Esiason’s Summarized Results: The Sixth Season Spring Edition

The following is what occurred in PWI’s 6th Season Spring Quarter:

ASYLUM – 4/10/23

Before the opening video package can welcome us, we are treated to the faces of Jeff Esiason (myself) and Fitz Riot for a special Superstar Dirt Sheet Report. Here, they address the recent cease and desist order from Murrey Entertainment Chairman and former Mmouse Enterprises Chairman, Jeff Murrey. Murrey wants PWI to cancel all future installments of Wrestle Mania, but Mickey refuses. We remind the audience that Murrey’s order is laughable because he has allowed Mmouse Enterprises to host 8 previous Wrestle Manias over the course of the last 26 years since the first installment under the Mmouse Enterprises banner with USWA in April of 1997. We further allude not only to the verbal agreement – which stands in any courtroom -, but also to an apparent written agreement. Mickey pledges, through us, that he will ignore these attempts by Murrey to derail PWI programming as we introduce the show to a proper start!

Following the video package and pyro, we are treated to the next men’s Premier Athlete Tournament Roulette match with the semifinals beginning! Jesse Hash takes on Karrion Kross in an Iron Man Match. This back and forth battle seems to be going Hash’s way as he mounts an incredible lead over Kross until CM Punk intervenes. The combination of Punk and Kross proves too much for Hash who fights to the bitter end – forcing a sudden death overtime -, but Kross secures the victory and a trip to Motivation X with 13 falls to Hash’s 12!

Beth Phoenix explains herself to Lana, telling Lana that Trish Stratus cost herself the Women’s Title at The Epic by thinking she could cross the Glamazon without consequences. Beth assures Trish that this is far from over as she leaves Lana speechless.

A demented Bray Wyatt brings back the Firefly Funhouse wherein he tricks Rambling Rabbit into thinking that it’s ok to like Finn Balor. Bray promises that a permanent trip to hell is in store for The Demon Balor at the hands of The Fiend, because this company is far from big enough for the both of them!

The 7th Ranked Angelina Love defeats a feisty Allie in sound fashion after a hellacious Lights Out Superkick and pinfall!

Cameras then catch Slammer, who appears to be lost and all alone in a locker room devoid of the injured Alexa Bliss.

Teo and Attitude are then spotted walking together in the hallway. Teo is telling Attitude that he believes he is the uncrowned champion of PWI, and Attitude tells Teo that to him there is now no doubt that Teo has his back for good. He then says that he has been thinking that he and Teo might reunite for one more good run as a team! Teo then says that they should go talk some more about it as they walk together out of frame!

In the next match, we see Johnny Morrison squaring off against a rejuvenated Granddaddy Duxen! Morrison is all heart, but Duxen is too determined to stop as he nails a picture perfect Stinky Elbow Smash followed by the three count fall for the victory!

An irate Rhyno interrupts Dragonfly’s walk through the hallway, demanding that Dragonfly stop spreading rumors about him. Dragonfly disputes that they are rumors at all, noting that Rhyno is absolutely torn as to his loyalties. Dragonfly pokes and prods again as he leaves, taunting Rhyno with what he considers to be the fact about Rhyno’s perpetual fence sitting, especially after Rhyno betrayed Teo at The Epic! Dragonfly then leaves, still chuckling to himself about the whole affair as Rhyno seethes.

Shawn Spears is with the rest of The Pinnacle, applauding the accomplishments of The Revival at The Epic, saying he never had any doubt. He also welcomes Team Kick and thanks them for their help, saying that The Pinnacle will be welcoming new membership this Thursday at Ascendants. Team Kick notes that they can’t wait and The Revival set out on their journey to retain over the Undisputed Era!

In the tag team title rematch between Champions The Revival and Challengers The Undisputed Era, Adam Cole and Roderick Strong have a good run in dominating much of the match, but some underhanded tactics by the Champions allow The Revival to wind up retaining with a solid pinfall victory!

Women’s Champion Becky Lynch is standing by with Lawrence Mason, remarking first on Beth’s comments from earlier, calling Beth “sleezy” and commenting on her challenger for Motivation, Nikki Bella, saying that both are factors that everyone is aware of. However, Becky notes that most fans are not used to a defending champion, which is exactly what she wants to be. This comment catches the attention of Bianca Belair! Bianca issues a formal challenge, which Becky accepts for two weeks from tonight!

HCW Champion Scott Nash is conversing with Interim HCW President Ted Brown about the lawsuits and other issues facing Mickey, when Ted remarks that Mickey is trying to sabotage HCW’s Wrestle Mania next Monday via this controversy with Murrey. Scott says that they should just let Mickey fight this out. Ted then comments on his offer from before: for Nash to use his Mouse Family inheritance from the impending lawsuit to invest in HCW’s future. Nash assures Brown that he is still thinking about it, and Brown says that time is ticking away and that Nash has to defend his world title next week at Wrestle Mania, with the opponent to be determined tomorrow night on HCW Insanity!

In the Women’s Semifinal Tournament Match, Liv Morgan takes on the 8th Ranked Lita in a Best of Three Falls Match! This great battle takes a crazy twist, though, when Liv manages to secure the first and second fall following a crucifix reversal rollup pinfall after Lita hit her patented Lita-sault! Lita is in shock, but shows respect for the young rookie who just punched her ticket to Motivation X!

Mickey is livid, ranting to Executioner about the cease and desist letter, the lawsuits, and Catherine when the lights suddenly go out in the parking lot and come back on to reveal FRED!! Executioner throws himself in the way, but FRED makes mincemeat out of him! As Mickey begs for his life, FRED picks up the dumpster with the intent to crush Mickey under it, but Drew McIntyre suddenly flies into the picture with a vicious Claymore to FRED, causing the dumpster to nearly fall on Mickey!! After Mickey castigates Drew for nearly killing him, he flees for his life, telling Drew to handle business. Drew hits FRED with a water tank and then picks up Executioner to flee as FRED recovers!

With that chaotic scene behind us, we return to ringside for the MAIN EVENT! Sean Olson battles Big Show for some revenge for the injury Olson sustained at the hands of Big Show at last year’s Epic Royale. This is a great si-saw battle, but Olson ultimately scores the victory! Big Show shows his opponent some respect, and as Olson leaves, Raven suddenly attacks Big Show from behind!! Raven then brutally decimates his former tag team partner, leaving him out cold following an Even-flow DDT onto a chair! With Big Show out cold in the ring, Raven stands with his arms held outward on the stage to close the broadcast!

HCW INSANITY – 4/11/23

The show begins with a match pitting Scarecrow and his father Evil Taker against Matt Morgan and Nathan Jones. However, the match is a one-sided blood bath with Evil Taker electing to watch on as Scarecrow decimates their opponents. Jones gets launched out of the ring head first to the floor with a chair around his neck and Morgan got the worst of it, sliced to bits by barbwire and put through a table via a Black Rain for Scarecrow’s pinfall victory! Scarecrow then bowed before his father, ready for the “Final Sacrifice” at WM IX!

El Giante is arriving at the arena when he is suddenly attacked by Phobe! Phobe leaves him laid out as Apocalypse and Terminator join. Apocalypse notes that Phobe already has a match at WM IX next Monday alongside Terminator, but that he has someone else in mind: enter his son, Magog! With Project Wormwood standing tall, El Giante is left to recover as we cut back to the ring.

As Aggressor is coming out to the ring, his entrance is cut short by his opponent, Thunder! Thunder’s efforts do not benefit him with a victory, however, as Aggressor pulls out the victory via a pinfall. Even so, as Aggressor celebrates, Thunder attacks him again, forcing officials to storm the ring and separate them!

Rhyno is walking through the hallway when he is called out by the HCW Champion, Scott Nash. Nash demands to know how Rhyno weaseled his way into a title opportunity at WM IX next Monday. Nash suggests that Rhyno is just in it for himself. Rhyno responds by warning Nash not to worry about him until Motivation as he leaves the champion behind!

In the main event 10 man battle royal, we see Chuck Palumbo continue his pursuit of John Cena, Great Khali wreak havoc, Al Snow shine, Brandon Lee fending off Rodriguez, and Blade cleaning house! The match comes down to Lee, Blade, and Cena. Lee gets shockingly eliminated by Blade, which sets up for Blade and Cena. The two of them get the crowd wound up as Blade pulls it off by throwing Cena over the top! Unfortunately, Blade’s celebration is cut short as Krusader Batman comes from under the ring, hits some of his classic moves, and throws Blade out of the ring to become the HCW Title challenger at WM IX!!

With the show concluding, Blade stares at Krusader in disgust, and Apocalypse joins the winner in celebration as the HCW Champion Scott Nash appears on the stage to stare down his opponent for next Monday’s MAIN EVENT!!


The show opens with a match between the War Raiders and YMCA. This a great first match of the night which sees a bit of domination at first by the YMCA before it swings the other way for a bit. Ultimately, though, after Slave kisses B-Rad to resurrect him, B-Rad hulks up, overcomes the odds, and then helps his partner defeat the War Raiders!

We’re back from the break and Lawrence Mason is with Shawn Spears. Spears explains that the Pinnacle doesn’t have leaders, but that it is instead comprised of practically invincible stars, which will see new membership tomorrow on Ascendants. He then uses this as a moment to make a snide joke about Seth Rollins being a coward and piss poor excuse for an Immunity Champion, suggesting that he ran and hide after the Epic Royale. Spears then leaves Mason, saying he will see him for the Spotlight Interview!

Catherine is in her office on the computer when The Guy shows up with an update on Vinnie Mouse, reporting that his rehab is almost done and that he has made “immaculate” progress. Catherine notes that she is proud of him for finishing the course despite Mickey’s return and that she looks forward to seeing his progress. She then dismisses him as we cut back to ringside.

A great match follows this between Tay Conti and Io Shirai. The two of them tear the house down with their swift and hard-hitting action, and as Io looks poised to win it, Tay knocks her out with a vicious martial arts kick and a pinfall victory!

In Mickey’s Lair the Chairman is proud of himself for surviving all of his enemies. He notes that “they” brought FRED back to get him, brought in the Fiend, and that all of his enemies will pay when it is all said and done. He brags about hiring the Demon to take out Bray and says that he is as sure of his success as he is that Murrey has no leg to stand on, that Nash will get no inheritance, and that Catherine is an imposter! He slates a match between Drew and FRED to “finish the job” and then cackles as we cut back to the ring.

The Main Event match features Christian Cage taking on the legendary Ghostrider! This brawl has both men dominate at one point in time, but Ghostrider pulls out the victory! As Ghostrider celebrates and Christian recovers, Sean Olson emerges from the back and stares down Christian from the stage with the show going off the air!

ASCENDANTS – 4/13/23

The show kicks off with an impressive bout between Toni Storm and Raquel Gonzales. Storm puts up a hell of a fight, but Raquel catches her off guard and slams her to the mat for the three count fall!

In the Spotlight Interview, Lawrence Mason welcomes the Pinnacle and also Team Kick to the ring. Shawn Spears takes control of the segment, thanking Team Kick for all of their help – despite noting that FTR could have won the titles without help -, Team Kick notes how honored they are to be considered for membership in the Pinnacle. However, Spears notes that he never said anything about them joining. This is when Jade Cargill sprung into the ring and decimated Team Kick, taking them out of the ring and officially joining the Pinnacle!

In the hallway, Swerve is experiencing some random headaches when he is approached by Angel Garza who offers to help hook Swerve up with some ladies to relieve the stress in his head. Swerve tells Garza to back off, because he doesn’t understand. Garza notes that he knows Swerve was taken by Legado Del Fantasma. Swerve erupts with anger, telling Garza that he doesn’t understand the hell he was put through and how he had to escape. Garza mocks Swerve for “whining” and says that pro wrestling isn’t for “whiners”, but for “fighting”. That leads an outraged Swerve to pop Garza in the mouth, knocking him to the floor. Swerve then leaves, saying he will see Garza later as Garza slowly gets up, caressing his jaw and giggling.

