AEW Dynamite #008 (04.24.23)

Live from the Daily’s Place | Jacksonville, FL | Crowd Size: 6,308


“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to AEW Dynamite, live from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida! I’m Arn Anderson, and I’m standing by with Kevin Kelly, and we’re thrilled to bring you what promises to be an unforgettable night of action!” 

The energy in the arena is electric as the announcers welcome us to Dynamite; the crowd is standing-room only with over 500 fans past sold-out. Kelly says AEW is proving the be the most captivating wrestling show on the planet, and the fans here in Jacksonville, like the fans tuning in at home, will do whatever it takes to witness the magic first hand. 

They hype an incredible, PPV-caliber card, which includes Armageddon’s first singles match in All Elite Wrestling, the conclusion of the second round of the Television Championship tournament, and a massive four-way contest featuring some of the biggest names in the industry. 

Anderson says we’ve heard a lot of talk and hype about Kenny Omega, and tonight we’re going to find out what he’s made of as he makes his television debut in not only All Elite Wrestling, but also in America. But Anderson says we cannot forget about Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar, who should never be underestimated, and the wildcard in Jon Moxley. Kelly says one of these men will be crowned the number one contender for the All Elite Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship, and it’s a match that champion AJ Styles will surely be watching closely. 

Kelly and Anderson say anything can happen here tonight, and we’re kicking things off with the Knockouts Championship, as Asuka is set to defend against “The Boss” Sasha Banks! 

Match #1 | AEW Knockouts Championship
Asuka w/ James E. Cornette (2-0) vs. Sasha Banks (1-0)

Anderson says there’s a big-match feel as we head into this one; with Asuka heading into her second defense of the most coveted prize in women’s wrestling. Kelly says Asuka won the title in a 10-woman battle royal on the second episode of Dynamite, a match that included Sasha Banks. She’s since gone on to defend the belt successfully against Nia Jax. Anderson highlights the importance of these bouts, saying that because there’s only one championship for the female roster to compete for, we’re being treated to the best of the best. Kelly says this has caused some animosity in the division because of this, including from the number one contender Sasha Banks, who doesn’t feel as if Megan Mouse has lived up to her promises. Anderson says he understand the frustrations of the Knockouts, and that all that can be done for the moment is for each of them to make the most of the time they’re given. 

The challenger is out first to a chilly reception, with the fans taking aim to the heel tactics and attitude we’ve seen from Sasha Banks. Banks is undeterred by the boos, as Anderson reminds the crowd that she’s waited her entire adult life for this moment. The champion is out second, with the crowd electric for Asuka, as Cornette walks behind her on the way to the ring. Kelly says Athena Star, Charlotte Flair, Ronda Rousey, Chyna, and Nyla Rose are all undoubtedly watching, as the outcome of this match directly affects the entirety of the division. 

The bell rang, and the two leading talents in the industry locked up in the center of the ring. Asuka quickly gained the upper hand, utilizing harsh strikes she’s become infamous for since her days in the PWI. Banks refused to be a pushover, however, and quickly regained her footing, unleashing a series of punches and quick dropkick that left Asuka dazed. 

The two continued to trade control of the match up, each putting out all the stops, determined to come out on top. Asuka landed her signature moves, following up with a devastating German suplex that nearly broke Sasha’s neck. The announcers were caught off guard as Banks kicked out, refusing to stay down for three. Asuka was relentless, however, and followed it up with the Asuka Lock! Cornette cheered her on from the apron, but both were shocked as Banks was able to break the hold by getting to the ropes! 

Cornette argued with referee Kenzie, allowing Asuka to hold on to the submission for a little longer than she otherwise would have before finally surrendering to the rope break. Asuka, furious, went back on the offensive, but was surprised as Banks countered, nailing the three-amigos suplexes and transitioning to her own signature submission hold, the Banks Statement! 

The champion fought desperately to break the hold, twice getting close to the ropes. Cornette again got on the apron and Sasha Banks let off, charging at him with a spear through the second ropes, taking both to the outside! Banks wasted no time to climb back to the apron and then the top rope, with Asuka just now beginning to stir. Banks flew off the top with a frog splash, but Asuka rolled out of the way! 

When Asuka noticed Cornette on the outside, she momentarily paused to check on her manager. Banks again went on the attack, nailing Asuka with a superkick before again transitioning into the Bank Statement! With nowhere to go, and no one to help, Asuka fought off tapping out for as long as she could. Finally, after nearly a minute and a half in the hold, Asuka had no choice but to tap out! The announcers were stunned at Asuka being tapped out, and to their knowledge this has never happened before in Asuka’s entire impressive career! 

