PWI Live Show Report: 5/5/23

At the May 5, 2023 PWI Live Show, the following took place:

Triple H defeated Johnny Morrison via pinfall after a thunderous Pedigree! 8 minutes 22 seconds.

Naomi and Io Shirai wrestled to a draw when they failed to answer to a ten count after knocking one another out. 7 minutes 50 seconds.

The 9th Ranked Liv Morgan defeated the 7th Ranked Bayley in a hell of a bout via pinfall following the ObLIVion! After the match was over, Ember Moon ran to the ring and tried to attack Liv, but Liv hit her with the ObLIVion as well to loud cheers! 10 minutes 14 seconds.

Sabu defeated Raven with a pinfall after the Big Show burst through the ring and scared the hell out of Raven when Raven was poised to win. Sabu capitalized on this to secure a pinfall victory! 9 minutes 23 seconds.

In a match to determine the challenger for the Women’s Title this Monday at Asylum, the 2nd Ranked Shayna Baszler defeated the iconic Lita via submission after locking in her signature submission hold: the Kirifuda Clutch! 10 minutes 11 seconds.

Just before the Main Event, Baron Corbin grabbed a microphone and started ranting about “old guys” like Stone Cold Steve Austin “stealing the spotlight” from “bright, young prospects” such as himself (in his words). This rant continued until the glass shattered again and the crowd lost their minds as Steve Austin charged into the ring. Baron tried to swing at Austin, but Austin ducked, spun Baron around, and hit him with another Stunner to deafening cheers! Austin then left Baron lying in the ring as he strutted to the back talking his shit!

In the Main Event, The Agency successfully defended their Women’s Tag Team Titles against the 1st Ranked Comic Nightmare after Stacy Keibler jumped on the apron, distracting Starfire long enough for Mockingbird to grab her, hoist her up for the Sniper Shot, and secure the pinfall! As the champions celebrated, Thundra glared into the ring (she was knocked off the apron moments before by Mockingbird before the finish) and then walked away looking angrier than ever! 15 minutes 7 seconds.

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