Classic Results: ECW Aggression 2002

ECW Aggression – 10/14/2002 – United Center – Chicago Illinois, 25,074 fans in attendance. In the back locker room we see Mentor shove Kurgan across the room, Kurgan pushes him back! They begin to brawl around the locker room. Earl Hebner runs in along with Chase and Shane Murphy. They are all screaming at one another! Mentor tells Shane that he wants Kurgan tonight! Shane is quick to say no but Kurgan insists thatContinue reading “Classic Results: ECW Aggression 2002”

Classic Results: UWA Forsaken 2002

UWA Forsaken October 6th, 2002 Opening Bout: UWA World Title: Demonicuz vs Brock Lesnar (approximately 14 minutes) (With the Owner, Jeff Murrey broadcasting at ringside and to present the title to the winner) This match was very unorthodox. surprisingly, Demonicuz dominated the beginning of the match. Lightning fast punches and high flying clotheslines off theContinue reading “Classic Results: UWA Forsaken 2002”

Classic Results: ECW Breakdown 2002

ECW Breakdown! September 29, 2002, Madison Square Garden, New York City, 32,678 fans The arena falls into total darkness, the special effects on the screen are soon to light the arena, The extreme theme song plays over the audio system, in the ring President Shane Murphy stands in the ring, the ring is covered with design for the liveContinue reading “Classic Results: ECW Breakdown 2002”