The bell sounded and Sasha’s music hit, ending a barn-burning 25-minute bout that’s sure to become an AEW classic! Anderson notes that this is the first title change in All Elite Wrestling history, as Sasha Banks as gone from the little girl at home watching the Knockouts to becoming the leader of the division! An emotional Banks celebrated with the once-chilly crowd in Jacksonville, now solidly behind Banks — at least for the moment. 

Winner and NEW AEW Knockouts Champion: Sasha Banks (2-0)
Match Time: 25:27



Eric Bischoff is seen walking down the hallway in the back, seemingly checking to make sure everything with the show is running smoothly. As he passed the House of Black’s locker room, he witnesses Interim Chair of BWM Inc., Megan Mouse exiting. She looked a bit flustered but could be overheard thanking Malaki Black as he closed the door. 

Curious, Bischoff stopped Megan in her tracks. 

Eric Bischoff: Hey Megan, what was that all about? 

Megan paused for a moment before responding, looking irritated. 

Megan Mouse: That’s truly none of your concern, Eric. While I appreciate your counsel, when sought after, you’re not here to question my decisions. 

Bischoff was taken aback by Megan’s response, clearly having misread where he stood with the boss. 

Eric Bischoff: You’re right, I apologized, Megan. I just want to make sure the show is running as it should. 

Megan Mouse: I know, Eric, and I appreciate that. But as you know, I’m dealing with a lot right now. Between the situation with my father, Rob Amick, and the attempt on my life, I’ve just got a lot on my plate right now. 

Eric Bischoff: Have you made any progress with Rob Amick? Where are you keeping him, anyways? And is this even legal? 

Megan Mouse: Again, Eric, it’s best you stay out of this situation. Your job is to continue putting on the best wrestling show Monday night has to offer. I saw what happened out there with the Knockouts Championship, and I must say, you’re off to another great start tonight. 

Eric Bischoff thanked Megan for the kind words, before pleading with her to please be careful. He warned that she’s dealing with dangerous men, and that her father’s enemies could be her enemies by proxy. He again cautioned Megan to be careful of who she trusts before the scene faded. 


Backstage, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Randy Savage are sitting in a lounge, watching footage from tonight’s opening contest. Nash and Hall are sharing a bag of chips, as Savage flips through the pages of a wrestling magazine. 

Kevin Nash: (munching on chips) Man, did you see that opening contest? That match was insane!

Scott Hall: (nodding) Hell yeah, that Sasha Banks has some real talent! And her ass is insane! 

Savage and Nash nod in agreement, before Savage notices an angry Hulk Hogan approaching. 

Savage: (whispering to Nash and Hall) Oh shit guys, he’s coming over here. He looks pissed. 

Hall: (under his breath) What else is new… 

Hogan steps in front of the TV, wagging his finger at Nash. 

Hulk Hogan: YOU!!! 

Kevin Nash: What’s up, Hulk? What’s wrong? 

Hulk Hogan: (angrily) I thought we were friends! 

Hall: (confused) We are friends, Hollywood. Why would you say that? 

Hulk Hogan: Oh yeah? Do friends normally exclude each other when they’re going out for lunch? 

Kevin Nash: (defensively) I’ve got no idea what you’re talking about. 

Hogan rolls his eyes, pulling out his phone. He casts his phone to the television and steps aside, so the guys can see the screen. 

Hulk Hogan: Then explain this, brother! 

The video starts to play, showing a faraway shot of Nash, Hall, and Savage eating lunch outside of a restaurant in Jacksonville. 

Kevin Nash: (shocked) How did you even get this footage? 

Hogan is getting more and more worked up, visibly sweaty from his anger. 

Hulk Hogan: Do you even listen when I talk, brother? You know I’ve been filming for my reality show, and I was out and about exploring the city to kill some time this afternoon when I saw you guys. 

Randy Savage: (sarcastically) Oh right, I forgot, because that’s a totally normal thing for you to do. Last I heard, everyone you’ve pitched the show to has passed on it. Why are you always out filming when you don’t even have a network to air this on? 

Hulk Hogan: This isn’t about me, brother, it’s about you! What do you guys have to say for yourselves? 

