Wrestling with Lenny, Volume 14

Oh my God? Oh my God? Is this really happening? Another Wrestling with Lenny so close to the previous one?

Yes, it is happening, and I, too, am hard from excitement…I mean, it is hard to contain my excitement!

ANYWAYS…let’s discuss the top ten in wrestling beyond Mmouse Enterprises for the most recent goings on in the business and then…offer a few predictions for what’s to come!

10. Zeus is the new beast

The WWE has been under siege by a monster from deep in our nightmares: Zeus! This guy seems unstoppable and he doesn’t need to be green or incredibly big to pull it off. The fact is that Zeus enters each fight with a blood-thirst which would make Scarecrow proud. He just pummels his opponents into submission and leaves the debris for the cleanup crew to handle. If Team Taz isn’t careful then we might be hearing a Ten Bell Salute for them soon.

9. Armageddon attacked

As Team Taz was trying to dispense with the monster straight out of a 1980s horror movie, the House of Black became Megan’s hired guns to take down Benny’s long-time “secret weapon” Armageddon right after he destroyed the Natural Disasters. It was quite the sight to see one of the original monsters taken down a peg, but it is worth noting that it took an entire stable to put him down…for now. This attack, the plot to make it happen, and Eric Bischoff’s rage about the matter tells me a few important things: firstly, that Megan is truly becoming more reactionary (something we will delve into more in a moment), and secondly, that Eric Bischoff and Megan Mouse may not be a union meant to last.

Regardless of whether I am off base in my assessments of what this whole affair told me, one thing is very clear: Armageddon is a marked monster, and the House of Black may be the check on his threat that the industry has long been missing.

8. MJF talks to Murrey??

For the past few weeks we have seen MJF on the phone with someone who may or may not be Jeff Murrey and Murrey talking on the phone with someone who may or may not be MJF. On the one hand, this may be some friendly playful behavior between two competing companies. Then again, we may also be seeing a collusion between those companies, or…we may actually be seeing one contracted superstar literally negotiating with a competing promoter. I guess we may never know.

Why? Well, all indications are that MJF will never see a contract in another promotion outside of BWM Inc., which brings me back to my RANT AGAINST THE STUPID TRADE WHICH SENT MJF OUT OF PWI!


Where was I? Oh yeah, MJF and Murrey are simply playing with us, and it has definitely worked as a ratings draw for both WWE and AEW. How long will this play out before we see MJF possibly used in a similar exchange like what we saw with Cassidy and Jericho? Let’s stay tuned, my friends.

7. Hogan is jealous

The Hogan/Nash saga continues with Hall, Nash, and Savage enjoying the women of AEW tear it up in the ring until they are interrupted by a geriatric Real American ragging about not getting an invite to eat out with his boys. I definitely got a good laugh when Hogan ratted himself out for his voyeurism when spying on his friends eating without him. I need to see this reality show of his picked up by a network, damnit! Come on, give Hogan a chance! Can you imagine the compilation of footage he has for this? I am glad that the people didn’t give up on this gold, because it regularly gives us the best moments of the night outside of the ring for AEW.

6. Danielson is going to wait

So, while I absolutely understand Bryan deciding to play the part of a 16 year old girl who finally realized the sanctity of her virginity, Danielson electing not to pop his world title cherry all over AJ’s reign left me scratching my head a tad. I mean, they’re buddies, and sure they don’t want to ruin a good friendship by taking it to each other in pursuit of a shiny piece of metal…wait, enough with that analogy, it’s starting to get out of hand.

In all seriousness, I don’t trust Danielson’s goody-two shoes act. Neither should AJ, honestly, because this is your standard “no guy, I’m your friend, I won’t betray you” (yes, you were meant to read that in Saddam Hussein’s voice as portrayed by the South Park movie). If this story plays out like I think it will, AJ will survive at “Fallout” only to fall victim to betrayal by Danielson. Hmmm.

