Scott, I have known you since your professional wrestling debut in late-1996, thank you for joining me today.

SN: Don’t mention it. We’ve indeed known each other quite some time.

LM: Before we talk about this upcoming Six Pack Challenge for the World Title, let’s talk a little about your storied career. You’ve accomplished quite a bit in this business. From your iconic rivalry with Slammu which initially spanned 1996 through much of early 1997 through to when the original NWO was founded USWA and led by you in 1998, with the resumption of that feud and which ultimately led to Slammu’s first heel turn. You – 10 years later, mind you – reestablished that faction to surprising success in HCW, which brought you and Rhyno into a feud – something we will touch on in a moment even further -, and which resulted in Rhyno’s incredibly shocking heel turn as he joined your faction. Those are just a few of the highlights of your amazing career. Any thoughts on what made you a household name?

SN: Lenny, while it is always fun to reminisce about the “good old days”, I don’t spend too much time in the past. My family has never had time for those head in the clouds moments. All we care about is what’s in front of us. So, sure, I am proud of what I’ve done in the past and I could talk for hours about every significant moment in my career with shifted the conversation in the world of wrestling, but I must insist on remaining focused on the present. It is ultimately all that matters.

LM: Fair enough. Some in our business undoubtedly have taken a look at the dwindling roster of those who’ve been around since at least the late-1990s. You, Drakus, Amazon, and Kane are pretty much the only ones left standing from that era here in the PWI. What do you say to the critics who scoff at the notion that you still have what it takes to keep up with the rest of them?

SN: I would dare anyone to test my endurance. I can’t speak for the others, but I know what I am capable of, and there is a long list of my former opponents who can vouch for the same. Yes, I’ve been in this industry for 23 years, but I am more focused now than I have ever been.

LM: Well, let’s bring this around full circle then. I mentioned Rhyno a short while ago. He is also in this Six Pack Challenge. My counterpart in EWA – Mr. Hyatt – made it a point to highlight how Rhyno has been a regular staple in the Main Event scene in wrestling programs offered by this company pretty much ever since he first arrived as part of the HCW Invasion of the USWA in late-2001. You have grown quite accustomed to his style in that ring, and the two of you were even closer in your time working at HCW. What do you expect from Rhyno?

SN: I expect him to be one of the five men I defeat to become the new PWI Champion. Rhyno is explosive in that ring, no doubt about it. It is very difficult to predict what the Man Beast’s next move will be when he feels cornered, but I also know how to get in his head. I will have my eye on him, but he is the least of my concerns.

LM: If I may ask, who among your five opponents do you think stands the best chance at stealing this moment from you?

SN: It’s very tempting to just be the asshole and do the cliché “nobody will steal this moment from me” shtick – like what we saw Teo do in his interview -, but I am going to have my eye especially focused on Petey Williams. He is the sleeper threat of this match, and I am not about to let him slip through my fingers. I’ve dealt with the fast paced, dynamic performers like him in the past and I know precisely how to undercut him.

LM: This will be an especially daunting task since it is one fall to a finish. No eliminations.

SN: Yes, that is true. It will be chaos, because every attempt to take one of us out makes a world of a difference.

LM: I have to ask, since you sort of mentioned it in your comments and since it is the story dominating the PWI news here in the past week: do you have any thoughts about Teo’s controversial remarks pertaining to the late-former PWI Champion, Terry Austin?

SN: Teo has a track record of talking himself into the penalty box. I can’t count how many times he almost got fired by John Brown for that mouth of his before he was finally traded over to the EWA. Catherine also had words with him numerous times during the original PWI run. Some even speculated that the tournament he bitched so much about may have actually been Catherine’s retaliation for Teo being “disobedient”. I will only say this: Teo needs to shut his mouth for a change and think real hard about his decisions before he squanders this whole “chosen one” bit.

LM: Sound advice from a veteran of this business.

SN: Look, don’t hang that veteran label around my neck as if I’m some damn fossil. I’m speaking from experience, but I’m not some laid back geriatric offering friendly advice, I will straight up beat some sense into Teo or anyone if I have to.

LM: Well, I hate to cut this short, Scott, because it has been so much fun and we can talk for days, but I have some other interviews to prepare for.

SN: Any time. *Leaves*


Welcome back everyone to another installment of our pre-Greatness Interview Series with the ten superstars working the Double Main of our opening day Pay Per View, which is now scheduled for November 30th; just 11 days away!! In this edition I will be discussing the coming event with Angelina Love and the Man Beast, Rhyno!

(LM = Lenny Mouse, AL = Angelina Love, RO = Rhyno)

LM: Angelina, thank you so much for joining me today!

AL: Of course, anything for you, Lawrence. I’m glad to be here.

LM: Well, I suppose we will get right to it.

AL: Yes, let’s.

LM: First and foremost, I apologize for the delay in this interview. As you and other might imagine, the earth-shattering news out of Nashville about Jeff Murrey becoming our new Chairman and about his changes to our schedule and championship set up created a bit of havoc for us, forcing us to scramble to adjust for said changes. So, yes, sorry about the wait.

AL: No need to apologize, Lenny. You did your best and so did your team. We had to change our travel plans to meet the new expectations as altered by our new Chair.

LM: Before we talk about “Greatness Reborn”, what are your thoughts about the changes Chairman Murrey made?

AL: Which one specifically? Or do you mean all of the changes?

LM: Just any which you would like to address.

AL: Well that’s a tough one. I’m not sure how to react to being under Mr. Murrey’s leadership, as I have never worked for him before. Still, I will note that I am excited about changes like the creation of a Women’s Immunity Championship. That will open many doors in our locker room across both brands of PWI.

LM: Any changes about which you are concerned or have criticisms?

AL: That’s where I’m not sure. I don’t know if we will have repercussions for speaking out. After all, you see what is happening with Teo ever since he spoke his mind.

LM: I assure you that Teo dug his own hole.

AL: I just don’t want to dig mine.

LM: I understand, but unless you plan on slandering the name of a dead superstar and their family I highly doubt anything you say will rise to the level of Teo’s controversial remarks.

AL: Fine then. I’m a little disappointed that I won’t be able to watch the first ever all-women’s Pay Per View live, there I said it.

LM: Oh, well, that is remarkable.

AL: I know, it’s taboo to say, but I was looking forward to watching the women – er, “Knockouts” – over “there” knock one out of the park. I get that they are our competition, but it was actually something I was looking forward to seeing.

LM: I see. It is a landmark moment for women the world around.

AL: That it is. We women have come very far from the days when we were nothing more than valets and a sexy sideshow. I’m so proud of what we all have accomplished.

LM: And no one in there right mind would be able to hold that against you. I’m sure at least Co-Vice Chair Catherine Mouse agrees.

AL: I’m sure she does.

LM: Now, on to the closing Main Event of our opening day Pay Per View. You were handpicked to be in this first ever Women’s Total Anarchy Match because the Board concluded that you were the greatest of our PWI Women’s Champions and that you are among the greatest of any era. What are your thoughts; first on the accolades and secondly on the match in front of you?

AL: That’s quite a bit to unpack and address…

LM: Yes it is…

AL: First, I guess I am seriously flattered to be put in the same category as the greats, like Amber Gonzales, Jane Mouse, and even Amazon. I’ve always admired those women and what they accomplished in this industry. They pioneered mainstream women’s wrestling, and I would love to make them proud.

LM: Well, Amazon was one of the icons of women’s wrestling that you mentioned, but she is also in this match against you. Do you think you will make her proud by besting her again for this coveted prize?

AL: Yes, I do.

LM: That’s a bold statement.

AL: Not really, Lenny. You see, when I defeated Amazon in the past in the midst of our amazing feud in the original PWI, she personally told me on more than one occasion how proud of me she was.

LM: Don’t you think she will suspend that mother-like pride for a moment while bringing the fight from hell to you?

AL: I don’t expect anything less than that from one of the best to ever enter the ring. What’s amazing to me is that Amazon is still coming out there and performing as if she’s in her 20s despite the fact that she is now a 20 year veteran.

LM: What about Victoria, surely you consider her to be a legend as well, right?

AL: Without question. Victoria and I had some classics as well last time around and I will not be taking her for granted.

LM: I had to save your remarks about Living Dead Girl for last.

AL: I figured as much.

LM: At From Dusk Til Dawn it seemed like she may have developed a slight obsession with you. Aren’t you concerned about being locked in the Cell with the phenom of women’s wrestling.

AL: That bitch can bring it and I will be sure to bring what’s left of her corpse to the morgue where she belongs.

LM: Whoa, tough words.

AL: You have no idea, and neither does Living Dead Girl. For years she was hyped up as this unstoppable force, but I promise you that she will be left lying in that ring as my hand is raised high above her.

LM: Well, Angelina, it has been fun. Thank you for joining me.

AL: See you on the 30th, Lenny. *Leaves*


LM: There are very few in wrestling history who can hold a candle to my next guest. Thank you, Rhyno, for your time.

RO: *Nods*

LM: You have had so many big-money matches in your extensive career since bursting onto the scene in late-2001. You were the leader of Brown’s HCW Invasion of the USWA, your five star classics with Dragonfly and FRED over the UWA Championship defined the Third Era of professional wrestling, your infamous heel turn in HCW upon joining Scott Nash’s NWO just months after causing Jane Mouse to miscarriage on live television shook the wrestling world to its core, and your feud with Metalhead helped close out the PWI five years ago. How are you feeling going into your 19th year in this business and still remaining on top so consistently?