In the Main Event, Austin Theory defends the Ascendant Championship against Keith Lee in a battle to not forget. The emotional brawl culminates in Lee crushing Theory with a Spirit Bomb and a pinfall victory to become the new champion!

As the night concludes, Theory is scowling at the new champion as Keith Lee holds up his new prize on the stage!


The show kicks off with the video package and pyro, and then an incredible opening bout to determine the number one contender for the HCW World Title at Motivation between PWI Champion Dragonfly, Rhyno, and The Hulk. These three set a fire under the crowd with the shocking conclusion seeing Dragonfly pull off the pinfall victory!

Thomas is standing by with Project Wormwood manager Apocalypse. Thomas mocks Apocalypse and Apocalypse responds by putting Thomas in his place, saying he isn’t worth fighting and that tonight the HCW’s death becomes a certainty!

In the next match, we see eight men compete an Extreme Championship Jeopardy Brawl featuring Chris Benoit, Brutal, Rodriguez, Al Snow, Brandon Lee, Great Khali, Thunder, and Aggressor. Chaos ensues, and in the end, Al Snow stuns everyone when he last eliminates Thunder to become the new Extreme Champion!

Stan Hart and Blade are in the hallway getting ready for their match. Stan asks Blade if he’s ready, and Blade reassures him that he is prepared for this mission above all others as they head towards the Gorilla position.

John Cena steps out into the parking lot for a moment when he is suddenly attacked again by Chuck Palumbo. Palumbo leaves Cena beaten down as a message that he can’t be ignored by him!

As Terminator and Phobe are ready to take on Stan Hart and Blade, Stan Hart suddenly betrays Blade! Stan beats the hell out of Blade, putting him through a table and leaving him in the ring for Project Wormwood to pin (albeit with confusion)!

In the dim-lit hallway, Scarecrow sits in preparation as his father Evil Taker approaches. Taker asks his son if he is ready for his “Final Sacrifice”, to which Scarecrow responds in the affirmative as he rises and departs.

In the Final Sacrifice, Gangrel takes control early on against Scarecrow, looking as if he is poised for a flawless victory, until Scarecrow starts to laugh maniacally. Scarecrow returns the favor with a bloody and vicious beat down of Gangrel, capping it off with a pinfall! Evil Taker comes out to congratulate his son when he, too, is attacked!!

Evil Taker manages to speak, encouraging Scarecrow to finish the job, noting that he was the Final Sacrifice all along! Scarecrow obliges, taking his father out once and for all!

In the locker room, Brandon Lee is preparing to leave when Sabu approaches, mocking him. Sabu says that it is pathetic that he is a better representative of HCW than Lee despite Lee being an HCW original. Lee just leaves out of frustration as Sabu chuckles.

In the next match, the battle of the secret weapons of HCW and Project Wormwood commences as El Giante takes on Magog! In the end, Magog picks up a massive victory via pinfall!

Thomas is standing by with the HCW Champion, Scott Nash, and asks for his thoughts on the victory streak for Project Wormwood so far tonight as well as the echoes of history that he lost to Kurt Angle for the PWI Title two years ago at WM VII! Nash responds by reminiscing about headlining the first WM in 1997 with Slammu. He notes that he has been in his fair share of classics, and that tonight he has his greatest moment on this stage by proving why he is the HCW Champion!

In the Main Event, Scott Nash defended his HCW Title against Krusader. This was an incredible battle which saw each trade control of the match as well as a couple of mind-blowing spots (including one spot wherein Krusader nailed Nash with a Spinal Cord Spiral in an homage to Splinter), but in the end, Nash pulled off the victory after hitting the Jackknife and securing the pinfall!

Krusader Batman was visibly livid at the result, and as he left and Nash celebrated, the crowd showed Krusader the respect he deserved. Then, as the show was about to conclude, Mickey’s music hit to a thunderous chorus of boos!

The Mmouse Enterprises Chairman made his way to the ring and chided the HCW faithful, reminding them all that both Wrestle Mania and HCW only exist in this era right now because of him! He even mocked the HCW Title, calling it a “figment of imagination” which he permits to exist for now, but then warned that Nash’s lawsuit has lit a fire under him which will spell the APOCALYPSE for Nash and HCW at Motivation!

With Mickey leaving and Nash staring him down, the show came to its conclusion!


The show kicked off with a match between Pete Dunne and Petey Williams to wrap up their rivalry…but, wait, there’s more! Finn Balor was announced as also participating in this match, making it a triple threat! The three of them tore the proverbial house down here, but Finn ultimately conquered with a pinfall over Pete Dunne after a Coup De Gras!

Then, as Finn celebrated, the lights went out and the Fiend attacked Dunne, Williams, and the official Lance Storm as Finn watched! Once the destruction was over, the Fiend stared down Finn before disappearing into the night!

After the break, the commentary team is recapping what we just saw when Christian’s music suddenly hit! Christian came down to the ring and promised that we will resume our regularly scheduled programming after he addresses Sean Olson! Christian chided the fans for cheering Olson, saying that Olson and the crowd forgot that Christian is the IMPACT PLAYER and the first man to ever unseat a reigning Undisputed Champion! Christian said that it is pathetic that Olson had to come out and stare him down after he suffered the indignation of a loss to Ghostrider last week. Christian said that Olson is merely trying to recover from losing at Motivation last year, and that Christian is not interested in a rematch. However, he warned that Olson will be permanently injured if he keeps pushing!

Beth Phoenix and Mia Yim are walking through the locker room discussing and disagreeing about Beth’s antics as of late when Beth is surprised with a Chick Kick upon opening the door! Trish mocks Beth by pointing out who is left standing now as she greets Mia and leaves!

Brie Bella is standing by with Lana who asks Brie how she is doing now that she is healthy again. Brie notes that she has found her purpose: taking out the Cult of Bliss! She says that she knew that taking Slammer out was a must and that she will not stop until the Cult is no more!

Raquel Gonzales takes on Toni Storm in their rubber match, which is a decent back and forth brawl. In the end, though, Raquel picks up the hard fought win despite Toni showing some ferocity. After the bell, though, Toni attacks Raquel from behind, taking her to the apron, whereat she nails a fierce Storm Zero! Then, as the official tends to Raquel, Toni walks away proud of her actions!

Cameras catch a scene in a poorly lit alley or something where we see Blaster looking for someone, who turns out to be Catherine. Blaster asks why they have to meet like this, and Catherine explains that he father has “yes and ears” everywhere. They talk about the need to take Mickey down swiftly before he does irreversible damage to Jackie via corruption. They become resolute in their goal and leave.

Lawrence Mason is standing by with the Immunity Champion, Seth Rollins. Seth interrupts Lawrence, mock-laughing about Shawn Spears being a “comedian” taking shots at Seth’s integrity. Seth declares that Spears hasn’t earned the right to make jokes about him, but that if he wants a piece of Seth, come get some!

Fitz Riot is interviewing the Tag Team Champions, FTR, when Scott Dawson makes a comment boldly declaring that their team is the greatest team in the history of the business. This creates an issue with The Usos, who come in calling Dawson a comedian, just like Spears. The two teams then get in each other’s faces, seeing the table flipped and the host sent to the floor before the Usos back off, promising to catch their adversaries later.

In the main event, Dakota Kai looks to get some revenge for what happened on Ascendants by taking down Jade Cargill, but Cargill is too high a challenge for Dakota, especially as Dakota sustained an injury to her left leg during the bout. Jade hits Jaded and then a pinfall to secure the victory. As Jade celebrates and the official tends to Kai, the show comes to a close!

ASCENDANTS – 4/20/23

The show kicked off with a match between Swerve and Angel Garza. This bout featured a lot of high-flying action, but it ultimately saw Swerve get the victory via pinfall!

In the Spotlight Interview, Lawrence Mason interviewed Melina. Melina was getting ready to tell Mason “what’s next” when Taynara Conti interrupted her and demanded a match, one final match to prove herself. Just as Melina was accepting with a handshake, Conti hit her with a vicious martial arts kick to the head! Leaving Melina to recover in the ring, Conti gloated as she made her way up the stage.

Cameras catch Commissioner Slammu in his office, relieved for the peace he has in their without Krazy Kid, but his tranquility is ruined when Austin Theory barges in. Theory remarks that while he was champion he was never invited in here. Slammu explains that it is because he never needed to talk to Theory. Theory then expresses that he has come to say “goodbye” as he is headed to the Premier Class as a result of his holding the Ascendant Title for so long, and that he feels he has evolved past needing either the Ascendant Class or its title. He even offered a snide remark, referring to Slammu as a loser of some sort hanging around these “lackeys”. Slammu got up and looked as if he would take Theory out, but Theory backed off, saying farewell to Slammu once and for all as the Commissioner sneered.

In the main event, Emma defended her Ascendant Title against a determined Luna Vachon. Luna came out swinging and on a mission, but it wasn’t enough to unseat Emma as Emma latched on the Emma Lock and forced a tap-out to retain the title!

With Luna recovering and Emma celebrating, the show came to a close!


After the opening video package and the pyro, the opening bout is the last semifinal match in the Women’s Premier Tournament, pitting Mickie James and the 6th Ranked Beth Phoenix in what turns out to be a Tables Match! This match starts off almost one-sided with the powerful Beth dominating. Just as she is poised to send Mickie through a table off of the apron, Trish Stratus’s music hits! While Beth is looking towards the entrance, waiting for Trish, Mickie grabs her from behind and sends her through a table for the win! Following the loss, Beth is furious as she watches Mickie celebrate her ticket being punched for Motivation!

Lawrence Mason is joined by Finn Balor for an interview in the hallway, and Mason asks Finn about his thoughts on the Fiend. Balor explains that Bray will soon learn what everyone around the world knows: Finn fears noone! He then shares a message for Bray: time is running out!

Liv Morgan is getting hyped in her locker room, likely contemplating her matches with Mickie James in the finale of the tournament, when Ember Moon creeps up behind her. Liv is annoyed and tells Ember that their business is finished. Moon assures her that it is far from over, and that Liv Morgan will soon meet her demise. Morgan looks creeped out and concerned as Moon leaves her behind.

In an impressive tag team bout to determine the number one contenders for the Tag Titles next week at the Championship Spectacle, the 2nd Ranked Young Bucks took on and defeated the 1st Ranked Hollys via a pinfall!

Blaster and Catherine are in her suite talking about something being resolved when their daughter Jackie walked in. Jackie was immediately annoyed at seeing her parents and demanded to know where her grandfather was. Catherine and Blaster insisted that she take a seat with them to discuss something. After pushing back a bit, Jackie eventually decided to sit between them. Catherine and Blaster then commenced with trying to convince Jackie that Mickey is selfish, evil, and will corrupt her (or at least turn on her at the earliest and most profitable opportunity). Jackie insisted that he is the only one that she can trust. Then, she and Blaster got into an argument about the matter, as Blaster noted his lengthy history with Mickey, and Jackie tried to assert that Mickey cares about justice and that he is a big fan of MLK! Blaster about lost his cool and Jackie told them both that their efforts won’t work and as she departed, Blaster screamed for her to stop!

Maria is walking through the hallway when she is stopped by an enraged Rhea Ripley. Ripley grabbed Maria by the throat and lifted her against the wall, promising to become Maria’s personal “nightmare” for costing her the Death From Above Match before dropping her to the floor and leaving!

Before the next match could get started, Mickey made Executioner set up a metal owner’s box above the ring so that he could watch the bout to come. As Executioner struggled to lift a couch into the box, Mickey made way for the ring and ordered Executioner to hurry up! Then, after Executioner succeeded and helped Mickey into the box and then joined him, the participants were introduced: Drew McIntyre and FRED! Drew got some good hits in, but it wasn’t long before FRED took control and beat Drew into a pulp. After FRED scored the vicious victory to Mickey’s dismay, Mickey had to watch in horror as FRED beat Drew bloody with the ring post after ripping it off of the ring! Mickey fled for his life as Executioner jumped on FRED from the box (having no affect at all) and then got annihilated for his troubles before FRED roared and disappeared into darkness!

