W.W.E. Then-Now-Forever 2023 (5.7.23)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the grandest stage of them all! The WWE Universe has been eagerly waiting for this moment and tonight, we are bringing you the best of the best from Madison Square Garden! This is the moment where legends are made, rivalries are settled, and champions are crowned!

For decades, Murrey Entertainment has been thrilling fans all over the world with its unique blend of athleticism, drama, and entertainment. And tonight, we are proud to present to you our flagship event – THEN NOW FOREVER in Madison Square Garden!

The lights are shining bright, the music is pumping, and the energy in the arena is electric! Tonight, we are witnessing history in the making as the most talented athletes from across the WWE universe have gathered here to put on a show like no other.

From heart-stopping battles in the ring to jaw-dropping moments outside of it, we promise you a night that you will never forget! So sit back, relax, and get ready to witness the best in the business as they fight for glory, honor, and respect.

We thank you for being a part of the WWE universe and joining us for THEN NOW FOREVER in Madison Square Garden! Let’s get ready to rumble!


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to WWE’s No Holds Barred opening contest! The crowd is buzzing with excitement as Aiden English makes his way to the ring, followed by Matt Cardona, who receives a thunderous ovation from the fans.

The referee signals for the match to start, and the two competitors waste no time in exchanging blows. Aiden English, known for his impressive vocal skills, taunts Cardona with his microphone, but Cardona responds by delivering a series of powerful punches.

The match intensifies as both wrestlers use every weapon they can find, from steel chairs to kendo sticks. The crowd is on their feet as they witness one of the most brutal matches in recent memory.

Just when it seems like Cardona has the upper hand, Chelsea Green makes her way to the ring. She approaches Cardona and gives him a kiss on the cheek, but suddenly, she pulls a steel chair from under the ring and attacks Cardona, shocking the crowd.

With Cardona down and out, Aiden English takes advantage and pins him for the three count, winning the match.

As English celebrates his victory, Otis from American Alpha Academy makes his way to the ring, accompanied by Chad Gable. The two athletes have their sights set on the 24/7 championship, and they waste no time in attacking English.

Despite putting up a valiant fight, English is no match for the strength and skill of Otis and Gable. Otis lands a devastating finishing move on English and pins him for the three count, becoming the new 24/7 champion.

The crowd erupts with excitement as Otis and Gable celebrate their victory. It’s been an incredible opening contest, and it’s only the beginning of what promises to be an unforgettable night of WWE action.


The crowd was on their feet as Titus O’Neil made his way to the ring, his powerful physique and determined expression a sight to behold. But his opponent tonight was no slouch either. ZEUS, a towering figure with rippling muscles and an intimidating presence, has been making waves in the WWE.

The bell rang, and the two men charged at each other with reckless abandon. Titus managed to catch ZEUS off guard with a flurry of punches and kicks, but the behemoth soon regained his footing and started unleashing a barrage of his own.

The match was a back-and-forth affair, with neither man gaining a clear advantage. But as the minutes ticked by, ZEUS started to show signs of fatigue. Titus saw an opportunity and went in for the kill, but ZEUS managed to dodge his finishing move and deliver a devastating blow to the back of Titus’ head.

The crowd gasped as Titus crumpled to the mat, and ZEUS pinned him for the three-count.

But as ZEUS celebrated his victory, the arena was filled with the sound of footsteps. Ricky Starks, Brian Cage, Powerhouse Hobbs, and the Hurricane had entered the ring, and they were clearly not there to congratulate the winner.

ZEUS looked around, trying to decide what to do, but before he could react, the group had swarmed him. Titus, surprisingly, sprang into action and started fighting off the attackers.

But ZEUS, his adrenaline pumping, saw an opportunity to inflict more punishment. With a snarl on his lips, and ice in his heart, he turned on Titus and started pummeling him with a series of brutal blows.

The crowd was stunned.


The WWE Universe is buzzing with excitement as Jeff Murrey, the master of ceremonies, stands in the middle of the ring, microphone in hand.

“Welcome, WWE Universe, to a special celebration tonight!” Jeff announces to the cheering crowd. “We are here to honor the inaugural WWE Intercontinental Champion and a surprise signee to the WWE, Curtis Axel!”

The crowd is pretty silent as Curtis Axel, donning his Intercontinental Championship belt, walks down the ramp to the ring. Jeff Murrey rolls out the red carpet for him and welcomes him into the ring.

“Congratulations, Curtis, on becoming the first-ever WWE Intercontinental Champion!” Jeff exclaims. “And what better way to celebrate than with a grand entrance fit for a king!”