RO: Lenny, it has been a hell of a ride, but it is far from over. My only regret is that Dragonfly and FRED will not be in that Six Pack Challenge for me to defeat them AGAIN for the gold.

LM: Of course, as you know, Dragonfly and FRED were denied their place in that match by Mickey when he was still Chairman. He reportedly felt that they failed him at From Dusk Til Dawn with their losses to Randy Orton and Armageddon, respectively.

RO: Yeah, sucks to be them.

LM: Indeed it does, and they will have plenty of time to sulk in their wounds, but you have the daunting task of preparing for this high-stakes match in our opening card of the Sixth Era. Who do you think poses the greatest threat out of all of your opponents?

RO: Honestly, I think I am my own biggest threat.

LM: How so?

RO: Look, I have stumbled a lot in my career. You mentioned that unfortunate incident wherein I accidentally hit Jane Mouse with a Gore and triggered a miscarriage. Nobody quite understood what that did to my mental health. I think about it every day and am not sure I will ever forgive myself for what happened to Jane and her baby. Benny exploited the moment to try and hurt my reputation as he knew I had been traded to HCW just weeks prior. My self doubt during my time in EWA helped contribute to that terrible  moment. I was not in my right mind in the midst of the mind games I was enduring at the time, and I second guessed myself when the moment came to strike. That’s where I was lost to the tragedy you referenced.

LM: I suppose it is safe to say it changed you.

RO: Yes it did. When I arrived in HCW, John Brown knew I was hurting. He and I had many long-night discussions about the past, our future, and about loss. He and I agreed that I needed a reset, which is what led to my joining the NWO only to betray them in the long term.

LM: Speaking of which, the former leader of the NWO – Scott Nash – is among your opponents on the 30th. What are your thoughts about squaring off against this old foe?

RO: Scott may not be as young as he once was, but he is no joke. The man knows how to manipulate the moment to work in his favor. We worked together a lot over the years and he knows me almost as well as FRED and Dragonfly. I’m ready for him. I hope he is ready for me.

LM: So many people betting on the outcome of this match are placing their money on Teo or Attitude. Do you feel like you are being overlooked?

RO: Actually, I’m fine with that. Let them be surprised by me for a change. I’ve never gone into a match where I wasn’t at least competitive in the gambling corners. This will be interesting as a result.

LM: Thoughts on Teo’s remarks?

RO: Teo is a piece of shit, and he knows it. Very few people worked as hard as Terry. The man faced one of the biggest backlashes in the history of the business when he became USWA Champion on July 4th, 2008. I always supported him, even when I was working for Benny at the time. I can’t wait to get my hands on Teo.

LM: It is interesting that you were traded to HCW by EWA in exchange for Teo and Attitude 11 years ago, isn’t it?

RO: Well, interesting in that I will now get a chance to kick both of their asses for the greatest prize in this business.

LM: Is there anyone in this match who you think could shock the world, including you?

RO: Petey Williams. Every damn time that people have overlooked him he has risen to the occasion. I worked with him in HCW and I can guarantee you that he will steal the show…up until I Gore his ass back in place.

LM: Let’s say you win the gold in 11 days…

RO: …which I will…

LM: …what are your plans after that? Anyone you have in mind to take on as your first title defense?

RO: Truthfully, Lenny, when I look at this roster I see what may well be the most talented assortment of superstars in company and industry history. I would have a hard time choosing.

LM: Just name one off the top of your head…

RO: Ok, well, I suppose I would have to pick Btock Lesnar.

LM: Lesnar? Really?

RO: From what I hear, the man has improved a great deal since the Fifth Era came to a close. His time in MMA as well as training harder than he ever has reportedly made him a true beast of a man. I’ve battled Lesnar before and I would relish the opportunity to combat him in this new mold. Bring it on.

LM: Rhyno, it is always a pleasure.

RO: Lenny, thank you for having me. *Leaves*


Ten days away from the Premiere of PWI and the Sixth Era at “Greatness Reborn” and I will be sitting with Petey Williams to talk about the upcoming Six Pack Challenge to crown the new PWI Champion. I had extended an offer to Living Dead Girl for an interview as part of these Joint Sessions, but she declined.

(PW = Petey Williams, LM = Lenny Mouse)

LM: Thank you, Mr. Williams, for joining me today to discuss what may well be the biggest match of your career thus far.

PW: About damn time, Lenny, about damn time.

LM: What are your thoughts heading into this historic night of wrestling? Are you confident that you will pull this off?

PW: I haven’t any doubts in my mind. Do you honestly ever get anyone saying any different?

LM: Not really, but it does appear that you are coming into this match as the clear underdog, considering that you are up against the likes of Teo, Attitude, Drakus, Rhyno, and Scott Nash. Only you and Attitude have not held a world championship, but Attitude demonstrated in front of the world that he has what it takes to become world champion when he put Teo to the test at From Dusk Til Dawn. Any thoughts on those facts?

PW: One glaring detail that you missed, Lenny, was that Attitude failed to defeat Teo that night. Some “demonstration”. I like being the underdog here. Everyone is betting on Teo or Attitude winning, but no one…absolutely no one…is expecting me to win. In ten days I will prove the whole world wrong with the biggest possible smile on my face.

LM: That would definitely be a sight to see, Petey. Speaking of Teo, what are your thoughts on his controversial remarks and the lawsuit which followed?

PW: Teo said what he said. Makes no difference to me.

LM: Is that all you have to say?

PW: That’s about it. What do you want me to say? That I am spitting fire and ready to take up a protest sign in front of Mmouse Enterprises Headquarter 1 and 2? No. That’s not me. I’m all about what advances my own career. Nothing more. Nothing less. Teo’s remarks have nothing to do with me.

LM: How about the recent election by the Board of Mr. Murrey as our new Chairman?

PW: Well, I’ve seen what he can do for a promotion that he actually runs. Time will tell. As long as he doesn’t meddle with my career in an adverse way, I’m cool with him being Chair. I guess I am sort of indifferent to it.

LM: Out of all your opponents, who do you feel poses the greatest threat to you next Saturday?

PW: Hmmm…I’ve actually worked with all of them before during my time in HCW back in 2008. I’m familiar with all of their styles. The most talented among them is probably Teo, and that is why he stands out as my primary target.

LM: Ok, and last question of the day; were you happy to be retained in PWI?

PW: It made no difference to me. I will stand out no matter where I go. I will admit that I wanted to get my hands on AJ Styles again after I got the best of him at From Dusk Til Dawn and there are a few other guys I wanted to compete against who wound up in EWA, but I’m otherwise unaffected by the draft.

LM: Well, Petey, it has been a pleasure. Good luck out there.

PW: No luck when walking in my shoes, Lenny. All pure skill. *Leaves*


Welcome back, everyone, to yet another edition of our “Pre-Greatness” Interview Series. This will be the final installment and we were supposed to host both Amazon and Attitude, but I have been informed that Attitude will not be returning to the Legends Building for this interview since his altercation with Teo in the entrance hall the other day. So, I will be conducting a lone interview with legendary Amazon.

(LM = Lenny Mouse, AZ = Amazon)

LM: Amazon, it is such a pleasure for you to join me today. I will note that you are our final interview leading into “Greatness Reborn”.

AZ: Thank you for having me, Lenny.

LM: Amazon, how are you feeling heading into this historic Pay Per View?

AZ: I am feeling great, Lenny. Admittedly, I had some doubts about my future in this business after I didn’t finish out the Fifth Era with the women’s gold and after my series of losses to Athena in the era before that. It was tempting to retire.

LM: Well, since you brought it up, why didn’t you retire? Isn’t it safe to say that you have had a fulfilling and very successful career? How much more can you prove?

AZ: Well, that’s a good question, I must say. I was seriously thinking about making an official announcement earlier this year as I heard the rumblings of a new era in this industry after a four and a half year hiatus, but then I got the call from Catherine about doing a final showdown between myself and Athena. My next goal was to retire after that match…

LM: …but then you won…

AZ: …exactly. Then I won. The energy in that stadium back in June was intoxicating. The people were with Athena and I every step of the way. I would have been fine retiring regardless of the outcome, but the electricity I felt coursing through my veins in the aftermath of that classic battle gave me a second wind. It made me hungry for more, and then the announcement was made later on about the first ever Women’s Total Anarchy Match. I knew I had to be a part of it.

LM: What’s interesting, Amazon, is that a short while ago the EWA published an interview with your former rival Athena in which it was suggested that she also had the same doubts about her future in this industry this year. The only difference seems to be that while your exciting victory in that match inspired you to push forward, it actually had the exact opposite effect for Miss Star. What are your thoughts about Athena having considered retirement after that match?

AZ: Well, honestly, I am glad she didn’t retire. Star is a tremendous talent in the ring. She fought well and – as she mentioned in the interview you referenced – she actually leads the series between us. There was nothing to be ashamed of in that match. We blew the world away that night, and Catherine was right: we should have been the main event.

LM: Will you be watching “Hell Hath No Fury”?

AZ: I plan to watch what I can, yes.