Kevin Nash: (sighs) Listen man, it’s nothing personal. We didn’t mean to exclude you, we just wanted to grab a quick bite to eat. It wasn’t planned. How can we make it up to you? 

Hogan pauses a beat before he gets an idea; suddenly his whole tone changes. He proposes that they can turn this shoot into a work, telling the guys not to go anywhere because he’s going to grab his film crew. Hogan says he wants them to do the entire argument again, this time for the cameras. Nash reluctantly agrees, and Hogan excitedly leaves the lounge to find his crew. Savage shakes his head in disbelief. 

Randy Savage: Only in wrestling, brother…


Match #2 | Television Championship – Quarter Finals
Goldust (1-0) vs. Orange Cassidy (1-0)

During the introductions, Arn Anderson and Kevin Kelly discuss the TV Championship tournament, noting that last week both Wardlow and Miro secured their positions in the semi-finals. Anderson says we’ve started with 16 of the best pro-wrestlers on the planet, and after tonight we’ll be down to four. Kelly notes that Orange Cassidy is riding a wave of momentum, noting that the WWE superstar is competing in his second match here in All Elite Wrestling. The announcers speculate how long Orange Cassidy will be around, especially if he loses here tonight, as the terms of this talent exchange have been kept secret. 

As the bell sounds, the announcers talk about Goldust, and how he was at first disappointed to learn on Dynamite’s premiere last fall that his brother and former tag team partner Cody Rhodes has decided to pursue a singles career. Anderson notes the two could actually end up wrestling one another in the tournament, if things work out that way. As the bell sounds, the two circle one another before Goldust makes the first move, with a swift kick to Cassidy’s mid-section. Goldust drops to the mat as O.C. is hunched over, delivering his patented punch before kipping up. 

Goldust continues to control the flow of the match in the early goings, catching Cassidy with a spinning power slam for a near fall. Cassidy eventually regains his composure, confusing Goldust with the “kicks of doom,” as the crowd pops for Cassidy’s lethargic kicks to Goldust’s shins, before following it up with a lazy super kick that leaves Goldust even more puzzled. 

Anderson notes that though Cassidy has a comedic style, his opponents should never underestimate him because he knows how to turn up the heat when his rivals least expect it. Goldust tries to follow up with a clothesline, but Cassidy dodges it and transitions into a backslide for two. 

As the match progresses, Goldust again takes control, positioning Cassidy in the corner for the Shattered Dreams. Referee Pete tries to talk an increasingly frustrated Goldust out of going for the move, one that would surely result in disqualification. As Goldust charges the corner, O.C. hopes up to the top rope, rolling through with a huge Canadian Destroyer! 

The crowd pops huge as Goldust somehow manages to kick out. Cassidy seizes control of the match with a flurry of hard strikes, followed up with a picture-perfect missile dropkick. Goldust fights his way back, using his size to his advantage. The crowd roars as Goldust sets Cassidy up for the Final Cut! 

Just as Goldust is about to deliver his finisher, Cassidy somehow manages another burst of energy. He dodges the Final Cut and lands a lightning-quick Orange Punch! Goldust is out cold as Cassidy covers… 1… 2… 3!

Winner: Orange Cassidy (2-0)
Match Time: 12:34

As Cassidy celebrates, Anderson and Kelly note that Goldust’s dreams of becoming the first-ever AEW Television Champion have been shattered! 



As Bryan Danielson made his way through the backstage area of AEW, he spotted AJ Styles in the distance. He approached the World Heavyweight Champion, his opponent from two weeks ago, and extended his hand for a congratulatory shake.

“Hey, AJ. I just wanted to say congratulations on your victory over me and Kurt Angle. You earned it,” Danielson said, a smile on his face.

Styles returned the handshake and smiled back, “Thanks, Bryan. You put up a hell of a fight, as always.”

Danielson nodded, “Yeah, I needed some time off after that match, but now I’m refocused and ready to start winning again. I’m not pursuing your title for the moment, but I know there’s a lot of competition for it. Hell, your victory was so sound, it sent Kurt Angle packing for the WWE!”

Styles chuckled, “Yeah, I’m a marked man. But I appreciate you giving me some breathing room. It’s refreshing to not have someone constantly trying to take my title.”

Danielson nodded, “Of course. I know you’ll be watching tonight’s number one contenders match closely, though. Randy Orton, Kenny Omega, Brock Lesnar, and Jon Moxley are all hungry for that championship.”