Suddenly, the lights dim and a spotlight shines on the entrance ramp. The sound of trumpets blaring fills the arena as a procession of men in suits carrying golden scepters march out onto the ramp. Behind them, a royal carriage adorned with gold and jewels, much more expensive than King Charles III, is pulled out onto the ramp.

The crowd is heard mumbling such things like “what the fuck” as Curtis Axel looks on in awe. Jeff Murrey grins as he explains, “We spared no expense in creating this royal procession for you, Curtis! After all, you are the Intercontinental Champion and WWE’s newest signee, so we wanted to give you a grand welcome!”

Curtis Axel looks around in disbelief as he climbs into the carriage, which slowly makes its way down the ramp and around the ring. The crowd looks confused as Curtis waves to them, basking in the glory of his championship…win?

As the carriage comes to a stop at the entrance ramp, Jeff Murrey raises Curtis’s arm in victory. “Ladies and gentlemen, let’s hear it for our inaugural WWE Intercontinental Champion and newest WWE signee, Curtis Axel!” he announces as the crowd now begins to boo louder than ever.

The celebration continues throughout the night, with Curtis Axel being treated like royalty at every turn. From his red carpet entrance to his royal procession, he is the center of attention and the toast of the WWE Universe. It’s a night he will never forget, and one that cements his place in WWE history.


The crowd roared as the WWE European Championship match got underway, with Matt Riddle, the reigning champion, making his entrance to the ring. His laid-back demeanor and signature flip-flops made him an instant fan favorite, and the arena was awash in “Bro!” chants as he made his way to the ring.

As Riddle settled into his corner, his opponent for the night, Cameron Grimes, made his way to the ring. The arrogant Grimes strutted down the ramp, trash-talking Riddle the entire way. He was determined to take the European Championship away from Riddle and prove himself as a top contender in the WWE.

The bell rang, and the match was underway. Riddle and Grimes locked up in the center of the ring, with Riddle quickly gaining the upper hand. He took Grimes down with a beautiful arm drag and followed it up with a series of quick strikes.

Grimes managed to get back to his feet and tried to gain the upper hand, but Riddle was too quick for him. He dodged Grimes’ attacks and hit him with a picture-perfect dropkick that sent him tumbling out of the ring.

Riddle seized the opportunity and leaped over the top rope, taking Grimes down with a diving crossbody. The crowd erupted as Riddle got back to his feet, pumped up and ready for more.

Grimes managed to gain a bit of momentum, however, and took control of the match. He pummeled Riddle with a series of punches and kicks, keeping him on the defensive.

But Riddle refused to go down without a fight. He dug deep and fought back with everything he had, hitting Grimes with a flurry of kicks and strikes that left him reeling.

In the end, it was Riddle who emerged victorious. He caught Grimes in a submission hold, and Grimes had no choice but to tap out. The crowd erupted as Riddle was declared the winner and still the WWE European Champion.

As Riddle celebrated his hard-fought victory, Grimes limped to the back, humbled but not defeated. Riddle has proven himself, and the WWE Universe can’t wait to see what he will do next.


Damian Priest, the enigmatic superstar from New York, steps into the ring to take on Jungle Boy for the WWE World Championship. The crowd is electric with anticipation as both competitors make their way to the ring, ready for what promises to be an unforgettable match.

As the bell rings, the two men circle each other cautiously, sizing each other up. Jungle Boy strikes first with a lightning-quick dropkick that catches Priest off guard, but Priest quickly recovers and responds with a fierce clothesline that sends Jungle Boy outside of the ring.

The two men trade blows back and forth, neither able to gain a clear advantage. Priest tries to gain the upper hand with a series of power moves, but Jungle Boy counters with his speed and agility, dodging Priest’s attacks and delivering a flurry of kicks and punches that leave the champion reeling.

Halfway through the match, chaos ensues as Dominik Mysterio runs to hit the 619 on Jungle Boy, but is stopped by the referee. The referee quickly realizes that Priest’s group, the Final Judgment, has been interfering in the match and immediately bans them from ringside.

Priest is left to face Jungle Boy alone, but Jungle Boy takes advantage of the distraction and Luchasaurus delivers a brutal choke slam to Priest from behind. The referee, still unaware of the interference, continues the match as Jungle Boy locks in his signature snare trap submission hold on Priest.

With the pressure mounting, Priest looks to be on the brink of defeat. But in a stunning turn of events, Priest summons the strength to mount a comeback, fighting his way out of the snare trap and hitting his devastating finishing move, the South of Heaven, on Jungle Boy.

The crowd erupts as Priest covers Jungle Boy for the three count, securing his place as the WWE World Champion. Despite the interference from the Final Judgment, Priest proves that he is a true champion, able to overcome any obstacle in his path.

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