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May 20th, 2019

Re: Catherine Mouse’s press conference from April 18, 2019

Dear friends,

Several weeks ago, my niece Catherine Louise Mouse had hosted a press conference in which I was the primary focus; everything from my business choices dating back nearly two decades to my personal finances were discussed by my niece and a pool of reporters. To make matters more frustrating, these topics were discussed at length but lacked facts and substantive follow-up questioning by the irresponsible Fake News Media.

What is most shocking to me in regards to Catherine’s press conference was not her inaccurate assessment of my business practices or my finances, but the fact that buried the tragic news of Terry Austin’s passing deep within the conference. Since Catherine enjoys telling stories, I figured now would be a good time to share one of my own:

In late 1997, Terry Austin first appeared on my radar as I worked my way through the independents. Austin and I had crossed paths several times during our formative days. He and I had something in common: We both had a very famous last name in a business that values such a thing.

As Austin worked to step out of his brother Steve’s shadow and I worked to make my own name, he and I got close. An injury would sideline Terry in the early-2000s, and his friends and family alike – as well as the pundits and fans of wrestling – thought we’d never again see Austin in the ring.

When my brother re-launched the UWA, he had reached out to Terry. Terry did not want to step out of retirement after what he thought was a career-ending injury for just any story, so my brother did what my brother does so very well: He made Terry outrageous promises, and as a result, Terry traded in on his health in exchange for a chance at establishing a legacy of his own.

Unfortunately for Terry, both my brother and my niece are not very good at molding the audience to be receptive to such a mega-push. Austin had essentially left the world of wrestling as a jobber and returned as a main eventer – the fans didn’t buy it, and instead of working to utilize the audience’s negative reaction in a way that would make Austin a star in the same way that I did with the likes of Metal Head, he pushed him so hard that fans rejected his involvement in the main event picture.

After Terry’s accident, I called his wife and was appalled to learn that I was the first and only member of my family to express my condolences.

Now, as for the rest of what Catherine had to say, I’ll address that in more detail in a public press conference in the coming days. I would like to take this time to make one major announcement:

Just as I had conceived the original From Dusk ‘Til Dawn, I have recently finalized plans for third installment of the series – a ten match super show that will take place in mid-June. Additionally, I will have further announcements in regards to the future of BWM Inc.


Benny Wade Mouse

Press Briefing 5.21.19


Stamford, CT

Benny Mouse: First and foremost, I would like to thank you for attending today’s press briefing. I will begin with an opening statement in regards to From Dusk ‘Til Dawn 3 before taking questions. I will aim to keep this brief and informative, as I respect and value your time.

This morning, several “dirt sheet” websites – that is, outlets that report exclusively on professional wrestling – began reporting on rumors regarding the third and final installment of my historic creation.

One of the things that was reported was a rumored date for the show. I am pleased to announce that a date for the show has indeed been finalized, and it will air on Friday, June 14 exclusively on PPV!

Furthermore, I am pleased to announce that for the first time ever, FRED will battle Armageddon as part of a triple main event. There are other matches, but we are still working towards finalizing contracts as of this briefing. I will continue to keep your apprised of all developments in regards to the show.

I have also received several press inquires in regards to what comes next after FDTD 3, especially on the heels of Catherine Mouse’s short statement during the overnight hours and her plans to relaunch PWI. Will BWM Inc. participate in a new era of professional wrestling? Stay tuned!

At this time, I will take a few questions, though I do apologize as my time is limited.

NBC: Catherine Mouse has announced that the PWI launch will occur in January 2020. If you do announce that BWM Inc. will participate, can we expect a similar format?

Benny Mouse: Ah, I see what you’re doing there, and I’ll have to refer you to my previous comments. In the past, BWM Inc. has changed or rushed plans in order to outmaneuver our rivals, including MMouseEnterprises. I can say that in the future, plans will never again revolve around our competitors. For the time being, my sole focus is on FDTD 3.

FOX: Catherine has referred to you as “special” and has previously insulted your intelligence. In front of God and the world, would you like to respond to her?

Benny Mouse: Despite Catherine’s hostility towards myself and my company, I harbor no ill-will towards her. I think she is in a unique position – a position in which I found myself in before finding success on my own in the early 2000s. Both of us have had a large shadow to step out from behind, and she is still trying to figure it out. I am confident that my niece will see that I’m not interested in carrying on the relationship I had with her father’s businesses. The petty squabbling no longer concerns me.

FOX: So, you’re working with her to plan FDTD 3?

Benny Mouse: Absolutely. In fact, I have even left it in Catherine’s hands when it comes to choosing the venue, which I am sure she will announce along with some more insults and accusations. I pray that Catherine will finally find her own way in the build towards the launch of PWI, though the numbers do not lie… Catherine Mouse presided over the least-watched era of professional wrestling, and now she will attempt to use the relaunch as a way to prove that she’s ready to run with the big dogs.

FOX: Not to contradict you, but would it not have been the least-watched era strictly because of your lack of involve—

Benny Mouse: That’s three questions, and I think I’ll stop you there. I will not allow you, the press, to advance untruths on behalf of my niece strictly because it’s “politically correct” to rally behind strong female leaders.

ABC: So you admit that Catherine is a strong leader?

Benny Mouse: Again, it’s only Catherine and you, the media, that hope to flame the fire between myself and Catherine. I have nothing against my niece. She is, after all, my family. She and my daughter, Megan Mouse, have remained close throughout the years. Megan admires her older cousin, and I do not doubt that Catherine is capable of leading a promotion. She’s done it before, but I am not wrong in saying that the audience decline was sharp after the New Era Wrestling pulled out of the competition.

Slate: You mentioned a triple main event – could you clue us in on that a little more?

Benny Mouse: The first From Dusk Til Dawn was headlined with a Massacre 6 match to determine the Undisputed Champion of the World of Wrestling. I can tell you that the Massacre 6 match WILL return at the final installment of the show.

Rolling Stones: So, will the Massacre 6 match aim to crown a new Undisputed Champion? How would that work since the last incarnation of the belt was unified with the PWI championship?

Benny Mouse: Again, you’re finishing my sentences and putting words in my mouth. I can definitively say that there will not be an Undisputed World Champion crowned at this event. With that being said, I must wrap things up. Stay tuned in the coming days and weeks for more announcements in regards to From Dusk Til Dawn 3.

From the desk of Benny Mouse (Re: 2019 WOW Draft) – June 11th, 2019

2019 Elite Wrestling Alliance Roster

Draft Exemptions:

Miss Athena Star, Jesse Hash, Randy Orton, CM Punk, AJ Styles, Mystico, Mickie James, Cody Rhodes, Beth Phoenix, Christian

Top 10 Draft Selections:

1. Kofi Kingston 2. Nikki Bella 3. Natalya Neidhart 4. Kelly Kelly 5. Torrie Wilson 6. Brie Bella 7. Rey Mysterio 8. Daniel Bryan 9. Armageddon 10. Ted Dibiase Jr.

Sean Olsen, Shamus, Sabu, Chris Jericho, Yokozuna, Raven, Umaga, Big Show, Sonjay Dutt, Luna Vachon

The Ladies Man, R-Truth, Aiden English, Homicide, Billy Kidman, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner, Elijah Burke, The Rock, Jesus Gonzalez, Booker T., Megan, Sandman, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, Jaime Noble, Renee Dupree, Hardcore Holly, Robert Conway, Crash Holly

Heavy Metal, Tori Waltman, Dustin Rhodes, William Regal, Nunzio, Tajiri, Henry Godwin, Phineas Godwin, Metal Head, Goldust

AJ Lee, Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey, Charlotte Flair, Seth Rollins, Naomi, Finn Balor, Sami Zayn, Bayley, Big E Langston, Xavier Woods, Ricochet, Liv Morgan, Dana Brooke, Roman Reigns, Elias, Summer Rae, Trish Stratus

Dear friends,

As you can tell by the aforementioned list, it has been an exiting day in the otherwise dull “city” known as Columbus, OH. (Side note: What’s a wealthy, classy businessman like myself to do in America’s toilet bowl? Would it have killed Catherine to pick a location that features cultural attractions? There’s a reason Ohio has fewer letters than all the other states with the exception of Utah, and everyone knows that Utah, like Ohio, is undeserving of more letters…)

Ironically enough, I was on the ground during this morning’s draft. As I walked up and down the arena (the ring went up today as set preparations began for Friday’s PPV), I couldn’t help but notice that neither Mickey or Catherine were on the floor, though I had heard Lawrence Mason, Jim Ross, and Vinny Mouse – who were front and center on the floor – served as envoys in their stead.

I had considered a response to Mickey’s criticisms of my exemptions, but then I remembered he exempted Mike O’Malley and Robbie Storm, which is a better critique of his judgment than even I could muster.

In the coming days and weeks, I will be sharing more information on the EWA’s future, including profiles and interviews with the likes of first-round draft choice Kofi Kingston, Daniel Bryan and former MMA champion Ronda Rousey.

Until then, I look forward to seeing you all Friday night (even if it means another four days in the hellhole also referred to as ‘Columbus.’) As always, stay tuned!

-Benny Wade Mouse



From the desk of Benny Mouse

Dear friends,

We are just days away from the final installment of From Dusk ’til Dawn, and the excitement has reached a fever pitch. It’s no secret that wrestling is a business of hype, and I cannot remember a time when the anticipation has been this intense.

Following my press release Monday evening, Mickey predictably responded with what I call “Mickey’s Greatest Hits” – a few jokes about my intelligence peppered in with misogynistic comments and homophobia. It’s a response we’ve come to expect from Mickey when he simply cannot win an argument on the merits, but it’s still disappointing all the same.

I find it incredible that Mickey kicked yesterday off by criticizing the fact that the EWA only exempted three women, and yet today, he’s back behind his keyboard, usurping Catherine’s authority. His ego is so fragile that at the first sign of being insulted, he not only drafted a response defending his exemptions, he seemingly took the reigns back from Catherine. Yet he criticizes my claim to value women in the world of professional wrestling? It would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic… How’s that 2020 run going, anyhow?

Furthermore, I have no doubt about Mickey’s ability to create stars. I mean, who could ever forget the push of Terry Austin? Mickey SURELY had his finger on the pulse of what the audiences wanted with that one, eh?

I will leave you all with this: To me, the only thing that truly matters is entertaining you, the fans. I will not waste much more time responding to Mickey – it’s a waste of my time and yours. (Mickey, on the other hand, will likely have another 1000 words insulting my intelligence, or reliving the glory days of a success story from 2002. But to each their own, am I right?)


Benny Wade Mouse

June 17th, 2019 – EWA Presents: Hell Hath No Fury

On Saturday, December 28, the Elite Wrestling Alliance returns with an all-women PPV event entitled Hell Hath No Fury.

12 women will compete in a single-night tournament with three divisions; the finals will be a triple threat match to crown the undisputed Knockouts champion!

At From Dusk ‘Til Dawn 3, it was announced that Megan Mouse, daughter of Molly Mouse and EWA chairman Benny Wade Mouse, will make her in ring debut. Elsewhere, following her first singles loss to Amazon, Miss Athena Star, an early favorite to win the tournament, has removed herself from the PPV.

With Athena’s future in the air, Benny Mouse has announced the following participants for the tournament:

-Megan Mouse

-Nikki Bella

-Natalya Neidhart

-Beth Phoenix

-Mickie James

-Ronda Rousey

-Brie Bella

-Kelly Kelly

-Becky Lynch

-Charlotte Flair


-Torrie Wilson

In the coming days and weeks, expect profiles and interviews with all 12 participants, as well as further news on the EWA’s return to Monday nights. Additionally, Chris Hyatte will return to the internet with a complete From Dusk ‘Til Dawn 3 review!

You will not want to miss a single moment on the build towards the EWA’s return! Stay tuned!

EWA announces new acquisitions – June 27th, 2019

The Elite Wrestling Alliance is happy to announce the following talent acquisitions for the Knockouts Division:

Nia Jax: This 250+ pound Knockout was born in Sydney, Australia and raised in Hawaii. She is a distant cousin to The Rock and is proud of her mixed heritage.

Nikki Cross: Born and raised in Glasgow, Scottland, this young Knockout is no stranger to violence. Her background consists of various “death matches” in European independent leagues, a Bachelor’s Degree in History, and a certification as a personal trainer.

We are proud to bring you the very first all-women PPV, entitled Hell Hath No Fury, live on Saturday, December 27 from the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden in New York City, NY!

The tournament brackets will be posted before the month’s conclusion, and beginning in July, Chris Hyatt will sit down with all 12 participants for candid interviews you won’t want to miss!

Additional EWA talent acquisition – July 5th, 2019

The EWA is proud to announce the acquisition of Knockout Ember Moon. Moon, a Dallas native, was trained professionally by Booker T.

Stay tuned for additional EWA announcements in the imminent future as we continue to showcase our commitment to offering the best female talent in the world.

From the Desk of Benny Mouse (Re: Catherine’s Press Conference, talent infrastructure, and more!) – 7/7/19

Dear friends,

In the time that has passed since From Dusk Till Dawn 3, we have heard very little from my family in the south. What we have heard has been either misleading or ambiguous, and with respect to my niece, all I can say is Mickey has already shown the world who really has the final say in the PWI. While Catherine plays CEO, it is Mickey who proved the boss when the lights and the cameras were on. As much as I wish he had not usurped that power from her, he did and we cannot pretend that it did not happen. Catherine’s display at From Dusk Til Dawn – after hours of heightened tension surrounding her whereabouts – was a genuine display of strength that my brother has completely undermined via his actions prior.

I would also like to address a specific comment Catherine made when she last spoke to the press in regards to the “shadow draft.” I will personally guarantee that by the time the doors open on Dec. 28 at Hell Hath No Fury, every talent drafted in the “shadow draft” will not only be signed, but will also all be ready for action.

As my competition touts investments that they’re *going* to make, I’d like to tell you about the ones we are already making.

Last week while in New York City – home of the beautiful Madison Square Garden, the EWA’s home turf and host of our first and second shows – I formally met with Rowdy Ronda Rousey, who many of you are familiar with due to the popularity of Combat Sports such as MMA in the fall out of the previous wrestling era. Rousey has signed her contract, and she is not the only one. I also took a meeting with independent sensation Seth Rollins. Both of whom were drafted in the so-called “shadow draft.” I have also met with my daughter Megan Mouse, who also officially signed her contract. To the best of my knowledge, my brother and my niece have not fulfilled any of the obligations set under the rules of the “shadow draft,” yet Catherine has the audacity to gaslight you by criticizing me.

You see, my niece goes on and on about fiscal responsibility to distract from the fact that my brother wasted millions upon millions running for president. Mickey’s little publicity stunt has cost the PWI untold amounts of money, and while I’m no stranger to the occasional bad investment, they have no ground to criticize me or lecture me on fiscal responsibility when their mistakes are so recent and are presently impacting their ability to fund their infrastructure.

We are committed to building the best and most diverse roster in professional wrestling history, and as such I promise to invest in up to two dozen additional acquisitions prior to Dec. 28!

