AEW Dynamite #004 (12.19.22)

Live from the Diamond Stadium | Richmond, VA | Crowd Size: 13,134


In Megan Mouse’s office, Megan is screaming about Benny’s whereabouts to Rob Amick and to the Authors of Pain, Akam and Rezar. AOP tells Megan they’re going to enter the open challenge main event, and will become the first ever AEW World Tag Team Champions. Mouse snaps and tells AOP they’ll do no such thing, because they’re going to be focused on a different task. Mouse tells AOP that somebody knows something about her father’s whereabouts, and tonight she hopes to put an end to that mystery so she can turn her full attention back to running the hottest wrestling company on the planet. Mouse sternly tells AOP to “bring him to me,” clearly referencing an off-screen conversation. Mouse tells AOP that if they prove their worth tonight, they’ll be first in line to challenge for the tag titles!  


The opening video package plays and the pyro explodes. Dynamite is live from Richmond, Virginia as Anderson and Kelly welcome us back to All Elite Wrestling. Anderson says it’s going to be a great show, with a highly anticipated Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match to crown the first World Tag Team Champions! Kelly says it’s an Open Challenge and we’ve got no idea who will show up, but we do know that the Authors of Pain are on a different mission tonight. Plus, as announced last week, we’ve got two more first-round matches in the 16-man tournament to crown the Television Champion, with Samoa Joe taking on “Johnny Wrestling” Johnny Gargano, and with Ricochet set to square off against a mystery opponent! Also, things have been tense between Rondy Rousey and Nyla Rose ever since the Knockouts Championship battle royal, tonight they’ll look to settle the score! But first, we’re going to kick things off with the AEW Knockouts Championship, as Asuka defends against Nia Jax! All of this in more, as we kick off Dynamite! 


Match #1 | AEW Knockouts Championship
Asuka (c) w/ James E. Cornette (1-0) vs. Nia Jax (0-0)

Anderson and Kelly recap Asuka’s stunning championship victory two weeks ago in the Knockouts Battle Royal, where she outlasted nine other women. Anderson says that last week Sasha Banks defeated Miss Athena Star in an Iron Woman match, and clearly has her eyes set on Asuka. Kelly says it would be a mistake to count Jax out, as she herself previously has wins over Star and other top women in the industry. 

As the bell sounds for the first-ever Knockouts Championship defense on Dynamite, Jax nails Asuka with a headbutt before tossing the champ to the turnbuckle. Asuka turns around and Jax sender her flying across the ring with a hip toss. Anderson notes that while Asuka is strong, the size and strength advantage goes undeniably to Jax. Jax charges after Asuka, Asuka reacts quickly and falls to the mat while pulling the second rope, sending Jax toppling to the outside. Asuka follows after her but Jax stops her momentum with a knee. She follows it up with a backbreaker on the outside and drops her knee into Asuka’s back. Jax rolls the champ back inside to break the count out. Jax steps across Asuka’s back, as the crowd boos the challenger’s tactics. 

Anderson: Jax methodically wearing down the champion… 

Jax whips Asuka into the corner and follows up with a splash. Jax drops an elbow drop and covers, but she only gets two. Cornette slaps the apron, cheering Asuka on as Jax’s momentum builds. Jax scoops Asuka up, who fires away with some elbows to her gut. Asuka goes for a submission hold but Jax fights back, hitting her with a modified jackhammer as she covers… 1… 2….! 

Kevin Kelly: We almost had a new champion! What a match to kick off Dynamite! 

Asuka hits Jax with a jawbreaker and follows it up with some martial arts kicks, each kick stiffer and more brutal than the last. Asuka hits the ropes and charges Jax, only to be hit with the Samoan Drop! Commentary notes that Jax has been able to fend the champion off every time she picks up steam. Jax goes for a leg drop but Asuka moves, and she follows up with a stiff knee to Jax’s temple. She nails Jax with a running knee and covers the challenger, but Jax is able to kick out. 

Arn Anderson: A near fall for the champion, but Jax kicks out! 

Asuka ascends to the top rope, but Jax goes after her. Jax gets control and sends Asuka to the mat. She goes for the Banzai Drop, but Asuka rolls out of the way as Jax hits the mat ass-first. Asuka charges at her with a clothesline but Jax hits her with a shoulder block sending her flying to the mat. Jax charges at her with the flipping dive, but Asuka avoids it! Asuka goes for the Asuka Lock, but Jax powers her into the corner. The force breaks the hold and gets Asuka off Jax’s back. Jax goes for a corner place but Asuka moves and she hits the turnbuckle. Jax positions Asuka for the powerbomb, but Asuka counters into a roll-up! 1…2…3!!!