HCW Champion Scott Nash arrives at the arena and is suddenly excited to see Mickey, who he tries to confront as the Chairman bursts through the door in his attempt to flee! Nash speaks up, but Mickey motions that he can’t speak now, telling Nash to “shut up” and ordering the limo driver to hurry up and drive! Nash expresses his rage as Mickey leaves!

The Women’s Immunity Champion, Paige, is grabbing something out of her closet when the 2022 Women’s Premier Athlete Naomi welcomes herself into the room. Paige is annoyed as Naomi approaches her. The two of them mock each other for failing to capture the Women’s gold as of late, but before Paige can get the last word, Naomi informs her that she is invoking her immunity privilege, thus triggering an Immunity Title Match next week! Paige welcomes the challenge and the two separate after Naomi insists that she will be victorious next week!

In a triple threat match to determine the next challenger for the Women’s Title at the Championship Spectacle V next week, Lita takes on Brie Bella and Allie in a barnburner of a match! The three of them show the people quite the effort, but it was Brie Bella who came out on top, securing her Women’s Title shot in 7 days!

Arriving in the locker room, Teo and Attitude are hyped up about their first time tagging together in nearly two decades in their live show victory this past Friday! Teo is feeling positive about the future and Attitude notes that it reminds him of the good old days. They agree that they need another match together soon and they set out to talk to management about such!

Adam Cole is looking for Roderick Strong when he sees Bobby Lashley. He asks Lashley if he has seen Strong, but Lashley scoffs at the notion that he would know. Cole and Lashley then get into an accomplishments-measuring contest comparing each others big moments (after Cole calls Bobby “Bobby Who?”), and Lashley gets in Cole’s face, telling Cole that they are going to have a problem. Cole mocks the idea that Lashley could even measure up to him as he and Lashley part from one another.

In the final semifinal match of either Premier Tournament for the season, Adam Page meets CM Punk in what turns out to be a match with a Special Guest Referee: JESSE HASH! Punk is livid and takes Hash out of the equation as soon as possible, leaving Michael Buffer to check on Hash as a new official enters the picture. In the back and forth battle, Punk catches Page off guard, hits a Go-To-Sleep, and covers for the pin, but Hash pulls the official out of the ring and knocks him out! Punk is pissed again, but takes a Hash kick to the balls! Hash then hits a 420 Splash and encourages Page to nail the Buckshot Lariat for the quick three count fall!! As Page celebrates his win, Punk seethes staring at Hash gloating!

With Lana is the Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch! Becky tells Lana that she is going to show Bianca and everyone else from now until she is done with wrestling that she is the best wrestler, not just of the Women’s Division, but of the industry as a whole!

In the Main Event, Becky Lynch defends her Women’s Title against Bianca Belair in a hell of a match. The two of them trade control of the bout until Becky shocks Bianca with a devastating Man-Handle-Slam for the pinfall victory!

After the match, Bianca shakes her hand and raises it for the crowd, and as Bianca leaves and Becky celebrates, Nikki Bella emerges from the crowd and attacks Becky from behind! Nikki leaves the champ laid out following a shot with the belt and then a Rack Attack before holding the title high and then throwing it down on to the champ!

With Nikki left standing as a reminder that she is waiting for Motivation, the show comes to a close!

HCW INSANITY – 4/25/23

The show kicked off with a match to determine Scott Nash’s challenger for the HCW Title at the Championship Spectacle between Sabu and Brandon Lee. The two put on quite the show, but Lee ultimately picked up the win after nailing the Spin to the End out of nowhere!

Anthony is telling tales about his penis size to the other officials when Y2Bitch emerges and tells the guys that there is some sort of commotion ongoing in the locker room that they all need to handle as soon as possible. Much to their chagrin, the oblige and seek it out!

We see Gangrel is some dark undisclosed location and he is clearly out of it as Scarecrow shows his face and notes that his recent sacrifice of his own father has reignited something inside of him. He then grabs Gangrel by the throat and slams him to the ground, saying that it is time “to begin” before leaning out frame to grab his victim again!

Stan Hart is leaving the building to escape the afore-referenced chaos when Blade rises from behind the dumpster and attacks Stan with his Cut-Throat choke, saying that STD will pay for betraying him as he nails the Cut-Throat and then leaves Stan out cold on the ground!

There is a battle of the monsters next as Hulk takes on Magog. This is everything you would expect it to be as the beasts tear each other apart, but Magog partially reverses the Hulk Smash, causing Hulk to land on his own head coming off the top rope. The official rules the match a no contest when both men prove unable to respond or continue!

The commotion is finally revealed as the officials are seen tending to an array of HCW stars in the locker room as they clearly appear to have been taken out by Project Wormwood. Krusader looks upon the carnage fondly and tells Terminator and Phobe that their work here tonight is done as they leave it all behind!

Before the Main Event match for the Extreme Championship could get started, Aggressor takes Thunder out with a surprise Aggressive Slam! Aggressor unleashes on Thunder, throws the official out of the way, and continues until Al Snow runs down to help his would-be opponent. However, Aggressor fends that fight off as well, taking both men out. Then, Aggressor uses barbwire to lacerate Thunder, and forces the bell to be rung, pulls Snow on top of Thunder, grabs the unconscious official, and does a forced three count for the mock victory! Aggressor then clears the ring so he can send one more message to Thunder: this is far from over!

The show comes to a close as Aggressor stands tall amongst the wreckage!

WNW – 4/26/23

The show kicked off with a great back and forth battle between Sean Olson and the 9th Ranked Stevie R, and in the end, Sean Olson nailed the Olson Plunge and covered for the three count fall! After the match, Olson celebrates in part by mimicking Christian Cage’s famous eye-shielding search for peeps as he laughs to himself.

In Mickey’s Lair, we see Mickey gloating about winning the battle for Wrestle Mania against Murrey, who said it was “dead” the other day. Mickey says it is very much alive and that he looks forward to hosting the final installment thereof next April. He then asks his granddaughter Jackie how she likes it around here. Jackie expresses her appreciation for him showing her around, and Mickey promises that one day it will all be hers. She promises to make him proud, and he says that he believes her, unlike her mother, Catherine. Jackie shares that her parents were trying to turn her against him and he remarks that they are just bitter and doing untrustworthy things out of desperation. This is when Executioner (he had been kicked out moments before to give Mickey and Jackie privacy) interrupts and says someone is here to see them…Vinnie Mouse! Vinnie enters to the shock of Mickey and the joy of Jackie, who runs to him and embraces “Uncle Vinnie!” as we cut to Lawrence and Shayna.

Lawrence Mason is standing by with Shayna Baszler. He notes that Angelina Love has seemingly moved on, but Shayna shoots back that she is far from doing so, that this war isn’t over, and that Angelina will not be able to ignore that soon enough!

Lana is then interviewing Nikki Bella. Lana asks for Nikki’s thoughts on her sister challenging Becky this Monday at the Championship Spectacle V. Nikki says that she is prepared to defeat either one of them at Motivation X on June 18th, and that nothing will stop her – a former Knockout’s Champion – from making this the era of Nikki!

We are then treated to a classic encounter for the Immunity Championship as Seth Rollins defends against the Legendary Ghostrider! The two of them steal the show with this bout, but for Ghostrider, the match is stolen by an incredible Stomp by Seth, setting up for the pinfall title retention!

The Firefly Funhouse then returns to the screen as Bray argues with his puppets about whether the Demon is a friend or foe as well as what to do about him. Bray says that he wants to welcome a true “Friend” (hence, the title of the episode), the lights go out, and flicker to reveal that F.R.E.D. has arrived! Bray tells him that there is no need to worry about fight right here, but that F.R.E.D. should prepare for a “new mission”. Bray then cackles to himself, looks at the camera and says…”RUN!”

Trish Stratus is in her locker room, reacting to what we all just saw when Beth Phoenix welcomes herself into the room. Trish stands up and readies for a fight, but Beth says that she wants to do this the old fashioned way: in the ring, on May 8th! Trish accepts and Beth departs, promising to see her then and to end this “last hurrah”.

Finally, in the Main Event, we see Earl Hebner in the hallway surrounded by weapons for the Hallway Brawl between Kevin Owens and Granddaddy Duxen! After they are introduced, Duxen says this is “for Jimmy” as he charges as Owens. The two of them destroy each other and use everything around them to do so, but as Owens thinks he has momentum, Duxen reverses it, causing Owens to fly through two tables (the last one being a result of Owens missing the Cannon Ball). Duxen “wins” the “boxing tournament” and sets up for the Duxen Steiner, but a frustrated Owens pushes Duxen into the pile of weapons and waves his hand in disgust at the whole affair as he leaves! With Owens having taken off, Duxen pleads for him to come back and fight, calling him a “coward” as the show concludes!

ASCENDANTS – 4/27/23

The show kicks off with a match between Tegan Nox and Jade Cargill as Jade seeks revenge for the betrayal by the Pinnacle and for what happened to Dakota last week. However, the powerful Jade proves insurmountable for Tegan as she Tegan falls victim to Jaded and then the subsequent pinfall!

In the Spotlight Interview, Triple H promises that it will be “Game Over” for Shinsuke Nakamura, who picked this fight by putting the Game on the shelf for several months!

Jeff and Matt Hardy are in the hallway talking. Jeff is glad to see Matt back, but Matt says he is a man of his word and retired as a result, but that he is here to support his brother. They hug, but they are insulted by WALTER, who calls them a “disgrace” to the industry. WALTER chides them for being outdated, Jeff Hardy steps up, and gets viciously chopped to the floor for his troubles. Matt tells WALTER to leave, but WALTER mocks him, saying he won’t do anything in response. WALTER then leaves as Matt consoles Jeff.

In the Main Event, Ciampa takes on Bronson Reed to determine the next challenger for the Ascendant Title. This is a great si-saw war, but ultimately, Ciampa hits a super variation of the Fairy Tale Ending, securing the pinfall victory!

Ciampa celebrates to cheers as the show comes to an end!


Following the opening video package and the pyro, the show kicks off with a Tag Team Championship match pitting the Champions, FTR, against the Number One Contenders, The Young Bucks. This amazing battle looks on numerous occasions like the Bucks are going to win until a little trickery by the champions allow them to sneak away with the win!

Jackie is in a suite with her Grand Uncle Vinnie, who is holding a mock tombstone which reads “R.I.P.”. Sounding off, Vinnie tries to make an analogy about death, but Jackie notices that something is wrong with him. Though Vinnie insists that he is ok and that he was dispatched here by Mickey to train Jackie to be the best possible Mouse, Vinnie veers off into a diatribe about how Catherine sent him to counseling “to die” and that family will fail her, and ultimately that Jackie should learn to look out for herself before leaving the room entirely as Jackie looked on stunned.

The Miz was walking through the hallway when he was stopped by Krazy Kid, who asked if Miz had any Grey Poupon. Confused, Miz said “no” and Kid remarked that he must’ve heard wrong as he patiently walked away. Then, Maniac emerged and asked if Miz had any Poupon Grey, to which an even more confused and annoyed Miz said “no” and questioned the existence thereof as Maniac walked away, saying that he had also heard wrong (though he mixed the wording up from what Kid had said). Finally, Edge stopped Miz, asking if he had any Gray Poop or Shit. Miz asked what this was all about and then Edge trailed off, asking if Miz had ever played “the game”, when Miz irritatingly asked what Edge was talking about Edge kicked him hard in the balls! Edge proclaimed “you’ve just been kicked in the nuts!” and said that this was both for costing him the Epic Royale and that this has only begun! As Miz was laying in agony, Edge reunited with Maniac and Krazy Kid, told them that he had located the Grey Poupon and the three skipped in some weird direction!

