PWI Live Show Results for February 19th, 2023

Here are the results from the February 19th, 2023 PWI Live Show:

Liv Morgan defeated Ember Moon via pinfall following her ObLIVion finisher in an impressive match which started with Moon chiding Morgan for supposedly using Gail Kim. 9 minutes 5 seconds.

Walter decimated Shinsuke Nakamura following a stiff match wherein Shinsuke had some great moments, but Walter chopped and slammed his way to victory after a pinfall! 12 minutes 8 seconds.

The Usos beat the Super Luchadores in an aerial battle which stole the show. The Usos managed to pull it off with a pinfall after hitting their double flying Uso Splashes! 15 minutes.

Santos Escobar came out to the aid of his fallen comrades, but Chavo Guerrero came out to mock him, whilst also pointing out that Chavo was a key reason for the Luchadores having recent success. The two had a match, won by Escobar after he nailed an impressive finisher! 8 minutes 19 seconds.

The Elite stunned The Duct Tape Men after Pete Dunne ran to ringside bitching about an insane amount of tape crammed in his boots earlier in the night. Miz and Morrison capitalized on the distraction for the win! 10 minutes 51 seconds.

In the Main Event, Alexa Bliss defeated the ranked Brie Bella devoid of Slammer’s presence in a great ending bout following a Twisted Bliss! 11 minutes 10 seconds.

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