Winner: Asuka w/ James E. Cornette (2-0)
Match Time: 12:05

Asuka rolls out of the ring as Cornette hands her the belt, and quickly ushers her up the ramp. Jax is in the ring looking shocked as she makes eyes with Kenzie, the referee. Jax and Kenzie argue about the count as Jax loses her cool and lays Kenzie out as commentary lambasts her for being a sore loser. 


In their locker room, Randy Savage and Scott Hall are yelling at Hulk Hogan for not coming with them to help Kevin Nash last week when Randy Orton tried to end his career. Before Hogan gets the chance to defend himself, Nash enters the room and cuts him off. Nash says that Hogan looked him in the eyes last week and apologized, promising “it would never happen again.” Yet, when Nash could have used his help, Hogan was nowhere to be found. Savage tells Hogan that they don’t have time for people who they can’t rely on to have their back. Hogan again apologizes, and said that he was in line for catering when the attack happened and by the time he realized what was happening, it was already over. Hogan says decades of dropping the leg and hitting the boot have left him slower than he’d like to admit. Nash tells Hogan that he may be slow, but he’s always quick with the excuses. Nash, Savage, and Hall exit the locker room, leaving Hogan alone and dejected. 


Gran Metalik and Kalisto are hanging out with Ricochet. Kalisto tells Ricochet that he’s proud of him for taking a spot in the TV Championship tournament, and that regardless of who the mystery opponent is and how it plays out, they’ll always have his back. Gran Metalik says that there are no two better guys to travel the road with, and he’s happy that the three of them are in AEW together. Kalisto says tonight Ricochet will take the first steps to bringing the TV Championship on the road with them. The two wish him luck tonight as they leave him to prepare for his match. 


Match 2 | TV Championship Tournament — Round 1 
Samoa Joe (0-0) vs. “Johnny Wrestling” Johnny Gargano (0-0)

Anderson and Kelly say that Gargano started the era off hot as the PWI Ascendants champion, but largely faltered after dropping the title. Kelly says that Gargano looks to reverse that trend by winning the TV Championship tournament, but first must get through Samoa Joe. 

The two shake hands in a display of sportsmanship as the bell sounds. They tie up and Joe forces Gargano into the corner and hits a series of forearm strikes. Joe whips Gargano to the opposite corner and does the same. Joe goes to do it a third time but Gargano telegraphs it, and reverses the Irish Whip into a hip toss. They exchange rights before Gargano nearly takes his head off with the enziguri. Gargano goes for the cover but Joe kicks out at two, rolling out of the ring to catch a breather. Gargano follows to the apron but Joe runs up the steps and hits a dropkick to Gargano’s knees, sending him off the apron and to the mat. 

Joe rolls Gargano back inside and goes for a rolling senton, but Gargano rolls out of the way. Kelly and Anderson put over Gargano and his ring awareness. Gargano goes for a German suplex but Joe counters, hitting Gargano with a German of his own. Joe fires back with a running kick that sends Johnny back to the outside. Joe is content with a countout, but Gargano rolls back in at nine.

Joe starts slapping Gargano around but Gargano fires back with some martial arts kicks. Gargano then nails Joe with the slingshot DDT! 1… 2… Joe kicks out! Gargano charges at Joe, who catches him with a release overhead belly to belly. Joe goes for the Kokina Clutch but Gargano avoids it. Joe hits the Muscle Buster and covers Gargano for 3. 

Arn Anderson: Gargano gave it his best effort, but Samoa Joe was the better man tonight! Joe advances to the second round!

Winner: Samoa Joe (1-0)
Match Time: 8:42


Backstage, Goldust approaches Cody Rhodes. He tells Cody that he’s heard through the grapevine that Cody has entered the TV Title Tournament. Cody confirms, and looks puzzled by Goldust’s reaction, which seems anxious. Cody tells him that he told him weeks ago that he wanted to see how he did on his own and he thought he was okay with that. Goldust says that he is okay with it, but he has also entered the tournament! He tells Cody that as happy as he’d be with Cody as champion, he’s not going to take it easy on him if their paths cross in the tournament. Cody says he wouldn’t want it any other way as he pats his brother on the back and heads the opposite way. 


Asuka and James E. Cornette are exiting the locker room when they run into the number one contender for the AEW Knockouts Championship, Sasha Banks! Sasha congratulates Asuka on her win tonight against Nia Jax, but says she’s going to need a bigger “warm up” challenge before the two square off for the belt. Banks says that when they do finally meet, it won’t be in the opening contest, because unlike Asuka she’s a main event player. Asuka stares back at Sasha and momentarily lunges at Banks before Cornette grabs her by the arm and stops her. Cornette tells Sasha that she isn’t worth it and they’ve got bigger concerns. The two exit as Banks tells Asuka not to underestimate her. 