To continue our forward momentum, I am proud to announce the signing of another Knockout, Shayna Baszler! Baszler, a South Dakota native, is a mixed martial artist who trained under Rhonda Rousey in the smash hit “The Ultimate Fighter.” Baszler left the world of Combat Sports earlier this summer to pursue a career in professional wrestling.

Finally, I would like to announce that on the return episode of Revolution, scheduled for Jan. 13, 2020, we will debut a new match called “Money in the Bank.” The match will consist of eight superstars from the Knockouts Division, and the Knockout who first climbs the ladder to retrieve the contract in a locked briefcase will have a guaranteed title shot at any time of her choosing throughout the entirety of the 2020 season!

Stay tuned!


Benny Wade Mouse

CEO and Chairman of BWM, Inc.

EWA announces new signing – 7/9/19

The EWA is proud to announce the signing of Renee Young. Young is a Canadian sports broadcaster and will appear in an on screen capacity, becoming the first full time female broadcast journalist in professional wrestling history. Young will replace Kevin Kelly, who will be moved into an administrative role.

Coming Soon from the EWA – 7/14/19

From the Office of Benny Mouse

Next week, Benny Mouse will speak candidly with Renee Young, EWA’s new head of commentary, on subjects ranging from the PWI, his daughter, recent and new acquisitions, and more! Plus, Benny will reveal the initial tournament bracket for Hell Hath No Fury! You won’t want to miss this exclusive shoot interview, live from Benny Mouse’s office at BWM Inc. Headquarters in beautiful Stanford, CT!

More signings from the EWA – 7/17/19

The EWA is proud to announce the signings of Luke Harper and Erick Rowan; the two are a tag team known in independent circles as the Bludgeon Brothers.

The EWA has also signed Tamina Snuka, Alicia Fox, Rusev and Lana.

Please stay tuned for more from the EWA, including Benny Mouse’s sit-down interview with Renee Young.

Additional EWA talent acquisitions kick off explosive week in Stamford – 7/26/19

Prior to Benny Mouse’s highly anticipated one-one-one interview with Renee Young later this weekend, the EWA would like to announce the following talent signings to kick off what promises to be an explosive week in Stamford.

The following roster additions have been added to the Knockouts Division:

Cameron: Hailing for Los Angeles, CA, Cameron was a former track and cross country star in high school and college. Fresh out of school, head of talent relations Arn Anderson scouted and signed the new Knockout. Her natural speed and athleticism led to her pursuit of professional wrestling, where she is currently being trained by Booker T. at the EWA performance center in Stamford.

Maryse: Also scouted by Arn Anderson, Maryse is a Canadian-born model, actress, and personal trainer. No stranger to the world of professional wrestling, Maryse is the real life wife of PWI employee The Miz, who was picked up as the 17th draft pick of whoever is in charge over there this week.

Eva Marie: From Los Angeles, California, this former fashion designer and supermodel is currently being trained by Natalya at the EWA performance center.

The following tag teams have been signed, as well:

The Young Bucks: Matt and Nick Jackson are an independent tag team sensation from Rancho Cucamonga, California. Perhaps best known for their work in Japan, the duo claims that they are truly “The Elite.” Capitalizing on this, Benny Mouse spent last week in Japan, where he finalized their contracts.

The Usos: Another pair of brothers, Jimmy and Jey Uso are the twin sons of former pro wrestler Rikishi. They hail from the Samoan wrestling family dynasty that includes The Rock, Umaga, and others.

From the Desk of Benny Mouse (Re: Mickey Mouse’s 7/27 announcement) – 7/30/19

Dear friends,

While we’ve been very busy in Stamford, I wanted to pause for a moment to pen this release in response to my brother Mickey’s July 27th press conference — if you could even call it that, what with his failures to take questions.

During that press gathering, Mickey announced that the PWI is in a perpetual state of chaos following the suspension of his presidential campaign (which was nothing but a money laundering farce — a giant slush fund to garner cash from a minority population of uneducated wrestling fans, but I digress…)

Mickey cited the recent success of the EWA along with my niece, Catherine Mouse, assuming more of the spotlight than he cares to give up. Mickey would have us believe that his legacy is so important to him that he’d forego the most powerful position on the planet to resume his work in the world of professional wrestling.

In all truthfulness, Mickey never intended to allow Catherine the chance to succeed in his stead, as made evident at the third and final installment of From Dusk Til Dawn. As Catherine and I worked behind the scenes to put together the show as quickly as we did, Mickey watched from the sidelines, frustrated by his daughter’s business decisions. I truly believe that part of the reason Mickey has decided to step back into the mix is because he felt Catherine ceded too much control over the show to myself, and he was worried by the message that would send to the world.

Catherine, on paper, was slated to make history as the most powerful woman in the history of our business. However, in all actuality, the moment the pair announced the rebirth of the PWI, I knew Mickey would take the reigns sooner rather than later.

In fact, in my July 7th memo to the press, I alleged that Mickey was always the true power within the PWI. He is and has always been afraid of the moment in which he became irrelevant, and with the EWA’s growth and vision of the future, Mickey saw that time coming sooner than later.

So, with all that said, I must admit that I am disappointed to find out that I was right all along. Mickey will offer a “new” type of pro wrestling, in which he repeats tired concepts such as separate rosters with floating champions; he’ll add divisions and titles with the mentality that bigger equals better.

We will not be splitting rosters in the EWA, and our growing list of Superstars and Knockouts will earn the TV time they receive. I won’t subject our viewers to the mundane, as Catherine (and now Mickey) insist upon doing.

Also, I will open myself up to take any and all press questions in the near future. If anyone from the office in Nashville has a question, I will gladly answer, instead of running away from questions that might muddle whatever promotional message I’m attempting to send, as both my brother and niece have done countless times over the last several months.

Thank you all for reading, and I look forward to addressing more details in the near future.

Stay tuned!


Benny Wade Mouse

CEO and Chairman of BWM, Inc.

From the Desk of Benny Mouse (Re: Catherine Mouse’s predawn press conference) – 8/2/19

Dear friends,

I had not originally intended on another press release prior to my major press conference, however, something happened this morning following Catherine Mouse’s predawn press conference that I could not wait to share!

You see, as exciting and unpredictable as the element of surprise can be for the fans of professional wrestling, there are people within our industry that do not enjoy surprises or uncertainty. Those people are better known as our shareholders.

Prior to the recent chaos in Nashville, things were looking good for the public shareholders of MMouse Enterprises’ PWI, which as we learned this morning, account for 28% of all available public shares.

At market close on July 16, following Catherine Mouse’s announcement of seven additional signings only hours after she said they would hold off on such moves, stocks rose to $75.99 per share. (This is still down from their all time era high of $99.25 per share following their original return announcement, but an initial drop is to be expected, and stocks within BWM Inc. experienced similar trends following our return announcement.)

Since July 16, MMouse Enterprises’ PWI stocks have continued to fall, but at a rate consistent with the market’s ebb and flow. To put it in layman’s terms, the stock prices at the PWI have experienced rises and drops at the same rate as most other Fortune 500 companies.

That was, of course, until this morning’s surprise gathering of the press, in which my niece called for an assembly of the press at a ridiculous hour to continue her ongoing power struggle with my brother Mickey.

I received a call from my broker seconds after the markets opened this morning. He informed my that Catherine’s assertion that the headquarters for PWI in Nashville were contaminated with mold and asbestos, along with the implication that the second HQ would undergo a multi-million dollar transition from a performance center into a secondary HQ that also houses the performance center, had spooked shareholders. Prices fell by 10.09% to $68.32. (Prices have since rebounded as the corporate officers at MMouse Enterprises’ PWI have calmed their board and shareholders, with shares currently selling for $70.99.)

That being said, following the price drop amidst the chaos, I have sold 8 percent of my stock in BWM Inc. to members of our board of directors. I used the $400 million I raised to purchase 5.8 million shares of MMouse Enterprises’ PWI, which totals 10% of the 28% that was available. (For the sake of transparency, I own 67% of all available shares of BWM Inc., with 33% – up from 25% – split between the board and the rest available for public trading.)

I have been asked by numerous people — my broker included! — if I was the mystery shareholder at MMouse Enterprises. I am not. And while I appreciated the dirtsheets reporting that I was (resulting in a stock bump for the good folks in Stamford), I have no interest in acquiring additional stocks at this time.

I also wanted to use this platform to address a veiled comment that my niece made about the men in her family being “too scared” to speak with the press. That smear is completely unfounded, as I’ve never been one to shy away from the press. I invite the press to attend our upcoming major press conference, and I’d happily answer any and ALL questions at that time. I’d even take a question from Mickey or Catherine – that is how committed I am to providing fans of the EWA with as much information as humanly possible prior to our launch.

To my niece, I would like to offer a few words of encouragement during these tumultuous times with your father, as well as some clarification on another point you addressed.

First, with Mickey, I am sincerely apologetic that he has returned to steal a moment that by all right should be yours. Though your press conference was ill timed, it would not be fair to blame the stock drop on you and you alone. I too learned the hard way that inappropriate timing can lead to profit loss, so please don’t beat yourself up too much. I imagine that working alongside Mickey must be frustrating, and the way he belittled you in front of the the joint rosters at From Dusk Til Dawn was among the most embarrassing outbursts I’ve ever seen in a professional environment.

I seriously looked forward to competing against you and you alone prior to Mickey’s reemergence. I know that your instincts tell you to treat me as the enemy – and for the sake of competition, I suppose that’s fair – but I ask you to follow a different path in our personal lives. Do not walk the line your father walks.

Unlike Mickey, I respect you for your contributions to the wrestling world, and my daughter Megan speaks the world of you. In her eyes, you’re her older cousin and next to infallible. She admires your success and commitment to the women of professional wrestling. Out of respect for you, her, and the bond you two have formed the past several years as she’s grown from a teenager to adult, I will refrain from personal attacks against you.

I also wanted to comment on the last minute negotiations with Mickey, RE: the main event at From Dusk Til Dawn.

It is true that Catherine Mouse and I had originally agreed to make history by closing the show with Athena Starr versus Amazon. However, when Mickey came to me in the final hour, he insisted that Armageddon and FRED close the show. I resisted, because Catherine and I agreed that since we both will use the new era for an increased focus on the women, it made more sense to use the main event to showcase that commitment. My hand was forced, however, when Mickey lied to me and said that he had Catherine’s support and if I failed to accommodate a request he presented as “theirs,” he would pull all PWI talent from the show. I should have known better, and I apologize that I let Mickey dupe me and rob us of the moment we wished to give to the two greatest pioneers of the Renaissance of women’s wrestling.

Before I move into my closing remarks, I’d like to congratulate Catherine on her signing of independent veteran Alundra Blayze. Blayze and I had met earlier this month when I attempted to sign her for an off-screen role at our performance center.

Most people do not know that Blayze and I have an existing relationship; I sought her help in the build to the initial launch of the EWA because she is known on the circuit as one of the most talented female wrestlers of all time. Blayze helped train a plethora of Knockouts and UWA/PWI women, and her contributions to the success of women’s wrestling cannot and should not go unnoticed. Though Blayze and I were ultimately unable to come to an agreement (she wanted to appear as an active Knockout, whereas I felt that her strengths were more geared towards training the next crop of Knockouts), she and I remain good friends and I am happy that Catherine is giving her the chance to show the world what I’ve known for over a decade. Blayze will undoubtedly be a future women’s champion, in my humble opinion.

In closing, I wanted to use this release to the press to announce the following additional roster acquisitions:

The tag team duo of Enzo Amore and Big Cass have signed with the EWA.

Finally, independent wrestler and English sensation Adrian Neville, aka Pac has signed with the EWA.

As always, stay tuned!


Benny Wade Mouse

CEO and Chairman of BWM, Inc.

BWM Inc. Press Conference (8.19.19)

**Benny Mouse takes the podium as a pool of reporters instantly begin questioning:

NBC Sports: Any comment about the rumors which seem to be leaking out of Mmouse Enterprises regarding their supposed attempts to negotiate an earlier launch date?

Benny Mouse: As of this evening, we are 131 days away from opening night, as Hell Hath No Fury is set to air live on PPV on Dec. 28th. Now, unlike Mickey, who gave a non-answer to a similar question, allow me to tell a quick story about how these rumors came to be.

Late last month, I took a trip to New York, where the current World of Wrestling Board of Directors have their offices. Now, I am, of course, a board member, but I was not there on board business. I was there for personal reasons. As I took my meeting with the board, I found Catherine Mouse, also a board member, in the lobby.

Yes, I was there to ask about an earlier start. No, I have not decided to open earlier. I know the wait is excruciating. The “news” I can offer, however, is that my niece turned out to be in New York that day for the very same reason. Now, I’m not sure where Catherine landed, but I can tell you that the board has prohibited an earlier start than Dec. 1st. Make of that what you will.

ESPN: Speaking of leaks, it was recently leaked out of your own company that EWA Creative is struggling to figure out how to crown your first world champion. Any truth to this?

Benny Mouse: Again, these leaks are essentially just half truths. I have spent the bulk of my time and resources gearing up for opening day, which as I may or may not have mentioned, happens to be a historic event in of itself. I’ve spent a great deal of time and money on the Knockouts Division, because not only is it a proven money maker, but because I truly believe that I’ve assembled a division to be envied. So, the rumor stems from the fact that that we’ve spent the last few months working to accomplish our goal of building the best division with the best storylines as possible. We want it to be a unique experience for our fans.

As such, it is true that creative did not begin working on our male stories until after we were happy with the direction and diversity of our Knockouts Division. But I’ve since hired Paul Heyman to help lead our creative team and with the assistance of Kevin Kelly, they’ve spent the past month and a half mapping things out and expanding on our roster, as you’ve seen from recent press briefings.

ABC: On the subject of the Knockouts Division, your brother claims that he and Catherine are building the greatest female roster ever assembled, and that they will meet their threshold of 40 active women wrestlers. What do you say of your own female roster, which has expanded since the draft?

Benny Mouse: Our women’s roster is without a shadow of a doubt the most diverse, elite crew of talent ever assembled. Truth be told, the roster is stacked, featuring Miss Athena Star, “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey, Mickie James, Natalya Neidhart, Kelly Kelly, Torie Wilson, Brie Bella, Cameron, Maryse, Eva Marie, Tamina Snuka, Alicia Fox, Shayna Baszler, Ember Moon, Nia Jax, Nikki Cross, Beth Phoenix, Nikki Bella, Luna Vachon, Megan Mouse, Tori Waltman, AJ Lee, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Naomi, Bayley, Liv Morgan, Dana Brooke, Summer Rae, and Trish Stratus. In case you cannot count, that’s 30 Knockouts, a number that’s grown by double digits since the 2019 draft, as you’ve noted. That roster will continue to grow. That’s also not counting Lana, who is currently a non wrestler and our new Director of Commentary and Communications, Renee Young. I am committed to letting these women speak for themselves come Hell Hath No Fury – the first all women’s PPV in the history of the industry.

