W.W.E. SD 5.19.23

The WWE opening for Friday Night Smackdown in Wembley Stadium on May 19, 2023

[The scene opens to a packed Wembley Stadium, buzzing with excitement and anticipation. The crowd erupts into cheers as the pyrotechnics light up the sky, creating a spectacular display of colors and sparks. The camera pans across the cheering fans, showcasing their signs and merchandise.]

Schiavone: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Friday Night Smackdown, live from the iconic Wembley Stadium in London, England! Tonight, we have an incredible show lined up for you, filled with thrilling matches and unforgettable moments!

[The camera cuts to the commentary team at ringside, ready to call the action.]

Vega: We are live here in Wembley Stadium, and it’s an electric atmosphere, folks! This is what WWE is all about!

Chase: That’s right! And we’ve got a special treat for everyone tonight. Our new Global Ambassador, Titus O’Neil, is here, and he’s got something incredible planned.

[The video screen lights up, showcasing Titus O’Neil standing in the middle of the ring, wearing a sharp suit and a contagious smile.]

Titus O’Neil: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us tonight at Wembley Stadium! Tonight, we’re going to witness some extraordinary action in the ring, but before we get to that, I want to take a moment to celebrate a truly special occasion.

[The crowd eagerly awaits Titus’ next words, buzzing with anticipation.]

Titus O’Neil: It’s a young fan’s birthday today, and his name is Taylor. Taylor, where are you?

[The camera pans across the audience as Taylor, a special needs kid, is shown on the big screen. The crowd erupts into applause and chants of “Happy Birthday!”]

Titus O’Neil: Taylor, my friend, I want to personally wish you the happiest of birthdays! Your courage, strength, and love for WWE inspire us all. Tonight, we’re going to make your birthday unforgettable!

[Suddenly, the arena darkens, and a spotlight shines on the entrance ramp. The familiar theme song of Taylor’s favorite wrestling personality, the CEO, Jeff Murrey, begins to play, and the crowd explodes with excitement.]

Vega: No way! It can’t be!

Chase: Oh, it is! It’s Taylor’s all-time favorite person, Jeff Murrey!

[The camera captures the entrance ramp as Taylor’s favorite wrestling personality, with a beaming smile, makes his way to the ring, greeting the young fan with a high-five.]

Titus O’Neil: Taylor, I present to you your favorite person, who has a special birthday gift just for you!

[Jeff Murrey hands Taylor an autographed championship title belt, and the crowd roars with approval.]

Titus O’Neil: Taylor, may your spirit and determination continue to shine brightly, and may your birthday be filled with joy and love. From all of us here in WWE, we wish you the happiest of birthdays!

[The crowd rises to their feet, giving Taylor a thunderous standing ovation, as he proudly raises the championship belt above his head. The emotional moment reverberates throughout Wembley Stadium.]

Vega: What an incredible gesture by Titus O’Neil and Jeff Murrey!

Chase: It’s moments like these that remind us how much WWE and its Superstars impact lives around the world. Happy birthday, Taylor!

[The uplifting music swells as the cameras capture the heartwarming scene, with Titus O’Neil, Taylor, and Jeff Murrey sharing an embrace in the center of the ring.]

“Clash of Champions”

The crowd is electric as the lights dim, and the WWE Universe eagerly awaits the showdown between the World Champion, Damian Priest, and the European Champion, Matt Riddle. Both athletes have proven themselves to be fierce competitors, and tonight they are set to collide in a non-title match. The anticipation fills the arena as the stage is set for an epic clash between two of WWE’s brightest stars.


The heavy beat of Damian Priest’s theme music reverberates throughout the arena, signaling the arrival of the World Champion. He emerges from the smoke, bathed in an array of vibrant colors, exuding confidence and intensity. The crowd erupts in cheers as Priest makes his way to the ring, his eyes locked on his opponent.

Next, the energetic and laid-back persona of Matt Riddle takes over the arena. The European Champion comes out with a wide grin on his face, high-fiving fans along the ramp. His unique charisma and unorthodox style make him a fan favorite, and the crowd showers him with adulation.

The Bell Rings:

As the bell rings, both competitors circle the ring, sizing each other up. The tension in the air is palpable as the two champions lock eyes, ready to engage in a battle of skill, strength, and determination.

Back and Forth Action

The opening moments of the match showcase the technical prowess of both Damian Priest and Matt Riddle. They engage in a series of reversals, counters, and holds, each trying to gain the upper hand. Riddle’s unpredictable strikes and submissions test Priest’s agility, while the World Champion’s power moves and calculated strikes keep the European Champion on his toes.