The next match featured the Ascendant Championship as Keith Lee defended against Tommaso Ciampa. The two of them tore the house down, but ultimately Lee shockingly lost the title to Ciampa after a stunning Fairy Tale Ending and a pinfall!

Bianca Belair was doing some stretches when the Women’s Champion Becky Lynch showed up. Becky told Bianca that she appreciates her helping this past Friday at the live show (rescuing Becky from an attack by Emma, who had just lost the match for the Women’s Title), but that she doesn’t need her help, nor does she want it. Becky also noted that she knows why Bianca is doing this: to get another shot at the title, and the she will be happy to oblige down the line, just not now. Bianca agreed to let Becky handle her own business (even if the Bella Twins jump her tonight), and after an intense stare down, Becky left.

Adam Page was arriving when he was met by Scarlett, who showed up in creepy fashion. She told Page that she and Karrion were keeping an eye on Page, and Page retorted that such sounded creepy. Scarlett insisted that it was to prepare to defeat him at Motivation, and Page insisted that he does not intend to lose that match. Scarlett warned that he will fail in his efforts as she backed away, leaving Page to ponder the encounter.

Scott Nash defended the HCW Title against Brandon Lee in a barnburner of a match. The bout swayed back and forth until Lee seemed to have control, and as he prepared to take Nash down, he was standing by the entrance way and suddenly Rhyno burst through the entrance and GORED Lee! Rhyno dragged Lee into the ring, hit a shooting star press, and then dragged Nash to force him to cover Lee for the win! After the match, Nash was visibly confused, looking around wondering how he had retained the gold!

Nash was walking through the hallway when Executioner approached him. Nash threatened to beat Executioner up, despite Executioner trying to be civil and saying that he wanted to speak with Nash about something of interest to him. When Nash became more angry, Executioner backed up, saying to call if he changes his mind as he left Nash behind.

The Pinnacle is celebrating the Tag Title win from earlier and contemplating the future when The Usos turn off the music and welcome themselves. FTR immediately makes a smart comment, and the Usos get defensive, saying that they have earned another shot, only to be mocked with laughter by the champions. This is when Shawn Spears steps in and says that he believes FTR would happily defend the gold against the Usos next week. The Usos and Spears get into a bit of an exchange about family before FTR is finally compelled to speak up and agree to defend the gold, prompting the satisfied Usos to leave.

Paige defends her Immunity Title against the 2022 Women’s Premier Athlete, Naomi. This is a decent battle of skill between the two which results in a victory for Paige when she secures an inside cradle! Paige then celebrates as Naomi looks defeated.

Bayley is waiting in the hallway when she sees Trish Stratus come out of a locker room. Bayley begins to laugh and Trish demands to know what is funny. Bayley says that it is comical that Trish believes she can hang with the modern talent and that Beth Phoenix is going to be on a war path after suffering a big loss thanks Trish. Trish notes that she will handle Beth and that she will happily handle Bayley afterwards. Bayley laughs about the whole thing as she departs, laughing some more to herself.

A depressed Naomi enters her locker room to prepare to leave when an angry Io Shirai storms in and viciously attacks her! Io starts making comments about Naomi getting opportunities when Io gets none as she continues to throw her around. Io notes that this is her time to shine and then mocks the idea that Naomi is “Premier”, saying she is “Pathetic” instead as she leaves Naomi out cold.

The Women’s Title is on the line next as Becky Lynch defends against the tenth ranked Brie Bella in this awesome encounter! The two of them practically steal the show in their efforts. The ref accidentally gets caught in the groin with a boot from Brie Bella performing a botch flying knee strike. Brie uses this opportunity to hit Becky with a chair and then a Rack Attack! Brie cover for the 3 count fall and is awarded the gold!

However, before Brie can celebrate for too long, Alexa Bliss’s music hits! Alexa comes out and reveals that she used her powers last week to add a stipulation to this match which require Brie to get two falls on Becky to win the gold! The match restarts and with Brie distracted, Becky attacks, hits the Man-Handle-Slam and scores the pinfall victory!!

Alexa leaves, Brie Bella looks down, Becky celebrates, and Nikki Bella is caught on camera applauding the match, saying that she will see Becky on the 18th of June!

Mickey is impatiently waiting for Executioner to bring the limo around when the lights suddenly flicker, revealing Bray Wyatt standing behind Mickey! Mickey spots Bray and screams for his life as Bray says he wants to “talk”. Mickey is afraid, but Finn Balor suddenly comes flying in with a drop kick which catches Bray off guard and allows Mickey to run away and to jump in the limo with Executioner as they flee! Finn continues to attacks Bray as Bray promises to make him pay. Finn acknowledges that he may pay down the line, but for now he has Bray where he wants him, delivering one final thunderous drop kick to Bray, taking him out as Finn walks away!

Lawrence Mason is standing by with the PWI Champion, Dragonfly. Dragonfly notes that the pattern of him talking shit, his opponents getting overly confident during the matches, and then Dragonfly ultimately winning is becoming “predictable”. He states that he is simply the best at this, and that he is confident that he is the only wrestler in history to have as many consecutive lengthy reigns as he has. He states that he dominates our attention with everything he does and that tonight will be no different!

In the Main Event, Dragonfly defends the PWI World Title in an open challenge match, which is answered by the Immunity Champion, Seth Rollins! This incredible battle ensues and the two show the world how it is done, but – as predicted – Dragonfly pulls out the victory following a Dragon Twist Driver and a pinfall!

With Seth Rollins recovering and Dragonfly celebrating, the show comes to a great conclusion!


The show kicks off with Blade taking on Stan Hart to iron out their differences. After a great battle, Blade comes out on top following the Cut Throat and a pinfall!

Project Wormwood is decimating the HCW stars again, but this time it is in the parking lot! Krusader is orchestrating the attack until Tiny emerges to protest and help HCW fight back! Just as Project Wormwood pounces on him, the Hardcore Giants show up as reinforcements, finally giving Project Wormwood the fight that HCW needed to see!

John Cena then takes on The Scarecrow in a back and forth brawl, but as Cena looks like he is going to win, Gangrel enters from the crowd and attacks John! With Scarecrow laughing, Gangrel hits the Impaler DDT onto a chair, and then follows Scarecrow’s orders to set Cena up for Black Rain onto the same chair, which then allows Scarecrow to get the pinfall victory! Scarecrow and Gangrel then pose over the lifeless Cena as we cut to commercial!

HCW Champion Scott Nash spots Rhyno and seeks answers for why Rhyno helped him last night. He wants to know what Rhyno’s “game” here is. However, Rhyno doesn’t answer him as he walks away!

In footage from earlier in the day, Acting HCW President Ted Brown interrupts Dragonfly watching the news. Brown wants to talk with Dragonfly about him being absent from HCW shows and insists on knowing if Dragonfly is a team player. Dragonfly retorts by underlining how he supposedly adds prestige to everything he touches, from championships to the HCW itself. Dragonfly says that Ted should be honored with Dragonfly as an ally and that Dragonfly only shows up when needed. He does make an offer, though: to show up at every HCW event as long as Brown ensures that Dragonfly will not be afflicted with any “shenanigans” en route to capturing the HCW title. Brown is insulted by this, but Dragonfly doubles down, noting how he can be a powerful enemy if Brown wants. Brown reluctantly agrees as he leaves.

In the Main Event, Thunder takes on The Aggressor in a show of force between the two powerhouses. The back and forth comes to an end when Thunder hits the Thunder Clap through a table and pins Aggressor for the win!

After the match and as the show concludes, Thunder celebrates while Aggressor seethes!

WNW – 5/3/23

The show kicks off with a match pitting Teo & Attitude in their first televised tag team match together in over two decades against the War Raiders. The battle ends with Attitude hitting the Attitude Adjustment and securing the victory for his team! After the match, Teo declared that they are going all the way to the top by the end of the season!

In a hospital bed, Drew attempts to recover as Executioner pays him a visit. Executioner says that this is the last thing he and the Chairman ever wanted to happen, and as Drew struggled to speak, Executioner conveyed to him that Mickey is thankful for his sacrifice. Executioner then sought to watch cartoons with Drew as Drew groaned in dismay!

In Bliss’s Lair, Slammer is seemingly wimpering about Alexa being gone when the Goddess suddenly surprises Slammer by emerging behind him! Slammer embraces her and she politely urges her monster to relax a little and to prepare for the work ahead as she pursues vengeance!

The next match features Jesse Hash taking on the 3rd Ranked Booker D in a great si-saw battle. At the end, though, Hash pulls off the pinfall victory! As he celebrates, CM Punk rushes into the ring from behind and viciously attacks him. Punk leaves Hash laid out with a grin on his face!

Sean Olson is getting his stretch on when an angry Christian Cage enters the frame, insisting that the two of them put an end to their differences. However, as Christian is talking, Olson simply walks out of the room, enraging Christian even further!

The War Raiders are discussing their loss tonight, with Erik tired of the losses and Ivar suggesting that they will bounce back from these losses soon. Their conversation is interrupted, though, by the New Day (Kofi and Big E) interjecting with mocking laughter, calling the Raiders the “The Wimp Raiders”. Erik and Ivar get irate as Ivar suggests that they have a match sometime soon. Big E and Kofi are pleased with the idea as they leave the scene.

In the main event, Becky Lynch defends the Women’s Championship against the woman from whom she won the title: the 4th Ranked Angelina Love! This match is off to a great start as they trade control, and with Angelina seemingly poised to win via a Lights Out Superkick, Shayna Baszler runs into the ring and attacks Becky, forcing a disqualification victory for the champion! Before Love could even react, Shayna slides back out of the ring and grins ear to ear about what she had done whilst Becky’s music plays and the show comes to an end!


The show kicks off with a great bout between Santos Escobar and the man seeking revenge against him: Swerve. Santos manages to push Swerve up against the official long enough to sneak in a low blow without the ref seeing it, setting up for the Phantom Driver and the pinfall victory!

In the Spotlight interview, WALTER tells Lawrence Mason that he is seeking to cleanse the sport of wrestling from the filth created by stars like Jeff Hardy and that he dares Hardy to take him on!

Triple H is exiting a locker room chuckling to himself when Shinsuke Nakamura nails him out of nowhere with his signature knee strike to the face! Nakamura leans down and tells Triple H that this isn’t over as he walks away with pride.

In the Main Event, we see the rivalry between Melina and Taynara Conti culminate in a match to determine the next challenger for Emma’s Ascendant Title. This is a brutal bout which sees a scary super hurricanrana to the outside by Melina onto Taynara. When they get back in the ring, though, Taynara surprises Melina with a set of vicious martial arts kicks to the face, knocking Melina out for the three count fall!

As Melina recovers in the ring, Taynara celebrates her win with the show going off the air!

ASYLUM – 5/8/23

We start the show seeing Mickey talking to Executioner in his lair. He is bragging about his booking prowess and how he is confident that Motivation X will outperform anyone else. That’s when the lights go out and come back on to reveal F.R.E.D.!! Mickey panics and is only able to escape when Executioner sacrifices his well-being for Mickey! F.R.E.D. decimates Executioner and roars out of rage as we kick off the show!

After the video package and pyro display, the opening bout is a rafter match for the Motivation Advantage in the finale of the Women’s Premier Tournament. The 6th Ranked Liv Morgan takes on Mickie James in a scary match which results in a draw when Liv hits an extreme ObLIVion on Mickie from the rafters to the mat below!! Michael Buffer announces that this match is officially a draw and that the draw will result in the second stage of hell being canceled at Motivation in favor of one final battle between these two for the Premier Athlete recognition!

Lana is standing by with the confident Teo & Attitude. They reveal that in compliance with the unofficial rule of PWI Tag Teams, they have decided to call themselves “The Attraction” since they undoubtedly are two of the main attractions of PWI! They then send a message to whomever wins the tag titles tonight that they intend to finish this season with the gold!