My brother claims to have pioneered women’s wrestling, and while he always featured a few women’s matches here and there, he also degraded them and relegated them to silly feuds and even forced them to participate in storylines involving nudity and gratuitous sexual exploitation. Fact of the matter is, two women are responsible for the women’s revolution we’re seeing in this era: Miss Athena Star and Amazon. Their feud in the EWA’s early months were the highest rated segments in the business at the time, and their success main eventing weekly shows and on PPV made Mickey make the women’s division a bigger marketing point in the UWA.

FOX News: So you’re giving Mickey some credit, and by extent, Catherine for drafting Amazon.

Benny Mouse: It’s no secret that there are some talented individuals among the PWI roster, Amazon included. She’s an absolute legend in this industry, and while she never reached the popularity that Starr hit, she’s proven to be a draw and a first round pick as a Hall of Famer. I didn’t draft her because I unfortunately feel her prime has passed, but there’s something to be said about the longevity of her career, so I wouldn’t count her out.

FOX News: Well, to be fair, she did defeat Miss Athena Starr at From Dusk Til Dawn 3, did she not? And after the match, Athena’s career seemed to be up in the air.

Benny Mouse: What is with you FOX reporters, you asked three questions last time, too! But I’ll answer your question this way: Yes, Amazon beat Athena Star, but that’s coming off a whole lot of ring rust and by my count the victory was her first of three matches. Everyone has a bad day, and that’s what Athena Starr had at FDTD 3. I know that she’s talked about taking some continued time off, but as of today she’s still very much apart of our Knockouts roster.

HBO Sports: Given your recent stock purchases, how can the fans of professional wrestling trust that you truly do mean your niece well, considering your background, the Mouse Brothers tendency to lie, in addition to the fact that she will be directly competing against you this January? And what do you make of Mickey’s offer?

Benny Mouse: First, I’ll address my brother. I will not entertain his offer, as it was insincere, and an insult to the intelligence of every wrestling fan alive. I mean, he extends an “olive branch,” if you can call it that, and then makes a demeaning and embarrassing offer. Even worse, the press in that room failed to mention that his offer was for significantly less than I paid, and would have made him the controlling shareholder of his company.

I do not trust Mickey, but I do trust and respect my niece. She is a competent leader, and I truly wish my brother could set his ego aside to let her run the company, as she will make for formidable competition. She is, however, hindered by the fact that the talented women’s roster (that she built herself!) will be split among two “brands,” a tired storyline we’ve seen time and time again.

Sure, the introduction of the women’s tag titles will give her half and my brother’s half “something to do,” but in the EWA, we’re not going to create an entire division under the mindset that “quantity equals quality.” Our roster is big, yes, and the women will have plenty of time, but we’re not going to add meaningless titles just to keep the roster busy.

As for Mickey’s offer, now, I know stocks took yet another hit after he admitted HQ had some real problems that are hazardous to workers, but they didn’t fall low enough for me to sell out my niece and to make Mickey the majority shareholder. I truly do wish Catherine the best of luck, and I can’t offer her a bigger compliment than the one I offered, as I truly do wish it was just she and I, but my brother’s ego won’t allow him to step aside.

CBS Sports: What do you make of your brother’s announcement about PWI’s Saturday show, Ascendants?

Benny Mouse: Again, the mainstream press failed to push my brother on just where he got such an idea.

Wrestling dirt sheets have for months pushed the fact that the EWA is considering special web content, such as live arena matches – aka house shows. There’s a lot of truth to that, though they don’t have it entirely accurate, as they used this tidbit of insider info to imply that we were pushing for an earlier start date. Our web content will be designed to help elevate and introduce our array of new talent, and the first of such specials will be entirely committed to the Knockouts. That’s all I can say for now.

Thank you for attending, and as always, stay tuned for further announcements!

BREAKING: Altercation at BWM Inc HQ – 9/3/19

Multiple news outlets are reporting on an altercation that happened earlier this morning at BWM Inc. HQ in Stamford, CT.

According to several eye witness accounts, the incident involved “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey and Miss Athena Star. Witnesses stated that Rousey had been at HQ most of the morning, waiting to shoot promotional videos for the upcoming Hell Hath No Fury PPV.

Rousey was allegedly upset that she was left waiting over an hour after her appointment time, as a meeting between Athena Star and Director of Commentary and Communications Renee Young ran long.

When Star exited, Rousey confronted her and an argument took place. Several EWA staff rushed to break up the altercation, which escalated into shoving and punches. Star reportedly suffered a laceration on her temple that required stitches and bruising on her cheek below her right eye. She was treated and released from a nearby hospital.

Star did not respond to requests for comment.

Rousey’s spokesperson released the following:

“Ms. Rousey’s time is valuable and she deserves to be respected. Rousey has several acting projects currently, and the former UFC champion is one of the most recognizable personalities in entertainment. Unfortunately, Miss Athena Star decided that her time was worth more, and left Rousey waiting in a blatant show of disrespect. While we do apologize for this morning’s altercation, Ms. Rousey refuses to be disrespected by yesterday’s news.”

Benny Mouse is reportedly aware of the altercation, though he is refusing to comment at this juncture.

–Chris Hyatt

EWA NEWS Exclusive: “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey issues challenge to Miss Athena Star – 9/4/19

Director of Commentary and Communications Renee Young has confirmed that “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey has issued a challenge to Miss Athena Star at Hell Hath No Fury, a challenge that has been approved by BWM Inc. Chairman Benny Mouse.

According to Young, Benny met with Rousey for over an hour following Tuesday morning’s altercation. In that meeting, Mouse agreed that he would make adjustments to the bracket if Star were to accept. Reports have swirled for months online that changes would be made to the announced list of participants, in part due to new signings and partly because of impressive showings from several Knockouts at the performance center.

As of publication, Star nor her spokeswoman could be reached for comment. However, several sources close to Star said that the first Knockout’s Champion was caught off guard by yesterday’s confrontation, as Star has spoken favorably of Rousey in recent media appearances. According to one source, who spoke to EWA News on the condition of anonymity, Star is still looking to take some time away wrestling, so the match may be a tough sell. Star was said to be despondent over her loss to Amazon at From Dusk Til Dawn 3.

EWA News has also learned that Star’s frustrations predate her loss to Amazon, with Star vocalizing her grievances personally to Benny Mouse and Catherine Mouse when she and Amazon learned that their match would be the double main event. According to multiple reports, Amazon and Star agreed to do the match on the sole condition that it headlined the show. This was underlined by a written and verbal contract signed a full month before the PPV, World of Wrestling contractual records show.

Amazon reportedly also expressed concern in the weeks that predated the event. She allegedly told friends that she found it odd that promotional efforts for the show failed to present any one match as the main event, despite their contract billing the match as the main event.

Amazon’s fear was squashed by Benny Mouse, the sources said. Mouse and Amazon have always had a good working relationship, in part due to Benny’s willingness to push both her and Star (and the division) so heavily in 2008. Benny Mouse assured her that they would go on last as promised, and blamed Mickey Mouse for the lack of clearer advertising. Benny said that Mickey wanted to promote all the marquee matches as potential main events, a decision made unilaterally on his part. Mickey was reportedly hands off during initial contract negotiations, allowing the bulk of the work to fall to his daughter and would be predecessor.

Sources allege that Star learned of the decision to bump her and Amazon’s promised main event hours before the show started. Star reportedly threatened to leave the arena and no show the PPV when Benny and Catherine explained that Mickey had demanded that FRED and Armageddon go on last. Mickey cited that the match was close to two decades in the making and was a once in a lifetime encounter. It was Amazon who talked Star into staying and working the show after she told her that they had worked too hard and come too far to not use the moment to show up the battle of the monsters. The two were also given bonuses from the World of Wrestling to offset any fallout from potential breach of contract lawsuits.

Though Star worked the show, she continued to express her frustrations in the hours prior to the match. She told Benny that she felt betrayed and wanted to take additional time off following the company’s relaunch.

EWA News will continue to follow this developing story as more details come to light.

Renee Young’s interview with Benny Mouse (Pt. 1) 9/30/19

(Editor’s Note: This is part one of Renne Young’s sit down interview with EWA Owner and Chairman of BWM Inc. Benny Mouse)

Renee Young: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the official kickoff of the pre-opening day interview series, as first hyped on the World of Wrestling website earlier this summer. My name is Renee Young and I’m the Director of Commentary and Communications for the Elite Wrestling Alliance. My guest this afternoon is none other than the boss himself; please welcome EWA Owner and CEO of BWM Inc., Benny Wade Mouse!

Benny Mouse: Thank you, Renee, it’s a pleasure to finally get the chance to sit down for this interview, as you know things have been hectic as we rapidly approach our opening day PPV, Hell Hath No Fury. That being said, I am happy to take all your questions and to answer them as candidly as possible – nothing is off limits…

Renee Young: I’m going to hold you to that! [Laughs] As you’re aware, we are a mere 89 days out from the first ever all-female PPV in the history of this industry, which so happens to be how you’ve chosen to bring back the Elite Wrestling Alliance. You indicated earlier a willingness to modify the previously announced tournament bracket for that event, are we any closer to knowing what those modifications will entail?

Benny Mouse: Hell Hath No Fury is not only the first female PPV in the history of professional wrestling – it’s also the first time ever that all the matches on the show will feature no male superstars. As you well know by now, my commitment to shining a spotlight on the talented women on our roster is second to none. In the past that commitment has included the first ever Monday show to be headlined by two female athletes during the EWA’s first run over a decade ago. Now, that commitment has expanded to include a single night 12-Knockouts tournament to crown the Knockout’s Champion.

As for your question, yes, we are much closer to knowing the shape of that tournament bracket, which was preemptively announced but has since changed due to the ever-increasing pool of female talent on the EWA roster. The 11 announced Knockouts that will compete for the most coveted world championship amongst their gender are as follows: Nikki Bella, who along with her sister made a memorable first impression at From Dusk Til Dawn 3, Nikki Cross, Kelly Kelly, “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey, Naomi, Megan Mouse, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, Natalya Neidhart, Charlotte Flair, and Torrie Wilson.

Renee Young: Presumably, the last spot has been left vacant in the event that Miss Athena Star accepts Rousey’s challenge following their altercation at HQ earlier this month?

Benny Mouse: That is correct. And before you can ask, I’ll go ahead and answer your next question. No, Athena has yet to respond to Rousey’s challenge. Out of respect for the longest reigning women’s champion of all time, I will leave this spot open in the event that she changes her mind about being involved. It would be a damn shame if the mistakes of my brother cost her the chance to partake in this historic event, but I suppose time will tell.

Renee Young: On the subject of your brother, what are your thoughts about the recent announcement on their growing female roster?

Benny Mouse: Listen, I’ve discussed the arbitrary roster number in the PWI at length, and I am of the mindset that quantity does not equate to quality. We have a roster size that is comparable by all logistics, but unlike Mickey and Catherine, I’m not going to split them up to do the “roster vs. roster” storyline that we’ve all seen done to death. I am happy for those who have been signed, don’t get me wrong, but we can all see where this is going and we’ve all seen the movie before and know how it ends.

Renee Young: So you believe that the female roster split in the PWI will lead to an inter-promotional war, as we’ve seen in the past?

Benny Mouse: Absolutely, and though I respect my niece and I’m willing to play nice with my brother, all I have to say is that this convoluted plot line does not move me. I understand that they want to feature the women on a level comparable to what we’re going to do up north, but there are better ways to do so than by signing a bunch of women, splitting them up, and creating tension when none really exists.

Renee Young: While we’re on the subject of Mickey, what do you think of the recently announced roulette tournament?

Benny Mouse: [Laughs] Now, talk about convoluted! I really have no thoughts on it, other than the fact that I personally do not think this tournament is anything special. He’s found a way to take our Money in the Bank concept and broaden it, while presenting it as an idea that is uniquely his. Now, that’s not new for my brother, as we’ve seen him steal Jeff Murrey’s trademarks with the USWA from the onset. One of the prizes is literally “boss for the day.” That is a prize I would hand to a toddler, not a professional wrestler…

Renee Young: What do you think about the previously announced battle for immunity that will pit women against men?

Benny Mouse: I personally think it’s a gross miscalculation of what the fans want to see. If my niece wanted to crown a female worker as immune, why not just introduce the concept for that division? Gone are the days where it’s acceptable to show male on female violence in a quest for higher ratings. I think it’s gross and indefensible, and for as progressive as Catherine can be, I find this to be a huge step backward.

Renee Young: Where are we on what comes after Hell Hath No Fury, in terms of introducing the rest of the roster?

Benny Mouse: When Revolution returns to television on January 13, we will crown the first EWA Champion of the new era, as well as the first X-Division and tag team champions. Additionally, we’ve announced the Money in the Bank match for the return of Revolution. Details will emerge as we draw closer, but we’ve got just under three months to go and I’d like to retain a little bit of mystery on the subject.

Renee Young: We saw recent announcements from the PWI on the progress they’ve made on securing shadow draft talent. Where is the EWA on their quest to do the same?

Benny Mouse: We’re making tremendous progress on fleshing out our roster to its full potential, which includes signing all of the previously announced superstars and even a few more that we’ve yet to hear of. My focus now is shifting from the women – which I’d say is about 95% full – to tag teams.

Renee Young: We’ve seen your brother make a series of outlandish offers in regards to the recent stock you’ve purchased. Can you talk a little more about the decision to purchase a significant interest in the PWI?

Benny Mouse: Smart money says to buy low and sell off high. We’ve seen stock prices down south fluctuate amidst the internal chaos, but things are starting to trend upwards again. I know that my brother has made a series of offers that I haven’t even entertained in the slightest. I have no interest in dumping my shares to Mickey now or in the future. I would, however, consider an offer from my niece. I had no malice when I bought the stock; it was just a smart investment.

(Pt. 2 will continue later this week)

Renee Young’s exclusive interview with Benny Mouse, Pt. 2 – 10/7/19

Renee Young: The Elite Wrestling Alliance will return to Monday nights with the season premiere of Revolution on Jan. 13, 2020 from enemy territory in Nashville, TN. The EWA’s return to Monday nights comes two weeks after opening day, the historic Hell Hath No Fury, live from Madison Square Garden. What, if anything, can you tell us about the show’s schedule?

Benny Mouse: We’ve actually finalized the card for the return of Revolution towards the end of last month, and by the time this interview is posted I’d imagine most of the advanced advertising will be available. I know we’ve kept things pretty close to our vest in terms of our highly anticipated return to Monday nights, but I’m ready to let the cat out of the bag!

Renee Young: You’ve even been criticized for the lack of details not long ago by your brother. Before we get into the card, can I ask why you’ve decided on Nashville for the show’s return?

Benny Mouse: Listen, Revolution is going to be huge regardless of where we have the show, and with Hell Hath No Fury coming out of the Garden, a lot of thought went in to where we’d land for Revolution. Though Nashville is often labeled “enemy territory,” our decision to go there is simple. We’re going to Nashville because there is a demand for us in Nashville.

