PWI Live Show Report: May 26th, 2023

At the last live PWI Show for the 6th Season on May 26th, 2023, the following transpired: Dominik Dijakovic defeated Rick Rude via pinfall after hitting the “Feast Your Eyes”. 7 minutes 22 seconds. Zelina Vega survived a triple threat match against Ivelisse and Carmella after securing a crossface submission hold on Ivelisse. 10 minutesContinue reading “PWI Live Show Report: May 26th, 2023”

PWI Live Show Report: 5/19/23

At the May 19th, 2023 PWI Live Show, the following transpired: Ember Moon defeated the 5th Ranked Liv Morgan with a pinfall after the Eclipse and proceeded to stomp on the defeated Liv afterwards. Ember encouraged Gail Kim to join in, but Gail walked away instead! 7 minutes 52 seconds. Io Shirai defeated Naomi viaContinue reading “PWI Live Show Report: 5/19/23”

PWI Live Tour Results: May 12th, 2023

At the May 12th, 2023 edition of the PWI Live Tour show, the following occurred: Carmella defeated Trish Stratus – who seemed preoccupied by other matters – with a superkick and a pinfall. This led to Bayley standing at the entrance way pointing in the ring and laughing as Trish hung her head in shame.Continue reading “PWI Live Tour Results: May 12th, 2023”

PWI Live Show Report: 5/5/23

At the May 5, 2023 PWI Live Show, the following took place: Triple H defeated Johnny Morrison via pinfall after a thunderous Pedigree! 8 minutes 22 seconds. Naomi and Io Shirai wrestled to a draw when they failed to answer to a ten count after knocking one another out. 7 minutes 50 seconds. The 9thContinue reading “PWI Live Show Report: 5/5/23”

PWI Live Show Report: April 28th, 2023

The following is what transpired at the April 28th, 2023 Live Show: Los Guerreros defeated the Undisputed Era when Adam Cole was distracted by the sight of Bobby Lashley watching from the crowd while eating popcorn. Lashley laughed as Chavo Guerrero nailed the Gory Bomb on Cole and secured the pinfall victory! 12 minutes 8Continue reading “PWI Live Show Report: April 28th, 2023”

PWI Live Show Report: April 21, 2023

At the April 21, 2023 Live Show, the following transpired: Kevin Owens defeated The Miz  via pinfall with a Pop-Up Powerbomb. This happened after Edge briefly emerged, teasing a run-in as a special official. Miz was shouting at him when Owens capitalized on the distraction. Miz ran to the back after Edge, and Owens tookContinue reading “PWI Live Show Report: April 21, 2023”

PWI Live Tour Report: April 14th, 2023

At the April 14th, 2023 PWI Live Tour Show, the following transpired: Tommaso Ciampa barely defeated Bronson Reed via pinfall in a bloody bout. 7 minutes 12 seconds. The Agency successfully defended their Tag Team Championships against the number one ranked Team Laycool with a hard fought pinfall victory. 15 minutes 8 seconds. Petey WilliamsContinue reading “PWI Live Tour Report: April 14th, 2023”

PWI Live Tour Results for March 5th, 2023

The following are the results for the March 5th PWI Live Tour show: Ember Moon defeated a frustrated Naomi via pinfall following an Eclipse despite Naomi again twisting the rules using her Premier Athlete privileges. 9 minutes 18 seconds. The tenth ranked Karrion Kross forced a No Contest when Bobby Lashley had him in aContinue reading “PWI Live Tour Results for March 5th, 2023”

PWI Live Tour Results for February 26th, 2023

The following are the summarized results for the PWI Live Tour event which took place on February 26, 2023: Team Laycool took on Comic Nightmare in a brutal match wherein Thundra grew angry at a misstep by Starfire and launched her across the ring. Thundra then left in anger, leading Michelle McCool to hit aContinue reading “PWI Live Tour Results for February 26th, 2023”

PWI Live Show Results for February 19th, 2023

Here are the results from the February 19th, 2023 PWI Live Show: Liv Morgan defeated Ember Moon via pinfall following her ObLIVion finisher in an impressive match which started with Moon chiding Morgan for supposedly using Gail Kim. 9 minutes 5 seconds. Walter decimated Shinsuke Nakamura following a stiff match wherein Shinsuke had some greatContinue reading “PWI Live Show Results for February 19th, 2023”