Wrestling With Lenny: Volume 12

Welcome back! Yes, I know the year has just begun, but I already have material for the next installment of this series, because I finally watched some more shit! Let’s get on with the top ten things I saw in the last week of wrestling for 2022!

10. AXW Women’s Division Gets Love!

Let’s begin with some very important and good news about AXW: the women’s division is set to explode as a serious force! After all of my criticism about how genuine Camden Cross was about this division, it finally seems like he is poised to make everyone take notice of his own approach to it. Moreover, and this is the exciting part, AXW is poised to make history here.

Camden made an important announcement on the last Warfare of 2022 which hinted that this division is about to crown its first champion, and that changes the game forever. Why? For the FIRST TIME EVER in industry history, there will be three promotions with equally-viable women’s divisions! What a great time to be a fan of the business!

9. Chyna is in the house!

The wait is over! The so-called “Ninth Wonder of the World” has made her debut on the grand stage in the 6th era! Chyna reminded the world why she has long been feared in this business when she obliterated the IIconics in handicap tag match action. Poor Peyton and Billie went from being serious contenders for tag gold to being mince meat in a matter of minutes.

Ronda Rousey may want to wait a second before going after that Knockout’s Gold, because Chyna is about to seize control over the division!

8. Lesnar & McGregor Heats Up

In the premiere episode of Dynamite, Connor McGregor wrecked Brock Lesnar’s plans of dominating AEW from the jump. This past Monday’s episode saw Connor ruin another match for the Beast Incarnate as Lesnar chased him down and out of the arena whilst the referee – finally feeling safe enough to end the match – ruled the bout a “no contest”.

My personal feelings about the match result aside, this feud is picking up steam fast. Connor will have to pay the proverbial piper soon with all of these antics getting in the way of Lesnar’s efforts to climb the elite ranks. My only question for Lesnar is: will he underestimate McGregor? I think that is a real possibility, honestly. McGregor is quite short, but his size can be deceiving. He’s small but very dangerous. Brock should tread carefully when they finally do meet!

7. Best Friends on the rise

The Main Event of Warfare this past Wednesday saw Best Friends outlast two other very serious threats in the Dark Order and in the team of Brian Cage, Ricky Starks, and Powerhouse Hobbs. With the Main Event Champion Orange Cassidy leading the way, this band of misfits may actually prove to be a legitimate threat to all the other stables in the company.

Cassidy may be lazy, but he is very explosive in the ring. The crowd eats up everything that he dishes out, and that’s a recipe for a major title opportunity beyond this glorified midcard title. Cardona needs to keep his eye on this guy and his group, for real.

6. Geriatric Theater: The Hogan/Nash Saga

I have to admit it; this whole Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan thing is growing on me. After Orton put the Outsiders in the hospital last week, it turns out that only Randy Savage has been visiting them, while Hogan waited patiently for the cameras to be present for him to come and show some love. Nash called him out on this bullshit, and Hogan insisted that it’s only because he has to provide for his financial needs…brother!

Don’t mistake the title that I have chosen here as a knock on segments for the legends, because I love the legends! Hell, I even like that many are still active (Kevin Nash’s half brother Scott is presently the HCW Champion, mind you, and they are only a couple years apart in age), but I am getting a kick out of how AEW is making such a big deal out of their age. At this rate, I fully expect this to lead to some Odd Couple wrestling remake for a comedy interview segment by the end of this year.

Regardless of the future of this story, I am rather enjoying it!

5. Megan on the prowl

Rumor has it that my niece apparently wasn’t happy that I didn’t mention her in my countdown segment last night. Well, Megan, you made it to this current list! Megan’s ruthless search for her father – one of my two missing promoter brothers, Benny – has gone on for weeks now, and she is getting tired of the lack of progress. She effectively fired the Establishment, tore Amick down a peg or two, and she has launched an apparent war against Armageddon!

Her latest move – which we will absolutely touch on later – landed her in this list because she is making it clear (like her cousin is doing here in Mmouse Enterprises) that things are going to be wildly different under her regime. Hell, we’ve had 5 straight BWM Inc. shows for the first time this era! This is the first time since 2008, actually! Good job, Megan!

4. AJ Styles suffers a match loss!

The AEW World Champion may not have ate the pin or been forced to tap, but it is very significant that the company’s world champion had to suffer a setback in the win/loss records this past week. Styles will be fine, for the record, as he is still the top guy, but you can’t help but notice that this lays the groundwork even more for a near-future war between Danielson and him.

Well, that is unless you believe all that bullshit “oh it’s fine, buddy” talk between Styles and his apologetic friend. I mean, Styles isn’t fooling me with this crap that he isn’t bothered by the loss. You know he is pummeling Bryan in the face in that imagination of his right now. No worries, AJ, you will get your revenge soon enough.

3. Cardona also suffers a match loss!

Wait, were Cross and Megan sharing notes or something?! Did I really just see both the AEW and AXW Champions lose indirectly? In a tag team match? IN THE OPENING BOUT?!

It is a seriously mind-scratching phenomenon in this industry that has plagued promoters for decades wherein similar things will eerily happen in multiple companies almost simultaneously. It happens, but it is always freaky when it happens.

Ok, that having been said, one can’t help but notice that the kinks in the armor for the Cardona Family have started to emerge. Cass slipped up and handed Cardona his first major loss since becoming champion, and you have to know that Cardona is seething (which he likely won’t hide in the weeks to come, unlike with Styles) and that Damien Priest is laughing and rubbing his hands together with glee!

Revolution Rumble just became even more must-see than it was before!

2. Aiden…er, Sami has a match!

Aiden and Sami is just a perfect pairing. I will keep saying it, and as long as Camden has this ace up his sleeve he will be very hard to stop in the ratings war. The latest installment of the Aiden pursuit of justice story had me rolling with laughter once Sami revealed that Aiden received an opportunity…to stand at ringside with him! I mean, it doesn’t get much better than how this story for Aiden is being told, people.

Sami Zayn getting the victory over Jungle Boy because of a mistake on the part of Luchasaurus was the icing on top of the cake, for me. It just means that we will get to see Sami and Aiden’s story enter into this Revolution Rumble as the last entry into that bout, and I can hardly wait to see how this turns out! Hell, Sami may actually win the damn thing! That would be great!!

1. HE’S BACK! Eric Bischoff Returns

In one of the most shocking moments of the era, Megan Mouse made the biggest single addition to any executive branch of any promotion this era, and probably of any era since the 3rd when she brought back Eric Freaking Bischoff! I was beside myself with disbelief as Eric made his incredible return following an 18 year hiatus since the LWF folded in late-2004 under his leadership.

Don’t let the fact that Bischoff led the LWF when it came to a close fool you. Eric was appointed to replace Jeff Murrey as the company’s owner after Murrey left LWF for the UWA, and he inherited a company in the midst of a state of chaos. One fact of that period that people forget is that Bischoff actually contributed heavily to the LWF winning numerous ratings battles that summer. So, it would be a mistake to underestimate him at all this time around.

This power move is what catapulted Megan into this installment of the top ten countdown, and I couldn’t think of a bigger moment than this single return. What a week this was in professional wrestling.

2023 is going to be incredible!!


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