LM: Who are you rooting for in their tournament?

AZ: I have no favorites, I am just proud of women’s wrestling for getting this far.

LM: Before I get off the subject, speaking of the EWA Knockouts, Mrs. Ronda Rousey had some harsh words about you in her own interview. Care to respond?

AZ: First and foremost, I am a fan of her work in MMA. She is a true trailblazer there. However, this is MY world, Ronda. I was blazing trails when you were still in middle school. I was the second ever women’s champion in all of wrestling and I established this division as one to be taken seriously when I reigned as champion back in 1999, and then I broke the foundation of this industry when I shocked the world to become the first ever woman to hold a world championship. If you want to threaten to break my arm to try and put yourself over as the baddest bitch on the planet, then you better be sure to back that up. I’m no one’s bitch, but I will happily make you mine.

LM: Wow, tough words. Are you sure you want to pick that fight?

AZ: I’m always sure of what I say, Lenny. I’m ready for war.

LM: And a war is exactly what you are set to have this coming Saturday. First, before we delve into your thoughts about this Total Anarchy Match, what are your thoughts about the Inter-gender wrestling controversy?

AZ: Well, I literally just mentioned that I was the first woman to ever hold a world championship. While Athena Star is the only other woman to do so, my reign lasted for a month while hers lasted a day. I come from a traditional thought about this business. You understand when you walk through those ropes exactly what you are getting into. You accept the risk of getting hurt every damn time you sign the dotted line to become a superstar. Back in the late-1990s, in the USWA, we didn’t have these ridiculous arbitrary rules about who could fight whom. In fact, the original trailblazer of inter-gender wrestling in the mainstream wasn’t me; it was Molly Mouse, Benny Mouse’s wife. In the USWA she became the first woman to ever hold a “man’s” championship when she and her then-husband Saguna became the first ever Lightheavyweight Tag Team Champions back in the summer of 1998. We weren’t whiney little bitches back then and we aren’t now. This paternalism in our industry has gone too far.

LM: Wait, so you would be ok seeing someone like Sunny square off against FRED?

AZ: If Sunny was ok with it, sure. Why not? We women in the USWA days took on everybody we could. I don’t support arbitrary restrictions on our ability to compete.

LM: The ban on inter-gender wrestling is hardly arbitrary. What if, say, Slammer decided to go on a rampage throughout the women’s locker room. You don’t think such a scenario should be prevented?

AZ: First of all, that’s just ludicrous…

LM: Is it? Have you seen how unhinged Slammer can be?

AZ: I have, but I’m a believer that we are all adults and that we should be allowed to make our own decisions without mommy and daddy dearest in management trying to hold our hands and coddle us every step of the way. Banning it was the wrong decision, in my honest opinion, but it is what it is. The deed is done.

LM: That it is, and so we move on to the Main Event this Saturday. Who do you think stands out as your biggest threat among the three women who will be locked in that Cell with you?

AZ: That’s easy: Living Dead Girl. Talk about a rampage. She went on one hell of a rampage at From Dusk Til Dawn decimating women from both companies. It will be hard to get past her, but I am up to the challenge.

LM: Anyone who isn’t so obvious?

AZ: Victoria. Everyone is overlooking her, but I have had classic battles with her in the past. Victoria will bring her best and I will gladly stop her.

LM: Well, that only leaves one opponent unmentioned…

AZ: That it does.

LM: What are your thoughts about Angeline Love heading into this match?

AZ: She has the determination to be on top again and the star power to do it. She was the last Women’s Champion of the previous era and she is the slight odds-on favorite this time. A tremendous amount of respect for her, but I think she might be in over her head this weekend.

LM: We shall see. Amazon, it has been a pleasure. Thank you for joining me and good luck.

AZ: Appreciate your time. *Leaves*

Premier Wrestling Star Questionnaire #1 (11/20/11)


Debuted – USWA/WPW in 1996

Noteworthy Championships – USWA and HCW Champion, and the USWA Tag Team Champion

Currently Listed in Tier One


Were you pleased with the draft? Why?

Hmm, let me think, NO! Because I should’ve been the first pick! After everything that I did on behalf of Mmouse Enterprises as the leader of their proxy war in the HCW, I was rewarded by watching the now-retired Blaster drafted before me?!! Let’s just say that I won’t soon forget that. However, I was pleased with the fact that I will once again have a chance to dominate an Mmouse Enterprise-owned company. It’s just sad that I won’t be able to work with Kevin along the way.

What do you plan to get out of your time at the PWI?

Well, I don’t know, maybe making some history in becoming the world champion. Who thought up these questions? A fucking homeless person? Then again, I do expect to get some revenge against a number of others on the roster; namingly the President, Rhyno, and that fucking Ted Brown.

What do you look forward to the most in your career?

Given the fact that I’ve been in this business for 15 years, I can honestly say that I’ve accomplished most of my goals. However, I am looking to go out with a bang. So, I hope to get a shot at the Undisputed Championship soon and to call it a career.

What was your favorite moment in your career thus far?

Bringing the HCW to its knees. Nothing compares to invading a company that thinks that it’s “king shit”. Especially when that company is a second-rate brand ran by a one-legged prop named John Brown. Resurrecting the New World Order and transforming the HCW into my playground was the ultimate highlight of my career. Who knows, maybe the fun isn’t even close to being over.

Out of the entire roster, who would you like to square off against the most?

Rhyno, I’m not done with that piece of shit by a long shot. On the other hand, who knows what may happen between now and opening day, I just may wind up wanting to pound someone else’s face in!

In your opinion, who will become the first PWI champion out of Metalhead, Dragonfly, Teo, and Stan Hart? Why?

Like it matters, because whoever wins will just have to worry about me in the near-future. But, if I were to guess, I’d say Teo. Reason being, that he’s the only guy that truly stands out.

What are your thoughts about the recent WOW crisis?

It’s about fucking time that this phony buddy-buddy diplomacy was put to an end. To me, it’s one of the few things that Catherine has done right!

Who in the NEW do you think stands out the most? Why?

Who in the new? That doesn’t make any fucking sense!

What do you expect from Splinter as NEW’s acting leader?

Oh, that “NEW”! Yeah, I expect the same thing from him as leader as I did from his wrestling career; the same old dull shit. He’ll come out and bore the fuck out of the crowd, and will get his ass whooped regularly. The only real difference is that losing won’t be a part of a storyline, but a sign of his failures as an executive!

Do you anticipate that Slammu will be a great president for the PWI?

Uh, FUCK SLAMMU. How’s that for an answer?

Can the women make it in a roster that isn’t segregated? Why?

No, not as long as I’m still competing.

List your personal weaknesses and strengths:

Weaknesses = none, plain and simple. Strengths = plenty. I’m big, powerful, and in prime condition. Never before have I felt so ready to be the top dog. Once I set my sights on something, I go for it, and nothing will stand in my way.

Final comments?

Sure, let’s make one thing clear; I’m not the Scott Nash that everyone thought that they could push around in the USWA or the UWA! Nor am I the Scott Nash that nearly succeeded in prematurely shutting down the HCW. Instead, I’m the Scott Nash who has a fresh view of the wrestling world, and who knows that this may well be my last hurrah. Needless to say, I’m looking to destroy and conquer. However, I won’t need the NWO or a slot as Commissioner to achieve my goals. Rather, all I need are the above listed strengths, because this era is mine to own!

Next time, Brandon Lee responds…

Premier Wrestling Star Questionnaire #2 (11/25/11)

Brandon Lee

Debuted – HCW in 2001

Noteworthy Championships – USWA and UWA Champion, and the UWA Tag Team Champion

Currently Listed in Tier One


Were you pleased with the draft? Why?

Can’t say that I wasn’t, though I wish Olson had been sent to the NEW. I’m not confident that my talents would’ve been appreciated elsewhere (hell, they barely are around here!), because – knowing how the Mouse Brothers do business – I’m sure that I would’ve had to occupy the undercard in the NEW for a significant period of time before I finally received a shot at the gold. I’m just not willing to job to anyone anymore, this is my time to shine, Goddamnit!!

What do you plan to get out of your time at the PWI?

To finally show the world that I have what it takes to lead a major wrestling promotion, and for a lot longer than two fucking weeks! Forget about the Elijah Burkes and the John Morrisons of the wrestling world, this guy – you know, the one I see in the mirror – is the future!

What do you look forward to the most in your career?

Proving to Sean that he no longer casts an inescapable shadow! Yes, I’m still hung up on my brother, but no one knows the hell that I’ve gone through in growing up with that guy as my brother.

What was your favorite moment in your career thus far?

Defeating Slammu at Summerslam in 2009. For me, that was the moment that I flipped the script and established myself as a true force to be reckoned with! I mean, come on, I beat SLAMMU in a high-profile setting and shook the wrestling world in the process.

Out of the entire roster, who would you like to square off against the most?

Elijah Burke, no one seemingly had the powers that be behind them more than he in the previous era, and I felt completely robbed of my moment in the spotlight because everyone so badly wanted to see Burke become the world champion! For God’s sake, the guy has accomplished shit compared to me, and he’s getting the rockstar coverage as if he had enjoyed all of the accomplishments for which I had fought so hard.

In your opinion, who will become the first PWI champion out of Metalhead, Dragonfly, Teo, and Stan Hart? Why?