Cargill is checking herself out in the mirror when Shawn Spears approaches. Spears tells Cargill that he is confident in her and believes that she represents the Pinnacle well, but that he needs her to dispense with Team Kick once and for all to show the world what it means to be in The Pinnacle! He reveals that he wants her to take on Team Kick this Wednesday at Wednesday Night War in a handicap match! She agrees without hesitation.

In the next match, the 10th ranked Shawn Spears takes on the 5th Ranked Roderick Strong in a great back and forth brawl, but after hitting the C4, Spears picks up another impressive win!

Vinnie Mouse and Jackie Mouse are walking in the hallway together with Vinnie repeating his advice to her about trusting no one but herself. He notes that it is unfortunate to be in such a toxic family…and that is when Blaster comes out of nowhere and attacks him! Jackie flees as Blaster unleashes his fury onto Vinnie whom happens to be pleading for Blaster to stop. When Blaster’s attack ends, he looks up and sees that Jackie is gone as he yells for her!

Bianca Belair is sitting in a chair in the parking lot when the Women’s Champion Becky Lynch shows up. Becky is a little annoyed to see Bianca, but Bianca tells her that she is still staying out of the champ’s business, but just wanted to let Becky know that she will be Becky’s business soon enough. Becky let’s her know that she looks forward to such down the line as the two part ways.

The Tag Titles are on the line as FTR defends their gold against the Usos. This si-saw battle comes to a sudden end when the referee being out of the picture leads to a missed tag by the Usos and the official not seeing such preventing them from winning the gold. As the confusion persists, FTR capitalizes on the moment and steals another victory!

Lawrence Mason is with Kevin Owens in the back, and he chides Owens for running away from the Hallway Brawl a few weeks ago. Owens insists that he wasn’t running away. He says he was fed up and had to stop himself from killing Duxen. He then says that he looks forward to sending Duxen into retirement whenever Duxen feels like taking the chance in the ring against Owens!

Adam Page is watching Owens leave Mason and remarks about how Owens is an angry person when Karrion Kross barges in and attacks Page. Karrion takes Page down and reminds him that their Motivation Advantage match is in a couple of weeks as he says “Tick Tock”!

Our next bout is a Tornado Tag Team Triple Threat Match pitting three iconic tag teams of the past against each other: the Duct Tape Men, the 3rd Ranked Harlem Turtles, and the 1st Ranked Hollys! These three teams tear the house down in a bout which turns bloody, but it is the Duct Tape Men who squeak by with the victory!

The HCW Champion Scott Nash is met by the Acting President of HCW Ted Brown. Nash notes that Mickey’s dangers against himself keep growing each week, and that now is the time for Nash to seriously consider Brown’s offer. Ted is happy to hear this news and pledges to get his lawyers on the matter while also drawing up the necessary paperwork!

What happens next caught us all by surprise as we are subjected to “Edge Court” with The Guy as the announcer, Lenny Mouse and Fitz Riot as the Jury, and Miz as the defendant escorted by Maniac and Krazy Kid whilst tied up with a bull rope to be tried before Judge Edge! Miz is tried for the crime of not having any “Grey Poupon”, “Poupon Grey”, or “Grey Shit” with the sentence being “death of a testicular magnitude”. Miz protests as his “legal counsel” for his defense is revealed as Krazy Kid, who also happens to be Prosecutor. Kid presents a faulty defense and a solid case for prosecution. Miz pleads “agh-ahhhh” (after being assaulted by Maniac for speaking out of line), and the Jury (led by Lenny) announces that their verdict is “guilty as charged”! Judge Edge orders the “death of a testicular magnitude” sentence be carried out as Krazy Kid grabs Miz, spreads Miz’s legs, and then drops him into a field goal kick to the balls by Maniac! Seeing the hearing finished, Edge disappears and the session ends!

Our next match is a culmination of rage between Beth Phoenix and the 7th Ranked Trish Stratus. This bout is pretty even until Beth locks on the Glam Slam and gets the victory!

Rhyno is walking through the hallway when the PWI Champion Dragonfly stops him. He mocks Rhyno for trying to stay “relevant”, indicating that Rhyno is nowhere near such without a rivalry against Dragonfly. Rhyno is frustrated as Dragonfly points out that this quest for relevancy is why Rhyno helped Nash and won’t answer Brown as to where his loyalties lie. Dragonfly insists that he knows what the answer will be because he knows Rhyno better than himself and he leaves Rhyno to his own thoughts!

Finn Balor is leaving the arena when the lights suddenly go out! Upon turning back on, F.R.E.D. is revealed to be standing behind him! The monster comes after Finn, but Finn ducks and dodges, hitting the beast with whatever he can, taking him down and finding a route to escape as F.R.E.D. roars into the night once more!

In the main event, Becky Lynch defends her Women’s Title against the 2nd Ranked Shayna Baszler! This bout sees Shayna get the advantage over the champ with the Kirifuda Clutch, but the official is pulled out by Angelina Love before Becky could pass or tap out! Shayna gets up to attack Love, but Love hits her with the Lights Out Superkick! Becky comes to, securing the official and the victory!

After the match, as Becky leaves with the gold, Shayna attacks Love with the Kirifuda Clutch, forcing officials to storm the ring to separate them as the show goes off the air!!


Ted Brown opens the show with a plea to the HCW Alum, including Rhyno. He says that he needs everyone to “come home” to defend HCW from all threats. He even extends an offer to “new blood” for people to join the HCW family. He warns the current roster that they could be displaced by those who choose to join, but that it is for the greater good.

In the opening bout, John Cena seeks some revenge against Gangrel. Despite Gangrel’s best efforts, Cena picks up the victory!

The HCW Locker Room is contemplating the opening statement by Ted Brown tonight. Stan Hart doesn’t trust his intentions, but he faces pushback by the likes of Brutal, Thunder, Nathan Jones, and even Adam Copeland. Matt Morgan seems open to Stan’s opinion, which is that the boys should try to help bring back John Brown (Stan learned of an offer made sometime ago to trade for John Brown and finds it appealing). Morgan sides with the locker room that Ted should be trusted and Stan leaves out of frustration, saying he won’t be caught by surprise. After he leaves, some of the boys express that he may be right after all.

In their rematch, Magog takes on The Hulk. This monstrous clash appears to be going Hulk’s way as he nails the Hulk Smash, but the lights go out before the impact and turn back on to reveal the return of the Juggernaut!! The incredible monster manhandles Hulk, hitting him with the Tremor Slam and then dragging Magog across Hulk’s carcass for the three count fall. When it is all said and done, Juggernaut carries Magog out of the arena while Hulk recovers in the ring.

Anthony is excited to be behind the microphone again as he prepares to interview the PWI Champion; Dragonfly! Dragonfly quickly gets annoyed with Anthony, though, saying that he is only here to keep his word, since his verbal support for HCW seems to not satisfy the HCW faithful. After kicking Anthony out of the interview, Dragonfly issues a pledge to transform HCW to an actual “wrestling company” after capturing the gold at Motivation, and says that it will cease to be a place for “rejects” under his leadership!

In the main event, Blade takes on The Scarecrow to determine the next challenger for the HCW Title at next week’s Mayhem! Following an absolutely grueling brawl, Scarecrow hits Blade with a Black Rain while Blade is wrapped in barbwire to secure the pinfall and celebrates sadistically as the show goes off the air!

WNW – 5/10/23

The show kicked off with a tornado handicap match between Team Kick and Jade Cargill. While Team Kick had a solid opening onslaught, Jade bounced back and dominated most of the match, finishing it off with resounding victory double pinfall!

Mickey is sitting beside Drew McIntyre by Drew’s hospital bedside. He shouts and wakes Drew up. Mickey accuses Drew of not caring about the dangers which stand against Mickey and the PWI. Mickey says that he needs Drew to step up (especially with Executioner almost dying at the hands of F.R.E.D.) and partake in what may become the last big fight of his life! Mickey tells Drew to contact Memphis and have the call forwarded to him as soon as possible.

Shane McMahon sits down with Shayna Baszler and Angelina Love. He tells them that there is no room for the chaos that they are creating every week. He insists that they need to chill out and he promises to come up with a solution soon. Love agrees only because Shane asked and Shayna scoffs, mocking Love’s willingness to adhere as Love leaves the room.

Shawn Spears is walking through the hallway when the Immunity Champion Seth Rollins confronts him. Seth says he isn’t just going to be sitting idly by while Shawn makes his snide remarks. Neither man backs down, though, as Shawn assures Seth that he will be too much for Seth to handle as they depart.

CM Punk takes on Sean Olson in what may have been their first meeting ever. The bout is definitely a show-stealer, and as Punk looks as if he is going to win, Jesse Hash emerges from the crowd and jumps on the apron, causing Punk to break a cover to stop Hash from intervening. However, as Punk is yelling at Hash, Olson rolls Punk up for the three! Olson celebrates as Hash laughs, and Punk seethes in the ring, insisting that his foot was on the ropes!

Catherine is laying into Blaster about Blaster’s actions which caused Jackie to run away. Catherine says that she can’t get ahold of Jackie now because of this and Blaster grows more and more frustrated; saying that Catherine should go find Jackie if she thinks she can do better. Catherine states that Jackie won’t talk to her anyway, but that it is Blaster’s responsibility to find their daughter since he created this mess. Blaster reluctantly agrees, pledging to bring Jackie back to the office when he locates her!

Sean Olson is preparing to leave for the evening when an irritated Christian Cage catches up to him. Olson still is avoiding interacting as Christian notes his frustration with Olson dodging his efforts at a peaceful resolution. Christian then states that they should resolve this “the old fashioned way” in the ring, to which Olson laughs it off and gets into a car to drive away as Christian again is left heated.

Lawrence Mason pulls Brie Bella aside and goes to ask her about Nikki Bella’s main event Gauntlet Match tonight, but Brie brushes that off (saying “good luck” to Nikki). Brie notes that Nikki “has her golden ticket”, but that Brie’s was stolen from her by Alexa Bliss. Brie then angrily vows revenge on Alexa and Slammer for getting in her way, noting that she is tired of being looked at as “The Other Bella”!

In the Main Event, the Number One Contender for the Women’s Title, Nikki Bella fends off Alicia Fox, Allie, Lacey Evans, and Ariel in a quick-paced Gauntlet Match (which includes two questionable eliminations of Lacey and Allie)! While Ariel recovers (as the last eliminated challenger, who was hit with a Rack Attack which focused on the neck extra hard), Nikki proclaims that this is a sign of what’s to come: her as the Women’s Champion at Motivation!

The show concludes as Nikki Bella confidently flaunts her victory for the world to see!

ASCENDANTS – 5/11/23

The show kicked off with Triple H trying to get some revenge against Shinsuke Nakamura for injuring him on a live show earlier in the year. However, Shinsuke was too good for Triple H as Shinsuke managed to pull off the victory!

In the Spotlight Interview, Baron Corbin was ranting to Lawrence Mason about how Steve Austin and other legends steal opportunities from young stars like him when Stone Cold’s music hit and Austin made his way to the ring! Baron sought to stop Austin from stunning him like Austin has been doing at the live shows as of late, but Austin ended up getting one in anyway! Austin then told Baron that he will keep stunning Baron as long as he continues to come out and whine! After stunning Baron one more time, Austin left with his middle fingers in the air!

Swerve is minding his own business walking through the hallway when Wilde and Mendoza from Legado Del Fantasma try to kidnap him. However, Swerve manages to break free and fight back in the parking lot, throwing both of the Super Luchadores in the dumpster before taking off in a car!

In the Main Event match to determine that Ascendant Championship challenger for Uprising, WALTER took on Jeff Hardy in a hard-hitting si-saw battle! Ultimately, WALTER prevailed, securing the pinfall and standing tall as the show came to a close!