Tickets sold out in under a minute, and the fans in the great city of Nashville will be given the opportunity to see the elite of professional wrestling live and in the flesh. Our fans are very fortunate because in essence, we’re having two huge shows to usher in the new era. It’s like two Opening Days! First, the Knockouts will make history, and then Revolution will get us started with our regular, televised program with what promises to be a historic night!

Renee Young: Speaking of the Knockouts quickly, because I am excited to hear about Revolution, can you tell us any more about the news that Athena Star will accept “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey’s challenge?

Benny Mouse: Athena’s willingness to participate is significant for a number of reasons. We’re all aware of the controversy with Miss Star that came at From Dusk Til Dawn 3 and after. We’ve discussed – and the competition’s confirmed – the details of what transpired in Columbus involving Star, Amazon, myself, my brother and my niece. Hell, though she’s a professional through and through, Star couldn’t help but to speak to her frustrations live and on-air!

Mickey again tried to make that moment about himself, and Star was fed up. Following her encounter with Rousey while doing promotional work, I found myself with a dream match that I didn’t even know the world needed: The longest reigning female champion of all time (and the only woman to wear the Knockout’s title) vs. the Baddest Woman on the Planet, “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey! The match is money, and I am proud to break the news here and now that it will open Hell Hath No Fury!

Renee Young: Wow, you heard it here first, folks! What a blockbuster announcement!

Benny Mouse: Indeed, now let’s talk about Revolution!

Renee Young: Yes, let’s…

Benny Mouse: As previously announced, we will hold the first-ever Money in the Bank ladder match for the Knockout’s Division. A similar match will be held for the men on a subsequent show. A briefcase with a contract for a guaranteed Knockout’s Championship match at any time, any place will hang above the ring. The first woman to retrieve the briefcase will win the match! Furthermore, since twelve women will battle for the Knockout’s Championship in the tournament, the match will only be open to those who were not already featured.

The match will feature the following six participants, with the possibility of two more spots to be announced: Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax, Dana Brooke, Ember Moon, Brie Bella, and Bayley!

Renee Young: What an exciting opportunity for all of the ladies involved. We know from previous announcements that all champions will be crowned, correct?

Benny Mouse: [Laughs] Yes, slow down Renee, I’m getting there! By the end of the season premiere of Revolution, all four champions will have been crowned. Which takes me to our next match, for the X-Division Championship! The two former champions from the original EWA, the Ladies Man and the Phenomenal AJ Styles will battle to determine who the true champion is!

Renee Young: Wow, this feels like a PPV so far! What do we have in store for the tag team division?

Benny Mouse: A five-team Tag Team Turmoil Match featuring the team of Rey Mysterio and Homicide vs. Big Show and Sonjay Dutt vs. Yokozuna and Umaga vs. “The Legacy” Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr. vs. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash!

Renne Young: Can you follow up a little on the first team you mentioned?

Benny Mouse: The team came about after the two met last month at our headquarters in Connecticut. Homicide stole the show at FDTD 3 and he spoke with me about what he could bring to the table in the EWA. His style in the ring is similar to that of Rey Mysterio’s, who is said to be in the best shape of his life. The two instantly hit it off and have been training daily at our performance center.

Renee Young: What are the remaining two matches?

Benny Mouse: In a number one contender’s match for the EWA World Championship, old rivals Jesse Hash and CM Punk will do battle for the first time ever. The two have had a rocky history, with Punk criticizing Hash’s drug use and deeming him an inappropriate role model. They can finally settle their problems inside the squared circle, once and for all! The winner will take on the EWA Champion the following Monday!

Renee Young: Which brings us to the main event, for the EWA Championship?

Benny Mouse: The evening will be capped off by the EWA Championship match, which will be a Crimson Car Match between former EWA Champion Randy Orton, Metal Head, and Christian! The three most prominent champions to come from the past two decades of BWM-Inc. branded promotions will see who truly is the greatest of all time, and you will not want to miss it!

Renee Young: I’m speechless, those are major matches!

Benny Mouse: And in closing, I would like to announce the hiring of Kenzie, the first-ever full-time female referee in pro-wrestling history! Stay tuned because as Dec. 28 draws closer, things will move at an even faster pace!

Renee Young: Before we go, care to comment at all on Mickey’s latest celebratory press briefing, in which he recognized the 24th anniversary of the WPW?

Benny Mouse: I will hand it to Mickey – when you’re totally willing to disavow facts, he can be quite the storyteller!

Renee Young: Are you taking issue with Mickey’s trip down memory lane?

Benny Mouse: On its face, there’s nothing wrong with his statements, per se, but he leaves out a lot of context. We all know that I got a late start in the wrestling industry because Mickey tied up much of my inheritance. He’s patting himself on the back for coming in and stealing Jeff Murrey’s ideas, and then bragging about doing so because Murrey failed to trademark his intellectual property. Furthermore, Mickey is – and this is by his own admission – very much stuck in the past.

Hell, he’s so unstable that he attacked a reporter from ESPN for even mentioning me and Catherine. He’s terrified of living in the now. He doesn’t want to face the reality of the situation, and that reality is both myself and my niece are smarter and more capable. He brags about the past because we’re stealing the NOW.

It’s a shame that the return of Revolution is competing directly against Mickey and not Catherine because I was hoping to have a challenge worthy of our super show. With that being said, Renee, we’re out of time. We can do this again next week, as I much prefer the depth of our conversations as opposed to the ones I have with the press pool!

BREAKING NEWS: Star responds to Rousey – 10/5/19’s Chris Hyatt reports that a representative for Miss Athena Star has confirmed that she will accept ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey’s challenge for Hell Hath No Fury.

We will continue to provide additional information as it becomes available.

EWA announces new Knockout acquisition – 10/11/19’s Chris Hyatt reports that Lita has finalized negotiations with Benny Mouse. Lita, a Florida native, is known for her work in Mexico and her former relationship with Matt Hardy.

Benny Mouse has released the following statement:

“With Lita’s signing, the Knockout’s Division continues to grow and exceed the expectations of our fans and our competitors. Lita is an incredibly talented performer and brings a competitiveness to the division that is unparalleled. I cannot wait to show off what promises to be the best wrestling product ever presented to fans.”

Benny holds impromptu press conference in response to Catherine Mouse’s reversal; applauds efforts – 10/14/19

**Benny Mouse steps out on the stairs of BWM Inc. HQ in Stamford and is greeted by a swarm of journalists, only 45 minutes after the conclusion of Catherine Mouse’s press briefing.**

Benny Mouse: Thank you all for gathering so quickly, I appreciate you being here. In the midst of my work this afternoon, I was informed by both my press secretary and by EWA Director of Commentary and Communications Renee Young of my niece’s remarks. And while I hadn’t planned another update until later this week, I wanted to immediately drop what I was doing to congratulate Catherine on coming to her senses in reference to showcasing acts of man on woman violence on PWI television.

Since the EWA’s original launch, BWM Inc. has been committed to a product that not only includes women but does so in a way that puts their talents front and center. I have been called a pioneer of women’s wrestling, as the EWA’s efforts kickstarted a worldwide women’s wrestling revolution.

When my niece announced the original concept for the PWI’s Immunity crown, I felt an immediate and visceral reaction. It is no secret that following From Dusk Til Dawn 3, the EWA primarily focuses the first few months of planning in a way that revolved almost entirely around our Knockout’s Division. We were criticized for it, even, only to have our competition sign every available talent they could get their hands on after I went on a hiring spree. I had taken my concerns of PWI’s announcement to my advisers, and I momentarily kept my mouth shut.

I didn’t speak out against intergender wrestling through this platform until my first sitdown interview with Renee Young. I held off on touching that subject because I was advised that it was “their ratings funeral.” Still, my gut said that if I did not speak out, I would be on the wrong side of history.

Though my advisers were momentarily upset that I couldn’t keep my mouth shut and let themselves shoot their own feet, I was subsequently applauded for my stance by my staff and by millions of wrestling fans in the form of letters, emails, Facebook postings, and Twitter. It seemed that the audience – from both the EWA and the PWI – found my remarks calling the concept to be “gross miscalculation,” “gross and indefensible,” and “a huge step backward” to be right on the money.

Moments ago, buckling to growing criticisms, my niece did the proper and respectable thing and withdrew her support for intergender wrestling on worldwide television. I know that in this business – hell, in this FAMILY – it is difficult to admit when we make mistakes, but in doing so Miss Mouse has proven to be much more dignified in this act than her father has in his entire career. What she did today was a powerful step in the right direction in overturning what I will politely describe as a rookie business miscalculation. Now, at this time, I will answer a few questions.

ABC News: Even with Catherine’s announcement, there is still the possibility that Mickey will rally the board due to his resistance to all things Catherine. How do you see this unfolding?

Benny Mouse: Having known Mickey the entirety of my existence, I can see this scenario going one of two ways. The question shouldn’t be about the board doing the right thing, as that is literally their job. As a significant stockholder, I expect them to override Mickey. The question my scenarios examine is WHY Mickey won’t allow Catherine’s motion to pass.

The first scenario is pretty simple. Mickey sure hates when other people have better ideas than he does. It is absolutely possible that Mickey is blocking this move simply because he can. It’s a power flex, perhaps. Or, it’s possible, and unfortunately just as likely, that being the lowly, selfish man he is, he’d vote against Catherine because he literally sees nothing wrong with male on female violence. I genuinely hope that is not the case, as that would be unpardonable.

Either way, I do applaud Catherine Mouse for this business decision. As I noted, it’s a huge step in remedying this controversy.

Rolling Stones: Some would call Catherine’s remarks about your decision to run the premiere of Revolution in Nashville a “thinly veiled threat.” She even gave Connecticut, your home turf, a shoutout by name.

Benny Mouse: What I dislike about some members of the media is at times, it feels like they are trying to create a controversy. Don’t get me wrong, I am a wrestling promoter, so I’m familiar with the technique, but I find nothing wrong with Catherine’s remarks about running a show in our home state. I was explicit in my interview with Ms. Young when I told her we’re running the show there because there’s the demand. I would imagine if Catherine brought the twenty or so women she drafted to Connecticut for an all women’s show, she too cold sell out arenas. That being said, I won’t be goaded by a reporter for the sake of making a headline.

Fox News: We also learned of Lenny Mouse’s return and his expected role. Can we expect the same from the EWA?

Benny Mouse: Chris Hyatt is one of the most respectable and credible wrestling journalists in the world, and he just so happens to be an employee of the EWA. Of course, Hyatte’s work will resume when it comes time. Also, I’d like to welcome Lenny back to the mix!

CBS Sports: Catherine did push back a bit on your criticisms on the brand split, even going as far as to explain in depth what you’ve called a recycled story.

Benny Mouse: And your question was? Of course she defended herself, it’s up to the audience at home to see which presentation they enjoy more. I am not interested in a rivalry with Catherine. I’m just not. I’ve expressed my respect for her since the beginning, and I won’t be answering any differently. Got it? I have time for one more question.

USA Today: Catherine said she could be ready by Thanksgiving. I know that you, Mickey, and Catherine have denied rumors of an early start, but do you take this as a hint coming from your niece?

Benny Mouse: Listen, as I’ve explained, we are prohibited from starting any sooner than Dec. 1. I thought we had shot these rumors down when we stated we had no intentions to kick things off sooner than Hell Hath No Fury, live from the Garden Dec. 28. However, I am interested to see how things play out down south. Although, just because Catherine’s ready doesn’t mean that her father is.

That’s all the time I have for the moment, and again, thank you to everyone who echoed my sentiments and to Catherine Mouse for making her announcement withdrawing support for intergender wrestling on a show that will be seen by children. As some of you may know, I take my charity work fighting domestic violence very seriously, as it’s a problem that affects far too many people. Today, Catherine took an admirable step in helping stop the depiction of intergender violence on what’s ultimately a sporting show. Thanks again, but unfortunately I must get back to work!

Benny Mouse pens blistering letter calling for Mickey Mouse’s resignation – 10/17/19

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Benny Mouse has released the following letter calling for Mickey Mouse’s resignation at PWI following this morning’s chaotic series events at PWI Headquarters 1 in Memphis.

“The actions of PWI Chairman Mickey Mouse reflect poorly on all investors and shareholders of MMouse Enterprises and the PWI. Though I am thankful that the board – thanks in part to an anonymous shareholder – were successful in their efforts to overrule Mickey’s veto, I find myself disgusted to even be associated with Mickey’s misogyny and support of man on woman violence.

Furthermore, I am calling for all board members who supported Mickey to resign as well. In no circumstances should this vote have been a difficult decision, and the board members who placed their support behind Mickey are equally disgusting.

As a significant investor in my family’s business, I find it shameful that it took over twelve hours to reach a resolution to remove intergender matches from PWI programming. As I’ve noted, this was not a difficult decision, yet Mickey chose to allow his stubbornness to potentially place his female employees in harm’s way. His support for such programming has never – and will never be acceptable.

I am calling on the board of directors to do the right thing and remove Mickey as chairman of MMouse Enterprises and to replace him with Vice-Chair Catherine Mouse. Catherine has proven in her short time to be a leader with integrity and grace, and the leadership Miss Mouse has shown in light of this situation proves she’s ready for the responsibility.

I will hold a press conference on Friday to take questions from the media on this matter. Until then, fans who agree with my assessment and calls for Mickey’s ouster are asked to sign our petition at to further compel the board’s action.


Benny Wade Mouse

BWM Inc. Chairman and Concerned PWI Investor”

Benny Mouse addresses members of the press; calls Mickey “unhinged” – 10/20/19

Benny Mouse: Thank you again for assembling on such short notice. I wish to keep this somewhat brief as quite frankly, my primary focus has and always will be the EWA. Yes, it’s true that I am a significant stock shareholder of my competition, but ultimately, we must rely on those in charge of the PWI brand to address concerns shared by over one million fans.

That being said, I would like to address a point that my brother Mickey made during his rambling 4 a.m. press conference:

Mickey has insinuated that my concerns over my niece and my support for her business endeavors are layered in a mask of manipulation. Mickey said that I am looking to take advantage of Miss Catherine and that is simply and categorically untrue.

Mickey, in his own attempts to manipulate his daughter, has attempted to turn this controversy around and paint himself as the victim. Regardless of how the grotesque idea of intergender wrestling came to fruition, it was Mickey who attempted to push back on the issue.

In his unhinged press conference in the wee hours of the morning, Mickey made several remarks that were almost as grotesque as the aforementioned programming idea. He slammed a reporter as a “commie,” and he failed to stand up to the press and their questioning, abruptly ending the conference.

Mickey also invoked a 15-year-old contract dispute involving HBP, in which, at the time, he blamed the ratings drop on “Ethiopians.” Yes, it is true that Mickey won the first round in court, but the issue was set to be taken up by an appellate court before I decided that if Mickey wanted HBP, he could have him. I maintain to this date that Mickey’s negotiations were illegal and in direct violation of HBP’s contract with BWM Inc., but again, HBP was never worth the price it would cost in order to take that battle through the courts any further.