Are you kidding? I’m betting on Dragonfly. He’s going to take both the Undisputed and PWI Championships within the first two weeks of the era, only to lose it all to me in the end! Why do I feel this way? Because no one in this business has been as successful as Dragonfly has in becoming the center of professional wrestling. The man took the industry by storm in 2002 and clearly dominated the scene for the past decade. The thing is, though, that it is now my time to take his spot!

What are your thoughts about the recent WOW crisis?

To be honest, I have mixed emotions. On the one hand, I see why Madame Chairwoman Mouse – ugh – has done this, but I’m concerned that the broken peace in the industry could open the doors for a flood of scandals, dirty tricks, and corruption. But, what’s done is done, and there is no going back now.

Who in the NEW do you think stands out the most? Why?

Christian, because he’s the future of Benny’s company! Plain and simple, Christian has contributed too much to Benny’s wealth and to this business’s strength to be denied his rightful position at the top of the NEW scene. Just think of what wrestling would’ve been like devoid of the “Peep Show” and its “Impact Player”!

What do you expect from Splinter as NEW’s acting leader?

Splinter is still alive?!

Do you anticipate that Slammu will be a great president for the PWI?

Heh, I guess. But, he needs to learn from the mistakes that he made during his stint as Massacre’s Commissioner back in the Third Era. If he makes great progress in fine-tuning his managerial skills, he’s golden…and so are we.

Can the women make it in a roster that isn’t segregated? Why?

Well, as a guy who watched – just as everyone else did – as Amazon became the first woman to win a world title back in 2004, I am definitely convinced that this era is their’s for the taking. Of course, that doesn’t negate the fact that this will be forever known as the era led by Brandon Lee.

List your personal weaknesses and strengths:

Do I have to? Really? Whatever. Weaknesses: I often take unnecessary risks and allow myself to be distracted by matters of little importance when i should be reaching for glory. Not to mention, I’m always comparing myself to Sean, which is a weakness that I really must move beyond in the very near future. Strengths: I’m focused like an eagle! To set a goal for me is comparable to dangling a freshly-cut bloody piece of meat in front of a starved lion. In other words, once I commit myself to something, steer clear!

Final comments?

Oh boy, an opportunity to close in style! To my fellow co-workers, don’t underestimate me. For far too long, I’ve been overlooked for that idiot brother of mine; that overrated hack. In 2012, there will be an industry-shattering transformation spearheaded by yours truly as I finally take the reins. Krusader, Splinter, Dragonfly, Slammu, Blaster, and Metalhead all had their periods of undisputed dominance, and I fully intend on being next in line. As for Elijah Burke, John Morrison, Teo, Stan Hart, and the rest of you curtain jerkers out there, your time will eventually come…but, you’ll have to wait until after I’m done.

Next time, Petey Williams responds…

Premier Wrestling Star Questionnaire #3 (12/6/11)

Petey Williams

Debuted – HCW in 2008

Noteworthy Championships – HCW Lightheavyweight Champion

Currently Listed in Tier Two


Were you pleased with the draft? Why?

Well, that depends, because my career could’ve gone either way. I’m not going to just sit back and act as if being picked by the PWI was what I wanted when I don’t know for sure how this will turn out. So, we’ll have to wait and see whether or not Cathy will appreciate me better than Brown did.

What do you plan to get out of your time at the PWI?

Just what I planned with the HCW, to be the best in this business! Is there really any other reason?

What do you look forward to the most in your career?

Finally becoming world champion, which was denied me in the HCW. This actually goes back to my reference to John Brown’s lack of appreciation for my talent. For all my hard work and – to their credit – the efforts by Esiason and Banks to boost my image, Brown certainly had a great way of rewarding me; with permanent mid-card dominance.

What was your favorite moment in your career thus far?

Planting Che’s fucking skull into the canvass with the Canadian Destroyer from the Aerial Assault Ladder. I’ll never forget it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he has. Ha ha!

Out of the entire roster, who would you like to square off against the most?


In your opinion, who will become the first PWI champion out of Metalhead, Dragonfly, Teo, and Stan Hart? Why?

Dragonfly. Do I really need to explain myself?

What are your thoughts about the recent WOW crisis?

I’m indifferent, only because all of that so-called “diplomacy” never did anything great for me otherwise.

Who in the NEW do you think stands out the most? Why?

Without me, the NEW only stands out like a sore thumb! But, I’d have to say that I admire Christian the most. No one else seems to compare.

What do you expect from Splinter as NEW’s acting leader?

“Acting” is probably the best adjective that could’ve ever been applied to the notion of Splinter in a leadership role.

Do you anticipate that Slammu will be a great president for the PWI?

Maybe, but I’ve never worked with him before now. We’ll have to see how the first 100 days work out for him.

Can the women make it in a roster that isn’t segregated? Why?

Geez, I forgot that we had to wrestle with women. I’m sorry to say that this was the wrong time to mingle the genders in a single division, because only a few women can go toe to toe with only a select group of men on the roster. In the end, I don’t expect much from them…other than some great eye candy.

List your personal weaknesses and strengths:

Really?! I’m not down for this.

Final comments?

To the fans of the PWI; fear not, for Petey Williams has arrived. From January 2nd onward, you will witness an industrial revolution the likes of which has never before been experienced. There’s no going wrong with tuning into a match featuring yours truly, as I’m one of the few who’ll give you your money’s worth. Ready yourselves, Pete’s Pals, because the day of our reckoning looms on the horizon!

Next time, Rhyno responds…

Premier Wrestling Star Questionnaire #4 (12/13/11)


Debuted – HCW in 2001

Noteworthy Championships – HCW Champion, USWA Champion, UWA Champion

Currently Listed in Tier One


Were you pleased with the draft? Why?

Let me see, first I was drafted for HCW Inc., and then I was redrafted by Catherine. To say that this past late-summer was confusing for me is quite the understatement! However, despite all of the confusion, was I satisfied? I guess I have no other choice but to be happy with the results. Working for Mmouse Enterprises was definitely better than working for Benny. Just look at how he attempted to sabotage my career! And I’m not just talking about how he faked the death of a fake baby to make me look like a baby killer…

What do you plan to get out of your time at the PWI?

Given that there is no arbitrarily-set “deadline”, I’d like to think that anything is possible! Another world title reign? Who knows? What I can say is that I’ve only begun.

What do you look forward to the most in your career?

Redeeing myself, just look at the above-referenced “baby killer” image that Benji left me with.

What was your favorite moment in your career thus far?

Can anything ever really compare to drilling El Gigante with a gore from a speeding ambulance? No? Thought not.

Out of the entire roster, who would you like to square off against the most?

Metalhead, because he’s better than Dragonfly, but still a douchebag.

In your opinion, who will become the first PWI champion out of Metalhead, Dragonfly, Teo, and Stan Hart? Why?

I’m personally rooting for Stan, because I can’t stand anyone of those other guys. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Dragonfly finds a way to “steal” the show!

What are your thoughts about the recent WOW crisis?

To be frank, I don’t care. Really.

Who in the NEW do you think stands out the most? Why?

Raven! This is his fucking time to take the reigns and run with them. For too long, Raven has been overlooked as some stupid doormat for the midcard, but his tenure in the HCW changed all of that. Honestly, it’s obvious that Benny recognized such, because Raven was one of the first stars drafted in the supplementary draft that transpired after HCW Inc. backed out.

What do you expect from Splinter as NEW’s acting leader?

I’m not going to lie, Splinter will take a few victories here and there. He’s a wrestling supernova for God’s sake! Slammu would be terribly mistaken if he sincerely believes that Splinter isn’t going to present a formidable challenge. In summary, the NEW is in the right hands, and that’s the way I like it. The better the competition, the better we will be.

Do you anticipate that Slammu will be a great president for the PWI?

For the aforementioned reasons, he could blow it all. Slammu has the managerial experience, but we must remember that Friday Night Gore – the show that he ran until 2004 – was the UWA-SD’s second-rate show up until Krusader took Slammu’s GM spot later that year. I wouldn’t start betting the farm just yet. That’s my two-cents.

Can the women make it in a roster that isn’t segregated? Why?

This is difficult to answer, mostly because I don’t want to appear to be a sexist. The issue is that since Amazon and Athena Starr shocked the world in 2004 and 2010 respectively, the women no longer have the shock value-momentum. What I mean by that is that their male counterparts will not be awaiting any and all twists that could catapult the women into dominance. In my eyes, they can do it, but it will be far from easy.

List your personal weaknesses and strengths:

Weakness = too hot-tempered

Strengths = I’m open-minded, and I lack even the slightest hint of fear.

Final comments?

I wrapped up the fourth era as the last HCW champion; my proudest achievement. Of course, Dragonfly made it a point to piss all over my great moment by spoiling it all and prolonging what should’ve been an epic conclusion to Tumultuous Iniquity and the HCW. Why? Because he wanted me to experience humiliation on such a great day since he was forced to suffer such when his home-promotion closed shop just a month and a half earlier. He should’ve known that I wasn’t going to dignify his pathetic nature and waning prestige with one last showdown against me. Then again, he may well get another chance after the 2nd day of 2012. For the first time since 2007, we’ll be on the same roster, and that can’t be a good thing…for him. As for everyone else on the roster; watch out, because Rhyno has arrived!

