EWA Heatwave
(Saturday, Sept. 11, 2022)

EWA World Heavyweight Championship Semi-Finals:

??? vs ???

??? vs ???

EWA World Heavyweight Championship Finals:

??? vs ???

EWA No Boundaries V

Live, June 20, 2020

Madison Square Garden

NYC, New York

No Boundaries, the fifth installment under the BWM Inc. banner, is the EWA’s summer flagship broadcast and the season one finale. 

Below are the highlights of the show: 

  • The Ladies Man opened the show, claiming the Lady Love has slandered him, and he promises to rid the Knockouts Division of people like Love, who he claimed brought shame to “real women.” 
  • Pac w/ Ghostrider retained the EWA X-Division Championship in an Ultimate-X Match. As Pac laid clinching his championship after a hard fought bout, Chris Jericho made his shocking debut, attacking AJ Styles.
  • Nia Jax, her arm in a cast as a result of Rousey breaking it, promised to heal and return as the biggest threat in the women’s division.
  • In the back, Ted DiBiase Jr. anxiously awaited the arrival of Cody, who quickly showed up and promised not to let Ted down. 
  • Heavy Metal and Metal Head – aka The Brothers Metal – won a four-way elimination match to become the EWA World Tag Team Champions! Though Cody arrived in the beginning to keep his word to his Legacy partner, he was thrown to the backstage area. Goldust, who had wrestled part of the match on his own, was momentarily relieved when Stardust emerged. Alas, the confusion was too much for both Ted and Goldust, and new champs were crowned!
  • Rousey announces that her match with Star will determine the number one contender for the Knockouts Championship on the season two premiere. She promises to end things with Star once and for all, and then she’s coming for the title!
  • Charlotte Flair says that she’s a prodigy and her genes are wrestling royalty. She says Megan Mouse has been given chance after chance because of her parents, whereas she earned her title shot. She says tonight she’ll prove she was born destined for greatness. 
  • Benny Mouse and his posse arrives. Amick says it’s been a really bad year for Benny, who refuses to hear it. He acknowledges that he had a tough few months, but says he’s faced competition from within and from his family his entire life. He says he’s Benny Mouse, and the actions of John Brown have not broken him. He exits to his office to watch the Knockouts title match. 
  • In a three way ladder match for the Knockouts Championship, we saw a rematch from the season premiere, in which Megan Mouse defeated defending champion Nikki Bella and Charlotte Flair. After months of failed attempts, Mouse celebrated with her championship before Ember Moon’s music hit. Moon cashed in her Money in the Bank briefcase, defeating Mouse for the Knockouts Championship!
  • Orton is backstage. He says that Duxen wants the world to take him seriously, but people in hell want ice water, so you don’t always get what you want. He promises to send Duxen to the tag division, like he did Metal Head. Or, better yet, to the nursing home where he belongs!
  • Backstage, Athena Star is again approached by AJ Lee, who apologizes for bothering her previously and starting their relationship on the wrong foot. Star says she has a huge match tonight and cannot deal with a fan at the moment, leaving Lee to once again blame herself for the failed encounter. 
  • In the first-ever tag team Crimson Car Match, Benny Mouse, Saguna, and Armageddon defeated John Brown and the Bludgeon Brothers. The brutal match saw Benny utilize Armageddon to methodically work his way through the Bludgeon Brothers, injuring both Harper and Rowan. Benny then instructed Armageddon to turn his attention toward John Brown. Armageddon viciously assaulted Brown, and against all rationale, the very pregnant Molly Mouse attempted to save Brown. Armageddon turned his rage towards her, and she required medical attention. Benny pinned Brown after what some are calling “an attempted murder,” regaining control of the EWA. Benny thanks Armageddon for his loyalty, promising him a world title shot on the season two premiere. 
  • As personnel attend to John Brown and Molly Mouse, Benny and crew arrive to further the assault. 
  • Cool Johnny Quest is backstage with the new Knockouts Champion, Ember Moon. Moon is interrupted by the final Callaway, Akasha! She attacks the champion, as Paul Bearer says she cannot be stopped.
  • In what was billed as ‘the most anticipated match of the season,’ ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey defeated Miss Athena Star, again breaking the arm of Star!
  • In the main event, Grand Daddy Duxen defeated EWA World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton after a hellacious back and forth encounter, that saw Duxen lose his patented “boxing tournament” for the first time in history. Duxen fought back with everything he had in him, putting Orton down with not one, not two, but three Duxensteiners! Following the match, Duxen began to celebrate his crowning career achievement when ‘The Demon’ Finn Balor finally arrived, laying Duxen out to end the finale!


EWA Hell Hath No Furry

Live Dec. 28, 2019 

Madison Square Garden

NYC, New York

Hell Hath No Fury, a first of its kind, is an all Knockouts Division pay per view event that will kickstart the rebirth of the Elite Wrestling Alliance. 

Twelve women will compete in a single night, three bracket tournament, with the winner to be crowned the first Knockout’s Champion of the new era!

The complete tournament bracket is as follows:


Miss Athena Star vs. ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey

Naomi vs. Megan Mouse


Nikki Bella vs. Torrie Wilson

Mickie James vs. Nikki Cross


Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly

Natalya Neidhart vs. Charlotte Flair


Previous Era:

No Boundaries IV


Live from Detroit, MI

EWA Undisputed Championship

Jesse Hash (C) vs. Metal Head

 NHB Grudge Match

Teo vs. Attitude

The “Phenomenal” AJ Styles & Kane vs. The “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels & Agramon w/ Paul Bearer

 EWA X-Division Championship

 The Ladies Man (C) vs. Sean Olsen

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