Riddle’s High-Flying Offense

Riddle, known for his high-flying abilities, gains momentum in the match. He connects with a flurry of kicks, knees, and aerial maneuvers, keeping Priest off balance. The crowd is in awe of Riddle’s agility and acrobatics as he executes a picture-perfect Floating Bro from the top rope, crashing down onto Priest. Riddle goes for the cover, but Priest manages to kick out at the last moment, narrowly escaping defeat.

Priest’s Resilience

As the match progresses, Priest taps into his resilience and fighting spirit. He fights back with thunderous strikes, showcasing his raw power and determination. The World Champion lands a devastating Cyclone Kick, staggering Riddle. Sensing an opportunity, Priest ascends to the top rope and delivers his signature maneuver, The Reckoning, connecting flush on Riddle. He hooks the leg for the pinfall.

Near Falls and Final Moments

The referee counts, 1… 2… but Riddle manages to kick out just in the nick of time. The crowd erupts in disbelief, impressed by Riddle’s ability to stay in the match. Both champions dig deep, unleashing their arsenal of moves, desperately trying to secure the victory. The match reaches its climax when Priest counters Riddle’s attempt at a Bro Derek with a swift reversal into a Crucifix Powerbomb. The impact shakes the ring, leaving Riddle stunned.


With the crowd on their feet, Damian Priest quickly capitalizes on the moment. He ascends to the top rope once more and delivers a picture-perfect South of Heaven, his signature top-rope maneuver, crashing onto Riddle. The World Champion hooks the leg as the referee counts, 1… 2… 3!

The bell rings, signaling the end of an incredible matchup. Damian Priest emerged victorious in this non-title clash, narrowly defeating the European Champion, Matt Riddle.

The Invitation

Damian Priest: Luchasaurus, my friend, my fellow warrior, I have been watching you closely. Your strength, your agility, and your presence in that ring are undeniable. But look at what surrounds you! Jungle Boy, a talented competitor in his own right, but he lacks the killer instinct that you possess.

Luchasaurus, together, we can reshape the landscape of WWE. Final Judgment is about power, dominance, and taking what we deserve. With your incredible abilities and my strategic mind, we will be unstoppable. No one will be able to stand in our way.

Think about it, Luchasaurus. Do you really want to be trapped in the jungle with a boy who is holding you back? Or do you want to soar to new heights, to claim gold and become a legend? The choice is yours. But it is a choice I need you to make soon.

A Fighting Champion???

[The camera switches to the entrance ramp as Curtis Axel’s music hits. The crowd responds with a chorus of boos as Axel confidently struts down the ramp, wearing his Intercontinental Championship belt around his waist. He grabs a microphone and enters the ring, soaking in the crowd’s reaction.]

Curtis Axel: Well, well, well, look who it is! The one and only Curtis Axel, your Intercontinental Champion! Now, before we get started, I have something important to say.

[The crowd grows curious, and a hush falls over the arena as they await Axel’s explanation.]

Curtis Axel: You see, I’ve been thinking, and I’ve come to a realization. Ricky Starks, as talented as he is, just isn’t worthy of stepping into the ring with the likes of Curtis Axel. I mean, come on, he’s just not on my level!

[The crowd begins to boo loudly, expressing their disappointment at Axel’s words.]

Curtis Axel: But hey, I’m a fighting champion, and I’m always up for a challenge. However, I’ve recently suffered a…erm… very serious injury. Yeah, that’s right, a freak accident in the gym. I pulled a muscle while bench pressing a hundred pounds…or maybe it was twenty.

[The crowd erupts into laughter, clearly not buying Axel’s excuse.]

Curtis Axel: Oh, you think it’s funny, huh? Well, it’s a serious injury, folks. Doctor’s orders, I’m afraid. They say I can’t compete tonight. It’s a shame because I was really looking forward to showing Ricky Starks what a real champion looks like.

[The boos intensify as the crowd realizes Axel is trying to dodge the match.]

Curtis Axel: But don’t worry, I’m a generous champion. I’ve spoken to my biggest fan, CEO Jeff Murrey, and we’ve come to an agreement. Ricky Starks will have a match tonight, but not against me. No, no, no. He’ll face…uh…ZEUS!

[The crowd reacts with a mix of disappointment and confusion. The camera pans to Ricky Starks at ringside, who looks frustrated but determined.]

[The segment ends with Axel smirking in the ring as the crowd continues to express their displeasure. Meanwhile, Ricky Starks watches from ringside, ready to face the new challenge ahead.]