The opening is suddenly interrupted by Mickey, who reminds the crowd that he and Mmouse Enterprises are responsible for HCW’s resurrection. He proclaims that tonight will be the final installment of Monday Night Mayhem, if he can help it, and that he has chosen a mystery third opponent for the HCW Title match in the main event tonight to seal the deal in ensuring that Scott Nash completely falls!

As the show begins with Jim Ross and Ric Venom calling the matches instead of Jeff Esiason and Tom Banks, Ross and Venom reveal that the Mmouse Enterprises Board of Directors approved a proposal by Mickey to kill off the HCW tonight in the event that PWI can defeat the HCW in at 4 of the 6 matches tonight or at least 3 matches and capturing the HCW Title! In the opening bout, PWI’s WALTER defeats HCW’s The Aggressor in a great first battle! Following the match, however, WALTER wasn’t finished as he continued the assault until Jeff Hardy ran to the ring, fought off WALTER and embraced Aggressor, signifying that Hardy has rejoined HCW!!

PWI Champion Dragonfly is watching TV when Acting HCW President Ted Brown enters the room to the chagrin of Dragonfly. Dragonfly claims that this is his office and Brown mocks the idea that Dragonfly runs anything. Dragonfly asserts that he absolutely does and is in fact the reason that HCW is here today. Brown demands to know where Dragonfly stands and whether Dragonfly knew that Mickey was going to pull this stunt. Dragonfly reminds Brown that he is only concerned about himself and that HCW is merely the organization that he has chosen to help right now, especially since he has his sights set on the HCW gold! Brown leaves after getting annoyed with Dragonfly’s arrogance.

Sabu then defeats the 4th Ranked Adam Cole in a hellacious bout to tie the score at one victory for both PWI and HCW! After Sabu leaves, Cole is recovering when an enraged Bobby Lashley barges into the ring and puts Cole in the Hurt Lock and then nails him with a Spear!

Anthony – who is so depressed that talking about his genitalia won’t even lift him up – is standing by with the Extreme Champion Al Snow. He tells Snow that the pressure is on him to be Extreme and retain the gold tonight. Anthony then botches his pep talk (asserting that HCW needs more “ass”) and scurries away, leaving Snow confused.

Al Snow then defends his Extreme Championship against the 2nd Ranked Austin Theory. Unfortunately for HCW, Theory picks up the win and the gold, putting PWI back ahead 2-1!

Blade is getting words of encouragement from the HCW Locker Room as they verbalize their faith in his ability to prevent HCW from being snuffed out tonight. Blade reminds them that they need to maintain their loyalty to HCW no matter what tonight as he sets out to defeat his PWI opponent!

Cena and Scarecrow are seen in a scuffle in the hallway, with Scarecrow laughing at the assault, Cena grows annoyed and hits an F-U onto the floor, leaving Scarecrow out cold as Cena says “this is over!”

Blade succeeds in defeating PWI’s 5th Ranked Kevin Owens in another great match of the night! This victory re-ties the score at 2 wins for HCW and PWI!

The crowd is displeased with the arrival of the Pinnacle as Shawn Spears and Jade Cargill express their confidence in FTR defending their gold tonight. Jade warns, however, that she will have to kick some HCW ass if FTR fails. FTR assures them that they will represent the Pinnacle well as they enter the building.

Ted Brown is walking through the hallway when the HCW Champion Scott Nash catches up to him to offer some positive words. Brown is concerned about whatever Mickey has up his sleeve, but Nash promises that HCW will survive tonight and going forward! They discuss how Jeff Hardy came back to HCW and then they are cut off by Timothy Thatcher, who approaches Brown, saying that he wants to defect to HCW! Brown is elated, welcoming the submissions expert to the family! Nash points out the new recruit as an example of how things are going to be alright as they leave together.

FTR has to defend their Tag Team Titles against HCW’s Matt Morgan and Nathan Jones. FTR retains in this hard-hitting brawl to help PWI retake the lead at 3-2!

Thomas is standing by with HCW Legend Rhyno. Thomas grills Rhyno on whenever he will make his mind up. Rhyno says that his decision is coming “soon” and leaves it at that!

In the Main Event, with PWI leading the score at 3-2, HCW Champion Scott Nash was poised to defend his gold against HCW’s Scarecrow and a mystery opponent of Mickey’s choosing, but Scarecrow suffered an injury earlier, putting HCW back at a disadvantage. Mickey’s choice ended up being the iconic Krusader! These two put on a hell of a show, and as Krusader looked as if he would win, Petey Williams rushed into the ring and nailed Krusader with a devastating Canadian Destroyer! This bought Nash enough time to recover, and soon thereafter, Nash secured the victory, saving HCW from devastation! However, per the Board of Directors, Monday Night Mayhem would be forever changed since the score wound up being tied!

After the match, the HCW locker room joined Nash in celebration, but this feed was interrupted by Apocalypse, who congratulated HCW on surviving for now. As the show concluded, he issued a caveat that these invasions by PWI would persist unless HCW accepts his Endgame challenge for Motivation X: a 6 man elimination tag with Project Wormwood’s Krusader, Terminator, and Phobe against whomever Ted Brown chooses, with the winning team deciding the fate of HCW once and for all!

WNW – 5/17/23

The show begins with Blaster leaving the building and vocalizing his frustration with the unknown whereabouts of Jackie Mouse has he hops on his motorbike and speeds off.

Following the video package and pyro, the opening bout features Angelina Love and Shayna Baszler taking on the 1st Ranked Unbound for a shot at the Women’s Tag Gold at Goddess Appreciation Night. The match is hard fought, but a downed official allows Shayna to take out Kaitlyn and Lacey (the latter with a chair shot), paving the way for Love to secure the pinfall victory!

Lawrence Mason is standing by with Granddaddy Duxen, whom he asks his thoughts on Kevin Owens. Duxen is defiant, saying that he is intent on dying in the ring as opposed to retiring and that he has more determination than Owens to see this through!

Immunity Champion Seth Rollins is laughing to himself while watching Duxen on the TV when Shawn Spears barges in and attacks him, saying that he will prove himself to Seth!

Becky is walking through the hall when the 1st Ranked Nikki Bella approaches her and chides her for being a fighting champion. Nikki insists that she wants Becky at Motivation for the gold and she wants her at full health so she won’t have any excuses when she loses. Becky pushes back, saying that she is a woman of her word, and that she will absolutely face Nikki at Motivation and plans to retain! Nikki is incredulous as she mocks the idea that Becky will make it in one piece after all of these defenses, saying that the constant defenses are chipping away at Becky, leaving Nikki to merely break apart the remaining pieces! Becky welcomes the challenge as they depart.

In the next match, the Women’s Premier Athlete of 2022, Naomi defeats Io Shirai in a barnburner of a match!

Mickey is seen in the parking lot pleading for his life before F.R.E.D. and Bray Wyatt (telling them not to take him too seriously and that he will be their friend), with Bray telling him that he will take him to the Funhouse, but Drew McIntyre bursts onto the scene, hitting Bray with a Claymore and delivering a Glasgow’s Kiss to F.R.E.D. before fleeing with Mickey!

Lana stops Sean Olson to ask him for his opinion on Christian Cage, but Olson retorts that Christian is unworthy of his time, let alone a rematch. Iterating that he just likes to toy with Christian’s head, Olson said that there isn’t a rematch in the cards for them, because Christian needs it more than Olson.

The Tag Team Champions, FTR and Jade Cargill of the Pinnacle are laughing to themselves about the tag division purportedly being unable to unseat them this time around. Jade admonishes the boys not to take their competition too lightly, but Dawson responds, saying that Jade, too, will be dominant in her own division. Jade likes the thought of conquering the division as we move on.

In the Main Event, we see a hell of a match between the 4th Ranked Adam Cole and Finn Balor! Cole actually appears to be poised to win when Bobby Lashley emerges from the crowd and jumps on the apron. Cole goes to dive for him, but misses and turns around to fall victim to the famous Balor dropkick into the corner followed by the Coup De Gras for the pinfall!

As the show concludes, Cole scowls at Lashley as Balor celebrates!

ASCENDANTS – 5/18/23

In the opening bout, Angel Garza defeated Robby Storm in a great first match of the night!

Under the Spotlight, Lawrence Mason interviews Swerve, asking him about his mindset leaving AXW for PWI and his thoughts about Legado Del Fantasma. Swerve remarks that while he appreciated Camden Cross for giving him a shot, he wanted to be more than a mere cruiserweight sideshow. However, Escobar and his goons welcomed him to PWI in the worst way, by kidnapping him! Santos then interrupted the interview, telling Swerve that he came willingly to be taught how to be a man. Swerve pushed back, and Santos did as well. Swerve then got annoyed and challenged Santos to a match, to which Santos agreed under one condition: that if Swerve wins, he will be left alone, but his loss will make him belong to Santos. Swerve agreed, feeling confident in his own skills as Santos promised to make him regret it!

In the hallway, Steve Austin is leaving a room when Baron Corbin clobbers him with a steel chair out of nowhere! Corbin remarks that it isn’t so funny with Corbin being the only one standing now as he orders Austin to leave him alone!

In the Main Event, Emma is defending her Women’s Ascendant Championship against Taynara Conti. Conti looks like she may become champion, but Indi Hartwell interferes, forcing a disqualification!

Then, as the show concludes, Indi send Emma into the steps, and delivers a Hartwell Edge on Taynara through a table, then raises her hands, boasting about her actions!

ASYLUM – 5/22/23

After the video package, Mickey’s music hit – interrupting the pyro – and the Chairman made way for the ring. Once in there, Mickey ranted about his “near death experience” at the hands of Bray and FRED, and he proclaimed that Bray will take on Finn Balor at Motivation! He then dared FRED to accept a match at Motivation against an opponent of Mickey’s choosing! Mickey declared that things will be changing soon as he “hits the reset button!”

In the opening bout, Karrion Kross took on Adam Page in the Motivation Advantage match for the Men’s Three Stages of Hell Premier Tournament Finale in a Submission Match! After fending off the interfering Scarlett and Tessa Blanchard, Page fell victim to Karrion’s Kross Jacket, giving Kross the victory!

Nash was seen watching a clip of Mickey taunting FRED as he laughed to himself about the absurdity of the whole thing!

Lana interviewed the Events Commissioner Shane McMahon who announced that next week will feature a Tag Team Turmoil Royale pitting the top four ranked tag teams against each other to decide FTR’s opponents!

Hearing the news, Teo came running into he and Attitude’s locker room to share what was announced. Attitude was just as excited as he as he promised that they will win it all!

Next was the so-called LumberCOURT Match with Miz taking on Edge as Edge’s Court surrounded the ring. After some chaotic shenanigans, Edge picked up the victory, but Miz let him have it, attacking the ref and injuring Edge with a vicious con-chairto!

Catherine was in her suite openly talking about someone needing to “find her” when CM Punk invited himself in to rant about Jesse Hash. Punk demanded that Hash be fired for violating the wellness policy, but Catherine warned him against “throwing stones in glass houses”. Punk was offended, remarking that everyone knows that he is clean. Hash overheard this and invited himself in as well, calling Punk a “whiny bitch”. Hash said that he can “do this forever” and Punk rioted, but the both of them were kicked out by Catherine!

Liv Morgan is tending to herself as Mickie James walked in the locker room. Mickie told Liv how much she respected Liv and that she hoped Liv would save herself for Motivation for the Finale. Liv took it under advisement, but said that she needed to finish the issue with Gail Kim and Ember Moon first!

Before the next match to determine the world title challenger for next week, the HCW Extreme Champion and 2nd Ranked Austin Theory made his way to the ring and started mocking the idea of losing to Granddaddy Duxen! Theory proclaimed that he would beat Duxen and send him to retirement before Owens would even get the chance! However, in their match, Duxen pulled off the upset victory!

Lawrence Mason went to ask the PWI World Champion Dragonfly his thoughts on Duxen’s win, but Dragonfly brushed that question aside, saying he didn’t care about Duxen. Instead, he assured everyone that he will win next Monday and at Motivation 20 days later to become “Undisputed…again!” He noted that everyone will recognize that he is the most significant star in the industry once more!

