M.E. Press Release (3.25.23)

*Official Press Release* as reported by NBC


Indianapolis, IN

(A sharply dressed Jeff Murrey approaches the podium at the Balcony of the Bates House where former President Lincoln gave a speech in 1861 during his series of whistle stop speeches)

Jeff Murrey:”Today marks perhaps the most important day in professional wrestling history and sports entertainment history.

I am launching my brand…Murrey Entertainment (ME). I have had a tremendous amount of success in the world of wrestling. Arguably more than any other business entity. I started this movement in the early 90’s and carved a path all the way to 2010. I came back in 2019 and worked with the second best promoter in the world. Over 30 years of bringing you the very best content from WWF, CWA, BAWA, UWA, and LWF. Murrey Entertainment will cross all avenues in the entertainment industry. This includes making movies, sports teams, weekly wrestling shows and much more. It pleases me to announce our team of lawyers will finally be filing lawsuits against Mmouse Enterprises for a litany of copyright infringement on the old WWF. We have also purchased Cross2Bare Promotions absorbing AXW and HLW and all of their content. The product will be repackaged and as of this date we will retain all employees. More to come!

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