Styles leaned back against a wall, “I’m aware. But regardless of who wins tonight, I’m still the World Heavyweight Champion. And that’s not going to change any time soon.”

Danielson smirked, “I don’t doubt it. You’re a phenomenal champion, AJ.”

Styles smiled, “Thanks, Bryan. It means a lot coming from you.”

The two friends part ways as the scene fades. 


Match #3 | 2-on-1 Handicap Match
The Natural Disasters (Earthquake and Typhoon) (0-0) vs. Armageddon (0-0)

The lights dim and the pyro explodes as Armageddon makes his way to the ring to a deafening ovation. The 800-pounder looked focus as he made his way down the aisle. Standing in the ring were his opponents, the Natural Disasters, Earthquake and Typhoon. Anderson and Kelly note that Armageddon, Benny Mouse’s longtime “secret weapon” and bodyguard has been the subject of Megan Mouse’s ire the last several weeks, noting that it was Armageddon who chased the Interim Chair of BWM Inc. to the parking garage, disappearing from the scene before the attempted hit and run on Megan. Kelly says this two on one match is undoubtedly punishment for that exchange, as Earthquake and Typhoon together are about equal to Armageddon’s size and strength. 

Armageddon wasted no time as the bell sounded, charging the Natural Disasters and taking them both down with a double clothesline. Typhoon tried to fight back, but Armageddon was too powerful. He caught the big man with a choke slam that left the audience, announcers, and his partner Earthquake in shock. Anderson noted that no one has ever chokeslammed Typhoon before to his knowledge, and it isn’t every day you see a 400+ pound man tossed around like a cruiserweight. 

Though he looked terrified, Earthquake tried to come to his partner’s aide, but Armageddon was one step ahead of him. Armageddon whipped him into the ropes and the crowd popped as he hit him with a back body drop that sent Earthquake soaring through the air! 

Kelly says that if Megan’s plan was to punish Armageddon for any perceived loyalty to Benny, she’s got to livid right now as Armageddon continues to dominate. The Natural Disasters are able to mount moments of offense, but nothing seems to keep Armageddon down for long. Armageddon bodyslams Earthquake in the corner, and then slams Typhoon onto him. 

The announcers and the audience knows what’s next, as Armageddon ascends the top rope. Armageddon then nailed the Armageddon Bomb from the top rope; a monstrous splash that put both members of the Natural Disasters down for three! 

Winner: Armageddon (1-0)
Match Time: 6:13 

As Armageddon’s music plays, Anderson and Kelly note that Megan Mouse must be seething backstage. Kelly says that Armageddon’s loyalties are still in doubt, with no one quite knowing where the big man stands. Anderson says that Armageddon has been Benny’s right hand man off and on for twenty years, and he doesn’t doubt that if anyone has some information on Benny’s whereabouts, it has to be Armageddon. 

Suddenly, Armageddon’s music cuts and the lights go off, as Arn Anderson and Kevin Kelly are confused about what’s happening. When the lights come back on, Erik Rowan, Luke Harper, Braun Strowman and Abyss are in the ring, as Malaki Black barks orders from the middle of the ramp. The House of Black members are armed with steel chairs, and launch into a vicious assault on the far outnumbered Armageddon! 

All four of the House of Black’s behemoths moved with eerie precision, doing exactly as Black instructed. Armageddon was able to briefly fight off a few chair shots, but four massive men striking him with steel was too much for even him to take. Armageddon found himself backed into a corner as the relentless House of Black piled on. Meanwhile, Malaki Black inched closer, until he was at the apron. He reached under the ring and grabbed several chains and handcuffs. Armageddon continued to try to fight them off, but it was no use. With Black now in the ring, the House of Black quickly bound the now unconscious Armageddon in the restraints! 

The House of Black lifted Armageddon out of the ring, carrying him to the ramp as the announcers pondered what we just witnessed. The crowd sat in a stunned silence, unsure of what had just happened. Armageddon’s fate was unknown, but one thing was certain: The House of Black had made a powerful statement! 



Backstage, Athena Star is standing with Renee Young, who asks for her thoughts on Sasha Banks’ victory over Asuka for the AEW Knockouts Championship. 

Star smirks and says, “That title is around the waist of the wrong wrestler. Sasha Banks whines better than she wrestles. She doesn’t deserve to hold the title that I should be wearing.” Renee reminds Star that it was Banks who beat her in the Iron Woman match to earn the number one contender spot.

