PWI Live Tour Results for 2/12/23

On February 12th, 2023, the following took place at the PWI Live Tour Show:

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Triple H when the official stopped the match after Triple H seriously injured his knee. 10 minutes 8 seconds.

Jade Cargill was poised to defeat Indi Hartwell, but was caught gloating about her greatness to the fans. This allowed Indi to surprise her with a roll-up pinfall! After the match, Jade threw a major temper tantrum, and demanded that the match result be erased from history! 8 minutes 15 seconds.

The War Raiders played spoiler to YMCA’s victory hopes when Erik pulled the official out of the ring as B-Rad was securing a cover over Raven. Ivar entered the ring and took B-Rad out, and after the Raiders left ringside, Big Show re-emerged, tagged himself in and hit the Chokeslam for the pinfall! 15 minutes 36 seconds.

Melina defeated Ivelisse after a hard fought battle when she nailed Ivelisse with the Last Call for a pinfall victory. 7 minutes 40 seconds.

Despite the best efforts of Naomi to use her Premier Athlete privileges to tilt the stipulations in her favor (calling for a falls count anywhere match), Beth Phoenix managed to defeat her with Glam Slam on the top of a limo for the pinfall victory! 10 minutes 10 seconds.

In the Main Event, The Harlem Turtles defeated Los Guerreros in a wrestling classic after hitting the 3-T for a three count fall! 12 minutes 53 seconds.

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