Cameras catch Brie Bella in the middle of assaulting Slammer! She was choking him with a crutch, had apparently put him through a table and then topped it off by ramming him with the dumpster before running off!

The next match was a hell of a match between the 1st Ranked Nikki Bella and the 3rd Ranked Bayley! Nikki fended off the challenge well as she picked up the victory!

Love is stretching in her locker room when Shayna Baszler walks in. They come to agree that Shane McMahon may have done them a favor by forcing them to tag up. Love says that they need to take their challenging for the Women’s Tag Gold seriously and Shayna agreed, saying that she will prove how serious she is by taking Love out for a drink this Wednesday!

Bayley was walking through the hall, smarting from her loss, when Trish chuckled about the whole thing. Bayley got in Trish’s face, saying that they can handle this next week, and Trish agreed!

The next match was a high-stakes match between the 6th Ranked Shawn Spears and the Immunity Champion, Seth Rollins! Seth came in as confident as Shawn, but when the bell rang, he charged at and missed Shawn, hitting the turnbuckle, allowing Spears to surprise him with a roll-up pinfall! This outcome automatically earned Spears a title shot for Immunity next week!!

Blaster rode his dirt bike into a dim lit alley way, looking frustrated as he called out for his daughter Jackie. Jackie announced her presence and Blaster embraced her, saying that they were worried about her. Jackie explained that he scared her when she saw how he attacked Vinnie. Blaster said he would explain everything as he got her to reluctantly come with him.

In the Superstar Report Exclusive Interview, Bianca Belair explained to me that she felt that she deserved her rematch tonight for the Women’s Title because she has the ability to take the division further than anyone before her!

In the Main Event, Becky Lynch defended her Women’s Championship against Bianca Belair in the match of the night! Becky struggled and the fans were split, but she wound up retaining in resounding fashion!

After the match, Becky and Bianca embraced and the champion celebrated as the show came to a close!

HCW INSANITY – 5/23/23

In the opening bout, Timothy Thatcher – newcomer from the PWI – took on Sabu and put up a hell of a fight, but Sabu ultimately won the fight! After the match, Sabu showed respect to the newcomer with an embrace and a nod of respect!

The HCW Locker Room is talking amongst themselves when Jeff Hardy and Petey Williams enter the room to cheers from the boys! Petey and Jeff assure their comrades that while this was no easy decision, they are in it for real and for the long haul! The joy was cut short, though, when the PWI Champion Dragonfly entered the room to size everyone up. He called them “pathetic” and laughed at the thought that they would be his peers. He started to scold them and warn them that he was primed to become their new leader at Motivation when Blade interrupted. Dragonfly and Blade had some words, but Dragonfly concluded that Blade would never have a chance taking him down. Blade didn’t back down, though, as Dragonfly showed himself to the door!

In a very brief and brutal match, Aggressor released his aggression on Al Snow, defeating him in a short period of time!

The cameras showed us the Acting President of HCW, Ted Brown. Ted reminisced about the proud history of HCW and how it began as WWWF (World Wide Wrestling Federation) after John Brown asked Mickey for permission to use the acronym back in 1998 (Mmouse Enterprises had launched World Whacky Wrestling Federation in 1997, only to change the name to USWA). Brown noted that his brother and Mickey had established a partnership, but that Mickey allowed his stars and Ric Venom to disrespect John and what would later become HCW in 2001, culminating in a series of promotional invasions and leading to the so-called Allegiance War which ended the USWA, BFCW, and the Second Era overall. Ted noted that Brown Inc. had partnered again with Mmouse Enterprises in the Third Era, helping the UWA remain successful, and that HCW ultimately picked up the torch during the so-called “HCW Era” from 2006 through 2007. Brown proudly recalled HCW’s critical success in the Fourth Era and how the wrestling critics have always hated Brown Inc. for it! Brown pointed out that HCW was merely being resurrected to give the people an alternative, but that Mickey wanted to snuff it out. He stated that he would accept Apocalypse’s offer, saying that this would give Brown Inc. the chance it deserves to finally end the long-standing dependency and rivalry between the companies and that HCW would prevail after revealing the three competitors to represent such next week on Insanity!

In the main event, The Scarecrow took on his latest victim, John Cena in a hell of a match. Cena proved to be up to the challenge, but Scarecrow outwitted him, using the ropes to assist in his pinfall victory!

After the match, as Cena seethed, Scarecrow celebrated with the show coming to a close!

WNW – 5/24/23

The show began with a barnburner of a brawl between members of the former tag team of The Protectors: Big Show and Raven. Raven showed his ruthlessness, but Big Show overcame the assault with a thunderous victory!

Catherine was seen in her suite at the computer when Blaster showed up, promising that he had someone who wanted to “say hi”. Catherine got up, visibly excited as her daughter Jackie came into the room, hanging her head. Catherine and Jackie embraced as the camera cut!

At the bar, Shayna Baszler and Angelina Love are talking candidly about their personalities and why they seem to clash as well as mesh. Shayna pledged that they will win the Women’s Tag Titles this Monday and Love nodded and spoke up in the affirmative, indicating that this team is apparently and finally on the same page!

Lawrence Mason is standing by with Christian Cage, who expresses his offense at the thought that Sean Olson would see him as “unworthy”. Christian offered a reminder that he is the “Impact Player” and that he overshadows Olson, who he considers to be washed up, but as Christian continued ranting, Olson suddenly clobbered him with a Superkick! Olson chided Christian for not trying to convince Olson that he was worthy. He then stated that he would happily put an end to this at Motivation in a rematch!

In a shockingly brief tag team match, the 3rd Ranked Hollys took on the Street Profits. Hardcore Holly started out the match and completely decimated Dawkins and Ford all over the place as he let his rage steer the fight. In a flawless victory, Hardcore scored the pinfall and raised his hands to celebrate without ever having tagged Crash in!

Mickey is in his lair vocalizing how much he misses and needs Executioner when the lights flicker, revealing FRED standing in his lair! Mickey freaked out as the lights flickered again to reveal that while FRED was missing, a bloody Executioner lay before him! Mickey rushed to his bodyguard to check on him, finding that Executioner had a message from FRED: “YES!”

Liv Morgan tried to catch up with Gail Kim to thank her for not joining in with Ember Moon’s vicious assault at the recent live show last Friday. Gail reminded Liv that she didn’t do it for her. Liv said that she didn’t believe that Gail was selfish and that she knows that Gail is a kind person. Gail tried to warn her against counting on her, but Ember Moon stepped in and mocked the idea that Gail would listen to Liv. The three of them then argued until Liv declared that she would put an end to this at The Uprising against both of them…in a Triangle Match, to stop Ember and prove herself to Gail! Gail agreed to the match and departed as the remaining two stared each other down!

In the main event, Adam Cole looked to finish off Bobby Lashley! This hard-hitting si-saw bout saw both men in control at various points, but Bobby would lock in the Hurt Lock for the submission victory!

As the show concluded, Lashley reveled in his win whilst Cole sulked on the mat!

ASCENDANTS – 5/25/23

Interrupting the show’s introduction, Baron Corbin came down to the ring and declared that he will be known now as the “Big Bad Wolf” after “taking out” Steve Austin! He tried to assert that Austin was scared of him now, but the Glass Shattered and the crowd erupted as Stone Cold rushed to the ring and beat the hell out of Corbin. Austin then noted that he hasn’t fought at a PPV in a while and that he would be more than happy to kick Corbin’s ass at The Uprising! Within a couple minutes, the commentary team revealed that Commissioner Slammu made the match official!!

Then, in the opening bout, we saw the Danger Zone Battle Royal where the bottom ten ranked superstars (Robby Storm, Eddie Guerrero, Cesaro, Mike O’Malley, Jeff Jarrett, Test, Mr. Perfect, Mystique, Starfire, and Harley Quinn) battled it out to see who would escape the Danger Zone and earn a shot at the Ascendant Title! The match was insane, but Eddie Guerrero pulled off the victory, last eliminating Mr. Perfect!

Lawrence Mason welcome Indi Hartwell to the Spotlight Interview to explain her actions last week. Indi conveyed that she is tired of people ignoring her potential, so she forced everyone to see what she was made of last week! Taynara Conti interrupted the interview, declaring that she was going to kick Indi’s face in for stealing her moment, but the two of them were blocked from fighting when the Women’s Ascendant Champion Emma made her way to the stage and stated that she would defend against both of them in a triple threat match at The Uprising!

Cameras then catch Maria being held back from apparently having attacked Rhea Ripley. Rhea vowed revenge and Maria accepted her challenge for a match this Monday at Goddess Appreciation Night, saying that she is tired of Rhea’s bullying!

In the main event, the New Day took on the War Raiders in a swan song for their feud, and after a hard fought bout, the New Day came out victorious with an inside cradle pinfall despite the domination by the War Raiders at the end of the match!

After the match and as the show came to a close, Kofi and Big E celebrated while the War Raiders angrily looked on from inside the ring!


The show kicks off with a little clip from last Wednesday Night wherein Blaster, Catherine, and Jackie are exiting the suite. Blaster and Catherine are proud of Jackie for coming back, Jackie says that she recognizes that she had been deceived by Mickey and Vinnie. Catherine assures her that her parents are here to help unlearn all of the deceit, and then Blaster offers everyone a bite to eat at a restaurant. As they are leaving, though, Vinnie emerges, having heard the whole thing, and pledges out of distraught to report what he saw to Mickey!

Following the video package and pyro introduction, the 10th Ranked Rhea Ripley defeats the 3rd Ranked Maria in a hard fought battle!

The HCW Champion, Scott Nash arrives and is prepared to enter the building when a young lade stagehand is about to exit. Nash asks the lady to go inform Mickey that he is here to speak with him, and the lady promptly does as she is told!

CM Punk is waiting impatiently in the hallway when the Events Commissioner Shane McMahon exits his office. Punk bombards him with his complaints about Hash, demanding a match. Shane insists that he has more important things to address, namely the fact that the boss just summoned him. He remarks that everyone is used to Punk’s whining by now and Punk begins to rant how big of a deal he is when the two of them are interrupted by the sight of officials rushing to go address something. Shane indicates that he has to see what’s going on as Punk frustratingly follows him!

Shane and Punk arrive at the scene in question, which sees the Immunity Champion Paige in the middle of a fight with Naomi and Io Shirai! The officials pull them apart as Punk mocks Shane’s handle on the chaos. Shane announces that the three women will compete at Motivation for the Immunity Title and that Punk will get his match against Hash on that same night! Shane then excuses himself to see what Mickey wants!

Back at ringside, Angelina Love and Shayna Baszler are set to challenge for the Women’s Tag Titles against Stacy Keibler’s Agency! Angelina is starts the match against Sharon Carter and holds her own until the swift tag work of Mockingbird and Carter catches up to her. Love goes to tag Shayna in, but Shayna drops from the apron, leaving Love looking lost and vulberable as The Agency hits the Sniper Shot and secures the victory! After the match, Shayna lays into Love, revealing that she wants Love to pay for his betrayal over the Women’s Title shot she was promised! Love is left beaten as we cut to a commercial!

Cameras find a disheveled Chairman Mickey Mouse slouching in his throne as Shane McMahon enters, sounding exhausted and apologetic for being late. Mickey sounds lost as he remarks that he has to deal with some impending announcements, but that he needs Shane to turn Nash away in Nash’s pursuit of him! Shane agrees and we see Mickey drift back into thought about his things that he has to address.

The Firefly Funhouse returns! Bray is stoked about his upcoming encounter with Finn! He calls this episode “Encounter” and discusses how he, the Fiend, Finn, and the Demon are going to have so much fun together at Motivation! Bray is joyfully imagining the match when the lights flicker, causing Bray to experience those familiar headaches! Then, after the lights go out, they come back on, revealing that the Demon has invaded the Funhouse! Bray is warned by Rambling Rabbit, but it’s too late as the Demon hits Bray with the dropkick and then looks back and growls at the camera as the episode comes to an end!

