AEW Dynamite #005 (12.26.22)

Live from Brooks Stadium | Conway, SC | Crowd Size: 21,004


The opening video package plays and the pyro explodes. Arn Anderson and Kevin Kelly welcome us back to Dynamite, live in front of a sold out crowd at Brooks Stadium, in Conway, South Carolina. The raucous crowd is immediately hushed when the lights dim and the iconic countdown clock appears on the tron, going backwards from 10 and then flashing Y-2-J to a thunderous pop. The opening chord of “Judas” replaces “Break the Walls Down” and Chris Jericho appears atop the stage. He’s about a third of the way to the ring before Sammy Guevara and Jake Hagar appear from behind the curtain, followed by the AEW World Tag Team Champions Santana, and Ortiz. 

Kevin Kelly: For the better part of a month, we’ve been wondering what Chris Jericho was up to. We saw him congratulate Guevara on Dynamite’s debut, and we saw him ringside with Jake Hagar week two. And last week, it was that man along with Sammy Guevara and Hagar who helped Proud & Powerful capture the tag titles! 

Jericho enters the ring, as the others fall behind. Jericho’s got a microphone and he’s got a lot on his mind. Jericho the past two decades, the world’s forgotten him. They’ve forgotten that he is the best sports entertainer in the world, and they’ve forgotten what he’s capable of. Jericho says there are four men in this ring who’ve never forgotten him, and they’re the four other men who are on Jericho’s level. Jericho says there’s Sammy Guevara, who reminds him of himself at 20. He sees the future of the industry in Guevara, and he notes there was a reason he was exempted in the 2022 Draft. And then there’s Jake Hagar. In Hagar he sees the baddest pro-fighter on the planet. Forget Connor McGregor, forget Brock Lesnar, because the world’s sleeping on Jake Hagar. And then, there’s Santana and Ortiz — Proud & Powerful — the world’s tag team champions! Jericho says they’re the best team in pro-wrestling, and they’ll be the champions until they decide they don’t want it anymore, because that’s how good they are. These men, they’re his inner circle… they’re the Inner Circle of professional wrestling, and they’re putting the world on notice. Jericho says these men see in him what the rest of the industry has been forgetting for far too long, and they’re not just here to make noise, they’re here to takeover! Jericho says that things in All Elite Wrestling and in this business will never… ever… be the same, again! 


Outside of Megan Mouse’s office, Rob Amick  and the Authors of Pain are standing guard when Ricochet approaches the door, absolutely fuming. Amick tells Ricochet to calm down as he directs a visibly bruised Rezar and Akam to hold the door. Amick puts his hand on Ricochet’s shoulders and walks him away from the door a few steps while asking him what’s wrong. Ricochet wants to know why Megan Mouse would put him against Darby Allin in the TV title tournament — why she made him wrestler a surprise opponent… Ricochet asks of Allin even works here, or was that just a one-off ratings stunt? Ricochet says because he was so thrown off his game, he suffered his third loss and his chance to be the TV champion. Amick tells Ricochet that he’s empathetic towards his feelings, but Megan is very busy at the moment and he’s been instructed to keep everyone away while she’s in her meeting. He promises to pass on Ricochet’s concerns and tells him to take the night off to regroup. 


Match #1 | Exhibition Match
AEW World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles (2-0) & Bryan Danielson (0-0) vs. ‘American Alpha’ Jason Jordan & Chad Gable (0-0) w/ Kurt Angle

As American Alpha make their way to the ring with Kurt Angle, Anderson and Kelly recap how we got to this point. Kelly says that ever since AJ Styles won the AEW World Heavyweight Championship, Kurt Angle has been a constant thorn in his side. And when it’s not Angle directly, it’s through American Alpha. Anderson cites Gable and Jordan’s history with Kurt Angle during his PWI world title run in the Alpha Academy. Danielson is out first and is then joined by the the ‘Phenomenal One.’

The crowd is hot for the match before it even begins, and ramps up even more as Danielson kicks things off with Jordan. Danielson makes a great first impression out the gate in his first match under the BWM Inc. banner since the ill-fated N.E.W. He connects with a series of marital arts kicks and chops, out-wrestling Jordan with headlocks, arm drags, and arm bars. Danielson backs Jordan into his own corner and Gable tags himself in. Gable is able to keep up with Danielson in chain wrestling, as he stuns Danielson with reversals and answers to strike attempts that take the experience technician by surprise. 