Next time, Amazon responds…

Premier Wrestling Star Questionnaire #5 (12/22/11)


Debuted – USWA in 1998

Noteworthy Championships – UWA Champion

Currently Listed in Tier Two


Were you pleased with the draft? Why?

Why not? It appears as if there’s no longer room for me to reach the top under Benny’s banner so long as Starr is licking his nutsack.

What do you plan to get out of your time at the PWI?

To reclaim what is rightfully mine, status as the most dominant female competitor to ever grace the ring!

What do you look forward to the most in your career?

Making history, again. If Starr thinks that she has upstaged me once and for all with her hiccup of an Undisputed Title reign, she’s in for an awakening. Just wait and see!

What was your favorite moment in your career thus far?

Becoming the first woman to ever win a world championship. Unlike Athena, though, I remained on top for a lot more than 24 hours!

Out of the entire roster, who would you like to square off against the most?

Scott Nash, just because I’d like to make him cry like a bitch.

In your opinion, who will become the first PWI champion out of Metalhead, Dragonfly, Teo, and Stan Hart? Why?

Teo, no doubt! Everyone involved is talented, but Teo’s got the right stuff, and it’s his time to shine!

What are your thoughts about the recent WOW crisis?

I’m a little disheartened, because I know that this means that I likely won’t get another chance to pummel that princess and reveal her for the fluke that she really is.

Who in the NEW do you think stands out the most? Why?

Randy Orton! With Teo here in the PWI, Orton is the best star, hottie, and wrestler that they’ve got.

What do you expect from Splinter as NEW’s acting leader?

Splinter’s a joke. I’m not going to go into too much detail here, but I will say that the guy is all talk. Seriously, working with him is one of the most unbearable experiences that I’ve ever had…and this is coming from a former victim of Gustav’s “neck-breaking” craze! All he does is brag about himself to the other wrestlers all the while promising the newcomers that he’ll “put them over” once their “time comes”. I remember once walking by his locker room and catching him gazing at himself in the mirror while trying to flex those pathetic excuses for arms. If Starr is gargling Benny’s marbles, then Splinter is definitely either giving him the shocker or working on his pole-polishing skills. I just have no explanation for why either has made it so far.

Do you anticipate that Slammu will be a great president for the PWI?

Working for Slammu has always been a mixed bag, but I trust his experience from the original UWA has allowed him to further perfect his managerial magic.

Can the women make it in a roster that isn’t segregated? Why?

Am I not proof enough?

List your personal weaknesses and strengths:

I suppose that this is the part where I start to enumerate what makes me less than what I aspire to be, but I can’t think of any such problems! Think about it! I’m the first woman to ever hold a world title, I’m one of the two first women to headline a major promotion’s weekly broadcast, and I’m still in prime condition. There aren’t any weaknesses of which I’m aware. As for my strengths? Primarily, I’m underestimated, and badly so. This is my chief advantage over my opponents. First, they overlook my skills, then they pay for it in the end.

Final comments?

2004, the year when I became world champion, was nothing. 2008, the year when Starr and I headlined EWA’s monday show, was fun. But 2012, the year when I take the world of wrestling by storm once more, will be epic.

Next time, Metalhead responds…

Premier Wrestling Star Questionnaire #6 (12/25/11)


Debuted – WPW in 1996

Noteworthy Championships – USWA Champion, UWF Champion, WOW Undisputed Champion

Currently Listed in Tier One


Were you pleased with the draft? Why?

No, because I’ve had my fill of the Mickey approach to this industry, and I’m sure that Catherine’s take won’t be much different. Benny was the only one who ever showed that he noticed my talent, and he put it to good use. Just because Catherine has scheduled me for back-to-back championship matches doesn’t negate what this company has done to me in the past. Needless to say, I’m not expecting much.

What do you plan to get out of your time at the PWI?

The shit end of the stick! Sure, I get to beat Dragonfly’s ass right off the bat, but where’s the fun in that when I’ve already done so twice before in that ring? Trust me, Cathy will find some way to strip me of the title – the credibility of which is now in question, thanks to her – and put it on someone that I personally disdain just for the fuck of it!

What do you look forward to the most in your career?

Getting away from Mmouse Enterprises once and for all.

What was your favorite moment in your career thus far?

Let me see, showing that stupid cunt that she had no place in the world title scene. After all, I didn’t work like a mad man throughout my whole career just to hand her my belt as a show of charity or some shit.

Out of the entire roster, who would you like to square off against the most?

Dragonfly, just to get this shit out of the way for good.

In your opinion, who will become the first PWI champion out of Metalhead, Dragonfly, Teo, and Stan Hart? Why?

Who the fuck do you think?! Dragonfly! Oh, you thought that I was going to say me? I’m a realist, not a dreamer. In the end, a screwjob is in the works to exact some revenge for my having Benny’s primary ratings-draw for the past near-decade. End of story.

What are your thoughts about the recent WOW crisis?

If my previous comments regarding my championship’s credibility weren’t a sufficient clue, then you are too goddamned stupid to waste any more time on for elaboration’s sake.

Who in the NEW do you think stands out the most? Why?

Orton, because I made that ungrateful bitch!

What do you expect from Splinter as NEW’s acting leader?

Sheesh, I guess that – in that case -, I’m glad that I didn’t wind up with Benny again!

Do you anticipate that Slammu will be a great president for the PWI?

Disregard previous response.

Can the women make it in a roster that isn’t segregated? Why?

Yeah, if I didn’t think that the aforementioned “cunt” didn’t belong, then I sure as hell don’t feel that the women can “make it”.

List your personal weaknesses and strengths:

Sorry, I’m not interested.

Final comments?

Okay, whatever, I guess that I’ll partake in this opportunity to warn the masses. Fans and “stars” of the PWI, beware, I’m not your friend, nor am I your colleague. I’m not your equal by any stretch of the imagination. What will transpire between now and the end of my PWI contract will be the most brutally-candid, in-your-face type of shit that has always been expected of me. However, now – unlike in any of the Benny-owned companies -, I’m working for a company against my will, so I’m hell bent on making everyone pay as a result.

Next time, Dragonfly responds…

Premier Wrestling Star Questionnaire #7 (12/31/11)


Debuted – UWA (ND) in 2002

Noteworthy Championships – UWA Champion, WWF Champion

Currently Listed in Tier One


Were you pleased with the draft? Why?

What draft? I was exempted!! It’s funny, though, because this company that supposedly can’t stomach the thought of letting me go sure has a nice way of showing their “love” for your’s truly.

What do you plan to get out of your time at the PWI?

Um, continued dominance, what else?!

What do you look forward to the most in your career?

The Undisputed Championship, that fucking belt eluded me last go around and it’s about time that it came home to papa.

What was your favorite moment in your career thus far?

Putting Krusader in his place and sending him packing in what continues to be his last match to this date.

Out of the entire roster, who would you like to square off against the most?

Metalhead, but Rhyno’s a close second.

In your opinion, who will become the first PWI champion out of Metalhead, Dragonfly, Teo, and Stan Hart? Why?

Why the fuck was this question even sent to the participants of that match?! As if I’d say anyone but me!

What are your thoughts about the recent WOW crisis?

What? I’m sorry, but unless it pertains to me, I’m not paying attention.

Who in the NEW do you think stands out the most? Why?

Splinter, like a sore thumb! Seriously, would someone just euthanize it already?!

What do you expect from Splinter as NEW’s acting leader?

To die in office…

Do you anticipate that Slammu will be a great president for the PWI?


Can the women make it in a roster that isn’t segregated? Why?

Ha! You’ve got to be kidding me. Isn’t it funny how all of the successful women in this industry – as far as intergender matters are concerned – resemble men in some fashion?

List your personal weaknesses and strengths:

I guess my only weakness is that I oftentimes feel enough pity for the fans and staff that I give them the time of day, despite such meaning that I waste my time in the process! Hey, it’s no easier looking down at all of you from up here than it is to have to gaze at my godly nutsack on a daily basis. Strengths? I’m the fastest, most daring, and all-around most lethal specimen to ever conquer the squared-circle, and nothing can keep me from reaching the top…no matter where I am.

Final comments?

I’ll be concise; the world has barely seen what I’m capable of, because 2012 is simply the next phase of my ongoing evolution as I continue my journey towards perfection.

Tune in to the premiere of “PWI Live!” on January 2nd, 2012!

The Slammu Interview

[Slammu = “S”/ Lenny = “L”]

As the next era inches closer to its official kickoff on January 2nd, I sat down with PWI President Slammu Crawford to get his take on the coming ratings war, his opinion about his former best friend and mentor who now exists as his counterpart in the NEW, and other matters pertinent to the industry.

L: Slammu, thank you so much for agreeing to sit down with me and our audience for this interview.

S: Not a problem, Lenny, as it’s all for the fans.

L: Indeed it is. Speaking of which, I must start things off by asking you how you’ve coped with being “retired” since Sundown. Has it been more difficult than you had previously imagined it would?

S: I’m guessing that you segued from the allusion to the fans to your question about how I’ve been handling retirement to implicitly inquire whether or not I’ve missed entertaining the crowd…

L: Correct.