In the next match, Seth Rollins has to defend his Immunity Title against the 2nd Ranked Shawn Spears! This is an incredible back and forth brawl, but the winner is ultimately the new champion, Shawn Spears; who celebrates much to the chagrin of Seth!

Lana is standing by with Catherine Mouse, who remarks that she watched the heinous actions of Shayna Baszler earlier in the night and that she wants to do her part to control the madness around here by setting the match that Shayna wants against Love, at Motivation!

The Women’s Champion is seen watching Catherine’s remarks as she talks about how Shayna and Love have been going nuts since Love lost the gold to her at Rising. Nikki Bella then enters the room and states that Becky will also lose her mind when she drops the gold at Motivation! Becky says that she had to be talked out of doing an open challenge tonight and Nikki says it was probably for the best. They then argue about whether Becky could have actually survived the challenge at Motivation if she had kept defending the gold up until then and they agree that they will wait and see at the event!

In the next match, the 4th Ranked Bayley defeats Trish Stratus in another hard fought bout, seeing Bayley punch her ticket to the upper echelon of the company!

Lawrence Mason is standing by with a flustered Chairman, who reveals that PWI’s Starrcade matches will be announced at Motivation and that FRED will take on Drew McIntyre in a No Holds Barred Match at Motivation as well! Mason presses Mickey on him dodging Nash, but Mickey becomes infuriated and denies the claim, storming out of the interview.

Just before the next match could be announced, the Goddess Alexa Bliss makes her way to the ring! Alexa notes that Brie Bella forgot that tonight was coming up when she took out Slammer, and that Brie will pay the price for her actions when they face at Motivation X! Alexa is still describing what she will do to Brie when that old familiar sound of the arena shutting down is heard! With the lights suddenly out and the creepy music playing, The Fiend assaults Alexa with the Mandible Claw! After this assault, the Fiend seems to coddle Alexa and whisper something to her as the lights go out again! When they come back on, Alexa is contorting and acting possessed, even doing the upside spider crawl that Bray has so famously done! Alexa happily remarks about her “experience” just now and then directs her comments to Finn, whom she says will compete with Bray in a FIREPIT MATCH at Motivation! Then, the demented Alexa stares into the camera as the lights flicker and she disappears!

In the next match, the 5th Ranked Young Bucks, the 4th Ranked Harlem Turtles, the 3rd Ranked Attraction, the 2nd Ranked Hollys, and the 1st Ranked Duct Tape Men compete in a Tag Team Turmoil Royale where both members of each team must be eliminated via pinfall or submission anywhere at ringside or being thrown over the top rope to determine the Number One Contenders! The match is pure craziness and sees one member of each team eliminated, but the kicker comes when all five of the remaining men wind up going over the top rope at the same time, leaving an inconclusive finish!

Following the break, Fitz Riot welcomes us to the Dirt Sheet Review wherein he reviews the chaos of the previous match and announces that tireless reviews of the end have led management to conclude that all five teams should challenge FTR for the gold at Motivation in a Ladder Match! He also reveals that the 1st Ranked Unbound will challenge for the Women’s Tag Titles at The Uprising!

Scott Nash is about to enter Mickey’s Lair when Shane McMahon opens the door and stops him. McMahon passes along the message that Mickey will deal with him later, but that he just left the building! Nash is irate, but Shane insists that it is true and even assures him that Mickey is not in the office behind the closed door. Shane disappears back into the room, leaving Nash very unsatisfied!

In the Main Event, Granddaddy Duxen challenges the PWI World Champion Dragonfly in a great si-saw war! Duxen seems poised to take the victory as the momentum builds in his favor and he lands the powerful Elbow Smash! He covers for the pin, but Kevin Owens emerges from under the ring and drags the official out before he could count to three! Owens then hits Duxen with a Stunner and allows Dragonfly to nail the Dragon Twist Driver! With Dragonfly covering Duxen, the confused Earl Hebner counts the three count fall!

With Dragonfly victorious and leaving the scene, Duxen pleads his case to Hebner, who just leaves as well. Duxen is frustrated, but his pain gets worse as Owens returns and continues his assault, and then grabs Duxen, saying he wants a fight at Motivation and that he will beat Duxen to a pulp until he gets what he wants. Duxen pleads with Owens to listen as he accepts the match! Owens looks to continue the abuse, but Duxen fights back, saying that Owens is in for an ass-whooping! Duxen hits a surprise Duxen-Steiner and leaves Owens out cold as he raises his hands and the show comes to an end!

HCW INSANITY – 5/30/23

The show kicks off with the usual HCW Chant and Pyro, but the MMouse Enterprises Chairman Mickey Mouse welcomes himself to the ring to a chorus of boos! Mickey invites Scott Nash to the ring, which the HCW Champion happily obliges, as he has been wanting to get Mickey for a face to face for some time! Upon entering the ring, Mickey first reveals that Dragonfly and Nash will unify the HCW and PWI Titles once and for all to name a new Undisputed Champion! Also, Mickey extends an offer to Nash: if Nash wins, he gets Mickey’s controlling shares of Mmouse Enterprises, but if he loses, he will both forever forfeit any claim to his supposed inheritance and he will also end his career! Nash ponders it, but shakes Mickey’s hand to accept! However, he refuses to let go Mickey’s hand as he hits him with a Jackknife Powerbomb!

In the opening match, we see a highly competitive triple threat to determine who will represent HCW at Motivation against Project Wormwood as Jeff Hardy defeats Copeland and Brutal!

Nash is walking out of a room and into the hallway when the Acting President Ted Brown stops him to try and ask if he is sure about this deal with Mickey. Nash says he is absolutely sure as it will allow him to finally get closure once and for all, explaining how he lived his whole life according to a lie until recently. Brown then assures him that he has his back as we cut back to ringside.

The next match is another very competitive triple threat qualifying match which sees Carlito pull off an upset defeating Petey Williams and Brandon Lee!

I then conduct an interview via satellite with the PWI Champion Dragonfly. Dragonfly tells us that he is well aware of the announcements made earlier tonight, that he doesn’t care who wins between HCW and Project Wormwood, that he will “END SCOTT NASH” and that this isn’t just the sixth era, but rather that it is the “Era of Dragonfly”!

The Main Event match features Sabu, Blade, Stan Hart, and Scarecrow in fatal four way match to determine the third and final member of Team HCW at Motivation. The match is carrying along quite well until we suddenly see Jeff Hardy and Carlito thrown through the entrance way! Phobe reveals himself shortly thereafter as he lays waste to all the HCW talent in sight! His assault is soon joined by Krusader and Terminator as they decimate the four match participants – forcing a decision to rule the match a “No Contest” – as well as the men who qualified earlier!

Krusader takes a seat and mocks their victims as being the “best that HCW has to offer”, and as Project Wormwood grows comfortable with what they’ve done, the lights flicker to reveal Giant Satan! Satan attacks Project Wormwood and is joined in fighting back by Hardcore Giant teammates Maxx Steel and Tiny! With the Giants standing tall, Acting HCW President Ted Brown comes out and reveals that the Hardcore Giants will be a suitable team to defend HCW at Motivation! Then, as HCW gets the last laugh, the night comes to an end!


The show kicks off with an introduction video and then Lawrence Mason and Slammu discussing how excited they are for tonight as well as The Uprising in one week and Motivation X in 13 days! After the prep us for what’s to come, they send us to Mickey!

Mickey is certain of himself here. He tells everyone that he knows that they have enjoyed all of his struggles over the years both within and from without. He says that at Motivation he will vanquish the HCW, the Fiend, and FRED, and that he will be all that is left standing! Before he goes, the Chairman announces that next season will see a new “purge rule” wherein any veteran will be forced to retire if they lose to someone at least 20 years their junior!

Lana delivers an interview with the Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and the Number One Contender Nikki Bella. Nikki mocks Becky again for leaving herself less than 100% for the PPV and claims that Becky isn’t even half the champion she was. Becky retorts that Nikki was barely champion in EWA for a spell and that she defended her former Knockout’s Title a handful of times. Becky promised to defeat Nikki and Nikki obviously remained unconvinced as we headed to commercial break!

The lights are flickering as we see Alexa Bliss steadily losing her mind. She begins to laugh maniacally and looks deep into the camera to declare that she was coming for Brie; inviting her to come “play”!

Brie Bella responded that Alexa doesn’t intimidate her and that she is ready to step out of Nikki’s shadow at Alexa’s expense!

Jesse Hash is back to smoking and listening to Cyprus Hill as a disgruntled CM Punk walks in. Punk coughs violently and chides Hash for his antics and for apparently stealing a stretcher! Hash says that a hospital gave it to him because he is “always tripping” and then he invited Punk to the renewal of “4:20” next season. Punk rejected the offer, reminding Hash that they have a match in 13 days. Hash said it didn’t mean they couldn’t be friends and Punk left, frustrated, suggesting that it is EXACTLY what it means!

The Guy is then sitting with the four Premier Challengers (Liv, Mickie, Karrior, and Page). Karrion Kross threatens Guy for being over the top in his introduction. Liv pledges that she will win the tournament despite her match with Gail Kim and Ember Moon next week. Mickie James is excited to prove everyone wrong. Adam Page is confident that he will win despite being down 0-1 in the Three Stages of Hell finale, and Karrion promised that he will win and put everyone on notice!

Kevin Owens is in a rage about Granddaddy Duxen supposedly making everything a joke in this industry, for being old and taking up space, and for not getting out of the way! Owens openly wished that Duxen was subject to the new purge rule, as he would gladly beat Duxen into retirement!

Duxen responds that Owens is one of many stars of today with an attitude problem. He remarks that everyone forgets and refuses to see that he is more than just an old man. He promises to put Owens in his place and make him respect his elders as Duxen makes way for the top!

The HCW Extreme Champion, Austin Theory, is beside himself that he is the only non-HCW talent with an HCW Title and yet has no spot on any upcoming card! Theory promises to make a statement that no one can ignore at Motivation!

In the Dirt Sheet Interview, Fitz Riot asks the Tag Champions FTR their thoughts on the upcoming Ladder War for the gold against five other teams! FTR asserts that they are the greatest tag team of all time, and that they are actually more confident than ever that they will defeat the other ten guys more easily since all they have to do is create carnage and climb the ladder and reclaim their belts!

Bray Wyatt welcomes us back to the Firefly Funhouse in an episode entitled “Violated”. Bray is irritated that he was attacked last week by Finn in his own house, but he states that this clears the way for the Demon’s destruction and for the realization of all of Mickey’s worst nightmares! He regrets the extraordinary measures he took in attacking Alexa, but sees it as a necessary course of action to turn things around and defeat his enemies once and for all!

Finn Balor is more serious and brags about laying Bray out. Balor praises Bray for all that he has done so far, but he warns that Bray is stuck playing around while Finn is absolutely serious about not stopping with defeating Mr. Wyatt. Instead, Finn promises to gun for the top of the mountain after defeating The Fiend!

Lawrence Mason and Slammu then reminisce about everything we have seen tonight as they can barely contain their excitement for the upcoming shows. They send us off with passing the torch to me to close the show!

In the Main Event segment, I offer the Superstar Report Exclusive Face-to-Face Interview with the HCW Champion Scott Nash and the PWI Champion Dragonfly. Before I could finish my introduction, Dragonfly tears into Nash, pledging to end Nash’s career and take his title! Nash is determined to win as well, but Dragonfly mocks him for being a lackey for Mickey, Nash’s own brother as it turned out, and Nash got angry and lunged for Dragonfly, but Dragonfly moved backwards. Dragonfly left Nash with a final plea for Nash to enjoy the last 13 days of his career as Nash looked on enraged. With that interview done, I conclude the show with my well wishes!

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