Arn Anderson: It’s easy to forget that Kurt Angle isn’t the only accomplished Olympian at ringside right now. Gable qualified for the 2012 Olympics in amateur wrestling. 

Gable is able to follow up with a series of slams, elbow drops, and suplexes. He goes for the Grand Amplitude but Danielson escapes, making the hot tag to Styles! The world champion is in the ring and he’s a house on fire. He nails Gable with a flying forearm and gives Jordan one for good measure, sending him off the apron. Danielson’s back in and catches Gable with a front missile dropkick, sending him tumbling to the outside as Kurt Angle goes to check on them. Styles and Danielson hit the ropes and launch themselves to the outside, Danielson with a suicide dive through the second ropes and Styles with a somersault dive over the top rope! The crowd chants “this is awesome” as the American Dragon and the Phenomenal One wipe out the Alpha Academy! 

The ref is just barely able to calm the chaos on the outside, directing Styles and Gable back into the ring and Danielson and Jordan back to their corners. Styles hits the pelé for two before tagging Danielson back in. Danielson fires off a series of German suplexes before striking Gable with multiple face stomps. On the outside, Angle heads towards the timekeeper’s area and grabs the AEW World Championship! Styles sees and goes after him, as Danielson locks on the Lebelle Lock! The referee is on the apron trying to gain control over Styles and Angle as Jordan takes the chance to break the Lebelle Lock and help his partner. Jordan gets Danielson on his shoulders as Gable ascends the top rope… they hit the Tech Fall on Danielson! Jordan gets the referee’s attention as Styles chases Angle through the crowd; the ref sees Gable covering Danielson and counts the 3 as Danielson kicks out just a millisecond too late! Angle drops the AEW belt and keeps running as the bell sounds, catching Styles by surprise. American Alpha also take off running towards the back as Danielson sits in disbelief in the center of the ring. 

Winners: ‘American Alpha’ Jason Jordan & Chad Gable (1-0)
Match Time: 18:26


Renee Young is standing by with Randy Orton. Young says that tonight, for the first time ever, Randy Orton will square off one-on-one with the Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar! Young asks what’s on Orton’s mind as he heads into tonight’s Dynamite. Orton tells Renee that it’s interesting that every time they need a ratings pop, the Benny and Megan come to Orton. Orton says he’s been the staple of BWM Inc. since his debut in the UWF. Orton says that Brock Lesnar is just a man, and Randy Orton fears no man. Orton says he fears no man because he IS the man. He’s the only man to ever hold the EWA Championship twice, and it won’t be long before he is the All Elite Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion! Orton says that he gets that Lesnar’s new around here, but he’s heard a lot about Lesnar. He’s heard that he’s something of a legend, which is fine, because Orton’s a bit of a Legend Killer. Young tries to ask him about his assault on the Outsiders last week that caused Nash and Hall to miss out on the TLC Open Chalenge. Orton says he refuses to talk about Kevin Nash and calls him beneath him. Orton ends the interview as Young looks confused as to what she did to upset him. 


Bryan Danielson is in his locker room as AJ Styles enters. Styles apologizes for leaving Danielson high and dry. Styles says that when he saw Kurt Angle with HIS world title, he got tunnel vision and had to stop him. Danielson says that he understands, but says when Styles asked him last week to be his partner, he expected that if he had Styles back he could count on the same for himself. Danielson says he’s willing to let bygones be bygones and said that he shouldn’t have let himself get surprised by American Alpha, so he accepts part of the blame as well. He tells Styles that as a friend, he worries about his future as world champion if he is going to let Angle get under his skin so easily. Styles again apologizes as the scene fades. 


Match #2 | TV Championship Tournament — Round 1 
Cody Rhodes (1-0) vs. ‘The Bastard’ Pac

Arn Anderson hypes up Pac, who was the final X-Division Champion in the EWA. Kelly says that not only did Pac win the belt, he won it from AJ Styles so he’s clearly capable. Anderson notes that Pac is here tonight without Ghostrider, who had previously stood in his corner in the EWA. Kelly says he’s looking into whether or not the two have parted ways, and if so, did they do so amicably? Kelly says he’s going to keep looking into it. 

