Results for PWI Live Tour Event on 1/8/23

PWI Live Tour! (1/8/23)

The War Raiders defeated the Y.M.C.A. when Ivar pinned B-Rad following the Viking Experience after a 10 minute 15 second battle.

Tay Conti pinned Sharon Carter immediately once she nailed an impressive martial arts kick in a match that lasted 3 minutes.

Luna Vachon won over Io Shirai with a roll-up pinfall after Shirai spent a minute yelling at Alundra Blayze (who was at ringside) to “go home”. The match was 5 minutes 8 seconds long.

Maniac nailed the “Chokeslam” instantly on R-Truth, who was busy singing to the crowd during his entrance. Maniac grew annoyed and hit his finisher to shut Truth up and secure the pinfall. Match length: 10 seconds.

Sheamus scored a pinfall victory after a bloody battle with Kurgan which went all over the arena. While the match wasn’t a “falls count anywhere”, the fighting effectively started in the hallway with an argument between the two. Match length: 15 minutes 2 seconds.

Alundra Blayze won by disqualification over Mia Yim when an enraged Io Shirai stormed the ring and attacked her. Yim was outraged since she was building momentum. Officials had to pull Shirai off of Blayze. Match length: 7 minutes 8 seconds.

The Hollys defended their number one contendership status successfully against The Usos. The hard fought si-saw bout saw the Usos dominate for a little more than half the match, but Hardcore Holly snuck a weapon into the fray behind the official’s back, knocking out Jey Uso and setting up for a dual Alabama Slam on Jimmy for the pinfall victory! Match length: 12 minutes 43 seconds.

Drew McIntyre pinned Big E after a hellacious Claymore Kick in a match which pitted these two equally-strong beasts take each other to the limit! Match length: 10 minutes 19 seconds.

Ember Moon pinned Dakota Kai in a quick paced bout which saw Ember nail two Eclipses to get the victory! Match length: 6 minutes 58 seconds.

In the Main Event match, Attitude successfully defended his contention for the World Title with an awesome Attitude Adjustment on Matt Taven for the pinfall. Taven put up a great effort, but his taunting of the fans cheering for Attitude backfired as it gave Attitude the opening he needed. Match length: 20 minutes 1 second.

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