Lastly, before taking questions, I would like to provide an update. Since my initial call for Mickey (and agreeing board members) to resign, over 1 million fans have signed my petition in support of his ouster. Whereas this issue is still very near and dear to my heart, I must continue my focus on bringing the best product the professional wrestling world has ever seen. I again call on the Board of Directors to do the right thing and to find a suitable punishment for Mickey’s actions.

CBS: Do you really expect Mickey to resign or is this a typical Mouse brother ploy?

Benny Mouse: I resent your notion, quite frankly. I have been completely forthcoming since the dawn of this era. I have not engaged in any so-called “ploys” and my efforts have been sincere. I do not expect that Mickey will do the right thing on his own, but I do hope that the Board of Directors takes action to rectify this controversy.

FOX Sports: Are you considering selling the shares you do have in the event that Mickey doesn’t resign?

Benny Mouse: At this time, no. That is not an option, simply because the stock prices have been so volatile since the beginning of this controversy. I expect a further drop in PWI stocks when the markets react to Mickey’s 4 AM antics. I will, however, continue to donate my money (and time) to irradicating male on female violence, and will continue to donate to charity until my brother resigns.

ABC: What do you make of Mickey’s assertion that Catherine Mouse originally objected to dropping the match?

Benny Mouse: I have a hard time believing anything that Mickey says, and it would not surprise me to learn that there’s a nugget of truth here buried within his lies. I will await Catherine’s remarks on this accusation before making a judgment. Regardless of how and when, she did eventually come around to the notion that the match could not happen. Ultimately, isn’t that what matters? I will take one more question before I must go.

Wall Street Journal: Do you think that, in advocating Mickey’s resignation, that you may have actually given the PWI a competitive edge? By highlighting this controversy, have you not created additional interest in the conflict at PWI headquarters?

Benny Mouse: Honestly, ratings are the least of my concerns when it comes to this issue. I do not know how else to prove that my words are sincere, as I’ve put my money where my mouth is and have donated to charities that aim to end this type of violence. I know that because of my brother’s reputation as a liar that my family is inherently untrustworthy, but I assure you, this is NOT a stunt. I’ll end this press conference by again echoing my calls for the Board of Directors to do the right thing for shareholders, fans, and their employees.

Thank you, and I’ll be back to address the press in the coming days. Stay tuned!

Benny Mouse announces the relaunch of – 11/3/19

Early Sunday morning, Benny Mouse tweeted the link to the newly revamped

The website features things that are not suitable for the World of Wrestling blog, including full talent rosters, television and PPV previews, and Chris Hyatte’s take on EWA’s competition, including a full preview of PWI’s Greatness Reborn.

To read more, please explore and enjoy this new content, found here:

In other news, Benny Mouse will address the press within the next 48 hours.

EWA announces new acquisitions

The EWA is proud to announce the two newest additions to the Knockout’s Division.

First, from Delray Beach, Florida comes Kaitlyn! An accomplished bodybuilder and model, Kaitlyn is a natural Knockout. On the American independent circuits, Kaitlyn is known for her impressive physique and strength.

Second, with her official debut delayed until February due to contractual obligations in Japan, comes Kairi Sane. Kairi Sane is a Japanese professional wrestler with an impressive resume. She’s been called one of the top five females in the world by EWA’s Chris Hyatte, who has remained a dedicated women’s wrestling fan even in the absence of televised wrestling in America.

With these two signings, the EWA’s Knockout’s Division continues to grow to unrivaled heights.

BWM Inc. Press Conference (11.04.19)

**Benny Mouse approaches the podium, as members of the press filed into the briefing room.**

Benny Mouse: Good afternoon, and thank you for assembling on such short notice. I have a few opening remarks and announcements to make prior to opening the floor to reporters – I ask that you hold your questions until I’ve reached the end of my statement.

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate Kevin Kelly. Earlier this year, Renee Young took Kelly’s spot as the Director of Commentary and Communication. Since that announcement, Kelly has served in a talent scouting role. He has, on my orders, scoured the globe for the best female talent in the world. Thanks to Kelly’s due diligence, the EWA Knockout’s Division is fast approaching unprecedented heights, in terms of it’s talent pool and volume.

Secondly, I want to address something that has been circulating on the so-called dirt sheets over the past few weeks. Rumors are flying that CM Punk has pulled out of his scheduled match on the return episode of Revolution. Punk was slated to wrestle Jesse Hash, with the winner to challenge the EWA Champion on the Jan. 13 episode of Revolution. After meeting with Punk, I believe that I have addressed his concerns, and the match is moving forward with conditions.

Punk cited “unsafe working conditions” as his primary discrepancy. Punk alleged that Jesse’s “drug use” put both Jesse Hash and CM Punk in danger. As a way to ease Punk’s mind, the EWA will drug test Jesse Hash prior to their match.

At this time, I will answer questions from the press.

CBS Sports: The world has been waiting for you to comment on the news out of PWI, specifically their decision to launch on Dec. 1st. What is your response to this news, and will the EWA move its launch in response?

Benny Mouse: When a rumor persists in this industry, chances are it’s because it is backed by some piece of factual information. I’ve been around long enough to know that. So, when rumors of an “early start” continued to circulate even after denials, I knew that there was a good chance that my family down south would make this move.

That being said, I have no strong reaction to the news. We have 54 days prior to Hell Hath No Fury, and those days are booked solid. I will say that the pace of news will dramatically pick up in this time, but other than that, I have no comment on this move by the PWI.

FOX News: If you will not comment on the decision for an early start by PWI, could you comment on the demotion of Mickey Mouse and the recent boardroom drama?

Benny Mouse: The board made, for once, a respectable decision in stripping Mickey of his chairman powers. However, the board then turned around and did what it likes to do so often, and that’s make a mistake. The decision to remove Catherine Mouse as COO is a move that upsets me as a shareholder. However, in calling for Mickey’s resignation or removal, I will proceed with this as a “win.” I would love it if they’d stop upsetting the stock price, though, speaking strictly as an investor.

ESPN: With the two weekend signings, the Knockout’s Division now stands at 34 women. The PWI has secured the contracts of 42 women, but the rosters are split in half. Do you foresee the EWA’s Knockout’s Division surpassing the total number of women employed by your competitors?

Benny Mouse: Listen, I’ve said all along that our Knockout’s Division would focus on quality, not quantity. It just so happens that we’ve found a lot of talented women, with the very real possibility of additional signings still to come. I think that it’s not only possible but quite likely that our roster will exceed the size of the combined PWI roster. That said, stay tuned because later this week I will make a major announcement pertaining to the division.

With that said, I am out of time.

**Benny leaves as reporters continue to shout questions.**

Benny makes major announcement pertaining to Knockout’s Division – 11/8/19

In a press release issued early Friday morning, BWM Inc. Chairman and EWA CEO Benny Mouse made a major announcement pertaining to the ever-growing Knockout’s Division.

“As you all know by now, the Knockout’s Division will make history on Dec. 28th when the EWA presents a first-of-its-kind all-female PPV.

As the division continues to grow, it is my distinct honor and privilege to announce the Knockout’s Division will “takeover” Revolution every tenth episode, with the first all-female episode of Revolution slated to air Feb. 17, 2020.

From there on out, every tenth episode of Revolution will serve to highlight the talent within the division. This unprecedented attention to the women in our organization is part of our continued and unparalleled effort to showcase the Knockout’s Division front and center, and is another history-making accomplishment for the talented wrestlers within the division.”

In kickoff to Knockouts’ Interview Series, Rousey promises to break Star’s arm – 11/12/19

The first of twelve interviews highlighting the women of the Knockouts’ Tournament, “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey addresses her transition to professional wrestling, her altercation with Miss Athena Star, PWI’s Amazon and more! The interview is available on EWA’s website, under the Interviews tab.

Benny Mouse promises major announcement – 11/14/19

In a press release issued by Benny Mouse early Thursday morning, the Chairman of BWM Inc. promised an “earth-shattering” announcement later this afternoon.

Benny Mouse makes “earth-shattering” announcement – 11/15/19

When the EWA’s return was announced this summer, I was firm in my belief that it would take until Dec. 28 to get our organization off the ground. In the time since I am happy to announce that is no longer the case.

I did not want to tip my hand at my Nov. 4 press conference, in which I dodged questions about the PWI or our own plans at the advice of my legal counsel. At that time, we were still working to secure the previously-booked venues and to make sure the plans did not clash with any booked talent. As I spoke to our superstars at our weekly talent meeting, I found them to be hungry to get back in the ring.

Yesterday, I met with the head honchos at the World of Wrestling. They advised me that any date prior to December 1st would result in fiscal penalties; this was why our announcement was delayed – not because we are “erratic.”

Unfortunately, Madison Square Garden is booked on Dec. 1, and it is EWA company policy to hold PPV events on Saturday, not Sunday. For this reason, we have decided to accept the penalties imposed by the World of Wrestling and will bring Hell Hath No Fury to the Garden on Nov. 30!

Revolution, originally slated to return Jan. 13, will now air live from Nashville on Monday, Dec. 9 and will air every Monday after.

Stay tuned to this site and for more updates as we are now only 15 short days out from the rebirth of the Elite Wrestling Alliance!

Benny Mouse hosts press conference from NYC – 11/19/19

Benny Mouse: Before we begin with the questions, I’d like to provide an update on what’s transpired since my historic announcement a mere four days ago.

On Monday, production crews arrived at Madison Square Garden, as the EWA is set to spend the next two weeks in NYC as we prepare for our grand opening PPV event, Hell Hath No Fury. Crews arrived early in part due to our set and the time required for construction – we will transfer the Garden as we deliver the first-ever all-female wrestling PPV. This has never been attempted, and I must tell you, the excitement as we barrel towards Nov. 30 is palpable.

I also know that I am going to get bombarded with questions about what the boys down south are doing and my response thereto… I correctly predicted that Jeff Murrey would be the next chairman, and as much as I respect Murrey’s contributions to the business, his run in the UWA was lackluster – and that’s me speaking generously. I don’t want to say too much more about him, other than this: MMouse Enterprises have been hyping Jeff Murrey’s involvement for nearly two decades now. When they made this announcement the first time back in 2003, it was pretty big news. This time? It’s just another programming repeat from the same company that is bringing you intra-promotional wars between the Mouse family (again!) Basically, if you’ve seen this play out before, what’s the incentive this time around? These are questions I ask myself as both a pro-wrestling promoter and a fan.

For a company that criticizes the EWA as erratic, the PWI has announced three or more variations on their opening day plans. Murrey also announced that the Immunity Championship would return, in both the male and female division. Again, this was perhaps the right move to make from the start, but as Mickey has done in the lead up to this era, he forced his own error and the controversy surrounding the original proposed intergender match will remain a relevant example of the PWI’s leadership’s lack of ability to find the pulse of what fans want.

I also want to address Mickey’s criticism’s of the EWA’s Women’s Revolution, a specialized Monday showcase that dedicates every tenth episode of Revolution to the Knockouts. Mickey called this truly historic announcement “sexist,” – yes, this is the same man mentioned in the paragraph above. For Mickey to label anyone as a sexist is laughable. Mickey must again be reminded that since the EWA didn’t split the Knockout’s Division, we have a roster the size of his combined. If it makes me sexist to showcase that roster, fine, I’m a sexist!

Lastly, I would like to announce a few ringside guests for Hell Hath No Fury! Splidder, Ted DeBiase, Terminator, Krusader Batman, and more will be ringside for the entire duration of the show. Other legends may also appear, but the above names have already confirmed their seats. Additionally, Splinter will present the EWA Knockout’s Championship to the tournament’s winner, and Lady Love will also be in attendance!

Now, at this point, I will open the floor to questions.

CBS: The PWI has gone on the attack in the last few weeks, first by attempting to undercut the EWA’s return and then by announcing the two organizations will compete head to head Nov. 30th. What is your response to this approach?

Benny Mouse: Well, as I noted, we had worked to move our opening day to Nov. 30th weeks before the PWI made their announcement; I am ready now, to be truthful. In going on the attack, I think the PWI has positioned itself as the aggressor here. My focus, regardless of how the ratings pan out for that night, is to make history with the women of the EWA.

FOX NEWS: Could that statement be inferred as a willingness to accept defeat?

Benny Mouse: If it’s a war that the boys down south want, war is what they’re going to get. That said, if by some miracle Greatness Reborn defeats Hell Hath No Fury, I’ll still walk away feeling victorious because we’re starting a movement here; it isn’t about one night, it’s about redefining pro-wrestling to include the most talented pool of female athletes the world has ever seen! With that, unfortunately, I have to get going!

BREAKING NEWS: Benny Mouse briefly detained by NYPD following incident at MSG – 11/24/19

Reporting: Chris Hyatte

This morning, Benny Mouse and the crew from EWA productions responsible for building the Hell Hath No Fury set arrived at MSG; though some reports indicate that Benny and a smaller crew had actually arrived the night before and worked through the night.

Inside MSG, it was reported that Benny Mouse’s wife, Molly Mouse, entered Benny’s office just after 5 a.m. this morning. It was unclear what the two were discussing, but reports from inside and outside of the room indicate that Molly Mouse had told Benny something that deeply upset him.

Molly was seen leaving Benny’s office, followed by Benny only minutes later. As Molly attempted to exit MSG, Benny chased after, cussing and hollering. At one point as Molly was exiting the arena, Benny Mouse allegedly threw a chair that almost hit Director of Commentary and Communications Renee Young.

Police arrived and detained Benny while they took witness statements. Molly Mouse, after speaking to police, declined to press charges or speak with the press. received the following statement from Benny Mouse’s lawyers:

“Mr. Mouse would ask the press’s continued respect of personal, private matters.”

Benny was said to be despondent following the altercation, and he is still believed to be in his office at the venue in NYC at the time of this release.

Stay tuned!

Breaking: Mouse family expecting second child – 11/27/19

Several reports are indicating the Benny and Molly Mouse are expecting their second child. It is believed that this announcement was at least one subject broached during their altercation earlier this week. No additional details are available at this time.

Breaking: EWA’s historic Hell Hath No Fury victorious in first ratings battle -12/13/19

EWA’s historic grand reopening has come and gone, and the first of its kind all female PPV featuring twelve women vying for the Knockout’s Championship and Knockout’s Cup was a smash hit with critics and viewers alike. For the first time ever, the Mouse Brothers competed in a head to head opening day PPV, with Benny Mouse picking up the victory.

Wrestling pundit Cameron Cross exclaimed that Hell Hath No Fury exceeded all expectations, setting Madison Square Garden ablaze. The show was viewed live by 7,304,811 to PWI’s Greatness Reborn’s 7,167,500.

Hell Hath No Fury won by a margin of 137,311 fans; a wide enough margin to be determinative, but not a blowout. Still, the Knockouts made history with their efforts, ultimately seeing Nikki Bella defeat Megan Mouse and Charlotte Flair to capture the coveted gold.