As the bell sounds, we get a picture-in-picture view of Goldust watching on a monitor backstage. Anderson says Goldust has been bummed out about Cody breaking up their tag team to pursue a singles career, but has been supportive of his brother. Kelly notes that Goldust also has a first round match later tonight against Dolph Ziggler. As the bell sounds, Cody extends his hand for the handshake, which Pac takes before kicking him in the gut and firing away with lefts and rights. Pac whips Cody into the corner, but Cody reverses it. He charges Pac, who leaps up and catches him with a sunset flip. Cody fights him off and mounts some offense, dropping down to the mat and punching Pac. Cody kips up and hits Pac with a pump kick. 

The two continue to go back and forth, until Pac catches Cody with the frankensteiner. He’s quick to follow up with a standing corkscrew moonsault as Arn Anderson and Kevin Kelly are amazed by his athletic ability. Pac charges and Cody catches him with a spinning scoop powerslam. Cody ascends to the top rope but Pac follows him up. Cody catches him with the inverted avalanche suplex for two. Cody continues to control the pace before going back up top, popping the crowd big for his picture-perfect moonsault. Unfortunately for Rhodes, Pac gets the knees up and knocks the wind from Cody. Pac follows up with the poisoned frankensteiner for a near fall!

Arn Anderson: Both of these men are leaving it all out here in the ring tonight, they know how important being Television Champion is!

Pac doesn’t let up and hits the tiger suplex another near fall! Pac sends Cody into the ropes. Cody springboards off and catches Pac with the Disaster Kick out of nowhere! Cody follows up with the Cross Rhodes and a cover, a count, a victory! 

Winner: Cody Rhodes (2-0)
Match Time: 12:39 


Outside of Megan’s office, Amick and AOP are still standing guard. MJF approaches with Wardlow. MJF demands that he speaks with Megan right this instant. Amick says Megan’s busy and asks if he can help him. MJF is incredulous at the thought of Megan being “too busy” to speak to a “generational talent” such as himself. MJF says that he doesn’t leave messages with the help, but alerts Amick that he won’t stand for being left off the show. He says the decision to not include him in the Television Championship tournament was a big mistake. MJF says that he thought he and Megan were on the same page, but if she’s not going to appreciate him, perhaps he’ll go somewhere else. 


We cut to a hospital room, where Hall and Nash are resting up. A young nurse informs the two that they’ve got visitors, as Hulk Hogan and Macho Man arrive. Nash is immediately annoyed. He tells Hogan that they’ve been in the hospital since last Monday, and that Macho Man has visited twice, yet Hogan doesn’t show up until there’s a television camera to film the whole thing. Hogan apologizes, telling Nash that he knows he’s paid per appearance, and that he just wants to make sure he can earn a living. Hall tries to calm Nash down, pointing out that Hogan and Macho brought gifts! Hogan reaches into his bag and hands Nash a box of chocolates. Nash’s demeanor finally softens a bit as he takes the box from Hogan. However, his mood again sours as he opens the box to see that Hogan ate some of them. Hogan again apologizes, telling Nash that he knows he has low blood sugar and it was a long drive. Nash is furious and orders Hogan to leave. Macho Man apologizes and says it’s his fault for not checking the box before they brought it into the room. Macho chases after Hogan as the scene fades. 


Miss Athena Star is standing by with Renee Young. Young says that two weeks ago, Star suffered a heart-breaking loss to Sasha Banks, who as a result is now the number one contender for the Knockouts Championship. Young asks Athena what’s next, as she knows she’s toyed with the idea of retirement before. Star says that losing to Sasha was a blow to her, but she’s spent the last two weeks watching the tape and has learned from her mistakes. Star says that although Banks got the better of her, she’s still confident that she’s the best women’s wrestler in the world. Athena says that in 2023, she’s looking forward to climbing back to the top of the Knockouts Division, the division that SHE built. She says the division is more competitive than ever, but she knows she has one more run in her. Before she can end the interview, she’s interrupted by Charlotte Flair! Flair says that she remembers being a teenager in 2008 and thinking the world of Star, and credits Star and her father as the reasons she pursued a career as a professional wrestler. But now that she’s here, and now that she’s seen what Star has become, she can’t help but feel disappointed. She calls Star washed up, and tells her to step aside because she is future of women’s wrestling, not Athena Star. Star says that every time she turns around, someone’s trying to make a name for themselves off of her. She says first it was Rousey, then Sasha, and now Charlotte’s trying. Charlotte is quick to clap back, pointing out that both of those women beat Athena. Athena tells Charlotte that if she wants her, she knows where to find her! Charlotte says that next week, they’ll kick of the first Dynamite of 2023 with a match against one another! 


