Camden Cross Review: PWI Asylum (5.8.23)

Cross 2 Bare

Camdyn Cross unofficially and unceremoniously reviews PWI Asylum 05/08/2023

Well, here we are, Ol’ Cross back to what he does best.

So, the show kicked off how it normally does. An unwanted Mickey segment and 20 minutes of Rob Zombie music. I will say I am excited to see Teo and Attitude back together, making a run for tag gold. Liv and James put on a hell of a match and the broadcast team was so kind to remind the viewing audience that they would have a full month to recover…you know because we can’t figure that out on our own. Keep in mind they let us know this before and after the match.

Sean Spears is on a fast track to carving his name in history as he gunns for Rollins. No surprise, Spears is tops in my book.

Every wrestling company has a strength, I would say PWI has the best tag division. FTR, USOS, The Attraction, Harlem Turtles… not the Duct Tape Men!

Side thought here…why does every female athlete sound like they just got done having sex or are about to have sex when they speak. It is like they are told to use an after dark voice.

Edges court is my personal favorite part of the show, even though that intro is annoyingly long.

After that segment, I fell asleep, though. Sorry.

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