Elsewhere, the wrestling world is still reeling from the surprise appearance of HCW’s John Brown. Brown revealed that he has carried on an affair with Benny Mouse’s wife Molly since the summer. Brown alleged that Molly’s pregnancy is a result of said affair. He went on to reveal that so long as Molly wishes, he is a controlling shareholder in BWM Inc. and subsequently the Elite Wrestling Alliance. We also learned that Benny Mouse has been carrying on a prolonged affair with Renee Young, who was hired as Director of Commentary and Communications. Young was set to lead the broadcast team, but exited the commentary booth following a vague threat from Kevina Love.

The highly anticipated battle between Miss Athena Star and “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey took an unexpected turn when Nia Jax attacked. The 300+ pounder attacked them both, upset about being excluded from the evening. Later, Rousey attacked Star while she was being taken out via stretcher, breaking her arm as promised. Rousey suffered a concussion during her match with Star following a fall from the ladder to steel chairs, forcing her out of the tournament following the no contest.

Lady Love, set to reveal her latest love interest, was found in the backstage a bloodied mess. A sledgehammer was discovered nearby, as the Ladies Man and Dave Matthews desperately called for help.

Charlotte Flair had an impressive showing on her road to the finals, unnerving Natalya Neidhart by invoking her father. Flair took things further as she mocked Natalya’s uncle, the legendary Bret the Hitman Hart who was seated at ringside. Neidhart attempted to attack Charlotte during her match with Beth Phoenix, but instead hit Beth with the chair.

Nikki Cross fell victim to “Twin Magic” after an impressive outing against Mickie James.

Following the results, EWA’s Molly Mouse issued the following response:

“The ratings victory is perhaps the most satisfying in the history of BWM Inc. The Elite Wrestling Alliance set out to make history, and history was certainly made. The Knockouts broke through the glass ceiling, and their victory is much deserved. Additionally, the Knockouts set the tone for the Sixth Era, which has put the spotlight on the women in a way that’s never been done before in this industry. Every woman who contributed to this ground breaking PPV and subsequent ratings victory deserves to be commended, as do the women of PWI, who stole the show at Greatness Reborn. The women have put the wrestling world on notice, and things are only going to get better!”

BREAKING: EWA Revolution defeats PWI Asylum in first head to head Monday battle of new era – 12/16/19

Moments ago, Neilsen’s released the ratings for the premiere episodes of Revolution and Asylum. We learned that Revolution defeated Asylum with 7,289,000 viewers to their 7,187,500 – a margin of 101,500 viewers.

EWA’s Revolution broadcasted live from Nashville, TN; Benny crossed the battle line and ultimately scored his second victory. But as seen on Revolution, Benny is in no mood for celebrations and it’s unclear if he is even at tonight’s Revolution in Chicago. He has yet to be spotted at the United Center.

Randy Orton proved that lighting can strike twice, becoming the first EWA World Heavyweight Champion – again – by defeating Metal Head and Christian in the Crimson Car Match! But because Jesse Hash defeated CM Punk, Orton’s second reign may be shorter than his first as he squares off against Jesse Hash for the gold in tonight’s main event!

Also last week, Molly Mouse revealed that John Brown will debut at Revolution on January 6th when we broadcast live from Indianapolis! Mouse was interrupted by Nikki Cross, who demanded a shot at Nikki Bella! Molly granted Cross’s wish due to “Twin Magic” during their bout at Hell Hath No Fury. We’ve learned that the Knockout’s Championship will open Revolution!

Speaking on Revolution’s debut victory, Molly Mouse issued the following statement:

“Revolution proved that the EWA is going all in this era; with five huge matches and two major matches announced for tonight’s Revolution! Because PPVs are limited in this era, the old booking style of saving big matches for big shows has been tossed out the window, because every EWA show is a big show! We will continue to take our cards where the story takes us, and if that means giving away huge title matches on television, we’re happy to do it. Thank you to the fans who continue to make the Elite Wrestling Alliance the number one company of the Modern Era!”

Molly Mouse issues statement on Dec. 16 episode of Revolution – 12/30/19

On Dec. 16, the EWA was set to air our second installment of Revolution live from the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. Unfortunately, the episode did not air, due to a since-resolved contract negotiation between Benny Mouse and the production department.

Benny Mouse chose not to attend the second episode of Revolution, and thereby the contract negotiations did not go on as scheduled. An hour before showtime, I was on a flight back to Connecticut from an undisclosed location. I had just made a HUGE new signing for the Elite Wrestling Alliance when I was notified of the failures of my husband in regards to the aforementioned dispute.

While we had hoped to avoid these unfortunate occurrences, my hands were tied. I will take it on the chin as our critics and competitors call us “erratic,” and I will further address this point when John Brown and I address the EWA audience in Indianapolis, Indiana one week from today.

Benny does not care enough to show up for contract negotiations so important that they’d stop the show from airing, but yet he agrees to go on a podcast just in time for the new year. It is clear to John and I that Benny Mouse is the EWA’s greatest source of chaos, and for that reason, John and I look forward to remedying this.

The announced matches will go on as scheduled (Jesse Hash will challenge Randy Orton for the EWA Championship and Nikki Cross will challenge Nikki Bella for the Knockout’s Championship. Also, John Brown will debut, as originally advertised, and more will be announced through the week.

Again, John and I would like to apologize to our fans for these errors – but Benny Mouse for some reason remains hellbent on making our product a laughingstock, which is something we will NOT tolerate.

I will see you all next Monday, live from Indianapolis!

Major match announced for EWA’s Jan 6 episode of Revolution – 12/31/19

EWA’s Chris Hyatte has been advised that Benny Mouse has announced that EWA X-Division Champion AJ Styles will defend his championship against CM Punk in a Falls Count Anywhere match! This will be their first singles meeting ever, Benny added.

The full card for Revolution’s return is posted on our website under “Television Previews.”

Molly Mouse issues statement on first head to head ratings battle of 2020

(Jan. 23, 2020)

On Tuesday evening, results for the first ratings battle of the year came in. EWA’s Revolution continued the company’s winning streak by outperforming PWI’s Asylum 7,296,500 to 7,187,500 – a margin of 119,834 more fans tuned into the Elite Wrestling Alliance.

This number is an increase of EWA’s debut episode of Revolution, which drew 7,289,000 fans. Furthermore, the EWA saw an increase in the margin of viewers who chose Revolution over Asylum, an increase from 101,500 to 119,834 for a total increase of 19.24%.

EWA’s Revolution featured the highly anticipated in-ring encounter between Benny Mouse and John Brown, which saw the debut of Harper and Rowan, the Bludgeon Brothers. Also, Randy Orton managed to retain the EWA World Heavyweight Championship, defeating Jesse Hash and Nikki Bella retained the EWA Knockouts Championship over Nikki Cross. Bella also successfully evaded an attempt at a Money in the Bank cash in from Ember Moon.

Elsewhere on the show, Rey Mysterio delivered the performance of a lifetime when he picked up a victory over Metal Head, Nia Jax defeated Charlotte Flair and AJ Styles retained the X-Division Championship against CM Punk in a hellacious Falls Count Anywhere match!

This morning, Molly Mouse issued the following statement:

“Though critics and competition alike choose to label us erratic, the American people feel otherwise. The Jan. 6 episode of Revolution saw a more than 19% increase in our audience over that of our competition, while our competition saw a drop in their overall audience from the December 9th battle.

The EWA, under the leadership of Molly Mouse and John Brown, will continue to provide the best wrestling product in the world. We thank the fans for their continued support. As always, stay tuned!”

A statement will be released following the results of the head to head battle from Jan. 13, and the EWA was off this past Monday in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The EWA returns January 27, just one week before the board’s meeting in which John Brown has asked for the removal of Benny Mouse as chair.

BWM Inc. statement on May 4 Revolution; EWA Dark

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Today, Chris Hyatte released the following statement on the head to head ratings battle between EWA’s Retro Revolution and PWI Live’s Champion’s Showcase:

“In Benny Mouse’s last act as BWM Inc. Chairman, the EWA delivered a blockbuster episode of Revolution, deemed ‘Retro Revolution.’ The night, filled with shocking surprises, returns, and familiar faces, scored the highest rating for any show (with the exception of From Dusk Til Dawn) in recorded history.

The EWA again defeated PWI, by a margin of 7,373,333 viewers to 7,188,194. EWA’s viewership outperformed PWI’s by 185,139 viewers.

Below, a complete ratings record for the EWA is provided:

Hell Hath No Fury: 7,304,811

Revolution Episode 1: 7,289,000

Revolution Episode 2: 7,296,500

Revolution Episode 3: 7, 373,333

I have also been advised that on Friday, May 8th, the EWA will broadcast the first episode of EWA Dark, a web-based series to showcase additional talent. The episode will take place at the EWA Performance Center in Stamford, CT and will feature two matches: ‘Miss Money in the Bank’ Ember Moon vs. Bayley and Kofi Kingston vs. The Big Show.”

EWA signs new talent – 5/8/20

EWA Interim Co-Chairman Saguna announced today the acquisition of two new superstars.

Gran Metalik: A high-flyer hailing from Guadalajara, Metalik is one of the most accomplished luchador performers on the Mexican wrestling scene.

Kalisto: A Mexican-American wrestler, best known for his work in Japan, Kalisto is one of the most exciting high flying performers in the industry.

The two signings are the first negotiated by Saguna, who himself is a legendary performer, best known for his aerial offense and his former marriage to Molly Mouse.

BREAKING: EWA scores fifth consecutive ratings victory – 5/13/20

Late Wednesday evening, continuing a trend of a quick reporting, Nielsen announced the final viewership numbers for May 11th’s head to head battle between EWA Revolution and PWI’s Showcase Rebound.

For the fifth consecutive time, the Elite Wrestling Alliance was again the preferred product by wrestling fans throughout the country, and has been every time fans were given the choice between the two organizations. EWA’s Revolution was viewed by 7,284,167 fans to PWI’s 7,182,222 fans, a difference of 101,945.

On average, the EWA has outperformed against PWI by 129,146 fans.

On Wednesday, EWA Interim Co-Chairman Saguna and Chairman Brown released statements.

John Brown issued the following:

“Normally, I leave these statements for Molly, as she’s admittedly better at speaking to the press than I am. However, I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate Saguna on a job well done. As I stated from the onset of this forced partnership, Molly and I are more than willing to see past any existing differences with Saguna for the sake of the EWA fans. We just want to continue giving our fans the best product on the planet, while moving away from the erratic leadership of Benny Mouse. The show made history as the first BWM Inc. offering in the post-Benny era, and Saguna was able to keep up the success that the company has so far enjoyed.

That said, I also wanted to use this opportunity to address some comments made regarding last week’s historic victory. PWI Chairman Jeff Murrey downplayed the victory, saying that the EWA isn’t around enough for the victory to mean much when put in perspective and Mickey said it was really his win, because Benny used ‘his stars.’ I by no means wish to defend Benny, but Mickey’s comments are pretty funny considering his World Champions (Teo, Living Dead Girl) are superstars who made their names under the BWM Inc. banner. Then again, Mickey’s hypocrisy is not news, but it should be noted. I am looking forward to the EWA’s continued success in the weeks to come, and I am excited for the EWA to once again make history next Monday with the first ever all-Knockouts edition of Revolution!”

Saguna released the following:

“I am very thrilled to hear that my first night as Interim Co-Chairman was a rousing success. I was admittedly nervous, as I have never before attempted to book a wrestling show. Turns out, I’m a natural! I am sincerely contemplating the proposal offered last week by Brown, and I will issue my response next week on Takeover: Revolution.”

The complete ratings history, along with the margin of victory over the PWI is recorded below.

Hell Hath No Fury: 7,304,811 (+137,311)

Revolution Episode 1: 7,289,000 (+101,500)

Revolution Episode 2: 7,296,500 (+119,834)

Revolution Episode 3: 7,373,333 (+185,139)

Revolution Episode 4: 7,284,167 (+101,945)

Benny Mouse addresses press following the conclusion of EWA’s first season

Stamford, CT

June 30, 2020

Benny Mouse released the following statement on the conclusion of season one of the Elite Wrestling Alliance:

Dear friends,

It has been some time since I’ve last addressed you, thanks in part to the ongoing issues I’ve had with my estranged wife Molly Mouse and her boyfriend and former co-owner of the EWA, John Brown. I had, as you know, a very public mental episode, in which Saguna was brought on to serve in my stead.

As I adhered to my doctor’s advice, I grew restless from my bed and decided that it was now or never in terms of taking my company back. As I stated at No Boundaries, it is nothing new for me to have to fight external and internal battles. The competition inside my own ranks, as well as the competition down south, have worked for decades to break my spirits and ruin my psyche. And though they came close, I am happy to report that I am in good spirits and I am excited to bring you the following news on the next season of the EWA, which premieres on Monday, August 3 — a full eight weeks earlier than the PWI.

As you all know by know, in the seven head to head battles, the EWA went undefeated in the ratings against our competition. First, Chairman Murrey blamed the talent. He began threatening the careers of superstars who ‘weren’t pulling their weight.’ Then, Mr. Murrey blamed the ‘erratic’ schedule of the EWA for the losses; and finally, Murrey has resigned to no longer making excuses. The truth is, our schedule did see quite a bit of turmoil, but regardless of Murrey’s excuses, the simple fact is this: Every time wrestling fans were given a choice between the companies, they chose the EWA.

Perhaps Mr. Murrey’s first mistake was not looking in a mirror, because as much respect as I have for him and his contributions to the industry in which I dominate, his time has come to a close. The audience no longer find Mr. Murrey to be a character worth watching, and instead of blaming the talented stars he has forced into retirement, perhaps Mr. Murrey should turn the finger-pointing towards his own self and his own failures. I’d even go as far as to offer Mr. Shamrock a contract, as his so called ‘failures’ were the fault of shoddy booking, and not of his lack of talent. (You may recall a brief period in time in which fans clamored to see Shamrock and Lesnar, in a battle of the UFC legends. Instead, they were treated to Shamrock presented as a joke, and an unrealistic threat to Lesnar’s immunity – but hey, that 100 pound Petey Williams sure was a threat! Ah, I digress, and I’ll leave the commentary to Mr. Hyatte…)

Below, the EWA has provided a complete head to head breakdown of the season, with the margin of victory in parenthesis:

Hell Hath No Fury: 7,304,811 (+137,311)

Revolution Episode 1: 7,289,000 (+101,500)

Revolution Episode 2: 7,296,500 (+119,834)

Revolution Episode 3: 7,373,333 (+185,139)

Revolution Episode 4: 7,284,167 (+101,945)

Revolution Episode 5: 7,316,666 (+61,666)

No Boundaries: 7,331,528 (+45,549 over Motivation Night 1; +14,121 over Night 2)

Murrey is right in arguing that things are trending closer, but I promise, the EWA is just getting started! Here is the preliminary schedule for EWA Season 2:

Monday, August 3, 2020: Revolution Episode 6

Monday, August 10, 2020: Revolution Episode 7

Monday, August 17, 2020: Revolution Episode 8

Monday, August 24, 2020: Revolution Episode 9

Monday, August 31, 2020: Revolution Episode 10 (Knockouts Takeover)

Monday, September 7, 2020: Revolution Episode 11

Saturday, September 12, 2020: EWA Presents: Heatwave

Following Heatwave, the EWA will have a three week mid-season break, before returning on Monday, October 5, 2020 and carrying out through December 12, in which we will conclude 2020 with Hell Hath No Fury 2.