Back at ringside, Kevin Kelly says he’s just been informed that Megan Mouse will make a major announcement about the future of All Elite Wrestling tonight right before the main event! 

Match #3 | Exhibition Match
‘The IIconics’ Billie Kay & Peyton Royce (0-0) vs. ???

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce are out first as Arn Anderson and Kevin Kelly discuss their time in the PWI Women’s Tag division. Anderson notes that there’s only one women’s belt in the AEW, and that’s the Knockouts division. Kelly calls this tag match a “rare treat” as BWM Inc. doesn’t have women’s tag matches often. Anderson says they’re assuming it’s a tag match, because they haven’t gotten any information on who will wrestle the IIconics tonight. 

“Don’t treat me like a woman… don’t treat me like a man… don’t treat me like you know me, treat me for just who I am!” The crowd erupts as Jane Mouse announces their opponent, the 9th Wonder of the World, Chyna!!! Anderson is excited for Chyna’s BWM Inc. debut, saying that he’s been waiting for this moment since she was signed. 

Chyna enters the ring and Royce and Kay are both in the ring with Chyna as the bell sounds. Chyna stands a full six inches taller than both Kay and Royce, as Kelly says things in the Knockouts Division are really heating up. Royce and Kay try to double team Chyna, but Chyna overpowers them. She sends Royce head first into the middle turnbuckle before catching Kay with a massive body slam. Chyna goes to the corner and stomps away at Peyton Royce. Billie Kay charges her, catching her with an elbow to the back of the head. Chyna turns around unfazed as Kay suddenly begins pleading for her life. 

Chyna scoops Kay up high above her head, showing off her power. Chyna drops her with the military press. Royce is back up and charges Chyna again, but Chyna catches her with a clothesline that turns her inside out. 

Arn Anderson: Look at the size of this woman! 

Chyna stands over both members of the IIconics and places them between her legs. To the amazement of both the audience and the announcers, Chyna scoops them both up and power bombs them both at the same time!!! Chyna covers them, making short work of her challengers as the announcers put over Chyna for one of the most dominant in-ring debuts of all time. 

Winner: Chyna (1-0)
Match Time: 6:04


In a dimly lit room, Alistair Black is with Harper, Rowan, Abyss and Braun Strowman. Black says that last week, the Bludgeon Brothers were moments away from becoming the first AEW World Tag Team Champions before Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle made “the biggest mistakes of their lives.” Black says that in his House, these injustices will not stand. Before Black can continue, there’s a knock at the door. Abyss opens it and is immediately charged as the Legion of Doom and the Legion of Maniacs rush in, taking down Abyss and Strowman in an effort to get to their former leader. The Bludgeon Brothers are able to hold them off as Black is able to exit the locker room unscathed. The Legion of Maniacs and the Legion of Doom continue to brawl with the new House of Black (minus their leader) as security rushes in to break things up. 


Dave Matthews, not to be confused with the popular singer-songwriter is standing by backstage with Heavy Metal and Metal Head. Matthews says that the Brothers Metal have to be pretty bummed out with how the TLC match played out last week, especially after they said they were going to be the leaders of the tag team division in All Elite Wrestling. Metal Head is annoyed with Matthews, arguing that one loss doesn’t mean that they’re not going to control the division. Matthews says that’s fair, but points out that Metal Head hasn’t been the same since the end of the UWF, and has been treading water. Metal Head is pissed at Matthews remarks, saying that he’s still just as great as he’s always been, and the same is true of Heavy Metal. Matthews notes that Metal Head’s one-time biggest rival Dragonfly is experiencing a career resurgence in the PWI. Metal Head pushes Matthews and Matthews falls to the ground. It looks as if Metal Head is going to continue the attack before he changes his mind and walks off. Heavy Metal helps Dave back to his feet and apologizes, saying that things have been tense last week. Heavy Metal notes that Matthews isn’t helping anything by pointing out Metal Head’s shortcomings before walking off. 


Match #4 | TV Championship Tournament — Round 1 
Dolph Ziggler (0-1) vs Goldust (0-0)

During the introductions, Anderson and Kelly discuss what a wild night we’ve experienced thus far, from the major upset in the opening contest to what we just witnessed in the last match with the debut of Chyna. Anderson says it’s not over yet as we’ve still got Megan’s announcement and our main event to come! 