Star rolls her eyes and retorts, “Luck is on her side, Renee. But it’s only a matter of time before that title comes back to where it belongs.” Star then continues, “When people think of the Knockouts, they think of me. Sasha Banks is just a temporary champion.”

Suddenly, the interview is interrupted by Ronda Rousey, who walks up to them. “Athena, you’re out of your mind if you think you’re ahead of me for a title shot,” Rousey says, with a confident smirk on her face.

Star sneers and replies, “You’re not even on my level, Rousey.”

Rousey reminds Star that the last time they faced off, she broke her arm and defeated her soundly. Star says that will never happen again, and that she’s not in the same headspace she was during their last match. She says she’s prepared to take her place back at the top of the division, and Rousey says she’ll have to get through her before she gets anywhere near Sasha!

Rousey steps closer, and the two women get in each other’s faces, their eyes locked in an intense stare. Security quickly rushes in to break them up, as Renee Young looks on, clearly terrified of being so close to the action.

 As they are seperated, Rousey shouts that “we’ll see about that” as she warns her to be careful of what she asks for, because she might just get it! 

The tension between the two wrestlers remains palpable as they are escorted away by security, leaving Renee Young to catch her breath and try to compose herself after the intense encounter.


Eric Bischoff storms into Megan Mouse’s office, his face red with anger. He’s screaming about the House of Black’s attack on Armageddon and their subsequent abduction of him. As he fully enters the room, he realizes that Megan isn’t there. Her bodyguards, the Authors of Pain, inform Eric that Megan has left for the evening.

Eric takes a deep breath, trying to calm himself down. He says, “Well, that’s just great. I wanted to run something by her, but since she’s not here, I guess I’ll just go for it and make it official.” He takes a seat in Megan’s chair and leans forward.

“I’m announcing that All Elite Wrestling will host its first PPV event on June 18th,” Eric says. “We’re going head-to-head with PWI’s Motivation! And you know what? We’re going to beat them.”

He pauses for effect, then continues, “The first PPV will be called ‘Fallout.’ And in eight weeks, AEW will host its biggest, most star-studded night of action ever. We’re going to blow the doors off the competition and show everyone why AEW is the premier wrestling organization in the world.”

The Authors of Pain look at each other, then back at Eric. They nod their approval, and one of them says, “Sounds good, boss. We’ll make sure Megan hears about it.”

Eric nods and stands up. “Thanks, guys. And make sure Megan knows that I want to talk to her about the House of Black situation as soon as possible. This kind of thing can’t be allowed to happen again, it’s just too dangerous for her.”

With that, Eric storms out of the office, his mind already racing with plans for the upcoming PPV event. He knows that AEW has the talent and the momentum to take on PWI and come out on top. And he’s determined to make it happen.


Match #4 | Television Championship – Quarter Finals
Samoa Joe (1-0) vs. Cody Rhodes (2-0)

The match between Cody Rhodes and Samoa Joe was an intense and thrilling battle. Both wrestlers put on an incredible display of athleticism and strength. Joe’s size and power proved to be a formidable challenge for Rhodes, but the former EWA tag team champion wasn’t going down without a fight.

As the match progressed, Joe seemed to have the upper hand. He hit Rhodes with several hard-hitting moves, including a devastating muscle buster that left Rhodes stunned on the mat. The crowd was on their feet, cheering for Joe as he made his way to the top rope, hoping to put the icing on the cake.

But Rhodes had other plans. With a burst of energy, he sprang to his feet and quickly scrambled up to the top rope, grabbing Joe by the head and executing a picture-perfect Cody Cutter that sent Joe crashing to the mat.

The match continued to go back and forth, with both men exchanging the lead several times. Joe again attempted a Muscle Buster, but Cody reversed it into a reverse hurricanrana that nearly broke the neck of Samoa Joe! Somehow, Joe managed to kick out as the announcers were shocked by how much both men were willing to give to be the last quarter-finalist in the TV Championship tournament. 

Cody charged at Joe, who caught him with a snap powerslam. He followed up with an inverted atomic drop and running big boot. He slammed Cody down with the St. Joe and got another near fall as the match continued. 

The two continued to give it their all, and Joe attempted his patented CCS enziguri. Cody telegraphed it, however, and ducked it. He dropped to the mat and nailed Joe with an uppercut. Cody then ascended to the top rope, hitting the Samoan powerhouse with a picture perfect moonsault! Cody covered and again, only got two! 

