W.W.E. S.D. (4.28.23)

WWE SMACKDOWN results 4/28/2023

Welcome to WWE Smackdown live from the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York! The crowd is pumped and ready to see their favorite superstars in action. After tonight, we are just one more RAW and one more SMACKDOWN away from our first premium event, THEN NOW FOREVER. We already know that Matt Riddle will defend his European Championship against Cameron Grimes at the event, but the CEO Mr.Murrey has signed what is sure to be a monumental match of two of the scariest men in wrestling, Luchasaurus and ZEUS.


The WWE Universe is buzzing with excitement as Matt Cardona makes his way down to the ring, microphone in hand. The crowd erupts in cheers as he steps through the ropes, ready to make a big announcement.

“Good evening, WWE Universe!” Matt exclaims, his voice booming through the arena. “I am thrilled to be here tonight to introduce to you the newest addition to the WWE title scene, the 24/7 Championship!”

The fans cheer loudly as Matt holds up the brand new title belt, its shiny gold plating glinting under the bright arena lights. “This title will be defended 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can be won by anyone, anywhere, at any time!” Matt continues, his excitement palpable.

Suddenly, Matt’s wife, Chelsea Green, rushes down to the ring, a mischievous look in her eye. “Sorry to interrupt, Matt, but I have a bone to pick with you!” Chelsea exclaims, sliding into the ring.

Before Matt can even react, Chelsea rolls him up with a quick schoolboy pin, surprising everyone in the arena. The referee slides in to make the count, and just like that, Chelsea Green becomes the first ever 24/7 Champion!

The crowd erupts in cheers as Matt and Chelsea share a kiss and hug in the center of the ring. Matt looks a little stunned, but ultimately happy for his wife’s surprise victory. “I guess I should have seen that one coming!” Matt exclaims, laughing.

As the new 24/7 Champion celebrates with her husband, the WWE Universe can’t help but wonder who will be the next person to try and capture the title. The possibilities are endless, and the excitement is just getting started!


(Internet Champion) Ricky Starks vs ZEUS

The bell rings, and the match begins. Ricky Starks charges at Zeus, but he’s quickly met with a powerful clothesline that sends him flying across the ring. Zeus taunts Starks and laughs as he flexes his muscles.

Starks gets back up, and he’s clearly angry. He charges at Zeus again, but this time he’s prepared. Zeus catches him mid-air and slams him to the mat with a devastating powerbomb. The crowd roars as Zeus flexes his muscles once again.

Starks is struggling to get back up, but he refuses to give up. He tries to land a punch on Zeus, but it barely phases him. Zeus responds with a massive punch of his own, knocking Starks to the mat.

As Starks struggles to get up, Zeus grabs him and throws him into the turnbuckle. Starks is dazed and confused as Zeus charges at him with a spear, crushing him into the corner.

Zeus lifts Starks onto his shoulders and hits him with a thunderous Samoan drop. The crowd is going wild as Zeus goes for the pin. One… two… three! It’s over! Zeus has won the match!

As Zeus celebrates his victory, Starks slowly gets up and stumbles out of the ring, looking defeated. The rest of Team Taz rushes to his aid, but it’s clear that Zeus has dominated the match.

Tony Schiavone: “What a match! ZEUS has come out on top, and Ricky Starks has been left in the dust. It’s clear that revenge wasn’t on the cards for Team Taz tonight, but Starks, Hobbs, and Cage will surely be back for more!


(The scene opens with Aiden English sneaking up behind Chelsea Green in the backstage area, holding a steel chair in his hand.)

Aiden English: (Whispering) Sorry, Chelsea. This is just business.

(Without warning, Aiden swings the chair and connects with Chelsea’s back, sending her crashing to the ground.)

Chelsea Green: (Screaming in pain) Ahh! Please don’t Aiden!

Aiden English: (Standing over her) You should have known better than to carry the 24/7 title in my backyard..the autograph area. It’s mine now.

(Aiden proceeds to stomp on Chelsea, causing her to bleed from the mouth and nose.)

Matt Cardona: (Suddenly appearing on the scene) What the hell are you doing?!

Aiden English: (Smirking) Just winning the 24/7 title, bro. Nothing personal.

(Matt rushes to Chelsea’s side, holding her in his arms.)

Matt Cardona: (Looking up at Aiden) You sick bastard. You’re going to pay for this.

Aiden English: (Chuckling) Good luck with that, broski. I’m the new 24/7 champion, and I’m not afraid to defend it. Even better, I got a contract now!

(Aiden walks off, leaving Matt cradling Chelsea in his arms, tears streaming down his face.)

Matt Cardona: (Whispering to Chelsea) Don’t worry, baby. I’ll make it right. I promise.

(The scene fades to black as Matt continues to comfort Chelsea, vowing to avenge her brutal attack.)


The lights dim and a dark, foreboding music plays as the Final Judgment group makes their way to the ring, led by Damian Priest. The crowd is booing loudly, clearly not happy with this group and their intentions.

Once they get into the ring, Damian takes a microphone and begins to speak.

“Listen up, wrestling world. The Final Judgment is here to lay down the law. And today, I’m here to talk about Jungle Boy Jack Perry. He thinks he’s hot stuff, he thinks he’s the future of this industry. But let me tell you something, Jungle Boy, you’re nothing but a peasant in my eyes. You’re not fit to lace my boots, let alone challenge me for my throne.”

The crowd boos even louder, clearly not appreciating Damian’s words. But he continues.

“I am the white knight of wrestling. I am here to rid this world of all the trash, all the undesirables who think they can challenge me. And Jungle Boy, you’re at the top of that list. You think you can beat me? You think you can take my title? You’re wrong, Jungle Boy. There can only be one champion in this industry, and that champion is me.”

The Final Judgment group cheers and claps, clearly supporting Damian’s words. Damian then turns his attention back to the camera.

“At Then Now Forever, Jungle Boy, you will face your final judgment. And trust me, it will be your last. I will lay down the final judgment on you, and you will learn that you never should have crossed my path.”

After that, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus come down to the ring. Jungle Boy says, “Which two will it be?” Anna Jay, Jon Silver, Damian Priest, and Dominik Mysterio exit the ring, leaving Stu Grayson and Evil Uno. We have a tag match underway.


The match begins with Grayson and Luchasaurus in the ring. Grayson starts strong, landing a series of quick strikes that send Luchasaurus reeling. But Luchasaurus quickly regains his composure, using his size and strength to overpower Grayson and gain the upper hand.

As the match progresses, Evil Uno and Stu Grayson show off their teamwork, using quick tags and double-team maneuvers to keep Luchasaurus on the ropes. But Jungle Boy isn’t one to sit idly by, and he jumps into the fray, leaping off the top rope with a flying elbow drop to break up a pin attempt.

As the match continues, it becomes clear that Damian Priest is lurking at ringside, clearly with ill intentions towards Jungle Boy. But despite his interference, Jungle Boy refuses to give up, using his speed and agility to dodge Priest’s attacks and keep the match going.

Finally, in a moment of pure adrenaline, Luchasaurus manages to catch Grayson off guard with a devastating Chokeslam, sending him crashing to the mat. Jungle Boy follows up with a picture-perfect Shooting Star Press, covering Grayson for the three count.

The crowd erupts in cheers as Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus celebrate their hard-fought victory, clearly grateful for each other’s support throughout the match. Even as Damian Priest seethes with frustration at ringside, the victors revel in the glory of their hard-earned win, proving that teamwork and determination can overcome even the most formidable opponents.

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