S:…well, I can only say that it’s been about what I expected. You’ve gotta remember something; I was in retirement before, and for a longer period of time. From 2005 to 2008, I stayed away from the ring altogether even though the HCW stepped in the spotlight as the sole wrestling promotion for most of the time. Sure, John Brown relentlessly tried to lure me to his brand, but I enjoyed the time off too much. What many people don’t realize is that this business takes a major toll on the body, and even the most devoted wrestlers appreciate it when we get some time from the ring. As for this time around, I’ve been working on a few things, including an autobiography that I plan on working on through even this coming era. Life is good, and is even getting better as I think that I’ve met the love of my life.

L: Wow! Congratulations! Who is she?

S: For the time being, she’s asked me to not make her a celebrity. It’s just to ascertain that we can maintain some semblance of privacy in our relationship. So, I kind of have to remain silent about it at the moment.

L: Understandable. So, what do you make of the recent developments in the PWI? Do you feel as if Madame Chairwoman Mouse has fulfilled her responsibilities in leading Mmouse Enterprises?

S: Most definitely! Yes, Catherine and I have had our differences, but I would be remiss if I were to say that she’s not an excellent leader. To be honest, I would even go as far as to say that she’s much better, and smarter for that matter, than her father.

L: Yeah, now that you are no longer working for my brother, you can be a little candid about him.

S: Fuck that! I’ve always been candid about Mickey, and he knows it. After 1997, the wrestling world may have been molded into Mickey’s image, but it was my hard work that made so happen in the first place. So, he knew damn well that he had to allow me some clout in exchange for my continued services, or I was going bye-bye.

L: Well then, I have to ask: are you as candid with the Chairwoman?

S: A little. See, Catherine and I refer to each other on a first name basis because we got close after I took it upon myself to protect her when she first entered this business in 2003. She knew that – out of everyone in the UWA and corporate – I was the one person in whom she could always trust. Even so, she has made it a point to let me know who’s boss. I respect her, much more than I did Mickey, and I won’t overstep my boundaries as far as the chain of command and her policies of respectable discourse are concerned.

L: Okay, and what do you think about the recently-ignited showdown initiated by her?

S: I can’t say that I disagree with her. Do I cherish the principles of the WOW? Sure do, and I’m also close friends with Bugs as well. On the other hand, Catherine is playing the game in the way that it must be played to position this company as number one preemptively. She’s a sassy business woman, but she’s also a warrior. In the end, BWM Inc. will be sorry that they sought this era to begin with because of her.

L: On that note – regarding your mentioning the NEW -, what are your thoughts about Splinter’s new role?

S: Look, Splinter and I haven’t had any communication since 2009. Especially not after he proved himself to be a sore winner at From Dusk Til Dawn. That having been said, I’m big enough of a man to say that Splinter is more than capable of running a promotion. Will his approach make the NEW competitive against the innovative system developed here in the PWI? I can only say that we’ll have to see. However, it must also be said that the first time one underestimates Splinter is the last time that that person will have the advantage over him. He’s a sponge, because he absorbs as he moves along; picking up new skills and strategies to achieve victory along the way. I’m honored – despite everything – to call him my counterpart in all of this. To say the least, this is going to be a hell of a ride.

L: Do you feel confident in ratings supremacy right from the get-go?

S: Yes, but that could change. It’s especially difficult to make such a prediction when you don’t even know what your competition has planned for those first few weeks and months. But, I’m very confident that the PWI’s product will be very solid from the start.

L: Out of everyone on the roster, who is it that you feel has the best chance of taking command as 2012 unfolds?

S: You know what? I can’t say, but I do have my eye on a few great superstars.

L: Care to elaborate?

S: In time, as some should be obvious, but others have yet to establish themselves as forces to be reckoned with.

L: I see. As for your own career, what would you say is the greatest highlight thereof?

S: Nothing, absolutely nothing, tops competing against the Soultaker at Wrestlemania 2 in front of over two million screaming fans back in 1998. That’s when I knew, for sure, that professional wrestling was my heroin.

L: Well, that’s a little surprising, because I think most people would assume that one of your matches with Splinter would’ve been in that spot.

S: No. The reason is that our matches were always plagued with betrayal. With Soultaker and I back in 1998, it was a feud borne out of our common passion for this industry. We were both at the beginning of our careers at a time when the USWA was just becoming the promotion to beat. In essence, Soultaker and I built the USWA – along with Blaster – and paved the way for the epic moments in this industry that have been seen since.

L: Well, Slammu, I hope to sit down with you again soon, as there is a lot more to talk about regarding your career and the coming era. But, I know that you’re a busy man and that time is a precious commodity to you. Thank you.

S: No, thank you, and we definitely will do this again.

The Mickey Interview (Conclusion) (8/27/2011)

As of now, all future interviews will be featured alongside Venom’s Input in “The Vein”.

LM: “Well, this has been an exceedingly informative interview, but I guess that – even with so much history here – there are so few major issues to tackle. At this point, I must inquire as to whether you have any real regrets. So, do you?”

MM: “That’s probably the best question that you’ve asked yet. I guess that it almost goes without saying that when you’ve been in this business for nearly 16 years, you’re bound to regret something.”

LM: “So….?”

MM: “Don’t rush me! I’m getting there. You know, it’s not easy being the man…or the Mouse. There are burdens that come with all of the perks of being on top of the world. For me, my burden was having to maintain my company’s relevance during the industry’s weak periods. Was it weak for me? No, but it was for the business. That’s one thing you never really consider when you have it all. When it’s just you running a monopoly of an industry, the customer – or fan – begins to lose the passion that they once had for the service that you provide. My ultimate regret is that I allowed the USWA to become so powerful that it ran the competition into the ground, thusly making professional wrestling less about the people and more about the USWA.

 Sure, I loved the guaranteed profits, but it was evident by 2001 that the audience had developed a little bit of fatigue from only having various USWA shows to choose from. That’s ultimately why I decided to kill the company, because it was the perpetually unsatisfied monster of my creation.”

LM: “Are you honestly claiming that you intentionally destroyed the most dominant company in the entertainment industry because you had pity on your conquered competitors?”

MM: “Hell no!! I killed it because dissatisfied fans equal less profit! I’m in business, not charity! In the end, I knew that if the people grew tired of my product, they would stop buying it; therefore, I would wind up losing money.”

LM: “Sheesh, and I seriously thought we were seeing the gentler side of Mickey.”

MM: “(Laughs Hysterically) Oh my God!! That’s fucking classic!”

LM: “Yeah, yeah. Anyways, I guess that I have to move on to this next question. Out of everyone who has ever worked in this business, is there anyone that you wish you had contracted, but didn’t have a chance to?”

MM: “Definitely, but there is one particular star in whom I saw the future of entertainment.”

LM: “Who?”

MM: “Teo.”

LM: “Really?”

MM: “Yes, but I didn’t always feel that way. Of course, I thought he had potential when I saw him in the UWF, but he really transformed this past time around. From May 2008, through his HCW tenure, and as he rejoined Benny, I began to see that he had much more than potential; he had ‘it’.”

LM: “What is ‘it’?”

MM: “‘IT’, my brother, is precisely what Slammu and Splinter had in their prime. ‘It’ is what catapulted Blaster to the top of the industry, led Jesse Ventura to 15 WWF Championships, and what made Dragonfly and Metalhead the Gods to beat in the previous two eras! I’m saying that Teo is the embodiment of everything that has made this industry worth investing in. Had I the chance to work with Teo, you can bet the farm that I would’ve reconquered the ratings with ease.”

LM: “Are you saying that the fifth era will be Teo’s for the taking?”

MM: “I’m saying that you have to keep your eye on him, because he has only begun to show what he is capable of.”

LM: “What if Catherine manages to draft him?”

MM: “Well, then the war is over before it has even had a chance to kick off.”

The Mickey Interview (Part Three of Four) (8/21/2011)

LM: “Now that’s some heavy stuff right there.”

MM: “Damn straight, but it was necessary.”

LM: “What about all of this talk by Scott Nash – and even Slammu – last Summer about how the NWO was largely a proxy organization dispatched to the HCW in order to destroy it?”

MM:”Heh, you caught that, did you?”

LM: “Sir, the whole wrestling world caught that, because it came along with other claims that some may find a little hard to believe.”

MM: “Which were?”

LM: “That the NWO – as your proxy – has had a lot more to do with the world of wrestling than what the audience is aware of. Can you finally debunk any fears that the readers may have that this entire industry has been corrupted by a single group of wrestling outlaws?”

MM: “No.”

LM: “No?! What the hell does that mean?”

MM: “It means that Nash was telling the truth, Leonard. What the hell do I pay you for if your too dumb to properly extrapolate from such a direct answer?”

LM: “Well, I’m a little stunned, sir, because it’s hard to believe what you’re telling me right now. To be honest, you, Nash, and Slammu have all been rather vague about all of this, and I’m beginning to think that we’ll never know the whole story.”

MM: “Aww, don’t get your panties in a bunch Leonard, all will come to light in good time.”

LM: “And when the hell would that be? You’re retiring after the next From Dusk Til Dawn!!”

MM: “Look, don’t get feisty with me, mister. I’m still signing your fucking checks. You want to know at least some of the truth that you haven’t already been told?”

LM: “Well, YES!”