As the bell sounds, the quicker Ziggler immediately goes on the offensive, striking Goldust with a series of kicks. He bounces off the ropes and catches Goldust with a spinning wheel kick before going for an early cover. Goldust kicks out and Ziggler tries to follow it up with a DDT, but Goldust reverses it into a back body drop. Goldust hits the ropes, dropping and catching Dolph with an uppercut. He scoops Ziggler up and drops him with a belly to back slam. Goldust continues to control the pace, catching Ziggler with a high-hip strike. 

Anderson notes that this is Goldust’s first singles match since the original EWA, noting that he’s spent the entirety of this era in the tag division with his brother prior to Cody’s decision to pursue a singles career. Things are looking good for Goldust until Ziggler catches him with a drop kick. In a show of cockiness, Ziggler catches Goldust off guard with a variation on the Disaster Kick! He covers but Goldust is able to kick out. 

Ziggler goes for a neck breaker but Goldust counters it. In a surprising display of athleticism, Goldust leaps from the second rope and hits a diving hurricanrana. He follows it up with a DDT and scores a near fall. Ziggler whips Goldust into the corner, and Goldust again surprises him by jumping onto the second rope and hitting a springboard back elbow. 

The match continues to go back and forth as we see a picture-in-picture view of Cody watching from the back, cheering his brother on. Ziggler hits Goldust with the fameasser and nearly gets the three count. Ziggler follows up with the heart attack elbows, but Goldust rolls out of the way. Goldust catches Ziggler with the Curtain Call and gets the victory after a highly competitive bout! 

Winner: Goldust (1-0)
Match Time: 11:48


We’re back at ringside as Elvis Costello’s “This Year’s Girl” hits and Megan Mouse is out to mostly a positive reception, with Rob Amick and the Authors of Pain following a few steps behind. Megan grabs a microphone and says that the past five weeks have been a crazy ride, with her finally getting All Elite Wrestling off the ground. Megan says that she knew All Elite Wrestling would be a success, but the critical and ratings reception has exceeded her expectations, even earning her praise from her uncles and her cousin Catherine. She says that what should have been the happiest time of her professional life has instead been marred by a shadow that’s hanging over her head, over the AEW and BWM Inc.’s heads, and over the head of the whole industry. That shadow, of course, is being cast by her father Benny Mouse, who has been missing for a very long time. Megan says that if her father is out there — which she believes he is — he’s undoubtedly looking for a way to undermine her, because that’s just what the narcissistic men in the Mouse family do. Megan says that she knows Benny better than anyone, and that’s why she knows she must remain two steps ahead of him. Megan says that after last week’s confrontation with Benny’s strongest and longest ally Armageddon, she has a pretty good lead on his whereabouts. Unfortunately, that’s going to take some of her attention away from the day-to-day operations in the AEW. 

Megan says that she knows that the talent in All Elite Wrestling deserve to have someone they can approach in her stead, someone with more power and authority than Rob Amick. Mouse tells Amick that is meant with no offense before stating that after a productive meeting tonight, she’s figured out a solution. Megan says that tonight, she’d like to introduce the world to the new Director of Operations for All Elite Wrestling… 

“I’m back! And better than ever..” The crowd explodes as Eric Bischoff is atop the ramp, the familiar theme blaring throughout the arena. Bischoff is all smiles as the former LWF owner enters the ring. Mouse hands him the microphone. Bischoff says that he’s proud that Megan has entrusted him with the day to day tasks, as he’s worked quietly for BWM Inc. in an offscreen role for nearly two decades. Bischoff says that 2023 will be the year that All Elite Wrestling cements itself as the industry’s standard, and that he’s already hard at work. Bischoff says that next week the first round of the TV Championship Tournament will conclude, with Rusev vs. Lex Luger and with Lance Archer taking on a surprise opponent! Additionally, Bischoff announces that on January 30, Dynamite’s 10th episode will feature a PPV-caliber show and that he’ll have additional announcements on that in the weeks to come. Bischoff thanks Megan for the opportunity and Megan tells him that he has her whole support. 