Joe hoisted Cody up for a third and final Muscle Buster attempt. Cody was able to maneuver out of it, and bounced from the second rope, catching Joe with a Disaster Kick out of nowhere! Before Joe even had a chance to fall down from the impact, Cody quickly followed it up with the Cross Rhodes, finally putting the big man down for 3!

Winner: Cody Rhodes (3-0)
Match Time: 18:45

Both wrestlers were exhausted but had given it their all in the ring. Arn Anderson and Kevin Kelly praised Rhodes for his incredible performance and for securing his spot in the tournament’s semi-finals.

As Rhodes made his way back to the locker room, the crowd continued to cheer him on. He had come a long way from his days as a member of the Legacy, and it seemed that the Television Championship was within his reach. With only three other wrestlers left in the tournament, the odds were in his favor.



Back at ringside, Anderson and Kelly discuss what we’ve seen tonight; from the title change in the first match that surely shocked the world, to the House of Black’s assault on Armageddon. Anderson speculates what motivated such an attack, and Kelly tells him not to play dumb because it’s obvious: Megan Mouse. Kelly says Megan acts all innocent, but when she’s upset, she’s very much the daughter of Benny Mouse. Anderson agrees, and then reiterates Bischoff’s blockbuster announcement of our first PPV, AEW Fallout on June 18! Anderson says the internet has been buzzing about with rumors pertaining to our first PPV, and now the rumors have proven true! Kelly says that it’s been a hell of a night, but it’s not over yet, as we’ve got a fatal four-way, one fall to the finish match to crown a number one contender! Anderson says he’s just been informed that the winner of this match will go on to challenge for the AEW title at Fallout! 

Kenny Omega’s music sounds, as ring announcer Jane Mouse gives the North Carolina native a unique introduction, highlighting his achievements in Japan. As Omega’s music plays, Kelly and Anderson say Omega could make history, winning a world title shot in his very first match! 

The music continues to play, and Jane Mouse again announces his name. The crowd murmurs amongst themselves, as for some reason, Kenny Omega is nowhere to be found. 

We cut to the backstage area, and we see Kenny Omega out cold on the concrete floor, blood pouring from his forehead! The camera widens and we see Chris Jericho, Jake Hagar, Sammy Guevara, and the AEW Tag Team Champions Proud & Powerful as they relentlessly attack an out-cold Omega. Jericho spits on Omega, telling him to “fall in line” and screaming about how he deserved this shot, not Kenny Omega. Finally, a day late and a dollar short, security rushes in and pulls Jericho and the Inner Circle off of Kenny Omega, but the damage had been done! As we cut back to ringside, Anderson regrets to inform us that obviously Omega will be unable to perform in this number one contenders match, thanks to the heinous actions of Jericho and his lackeys! 

Match #5 | Triple Threat: Number One Contender for the AEW World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton (1-0-1) vs. Jon Moxley (1-0) vs. Brock Lesnar (1-0-1)

The tension is high as the three superstars stare each other down, each determined to come out on top.

The match starts with a flurry of action, as all three men try to gain the upper hand. Moxley is quick and agile, using his technical wrestling skills to take down both Orton and Lesnar. Orton responds with his signature methodical approach, taking his time and striking with precision. Lesnar, on the other hand, relies on his raw power to overpower his opponents.

We quickly cut to AJ Styles’ locker room, where the champion is watching on, clearly invested in the outcome of the match. 

As the match progresses, each wrestler has their moments to shine. Moxley hits a devastating Paradigm Shift on Orton, but Lesnar breaks up the pin with a thunderous German Suplex. 

Orton hits his RKO on Lesnar, but Moxley pulls him out of the ring before he can make the cover. Lesnar then hits an F5 on Moxley, but Orton breaks up the pin at the last second.

The crowd is on the edge of their seats as the match reaches its climax. All three men are exhausted, but they continue to fight on. Orton hits another RKO on Moxley, but Lesnar breaks it up once again. 

Finally, Lesnar hits an F5 on Moxley and goes for the cover. The referee counts to three, and Brock Lesnar emerges victorious. 

The crowd erupts into cheers as Lesnar celebrates his hard-fought victory. Moxley and Orton lay in the ring, exhausted but respectful of their opponent’s win. As Lesnar makes his way back up the ramp, he raises his arms in triumph, knowing that he has earned his shot at the championship. The show fades out as the “BWM Inc.” logo appears; another night of Dynamite in the books! 

Winner: Brock Lesnar (2-0-1)
Match Time: 20:15

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