MM: “Fine, aside of the building of the USWA, the WPW invasion, and even the destruction of the USWA…the NWO has been my true secret weapon from the very beginning. You see, there are other members who operate in the dark, because the NWO isn’t just a stable, it’s a goddamned clandestine intelligence and fighting force. Dare I even say that the NWO was key to the destruction of Kevin Kelly’s WCW back in 2000 and the initial actions that brought Phobe’s career to a premature close. (Laughs Aloud) You think that the World of Wrestling organization is free from my influence? Puh-lease! Why the fuck do you think that I called it the New World Order? It was all part of my grand plan to remake the industry in my image! In the meantime, my efforts were so successful that I even managed to make the creator of this business a subordinate of mine!!”

LM: “Geez…”

MM: “And that’s not all, Lenny boy, because I even managed to wrestle back control of the UWA-SD from Catherine and Bugs via the NWO’s secretive operations. It’s all my playground now. And what’s funny is that Benny still believes that he is more powerful than me! (Laughs Hysterically) He…never…had…the…power!!”

LM: “Is there anymore about this that you want to share?”

MM: “Not right now, I guess you can say that all bets are off come From Dusk Til Dawn. After my farewell address on that last night, professional wrestling will never be the same.”

LM: “Okay, well then, we do have some more ground here to cover, but I don’t know how we’re going to top that. Anyways, what are your thoughts pertaining to Catherine’s choices in building the new company?”

MM: “Ahh, yes, back to the ‘now’. My daughter is a brilliant businesswoman, and any and all potential challengers would be sorely mistaken to overlook her come 2012. One of the areas that give me confidence in her ability to bring home the proverbial bacon is that it was Catherine whom actually managed to make the UWA competitive again in 2009. When 2008 closed, it was quite obvious that we were the underdogs, but Catherine’s return to the limelight brought back the passion of our loyal following. The stories were intense, and the reorganization of the UWA itself worked magnificently in preventing the UWA from becoming the new ‘HCW’, if you will. So, when I think about the fifth era, I see this genius working her magic. To be honest, I’m actually digging this whole ‘Premier Wrestling Incorporated’ brand as well.”

LM: “Rumor has it that Splinter may wind up running things over in Benny’s wrestling company. Any thoughts about how Catherine will perform under those circumstances?”

MM: “Let me be the first to remind you of what I said earlier in the interview; Splinter is wrestling. I always defined wrestling as a business whereas Splinter always defined it as a sport. However, Splinter also represents this industry’s past. What I feel confident about Catherine is that she has always been a person with vision and foresight. Therefore, while Splinter represents this industry’s past and all that is fantastic about it as a sport, Catherine is the future of wrestling. In my eyes, it’s Splinter who should be worried about Catherine, not the other way around.”

LM: “You really feel that confident? I know that some information has leaked regarding how things will be conducted in the PWI, but many critics have already suggested that – though innovative – she may not possess the ability to deliver on all of the new design’s strengths. Don’t you at least have some doubt that she can take your place and restore the Mmouse Empire’s prominence?”

MM: “The beauty about business is that it requires risk in order to be successful. I wouldn’t trust her taking the reins if I didn’t admire her willingness to risk everything on such an…unconventional model. She’ll do fine, and – to add to that – I must warn her competition that they should be prepared for the possibility that she will attain total and permanent ratings dominance early on.”

To be concluded…

The Mickey Interview (Part Two of Four) (8/10/2011)

LM: “Well, we’ll come back to that later, as there is much more to touch base with as far as the possible fifth era of mainstream wrestling is concerned.”

MM: “That there is.”

LM: “What I would like to move on to right now is your long and rather significant tenure in the wrestling world. Much has been said by former and current employees of this company regarding your management skills and how you looked at the industry as a whole. Are there any thoughts that you would like to share as far as your perception of this business is concerned?”

MM: “(Smirks and chuckles) You know, I’ve often been accused of half-assing my way throughout the years since 1995. However, I can assure you and all of your readers that I’ve never taken my eyes of the ball. By that, I mean that I have always had an appreciation for the principle of supply and demand whilst making decisions in this business. When the audience demanded a change, I gave it to them. In the event that they yearned for an up and coming star to finally achieve his or her goals, their wish became my command…for the most part.”

LM: “Speaking of which, you especially received a lot of ridicule for how you handled talent like, say, Metalhead. What say you about that?”

MM: “As far as Metalhead is concerned, his career was rather young when I gave him the belt. We had a system in the USWA that – though it appeared to be chaotic to the critics – demanded that we never cease to give the crowd what they wanted. Nobody held on to any championship any longer than the audience preferred at the time. Yes, it led to a curse wherein – for the first four years, until the ratings-popular and infamous reign of Midget Hogan – no one could reach 100 days with the USWA title. However, it was a model by which I firmly stood behind then, and continue to do so today. Why? Just look at the ratings wars at the time, no company was a match for the USWA!

 Back to Metalhead, though, I always liked him. Hell, he was two-time USWA champion, but the crowd directed him towards the mid-card. Thankfully, for him, he found his niche in the UWF. Then again, while he helped make the UWF a formiddable foe in 2003 and 2004, he never managed to become a world champion on the level that Slammu and Splinter enjoyed.”

LM: “Wow! Now, that’s quite the statement. Do you truly believe that Metalhead hasn’t earned his recognition as an icon?”

MM: “Yes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nothing against Metalhead, but – unlike the real icons out there – he spent MOST of his active career – totaling nine and a half years since his debut in late 1996 – occupying the mid-card. To accumulate all of that experience over a six year period of time and then utilize such to FINALLY take the reins of a fledgling company that never even had an official closing is far from a major accomplishment in my book. The REAL Icons of wrestling reached and stayed at the top far earlier in their careers. For example, Krusader, Dragonfly, Slammu, Splinter, Jesse, Dibiase, Soultaker, need I say more?”

LM: “No, you’ve made your point. So, are you saying that you wouldn’t work with Metalhead again if you weren’t retiring?”

MM: “Hell no, I’m not saying that! What did I say before? I respect the principles of supply and demand. Whether or not I believe that Metalhead is an icon is irrelevant to the fact that the fans like what they see when he’s in the ring. You can bet the farm that I would’ve capitalized on that Metalhead-Dragonfly feud a long time ago if I had had the chance.”

LM: “Interesting. What are your thoughts about Slammu?”

MM: “(Sighs) Slammu was definitely the best investment I ever made in the USWA. No superstar ever compared to him in terms of putting butts in those seats and raking in the ratings and Pay-Per-View buys. He’s just a once in a lifetime talent that every businessman would sell their soul to have.”

LM: “Did you?”

MM: “(Laughs Aloud) It would certainly seem so, huh. Anyways, I don’t regret one second of my business relationship with the big shark from the Pacific. Between he, Blaster, and me; we built this industry for the post-Murrey age.”

LM: “Splinter?”

MM: “I knew that you were eventually going to go there. We’ve always had our ups and downs, but he was another worthy investment for as long as it lasted. Do I regret the ‘true-to-life’ screw-job? Perhaps. But, I had to do what was best for business at the time. You see, when the 2001 King of the Ring was approaching, Splinter was slated for a possible crown-victory and subsequent run at the championship – again, provided that that was what the people wanted -, but there was a sudden snag. Earlier in 2001, I – realizing that Splinter’s two or three year contract was up that summer – began the process of trying to retain him for at least another year.

 At first, he was open to the thought. So, I – in believing that there was no way that he would resist a renewed contract in light of a King of the Ring crown and possible world title bid – began to prime him for what would’ve been his best run yet. This run was going to emphasize Splinter as THE face of the USWA going against two ‘corrupted’ former faces and then-Apocalyptic Corporation henchmen; Blaster and his best friend Slammu.”

LM: “I guess that that makes sense. So, what happened?”

MM: “(Sighs and Shakes Head) With the King of the Ring just around the corner, I accidentally caught wind of negotiations between Splinter and a competitor of ours at the time; I’m not sure what company it was as they came and gone so frequently back then. Feeling insulted at the mere thought that Splinter would spit in my face after I was preparing to offer his the world, I concocted a plan to rid myself of the rat once and for all. Did it negatively impact Splinter and Slammu’s friendship? Yes, but it had to be done.”

LM: “So, Slammu knew about it all along?”

MM: “No, not what I planned to do after their match that night. What happened was that I rewrote the plans for that night without Splinter’s knowledge, told Blaster and Slammu what their new roles were, and relied on their professionalism to let the events unfold as planned. People call it a screw-job, but I prefer the term ‘eradication’.”

To be continued…

Return of Q&A!! (8/3/2011)

Okay, so maybe this won’t be a “post-active” era after all. Then again, that still remains to be seen as deals are still being made relevant to the prospects for a fifth wrestling era. All of that aside, it’s time for me to submit this incredibly important 4-part interview with Mickey Mouse Junior!

LM: “Brother, Mickey…”

MM: “You still have to address me as Mr. Mouse!”

LM: “Well, that’s my name as well.”

MM: “Not right now, it isn’t! Proceed.”

LM: “Whatever. Mr. Mouse, the world has been dying to know one very important thing ever since Sundown; why in the world did you do it? What possessed you take betray your own flesh and blood for your worst enemy?”

MM: “Yes. I thought that this would be among your first questions tonight. In my eyes, it wasn’t a betrayal, but rather a ‘corrective action’ – if you will – from a father to his power-hungry daughter.”