Invincible versus Internet Champ

As the bell rings, Ricky Starks circles around Zeus, studying his opponent with a mix of apprehension and determination. Starks attempts to utilize his speed advantage, darting in and out of Zeus’s reach, delivering lightning-quick strikes and dodging the titan’s massive fists.

However, it becomes apparent that Starks’ agility is no match for the sheer power of Zeus. With each unsuccessful attempt to wear down the terrifying figure, Zeus grows more enraged, fueling his aggression and determination to put an end to Starks’ resistance.

Zeus finally manages to grab hold of Starks, effortlessly hoisting him high above his head with one hand. The crowd gasps in awe at the display of Zeus’s strength. With a thunderous roar, Zeus slams Starks down to the mat, causing the ring to shake.

Blood begins to flow from Starks’ forehead as the impact of the slam takes its toll. Despite his injuries, Starks refuses to give up, displaying his fighting spirit and resilience. He attempts a comeback with a series of kicks and strikes, but they barely faze the mighty Zeus.

In a moment of desperation, Starks launches himself off the ropes, aiming for a high-flying maneuver. But before he can connect, Zeus catches him mid-air with a powerful punch that sends Starks crashing back down. The impact leaves Starks motionless on the canvas.

Zeus towers over his fallen opponent, flexing his bulging muscles as the crowd boos and jeers. With an arrogant smirk, Zeus delivers a final devastating blow, a thunderous punch that knocks Starks out cold. The referee has no choice but to call for the bell, declaring Zeus the undisputed winner of the match.

As Zeus celebrates his dominant victory, medics rush to tend to Ricky Starks, helping him out of the ring. Despite his defeat, Starks earns the respect of the audience for his valiant effort in the face of overwhelming odds.

The clash between Zeus and Ricky Starks stands as a testament to the immense power of the gods and the unwavering determination of a fearless competitor.

Main Event Tag Team Turmoil

Fatal Four-Way Tag Team Match


  1. Evil Uno and Stu Grayson (Final Judgment)
  2. Jordan and Gable (American Alpha)
  3. Scorpio Sky and Kazarian (SCU)
  4. Trent and Chucky T (Best Friends)

Schiavone: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the main event of the evening! We have an electrifying Fatal Four-Way Tag Team Match scheduled for one fall! Introducing the first team…

[The crowd roars with anticipation as the entrance music of Evil Uno and Stu Grayson hits the speakers. The Final Judgment members make their way to the ring, followed by their rivals American Alpha, Scorpio Sky and Kazarian, and Best Friends.]

Schiavone: And their opponents, Jordan and Gable, American Alpha!

[Jordan and Gable enter the ring with focused determination, ready to prove themselves against their tough competition.]

[SCU walks out to the ring, receiving a mixed reaction from the crowd. They exude confidence and experience, knowing they are a formidable duo.]

Schiavone: And finally, Trent and Chucky T, Best Friends!

[Trent and Chucky T enter with their trademark charisma, high-fiving the fans on their way to the ring, ready to showcase their in-ring skills.]

Referee: Alright, gentlemen, this is a fatal four-way tag team match. Remember, only two competitors can be legal in the ring at a time. Now, let’s get this match started!

[The bell rings, and chaos ensues. Evil Uno and Gable start the match, displaying their technical prowess. Meanwhile, Scorpio Sky and Chucky T take the fight outside the ring, brawling with intensity. Trent and Kazarian engage in a fast-paced exchange of strikes and counters.]

[As the match progresses, Evil Uno and Stu Grayson begin to assert their dominance. Their teamwork and unorthodox tactics give them the upper hand against their opponents. They isolate Jordan in the ring, wearing him down with relentless double-team maneuvers.]

[Trent and Chucky T recover from their outside brawl and reenter the fray. They ignite a fiery comeback, rallying the crowd behind them with their high-energy offense. The ring becomes a battleground of high-flying maneuvers and hard-hitting strikes.]

[With the match reaching its climax, Evil Uno and Stu Grayson capitalize on an opportunity to hit their devastating finisher, “Fatality,” on Scorpio Sky. The crowd erupts as Grayson covers Sky for the pinfall.]

Referee: One! Two! Three!

[The bell rings, signifying the victory for Evil Uno and Stu Grayson.]

[Evil Uno and Stu Grayson celebrate their hard-fought victory in the center of the ring, while the other teams regroup, nursing their wounds and contemplating their next move.]

[The crowd roars with appreciation for the incredible display of athleticism and tag team strategy. The match ends, but the excitement and anticipation for future encounters linger in the air as the WWE Universe eagerly awaits the next chapter in the beginning of the tag team division!!

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