Archived Articles from Cameron Cross

The following are the archived articles from Cameron Cross, who briefly analyzed the beginning of the Sixth Era.

Cross Talk

Welcome to Cross Talk! I am the infamous Cameron Cross. Each week I will dissect the wrestling world and take a look inside. Forget about Alvarez, Keller, Meltzer, Roberts, and Satin, because only this journalist has the integrity it takes to cover both EWA and PWI. I will be biased and fair for the two hottest professional wrestling organizations in the entire world!

Cameron Cross is a semi retired professional wrestler, host of Higher Level Wrestling Podcast, Chief Editor of Higher Level Fight Magazine, and editor and publisher of Cross Talk.


On November 30th, Premier Wrestling Incorporated will set out to recapture the hearts of the wrestling world with Greatness Reborn! Do they have to recapture it though? Mickey has been seen as manic, but he has a wrestling mind that at times has been unmatched. From 1997 to 2002, his backing on the industry was untouchable. It may be true that “Only the best in the business…Guaranteed” is more than a moniker. Greatness Reborn will showcase some of the greatest wrestling talent in the world. If seeing Teo, Attitude, or Rhyno doesn’t have you sold… the event will provided a mystery participant in the opening bout and the big reveal of the mystery shareholder!

Cross to Bear

We are 8 days away from professional wrestling’s opening day! The Elite Wrestling Alliance will etch there name in history by showcasing an all female talent Pay Per View event in the mecca know as Madison Square Garden. It is a tremendous time to be a fan of this sport and Benny clearly has his finger on the pulse. This event is a breakthrough for the industry. Benny has proven that he can bring something fresh without bogging down viewers with statistics of past success. Wrestling in 2020 will be at a whole new level. This writer personally can’t wait to see former UFC Bantamweight Champion, Ronda Rousey and 11 of the greatest female athletes ever compete in a tournament that will crown the first ever Knockouts Champion!

Setting The Garden On Fire

What a night for Professional Wrestling! When a company does it right, they do it right! From the pyro, to the roar of the crowd, backstage footage, and not to mention the incredible in ring action that surpassed some of the iconic Master Splinter’s best in ring work…Hell Hath No Fury surpassed all expectations. Nikki Bella made history by winning the Knockout’s Cup and World title from the likes of Charlotte Flair (who is no slouch). It was refreshing seeing wrestling pioneers Splinter, Krusader, Terminator, The Million Dollar Man, and Arn Anderson grace our television sets.

Moving ahead, PWI has there work cut out for them as they move forward. They showcased some new talent on the first episode of Ascendants. We saw a victorious Aleister Black and expect big things from him going forward. Asylum gave us some of the best in tag team wrestling with our Tag Champions the Guerreros in a star studded ladder match. The main event of the night would decide the women’s tag titles. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the Crock Show. The strobe lighting had me scared for all the Kulture City kids. Crock is still a fan favorite (not sure why) and tried to pitch the idea of Murrey’s family secrets to the Chairman. The Higher Level Podcast will debut Wednesday January 1st and air every Wednesday following that! Stay tuned for more details.

The Mind of Mick

Insane or genius? He has monopolized the wrestling industry. Mick is one of the most polarizing figures in American culture. From back room dealings with Donald Trump to red carpet event around the world, Mickey has been a thorn in the side of all his competitors. This reporter has began to wonder if the “Insanity” is just an act to offset competition. Will 2020 be Mick’s year? My advice would be for EWA to keep there eyes open. Don’t sleep on Mick!

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