LM: “Just a second! Are you seriously telling our readers that you were punishing Catherine for being more like her father?!”

MM: “No! In fact, for reasons I’ll explain in a moment, I strongly encourage her to employ my characteristics. However, I had to teach Catherine a lesson about not letting her ego get in the way of what’s best for the business. You see, whether she liked it or not, Blaster belonged in that final UWA main event. He had successfully overcome each and every obstacle that she had placed before him; which is an all-too-familiar experience for yours truly. In the end, I just couldn’t allow her to personally avenge her failed vendetta, thusly tainting the final outcome in the incredibly storied history of the UWA, USWA, and the WWF.”

LM: “Well, I guess that makes sense. There’s one more unanswered question though; why did you shake Blaster’s hand after it all?”

MM: “Let’s just say that we were officially burying the hatchet after almost 13 years being at each other’s throats.”

LM: “Well, the fourth era aside…for now…what has Mmouse Enterprises been doing to help the wrestling world prepare for the third From Dusk Til’ Dawn?”

MM: “Quite a bit, to be honest. In fact, we at corporate have been working with HCW Inc. – as equals, if you can believe it – to get everything ready for such blockbuster matches as Slammu versus Scott Nash and Hell’s Fury facing off against Drakus and the Scarecrow. What’s best is that that is far from all that we have in store for the fans of wrestling.”

LM: “You know, there has actually been a rumor floating around that From Dusk Til Dawn will be your last project at the reins of Mmouse Enterprises. Is there any truth to that?”

MM: “I guess that there’s no better venue than here and now to confirm or deny such a major claim. (Sighs) Yes. To be completely honest, I’ve had nothing to do with the talks pertinent to another era in wrestling, either.”

LM: “Wow, I have to admit that I’m shocked. So, is there any chance that you can tell our readers who it is that will be taking over as Chairman of Mmouse Enterprises?”

MM: “This one issue was particularly difficult for me ponder. I mean, who in the hell can or would be willing to try and follow in my footsteps? Think about it, two names immediately come to mind when you think about professional wrestling, and both are rodents (chuckles). There’s Splinter and myself, that’s what has defined what this industry has become over the last near-thirty years. Is it even possible for me to find an heir whom can adequately live up to such a standard? Seriously?!!”

LM: “I…I…”

MM: “EXACTLY!! And that’s precisely what I found myself faced with when deciding whether I should appoint a replacement or phase the company out of existence. Thankfully, though, putting everyone in the company on unemployment will not be necessary, because the ONLY logical choice presented itself to me.”

LM: “What do you mean by ‘presented itself’ to you?”

MM: “I’ll just say that the person in question, with whom I actually consulted about my retirement dilemma, approached me and went out of their way to demonstrate that they were not only the most qualified candidate, but also the most determined and dedicated to the best interests of this company and our customers. Suffice it to say, that my decision was made swiftly in favor of this individual after I was satisfied with their assurances that my empire was safe and would likely flourish in their hands.”

LM: “Okay, damnit, you MUST tell us who this person is!”

MM: “I’m actually astonished that you wouldn’t readily know the answer to your question. After all, it was you hinted at their being after my own heart.”

LM: “Uh…did I?”

MM: “(Laughs) Lenny, my boy, I’m beginning to think that you – not Benjamin – are the special one.”

LM: “Okay, well, you’re obviously stalling, and we’ve got a lot of material to cover…who is it already?”

MM: “Catherine. Who else could it be?”

To be continued…

The Rock (4/26/09)

 Hi, Lenny Mouse here with the World Heavyweight Champion on the eve of his big night; the Rock. How are you feeling tonight, Rocky?

 Just fine, and you can call me Dwayne.

 Happy to oblige; tell me, what was it like when you kicked off your career about 12 years ago?

 Well, it wasn’t easy, that’s for sure. I kind of just floated from one promotion to the next throughout my first two or three years in the business. There were periods of time that I would get a decent push, but it was always short-lived.

 How was it working for each of these promotions?

 I can tell you that there were a lot of times that I wanted to walk out on some of them, and then there were moments where I just appreciated where I was. In the WWF, my experience was less gratifying than even Splinter’s. Sure, I received much praise for my skills and contributions, but I was still far from reaching the level of success that my predecessors had. The ECW was a completely different story, where you were constantly reminded of just how valuable you were to the product. I’d have to say that my finest hour was working in a later incarnation of the ECW, after Benny changed the name from the WCW to the land of the extreme again.

Why was it a more pleasant experience?

Are you kidding? I got the chance to share the spotlight with the likes of Splinter. My god, he’s one of the greatest this industry has ever had, if the best. My stint in feuding with Master Splinter will be forever cherished.

 I’m sure that you’re looking forward to the third and final encounter between Splinter and Slammu at this year’s From Dusk til Dawn. Who is it that you expect and want to win?

 Given Splinter’s vile heel turn as of late and the vitriolic back and forth exchange; my money is on Slammu, and quite frankly as is my heart.

 Were it not for Splinter’s heel status, would your opinion differ from what it is presently?

 Most definitely, I was ecstatic when Splinter defeated him last year and was proud to witness him make history.

 Do you think that if you had won in your tag team bracket match against Goldust and Raven that you would’ve gone on to make history yourself?

 All of that is water under the bridge now. The fact is that Goldust and Raven had better team coordination than RVD and I. So, when you weigh the facts, everyone who ended up in the main event deserved to be there.

 Well, if you remember right, Dragonfly advanced by questionable means after Maniac cost FRED their tournament match. Are you suggesting that Dragonfly was deserving of that victory?

 Yes. Let me explain, both FRED and Dragonfly built the UWA of the old-era. If it weren’t for their efforts, it wouldn’t have lived up to the expectations held by many loyal wrestling fans, nor would the Southern Division have survived the Third Era in wrestling. Either man would’ve been equally deserving.

 Do you regret getting drafted to the UWA instead of the EWA as you were expecting?

 At first I did. Seriously, when I was informed by Shane McMahon, who was the Promotional Administrator of the USWA at the time, that I was tagging with RVD at the Second Coming, I thought to myself that the UWA was going to be the same old story. However, as the story between RVD and I progressed, it turned out to be one of the key and most entertaining feuds out of both the UWA and the entire wrestling world. So, as of now, given everything that I’ve been through here and…well, this belt in my possession, hell no I don’t regret it.

 What do you think your role in the EWA would’ve been?

 Whenever Benny would’ve decided to hold an event, and take a break from running campaigns and “producing” the Olympics, I believe it would’ve been to job myself out to the likes of Christian, Hash and Orton. I really don’t see Hash or Christian as having sacrificed enough to be awarded such a prestigious prize. I was a little disappointed to see Orton’s reign come to an end so prematurely, and would’ve enjoyed a feud involving Orton and Splinter.

 What did you think about the unification of the EWA and Undisputed Championships?

 Come on, I’ve worked for Benny before, and can now say that after working for both Mouse brothers that that was nothing less than a flexing of muscle and thumbing of the nose at Brown and Mickey. It was my opinion that the Undisputed Championship and a promotion’s championship should remain separate so as not to create a bias or imbalance of some sort.

 I can certainly understand that. Who would you like to consider combating at From Dusk til Dawn?

 (Laughs) I think that I need to get through Oblivion and the following Massacre before I take that into consideration.

 So, not even one name comes to mind?

 No, I’m really too caught up in what has been developing between the Million Dollar Corporation and I as of late to even care about an inter-promotional battle.

 Speaking of which, I must ask, are you concerned about what role the Million Dollar Corporation could play at Oblivion?

 No, because I don’t think Bigelow wants just the USWA championship. These cowards don’t operate in a conventional manner, because it doesn’t suit them and it isn’t beneficial to them to abide by traditional standards and ethical codes.

 Do you sincerely believe that Vince McMahon and the entire foundation of the USWA have been corrupted by Dibiase?

 Yes, and it truly is unfortunate, but I guess that the USWA is susceptible to corruption, given it’s checkered past.

 Going into your huge main event match at the Fourth Oblivion, have you any concerns as to whether you will maintain the coveted World Heavyweight Championship against the odds that have been stacked highly against you?

 It’s like this; I’ve gone into every match with an awareness of all that is possible. I brace myself for the undesirable outcome of losing, but most especially for how I’ll rebound from such a loss. I don’t fear losing grip of this great championship. It’s been an incredible ride, unlike any that I’ve experienced before, and this has been a career chalk full of fantastic memories. I don’t want to lose, nor do I believe that I will, but should I pass the torch to anyone, it better be Krusader. I couldn’t stomach losing to Terminator.

 Why’s that?

 Krusader has been on an amazing roll lately and it would be awesome to see him accomplish a feat that he fell short of in the last UWA era. As for Terminator, his primary function in this era and his last run was to eliminate or “terminate” Krusader. He’s really limited as to his potential.

 Well, Dwayne, that about does it, this has been a great experience.

 That it has, see you tomorrow.

This week’s interviewee:

On the eve of the Fourth Oblivion, I’ll be sitting with The Rock to discuss with him any fears he may have going into his big championship defense at the PPV, his expectations for the road to Summerslam and the journey that brought him where he is today. Feel free to submit any questions you may have for the champion.

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