Match #5 | Exhibition Match
Randy Orton (1-0) vs. Brock Lesnar (0-0)

Randy Orton is out to thunderous boos as Lesnar receives a much warmer introduction from the audience in South Carolina. Kevin Kelly puts over the former PWI champion in his singles match debut tonight, against the “face of BWM Inc.” Randy Orton in their first meeting ever! Anderson notes that Lesnar has had a rough time since arriving in All Elite Wrestler, as he’s become the target for the Notorious Connor McGregor, who has been a constant thorn in his side. 

Lesnar mounts the offense in the early goings, using his size to overpower Randy Orton, who grows frustrated that he’s unable to get the upper hand. Orton is able to land a dropkick that appears to turn things around. Orton tries to follow it up with an RKO from nowhere, but Lesnar pushes him off and follows up with a German suplex. And then another one! Orton tries to block a third suplex with an elbow, but Lesnar is undeterred. 

Orton is barely able to stand following Lesnar’s attacks, to which Lesnar follows it up with a fourth and then a fifth German suplex! The announcers are stunned as Lesnar is just a force to be reckoned with. 

Arn Anderson: I’m not sure anyone expected this outcome, especially after the two squared off briefly in the Massacre 6 match! 

Kevin Kelly: Brock Lesnar is taking Randy Orton straight to pound town! 

Arn Anderson: Um… that’s not what he call it. It’s Suplex City, population: Randy Orton! 

Orton manages to roll to the outside in an attempt to get away from the Beast Incarnate. Lesnar doesn’t let up, however, and follows Orton to the outside. Lesnar sends Orton flying into the barricade, and Orton is sent over it with the impact, landing in the first row of the crowd here in Brooks Stadium. The referee tries to get control, but quits counting the men out when he receives a deadly stare from Lesnar. 

Kevin Kelly: Veteran official Michael McMahon is even shocked! He’s too scared to count Lesnar out! 

Arn Anderson: Can you blame him?!

Orton is able to momentarily stun Lesnar with some fists to the face, climbing back over the barricade into the ringside area. But Lesnar is relentless, tossing Orton onto the announce table which immediately buckles under Orton’s weight! Michael McMahon is on the outside, pleading with Lesnar to get things back into the ring, but Lesnar continues to ignore him. The announcers wonder if Orton now regrets talking so much shit earlier in the night as Orton is folded with sixth and then a seventh German on the outside. 

Lesnar is smiling a wicked smile, pleased with the destruction at ringside. Kevin Kelly says he’s never seen anyone manhandle Randy Orton like this, and win or lose, this will be a match that Orton never forgets. Anderson says he understands the ref’s hesitation to enforce the rules, but we’re entering borderline justifiable disqualification territory. Lesnar picks Orton up to through him into the ring, and Orton shocks him and the crowd with the RKO! 

Orton is finally able to get back into the ring, and as Lesnar goes to enter it, Orton grabs his head and pulls him through the second rope, hitting his patented draping DDT. Orton follows it up with a second RKO before covering Lesnar, looking for the upset… 1… 2…. !! Lesnar kicks out!

Orton is beside himself as he begins teeing up the punt. He charges at Lesnar and swings his leg hard enough to take his head off, but Brock moves out of the way and scoops him up for the F5! Brock covers Orton, and the audience gasps when Orton kicks out just a millisecond before the three! 

Lesnar begins to unload on Orton with lefts and rights, as the announcers note his MMA background. He splits Orton’s head open with a jumping knee to the forehead. Orton’s gushing blood as McMahon desperately tries to get control of the situation. 

“Hey Brocky boy,” we hear as Connor McGregor appears on the tron! McGregor continues to taunt Lesnar, who immediately jumps out of the ring and charges to the back. Lesnar’s speed up the ramp shocks Anderson and Kelly, as McMahon tends to Orton’s cut. With Lesnar out of the ring, and Orton in such a state, McMahon finally feels safe enough to enforce the rules. He calls for the bell as Jane Mouse announces that we have a No Contest! 

Winner: No Contest
Match Time: 14:55


In the back, Lesnar is running around looking for McGregor, as he enters the parking lot. From the sunroof of a limo, McGregor laughs at Brock who is furious about the interruption and the weeks of torture at the hands of UFC’s “bad boy.” Lesnar charges at the limo to get his hands on McGregor, but the limo speeds off as we hear McGregor’s Irish laugh slowly drown out as the limo exits the parking garage. Lesnar is left seething as the “BWM Inc.” copyright logo appears on screen and ends the show. 

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