PWI Live Show Report: April 21, 2023

At the April 21, 2023 Live Show, the following transpired:

Kevin Owens defeated The Miz  via pinfall with a Pop-Up Powerbomb. This happened after Edge briefly emerged, teasing a run-in as a special official. Miz was shouting at him when Owens capitalized on the distraction. Miz ran to the back after Edge, and Owens took the microphone, and called out Granddaddy Duxen, saying that this is far from over between them. He told Duxen to enjoy his brief moments of victory, because “the retirement home is around the corner”! 12 minutes 5 seconds.

Ciampa barely defeated Bronson Reed via pinfall after using a chair shot to Reed’s head when the official was recovering from an “accidental” elbow shot to his head by Ciampa. 8 minutes 8 seconds.

In the show-stealer of the night, Gail Kim defeated Alundra Blayze via submission with the Gail Force Stretch. 10 minutes 15 seconds.

In their first time tagging in two decades, Teo & Attitude defeated The Street Profits via pinfall after a Fall From Grace! 13 minutes 11 seconds.

Before the next match could even begin, Triple H shockingly returned from injury and stormed the ring, attacking Shinsuke Nakamura. This permitted Raven to hit a quick Even Flow DDT and secure the pinfall victory! 30 seconds.

In the Main Event, Becky Lynch successfully defended her Women’s Championship against the Immunity Champion, Paige in a hard fought brawl with a pinfall after hitting a Man-Handle-Slam! 14 minutes 19 seconds.

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