And finally, already booked for the season two premiere, Grand Daddy Duxen will defend the EWA World Heavyweight Championship against Armageddon; ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey will challenge Ember Moon for the Knockouts Championship, and ‘The Bastard Pac’ will defend the X-Division Championship against Sean Olsen! Also, for the first time ever, Jesse Hash’s 4:20 returns to feature the one and only Miss Athena Star!

Other season two notes:

The Knockouts Cup, previously awarded to former EWA Knockouts Champion Nikki Bella, has grown to a 16 woman tournament that will begin following the fall break, and will conclude at the annual all-Knockouts PPV Hell Hath No Fury.

The men’s Money in the Bank will be crowned following a series of qualifying matches, beginning on the season two premiere.

The EWA is in the process of terminating the contracts of John Brown and Molly Mouse, pending board approval. Molly Mouse gave birth to a healthy baby boy immediately following No Boundaries. The baby is said to have two legs, but I remain skeptical. Molly and Brown remain hospitalized following injuries sustained at No Boundaries.

Stay tuned to for additional updates in the days and weeks to come!

Yours truly,

Benny Wade Mouse

Breaking News: EWA announces new talent acquisitions – 7/1/20

By Chris Hyatte

We are receiving breaking news out of BWM Inc HQ in Stamford, CT that Benny Mouse has finalized contracts with two additional superstars.

First, sources have confirmed that legendary monster Bane has signed a longterm contract with the EWA.

Second, we have learned that top independent women’s wrestler Nyla Rose has signed with the EWA. Rose is widely credited as being the first ‘legitimate’ transgender female superstar of the modern era, as Lady Love and Kevina Kelly were not traditionally considered wrestling talent.

Things are already heating up, and I’ll continue to bring you all the latest EWA news as it breaks!

EWA announces new talent acquisitions – 7/3/20

The EWA is proud to announce the signings of the following individuals:

Brandi Rhodes; the wife of Cody Rhodes, who began training three years ago to become a professional wrestler. Due to pre-existing contractual agreements, Mrs. Rhodes will debut when her previous independent commitments expire in September.

Chyna, one of the original divas, has been signed to the Knockouts Division.

Kenny Omega, a Canadian-born Japanese indie sensation, who also remains under contractual obligations until September.

Benny Mouse also released the following statement:

“As the competition pledges to spend an additional $400 million on their next season, I would like to re-iterate that the EWA is looking to spend equal money on continued efforts to increase production value; this will include a new set, as well as other surprises along the way. And while we will never stop signing talent as a practice, we still have several stars awaiting their debut and do not wish to hire for the sake of hiring. I am interested in seeing how much money the PWI is willing to spend just to keep up their losing streak…”

Benny Mouse addresses EWA Season 2 – 7/5/20

BWM Inc. and EWA Owner Benny Mouse released the following statement on the Elite Wrestling Alliance’s second season, which premieres Monday, August 3.

“29 days out from the season premiere of Revolution on August 3, we here at the Elite Wrestling Alliance have some exciting news:

Beginning on Friday, August 7, EWA Dark will expand to a three, oftentimes four match show!

By the end of Season 2A, a television contact will be finalized, and when we return for Season 2B in October following the hiatus, Dark will be televised and therefore eligible for ratings competition with PWI’s Ascendants! (Though not direct, we wish to force the PWI into improving their enhancement show, and as they’ve shown, they only ‘improve’ when we’re around to give them competition. Though PWI promises to eventually have a Friday show, in my mind Dark will always compete with the equivalent enhancement show, and not whichever becomes their “B show.”)

As of this release, the plan is for Season Two to be presented in four parts, with Heatwave acting as the Season 2A finale, Hell Hath No Fury the Season 2B finale, and the subsequent PPVs to act as Season 2C and 2D finales.

Here is the August 3 premiere card as it currently stands:

No Holds Barred – EWA World Heavyweight Championship

Grand Daddy Duxen (C) vs Armageddon

EWA Knockouts Championship

Ember Moon (C) vs ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey

EWA X-Division Championship

‘The Bastard’ Pac (C) w/ Ghost Rider vs Sean Olsen

4:20 with special guest and former co-host, Miss Athena Star!

Men’s Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

CM Punk vs Kofi Kingston

Plus, ‘The Demon’ Finn Balor will address his controversial involvement in the main event of No Boundaries, and the EWA World Tag Team Champions The Brothers Metal will square off against La Resistance!

All of this and more when we return for our second season!”

Benny Mouse makes major announcement regarding EWA DARK (7-7-20)

BWM Inc. Chairman Benny Mouse has released the following statement in the overnight hours of July 7, 2020:

“If Jeff Murrey wishes to compete directly against Dark, I have no problems in giving him what he wants, as the move was already in consideration during television negotiations. When Dark premieres on network television this fall during Season 2B of the EWA, it will do so on Saturday, October 10.

Why would I be afraid to compete with their C show, when I’ve promised that every televised EWA broadcast will be of a PPV caliber? I’ve delivered on that promise thus far, and that will not change with Dark in Season 2B.

When Mr. Murrey says the company has asked for additional funding to upgrade their backstage set, what he really means is he’s asked for funding to copy OUR backstage set. Murrey accuses me of “hitting the reset button mid game,” but just last week they were announcing cuts to Ascendants in the upcoming season. And also, in the interest of fairness, I’m not the one constantly making excuses for an inferior product.

I am counting down the days until August 3, when the EWA returns for Season 2A; I promise that this episode of Revolution will be one for the history books. Also, I will be making an announcement pertaining to the Knockouts Division later this week.

As they say, Mr. Murrey – game on.


Benny Wade Mouse”

Benny Mouse makes announcement pertaining to the Knockouts Division

Dear friends,

In the original EWA, we made history by doing something no other promotion had dared to do: treat women’s wrestling as equivalent to men’s wrestling. Thus, the Knockouts Division was born, and months later, MMouse Enterprises scrambled to form their own division to compete with the breakout success of the Knockouts Division. When that division was finally formed, my brother Vinnie Mouse — a man — became the first Women’s Champion.

It’s always been apparent that Mickey Mouse has never believed that women’s wrestling is on par with men’s wrestling (arguably better, in modern times); he made that much clear at From Dusk Til Dawn 3, where he refused to go along with myself and my niece Catherine in presenting Star vs. Amazon Pt. 3 in the night’s main event.

Granted, the PWI has done a better job of showcasing their talented women’s division than Mickey’s earlier companies, but that can largely be attributed to Catherine. In 2019, we made history with the first-ever all women’s PPV, after the original EWA presented Amazon vs Athena Star Pt. 2 on the main event of our Monday show. Then, we had our first-ever Takeover: Revolution, in which the Knockouts Division made history with the first-ever all women’s Monday show. PWI has yet to try their hand at an all women event, not even on their C show. Hell, they’ve yet to hire any female referees, ring announcers, or interviewers! I am calling on PWI to get with the times; if Chairman Murrey is serious about giving fans what they want, he’d deliver on what the EWA has made the “new normal.”

Now, onto my announcement.

Last year at Hell Hath No Fury, Nikki Bella went on to win the title tournament and the “Knockouts Cup.” This year, the Knockouts Cup will be replaced by the first ever Queen of the Ring tournament; in which a tournament will be held and will conclude at Hell Hath No Fury 2. Nikki Bella’s Knockouts Cup victory has automatically secured her a spot, and a series of qualifying matches will be held during the lead up to the PPV, in which the winner will also get a title shot at any time of their choosing, so long as they give notice. (This is different than the MITB briefcase holder, as all they need to ‘cash in’ is an official.)

I will have even further announcements pertaining to the Knockouts Division in the weeks to come, but for now, I implore Chairman Murrey to give the women of the PWI one night of their own.

I have accepted his challenge, now it’s time for him to accept mine.

Sincerely, Benny Wade Mouse

Benny Mouse holds first press conference in 232 days; addresses PWI’s rebuttal to his challenge – 7/8/20

Benny Mouse: Ladies and gentlemen, good evening. I’ve invited you here this evening so I can respond to the special board meeting of the PWI, held late last night. As you know, I am a significant investor in the competition, as my broker’s have always advised me to keep a diverse portfolio. That said, I must say, as time passes, the more I regret my purchase because I am ashamed of how regressive the PWI and its board of directors are. Time after time, they prove to go out of their way to make the wrong decision, when the right decision is often an easier path.

Truthfully, I did not expect Chairman Murrey to accept my challenge to hold an all women’s division card, as I had accepted his challenge to move EWA Dark to Saturday’s for the show’s fall television debut.

To my niece Catherine, to Mr. Puddphucker, and to a lesser degree, Mr. Murrey, I applaud you for arguing for the sake of equality. To the board of directors, however, I am once again left scratching my head in confusion that they could be so easily swayed by such a nonsensical argument. Mickey’s argument against accepting the challenge was, by all reports, a rehash of old talking points that somehow “wowed” the board into seeing things his way, even though Mickey cited the fact that the EWA would be the first to hold an all-women’s show as his primary reason to objecting to it last November.

So, again, the fans of the women’s division in the PWI are the ones who go punished, and I am renewing the calls I made last year for Mickey’s resignation, as he and the supporting board members have proven unstable and unethical.

At this point, I will now take questions from the press.

HBO Sports: When crediting the supporting board members, why did you give Murrey less credit than Catherine and Mr. Puddphucker?

Benny Mouse: I did so because Murrey’s argument was made as a slight against our own Knockout’s Division. Murrey called the division inferior to the PWI’s Women’s Division, yet does not have the ability to make a coherent and convincing argument to the board to actually back up his claims. How can the PWI’s women’s division be superior to the Knockouts when they are consistently treated as second class performers?

ESPN: Do you think the PWI will ever have an all women’s show?

Benny Mouse: Honestly, yes, and perhaps not for the right reasons. They should want to give their women’s division equal and ample opportunity to shine, yet they hide behind Mickey’s absurd sexism argument. But the fact of the matter is, with the EWA hosting the third all Knockouts show on August 31, and the fourth and the fifth during Season 2B, we are quickly normalizing the concept. The fact remains, the women’s revolution – as led by the superior Knockouts Division – is a proven draw, and investors will soon realize that the days of it being a novel concept to host an all female show are over. Knowing my niece, she will not let this concept go. The only problem is, now when it finally happens, the moment will forever be tainted by Mickey Mouse and his inept board of directors.

ABC: There are rumors that Mickey is drifting further away into insanity; what are your thoughts?

Benny Mouse: Mickey Mouse has been unstable, and what I would classify as insane, since the era began, if not earlier. That is why I called for his resignation in 2019, and have renewed those calls. If Mickey refuses to resign, as I suspect he’ll do, I will look into selling my shares to one of the chairs who are more interested in doing the right thing, because frankly, even being associated with the company has left me feeling uneasy.

NBC: What do you make of the turmoil in the PWI?

Benny Mouse: Turmoil in the PWI, at this point. is no longer news, it’s simply the norm. Again, this is why I’m seriously considering selling my shares. I have kept them not out of spite, but because at my core, I am a wrestling fan. And yes, that includes some of what the competition has done. But by and large, especially following the obscene display of violence we saw when Slammer attacked Sasha Banks, I simply do not know how much more I can take.

ESPN: Do you think that is slightly hypocritical, given The Ladies Man’s continued transphobic remarks?

Benny Mouse: Sneaking in two questions, I see.. but, I am actually glad that you’ve mentioned that, because The Ladies Man has been sanctioned and fined for his comments. We here at BWM Inc. are a progressive, inclusive company, which is why I was so proud to recently sign Nyla Rose. We will be a product for everyone, and we will not discriminate.

HBO Sports: We have heard a lot about talent acquisitions from the competition, but the EWA’s signings have come at a less frequent rate. You’ve said before that you do not want to sign too many new wrestlers, given the portion of the roster that’s yet to be utilized. Do you have any more announcements in regards to talent acquisitions?

Benny Mouse: Actually, I do! As noted recently, I feel that Chairman Murrey has forced certain superstars into retirement when they still have something to offer. Murrey has done so to “punish” the talent for his own shortcomings. That is why I am proud to announce the signing of Ken Shamrock! With that said, I must end this press conference. We’ll speak again soon!

Benny Mouse pens response to PWI’s surprise press conference – 7/9/20

On Thursday afternoon, Benny Mouse issued the following statement in response to Mickey Mouse’s surprise press conference and board of directors meeting:

“Dear friends,

When I awoke this morning, I was forwarded a video of PWI’s press conference/emergency board meeting, which occurred at 4 AM. I watched the video in complete and utter shock, and probably not for the reasons that my brother had intended.

First, and most importantly, regardless of our complicated past, Mickey is and always will be my brother. Family can be messy, but ultimately, there’s an underlining degree of love for one’s family that you can’t just turn on and off, even when your family is cruel and irrational.

As I closed my laptop at the conclusion of the conference, I was left with the overwhelming feeling that my brother Mickey is in need of serious medical attention. Mickey’s erratic behavior over the last several months has worsened, and I fear that Mickey may be suffering from some sort of cognitive decline. Mickey admitted, against the wishes of his sidekick, that he is taking several different medications for his outbursts, attempting to hand-wave away his issues as “normal aging.” But what many do not know, is that our father was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s.

Our family did a wonderful job of keeping this secret, but I’ve always feared that the disease, which was a cruel and unkind disease, would pop back up either within myself, or my brothers. Despite the common misconception that the disease skips a generation, the gene can only be passed down directly from the affected parent.

Mickey’s behavior this morning was eerily reminiscent of my father’s early diagnosis, and I again implore the PWI Board of Directors to act on Mickey’s erratic behavior and likely cognitive decline. Mickey either needs to resign immediately, or make his medical records public — likely BOTH, if we’re being honest.

As to my brother’s announcement of a “compromise that will even make me happy,” I sadly must admit that the board’s decision fell flat with me. Are we seriously expected to applaud a pre-season approach that is admittedly meaningless in the grand scheme of things? While I am happy that the women of the PWI will get a chance to showcase their abilities in three all-women’s shows, I’m saddened by the fact that these pre-season shows are, by design, glorified house shows that will not impact rankings, storylines, or anything else for that matter.

The fact that my niece Catherine was so quick to go along with this idea, signing off in favor without fully evaluating the proposal in writing, disappoints me massively. Mickey is known for sneaking secret clauses into his proposals, and she honestly should know better.

Again, I am left bewildered by how easily the board, including Chairman Murrey and my niece, and even Chairman Puddphucker, were convinced to go along with Mickey’s plan when he was clearly in the midst of a mental episode.