5. Sasha wins the gold

It finally happened! Sasha Banks, the most over women’s talent in AEW (and perhaps the industry as a whole…sorry, Becky) won the big one over Asuka in a classic match which opened up Dynamite! I almost wrote a piece mocking Sasha for saying that she watched the Knockouts as a little girl until I sat back and realized that she was probably right given that the first Knockouts entered an EWA ring 15 years ago! Jesus, I’m old.

Sasha’s moment was big, and I am very glad that she got it, and her challengers are now going to start lining up and wrapping around every hallway to come in the events down the line. Sasha leaving PWI was bittersweet for a great many reasons, but it has absolutely and finally paid off for Miss Banks!

4. Power Trip Megan

You’ve heard of “Dark Brandon”, right? You know, the reference to President Biden when he is in a “take no prisoners” mode? Well, we may well have seen the emergence of the AEW equivalent to such with Megan Mouse’s recent turn to a more reactionary style of administration; an unfortunate characteristic of my family. Are we sure that Megan isn’t blood related to us?

Megan on a power trip is proving to be edge-of-your-seat worthy each and every week, and I am left here wondering how far she is willing to take this. Will she go full darkside? I will have even more to say on this later…yes, there is more to say.

3. Priest v. Jungle Boy at “Then. Now. Forever.”

My initial prediction on this matter has proven to be right: Damian Priest and Jungle Boy are not meant to remain as Co-Champions for forever, and Murrey has taken this gold (so far) story and delivered it brilliantly each week with the obvious end game coming soon. I have especially enjoyed the creation of the new stable “Final Judgment” which poses a serious risk to its victims despite Jurassic Express handling Dark Order in their recent tag team match. I am intrigued as to what is going to happen in the weeks to come with this, and I will be sad once it is over.

2. Lesnar gets a shot (R.I.P. AJ)

No, I don’t think AJ Styles is dropping the AEW Title at “Fallout”, but I do believe it will likely be a bloodbath as Lesnar is on a mission here. Then again, I was caught by surprise with Lesnar’s victory to earn this shot. I shouldn’t have been shocked after his mauling of McGregor last week, but I also didn’t expect Lesnar to jump straight back into the title picture this quickly. Either way, I do anticipate that this will be a great bout. Don’t miss it!

1. Aiden gets a contract!!

To the surprise of no one, Aiden English has stolen the show for me for this entire week with the most side-splitting scene I have seen in YEARS! Aiden English was told prior to this past Friday that he would have to win gold by the end of Smackdown to earn a contract and he seized his moment by attacking the 24/7 Champion Chelsea Green in the most disturbingly hilarious action to ever be caught on camera. I couldn’t breathe when this happened, and I shouldn’t have been laughing, but good god Aiden English is the master of comedy right now!!


Prediction 1:

Benny Mouse is going to return at “Fallout”. This will play a crucial role in whether or not Megan goes full tyrant. She is on this dangerous trajectory thanks to the demented actions of her father, and her first moment spent with him in two years will be pivotal to her future. I can’t wait!

Prediction 2:

Aiden English is going to get fired. Yes, you heard me, his hilarious actions were also inexcusable. He made us laugh at a terrible cost, and it will be the very thing which earned him a contract which also causes it to be torn up in front of him. You know what, I will laugh at this, too. Aiden is just a national treasure who may never be an active wrestler, but he is almost better off for it.

By the way, I am fine with him not being fired. I just think it is very likely. Ha ha!

Prediction 3:

My final prediction for this installment is that Damian Priest will defeat Jungle Boy to unify the World Title. Why would I say this, despite Jungle Boy being so over with the crowd? The sad reality is that baby faces are nearly always better off chasing the gold than they are actually catching it. I will be happy with either outcome, but I do believe that extending/renewing the chase for Jungle Boy and the longevity of Final Judgment benefit the most from a Priest victory at “Then. Now. Forever.”.

Time will tell on whether I am right, but I am prepared to enjoy the ride either way!

See you all next time for the 15th Installment!

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