AEW Live! (4.30.23)

The very first installment of AEW’s road-show, “Live!” kicks off with Director of Operations Eric Bischoff coming to the ring. He thanks everyone for attending this special house show, noting that the world has demanded more All Elite Wrestling and he will not deprive the fans. Bischoff promises a great night of action as we transition from his exit to our opening contest. 

In the opening contest, Rey Fenix defeated Kalisto in a fast-paced match in which both men were able to show off their abilities. Ultimately, Fenix was just too much for Kalisto to fend off, as Fenix hit the Black Fire Driver for the three! 

In our next match, Dolph Ziggler made the mistake of cutting a pre-match promo, insulting Yokozuna’s weight. Ziggler said it’s sad that at 600 plus pounds, Yokozuna is “in the best shape of his life.” By the time Yokozuna made it to the ring, he was none to pleased with Ziggler’s fat shaming. He made quick work of the Show Off, flattening him with the Bonsai Drop for the win! 

Lance Archer and Bill Goldberg were up next. Goldberg received a warm reaction from the live crowd, as he wrestled his first match under the BWM Inc. banner in approximately a decade. The match began with an even exchange from the two powerhouses, but it didn’t take long before Goldberg took control. Goldberg, who appeared to be in an incredible shape, hit all of his signature moves before putting Archer down for three. 

In the main event of the evening, the AEW World Tag Team Champions Proud & Powerful defeated La Resistance in a fairly one-sided match up. The champs then cut a post-match promo, saying that the Inner Circle is the hottest act in the world, and that no one in AEW comes close to being on their level.   

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