Again, I implore the PWI’s Board of Directors to take direct and immediate action to make sure that Mickey is completely in control of his cognitive functions; it does not take a medical degree to conclude that his behavior is irrational and out of control. I was left feeling saddened for my brother as the conference concluded, and his comment about it being a “good day” again left me fearful that my brother is experiencing genetic hindrances to his cognitive functions.

I do not fear direct competition, in fact, I encourage it. I hope the ladies of the PWI bring their A game to their pre-season opener, as Season 2A’s premiere in the EWA showcases a stacked card, headlined by the EWA World Champion Grand Daddy Duxen defending the title against the unstoppable Armageddon in a No Holds Barred match.

Furthermore, I would like to announce a very special caliber tag team title match for the return of Revolution on August 3; The Brothers Metal were originally scheduled to compete against La Resistance in a non-title match, but after weeks of negotiations, the team of Splidder and Splinter will face off against the champs in a Battle of the Legends Match for the titles! Splinter said that while he wished to remain retired if he and his brother are unsuccessful, he could not pass on his dream of wrestling in a tag team with his brother at least one final time.

Again, good luck and congrats to the PWI’s women’s division, and I’m sorry that this special moment is undermined by being featured in a series of glorified house shows that will have no impact on existing or new storylines.


Benny Wade Mouse”

Benny pens response to Mickey’s suspension – 7/11/20

Benny Mouse issued the following statement late Friday evening in response to PWI’s most recent press release:

“As my father always said when I felt down about not immediately doing the right thing, ‘It’s better late than never.’

Tonight, my father’s words best describe my reaction to the PWI’s Board of Directors and their decision to temporarily suspend Mickey for his recent behavior; and while it’s true that my father’s diagnosis was a well guarded secret, I know for a fact that at least two people in that room were, at the very least, aware of my father’s condition. 

While I applaud the board for doing the right thing after days of prodding, I do question if there is not something even more sinister than my brother’s prognosis at hand.

A competent Board of Directors would have already taken action on the obvious cognitive decline, especially with people in that room well aware of the full circumstances. 

While I will continue to worry about my brother’s well-being, he is clearly unfit for the tasks at hand and for the role he had served. He and I have always enjoyed a healthy degree of competition, but his ACTUAL health must come first. I hope he uses this time to truly get well, and one day, if and when he’s capable, we can return to that competition.

In the meantime, however, I, along with several other investors demand answers to the following questions:

1) Why was action not taken sooner, when Mickey first began exhibiting symptoms of cognitive decline?

2) Why did the two persons aware of the possible prognosis not bring it to the board’s attention?


Benny Wade Mouse”

EWA announces additional signings; press conference to follow – 7/15/20

With only two and a half weeks left before the EWA’s Season 2 Opener, Chris Hyatte has learned of the following signings:

Former HCW superstar Batista has signed with the EWA

Independent superstar Ryback has signed with the EWA

Independent wrestler and MMA fighter Jake Hagar has signed with the EWA

Contracts for former PWI superstars Sasha Banks, Wade Barrett and Alundra Blayze have been finalized.

Additionally, the Hyatte has learned that Benny Mouse will hold a press briefing in which he will answer questions from reporters on Friday afternoon. Questions can be submitted in advance for those members of the press who are unable to attend.

As always, stay tuned!

Benny Mouse addresses questions from the press

BWM Inc. Headquarters

Stamford, CT

July 20, 2020 — 11:30 PM

BM = Benny Mouse

BM: Good evening, and I appreciate you all for assembling on such short notice. I also appreciate the fact that you all have been very patient in waiting for this press conference, as my intention was to hold it on Friday but I was instead forced to delay due to an announcement I plan to make momentarily. You see, contract negotiations for said announcement took longer to finalize, due to my normal lawyer coming down with COVID-19; and while I did not want to abandon his services, I was forced to bring in my personal lawyer to pick up where our BWM Inc. lawyer left off. That said, I am happy to report that my business lawyer is doing well, in spite of his recent diagnosis.

Now, before I address your questions, I need to reiterate my excitement for the season premiere of Revolution, which is now only two weeks away from tonight. We all know the card, and it’s stacked — as all EWA cards are — but what you all do not know is that I have been hard at work in putting together something extra special for Monday, August 3.

On that night, immediately following Revolution, the EWA will again make history with the first ever episode of EWA: 24. Now, I know what you’re thinking — what am I talking about? Well, we know that fans have long since desired a peak behind the cameras, and that is what we will be doing! This broadcast will show what goes into the 24 hours prior to a show, and not just any show, but our season premiere. Revolution on August 3 promises to be one of the most exciting nights in wrestling history; the excitement has reached a fever pitch and I cannot wait to give our fans this added bonus. We’re pulling back the curtain, and you’ll see our stars in a way you’ve never seen before.

So, with that said, I am happy to now take your questions.

HBO Sports: One question that is on everyone’s mind is the status of former HCW owner John Brown, as well as your wife, Molly Mouse. Can you give us an update on their conditions, and their futures with the company?

BM: I have not spoken with my wife since the birth of her and Mr. Brown’s son in June, nor do I have plans to speak with her again until our divorce is finalized. I have been informed that though Brown agreed to our stipulation, Molly still retains he shares of the company and the two are still very much together. I hear that they’re both at home on bedrest, but I can’t confirm that. All that said, though Molly still has her shares, the stipulation Brown agreed to will be upheld. Molly still has a seat on the board, but has been absent from all meetings. If the divorce settlement goes the way I hope it goes, she and Brown will be out of my life forever. I expect that divorce to be finalized in the next few months. Next question.

ABC: What are your thoughts about the recent chaos in the PWI, including the prank that led to their abrupt ending to a recent press conference?

BM: You know, it’s interesting, because Mr. Murrey said earlier this evening that me asking legitimate questions as a shareholder was somehow a ploy to goad him into a back and forth. I also spent a little time reviewing previous conferences, and realized that abrupt endings to have been a common occurrence throughout this entire era. I feel like these abrupt endings are nothing more than a ploy to get out of answering difficult questions.

CBS Sports: What about Mr. Murrey’s comments tonight on the EWA’s erratic scheduling during the first season?

BM: Look, I’m tired of answering that question. By now you all are very aware of my mental health decline during season one as a result of my collapsing family. I am not going to keep apologizing for that, and it’s a tired line of attack from a company that is literally scrambling to compete with me, including all of the recent changes such as the announcement of the preseason, the unwillingness to commit to showing off their women’s talent without me begging they step into modern times, and how Murrey has gone back and forth on his rankings system, if titles will be defended in this preseason, and more. Murrey attempts to bring me down as a way to overshadow his own shortcomings, and I understand why he does it. He does so because he is desperate for a victory, but that victory will not come on August 3.

CBS Sports: Are you guaranteeing a victory in two weeks? Is that what you’re saying?

BM: I do not see us losing on August 3. I do not know how to make that more clear.

PBS: Do you expect the PWI to make any more changes to the preseason?

BM: What is this, a PWI press conference?! I just announced a historic, unprecedented peak behind the current with EWA: 24, yet you all just want to ask me about my competitors? This question also comes less than an hour after Murrey announced MORE changes to the preseason. To answer your question, I guess it depends on what I do, doesn’t it? After all, these changes keep coming as the PWI’s flailing to catch up to my product. Hey Murrey, I’ve hired a Spanish announce team to sit near ringside beginning in season two – want me to save you the trouble and send you my left over resumes for when you copy that idea?

NBC: We have been hearing rumors that Miss Athena Star, still injured, is looking to make a big announcement pertaining to her career on 4:20. Speculation is obviously running rampant. Can you shed some light on these rumors?

BM: I met with Miss Athena Star over the weekend and we discussed a lot of things, including her contract, which was only a one year deal as everyone knows she has contemplated taking a step back since From Dusk Til Dawn 3. We have yet to reach the terms of a new contract, though I am confident we will. I know Athena is feeling a certain way these days, but I am still very much of the mindset that Athena Star has many memorable moments ahead of her. I hope she recognizes her contributions to the women’s wrestling movement, and sincerely believe it would not exist without her. I can tell you that Star will reunite with Jesse Hash on 4:20, and will open the show. We’ll see what she has to say then.

Sports Illustrated: Will EWA: 24 be a regular broadcast moving forward?

BM: Depending on how the show is received, it is my hopes to have the series air after every season premiere. In other words, the next time it will broadcast will be following our season three premiere. I’ll take one more question.

ESPN: How do you react to Murrey announcing that the cards of PWI Live will be surprises?

BM: Personally, I think such a move is bad for business, and is certainly antithetical to what Murrey claims he wants to do in beating the EWA. Murrey tries to belittle our success by saying we cannot get away with big matches and moments on every broadcast, but I disagree. Fans are expected to choose a preseason show over Revolution, when PWI’s higher ups cannot even make up their minds on how they want to do it? First there would be no title matches, now there are “open challenges.” Then, he said rankings would not be impacted, and now they will be. He is consistently a step behind us at every turn. Expecting fans to choose an unadvertised preseason show over the blockbuster Revolution – featuring Rousey challenging Moon for the Knockouts Championship, Olsen challenging Pac for the X-Division Championship, Splidder and Splinter against the Brothers Metal, CM Punk and Kofi Kingston in our first MITB Men’s Qualifying match, and our main event EWA World Championship bout with Duxen vs Armageddon – is simply a bad business decision, in my opinion. But hey, what do I know, I’m only the man behind the most-watched wrestling promotion in the world!

Thank you all and have a good night; we’ll talk again soon.

Benny Mouse hosts final press briefing before Season 2 premiere

Stamford, CT

Tuesday July 28, 2020

11:30 PM

BM = Benny Mouse

BM: Good evening, and welcome to the EWA’s final press briefing. As you all know, we are mere days away from the Season 2 premiere of the Elite Wrestling Alliance, where Revolution returns, live from Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium in beautiful Memphis, TN! The card is stacked from top to bottom, with the double main event for the EWA World Heavyweight Championship as Grand Daddy Duxen defends again the unstoppable force, Armageddon in a No Holds Barred match. Plus, ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey – wrestling’s hottest female superstar – challenges Ember Moon for the Knockouts Championship!

Also, in one of the biggest announcements of the summer, Splinter and Splidder step out of retirement to challenge Metal Head and Heavy Metal for the EWA World Tag Team Championship! Plus, the X-Division title is on the line with Pac defending against Sean Olsen, and CM Punk will battle Kofi Kingston in a men’s Money in the Bank qualifying match. On top of all of that, for the first time in over a decade, Jesse Hash and Miss Athena Star will reunite on 4:20!

It will be a night wrestling fans remember for a long time to come, as we’re looking to set ratings records. We have heavily promoted this premiere, and we expect to perform at our highest caliber. Everything’s gotten a face life, and our production values will reach unprecedented heights. I guarantee that Revolution on Aug. 3 will revolutionize the industry, and our competition will be scrambling to follow suit. At this point, I open the floor to your questions…

ESPN: Durring the final PWI press conference before Monday’s head to head battle, Chairman Jeff Murrey backed off his earlier pledge to defeat the EWA. He downplayed the ratings battle, but it later leaked one wrestling news sites that the preseason will feature some big reveal. What are your thoughts heading into Monday?

BM: Look, I’ve tried to keep up with Murrey’s remarks, but he flip flops like a fish out of water. One minute he is cutting Ascendants, the next he’s investing money to make it compete with Dark. One moment the preseason will feature random matches that do not effect the story, and now they are deluding the prestige of the Immunity Championship by adding the immunity stipulation to the entire concept. It’s head spinning, and it’s counterintuitive to Murrey’s remarks about having a long term strategy. I hate to say it, but Jeff Murrey is not the same visionary he once was. His finger is no longer on the pulse of what fans want, and the PWI has such little faith in its women’s division that it failed to even announce the card for the first-ever all female card for the company! Oh wait, that’s right, Murrey would have you believe that it being a “surprise” is actually a good thing, and not a reason for him to pencil in a few nostalgia acts to pop the ratings.

ESPN: So you’re saying you expect sur–

BM: No, I’m saying what I just said! You can try to put words in my mouth all you want, just like Murrey tries to do, but the fact remains that he’s backing off in an effort to lull us into a false sense of security, and I assure you that won’t happen. I am confident with what we’ve advertised, I’m confident in our presentation, and I’m confident that the talent of the Elite Wrestling Alliance will deliver a show on Monday that you’ll all be buzzing about!

HBO Sports: I notice that, as with the season one premiere, Revolution is starting in enemy territory. Can I ask why you chose the biggest arena in Memphis, given the proximity of PWI Live? Can you fill this arena?

BM: Listen, it’s no secret that I like to cross enemy lines. Kind of like how you can count on PWI to move their opening shows to the same night as the EWA’s, you can count on me reaching out to the good people of Tennessee even if PWI is nearby. Are the fans in Memphis going to the arena where there’s no advertised card, or are they going to sell out Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium to witness the biggest stars in wrestling? I can tell you that tickets are expected to sell out in hours, if not sooner. Murrey’s promising a nostalgia act with women’s wrestling on the side. The choice between the two shows, in my mind, is easier than ever after Murrey opened his mouth.

PWI: Can you tell us a little more about EWA 24?

BM: As I’ve said, it’ll be an unprecedented look at the behind the scenes of the EWA. It will show what goes into producing the most popular wrestling show on the planet, and it will make history, as the EWA so often does.

CBS Sports: Rumors are circulating about what Miss Athena Star has to announce on 4:20, with many pundits expecting her to announce her retirement. These rumors were heightened when you said you have yet to finalize Star’s new contract. What can you tell us on this situation?

BM: I met with Miss Athena Star again on Sunday, and we are closer than ever to coming to terms with a new contract. Miss Athena Star is by far the biggest female wrestling star on the planet, even after a difficult year. She is still recovering from her injury sustained at No Boundaries, however, so it will be a bit longer before we see her back in the ring. But I am confident we will see her in the ring again, because I don’t think she’s quite done yet. Though I already recognize her as such, she’s not going out until she’s satisfied that history will remember her as the most influential women’s wrestler of all time.

Thank you all for your questions, and I will speak to you all soon!

BREAKING: Stipulation added to Revolution’s Knockouts Championship match – 7/30/20 is reporting that a stipulation has been added to one half of the double main event.

Chris Hyatte reports that both Ronda Rousey and Ember Moon were seen leaving Benny Mouse’s office at separate times Thursday afternoon. Hours later, it leaked that Benny was finalizing the match stipulation for the highly anticipated Knockout’s Championship bout, where Ember Moon will have her first title defense in with the odds on favorite and number one contender ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey.

We can confirm tonight that for the first time ever in the Elite Wrestling Alliance, the bout will be a Last Woman Standing match!

This announcement, off the heels of the No Holds Barred match for the EWA World Championship between Grand Daddy Duxen and Armageddon promises a violent, memorable double main event when Revolution airs live from enemy territory in Memphis’ largest arena this Monday night!

We will continue to provide updates and additional news as it breaks.

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