We’re shown another hype video for Kenny Omega, who is “Coming Soon” to All Elite Wrestling. 

At ringside, Anderson and Kelly speculate on our next match, in which Ricochet looks to turn things around against a mystery opponent in another first round TV title tournament bout!

Match #3 | TV Championship Tournament — Round 1 
Ricochet (0-2) vs. ???

Ricochet is out first as Arn and Kevin discuss the importance of this match. The lights go out and a familiar guitar rift sounds. “I don’t sleep ‘cause my head’s on fire… I hate creeps and I hate liars… You want the grave kept secret that I never tell, I’m up in Heaven but I came from Hell…” The crowd pops huge and it’s aXw superstar Darby Allin!!! 

Kevin Kelly: Oh my God! Darby Allin is All Elite! 

The bell sounds and Darby flies at Ricochet with a shotgun dropkick that sends him to the outside. Allin immediately follows it up with a suicide dive to the outside! Darby starts grabbing steel chairs on the floor and starts setting them up opposite from one another as the announcers caution that he’s risking disqualification. Anderson notes that Darby’s aXw record hasn’t been super impressive, but says Allin is looking to turn things around tonight. Ricochet scoops Darby up for an atomic drop but instead drops him face-first on the steel steps! Ricochet whips Darby towards the steps again, but Darby jumps over them. Ricochet follows up charging at him, using the steps to jump off. He nearly takes Darby’s head off with a leaping lariat as the referee is able to corral both me back into the ring. 

Arn Anderson: Both of these men have a lot to prove here tonight! 

Back in the ring, the two exchange blows before Ricochet stunts Allin’s momentum with a DDT. Ricochet goes to the outside and reaches under the ring, pulling out a massive 15-foot ladder! The announcers again chastise both men for walking the fine line between what’s legal and what could get them disqualified. Ricochet slides the ladder into the ring but is intercepted by the referee before he can set it up. Darby flies at Ricochet with a cannonball attack, just barely missing the ref. Darby sets up the ladder and begins to ascend. Ricochet is up and the two battle atop the ladder. 

Kevin Kelly: These two are in a precarious situation atop that ladder! 

Darby blocks a superplex attempt and shoves Ricochet off the ladder! He flies to the outside and crashes onto the steel chairs Darby set up earlier in the match! Darby looks down the twenty foot drop and onto the chaos at ringside. Without regard for his own body, Darby launches himself off the ladder with a Coffin Drop! 

Arn Anderson: Good God almighty! 

The crowd chants holy shit as Darby is barely able to roll Ricochet into the ring for the cover, the count, and the victory! 

Winner: Darby Allin (1-0)
Match Time: 11:16


In the back, American Alpha are standing by with Renee Young. Before the interview can get started, it’s AJ Styles! Styles attacks both me with the AEW World Championship, laying out Angle’s henchmen. AJ says that they wanted to get involved, so now they are. He says that next week, he’ll team with Bryan Danielson against American Alpha! Gable and Jordan are tended to by security and medical personnel as the announcers speculate what it means for the team ahead of tonight’s TLC Open Challenge. 


Rob Amick is standing by with Dave Matthews, not to be confused with the popular singer/song-writer. Amick says that he’s got a few announcements to make on behalf of Megan, and Matthews questions why Megan isn’t making the announcements herself. Amick says that she’s busy, and that he’s tired of having to explain why he’s making announcements. Amick says that per Megan Mouse, next week on Dynamite in addition to the tag match just announced, we’ll see two more first-round TV title tournament matches, as Goldust will take on Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes will square off against ‘The Bastard’ Pac! Additionally, in a HUGE main event, Brock Lesnar will square off in his first singles match in BWM Inc. as he takes on Randy Orton! Amick thanks everyone for tuning in and promised the AEW will end 2022 with a bang! 


Back at ringside, Kevin Kelly and Arn Anderson recap the show and hype up next week’s installment of Dynamite. They recap last week’s events that led to the next matchup between ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey and Nyla Rose. 

Match #4 | Exhibition Match
‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey (0-0) vs. Nyla Rose (0-0)

The Native Beast and the Baddest Woman on the Planet square off in the center of the ring as the announcers put over this never-before-seen pairing. Anderson said Rousey believes she’s the woman to beat in the Knockouts Division, regardless of Asuka’s current reign as champion. Kelly says Rose has everything to prove tonight. 

The bell sounds and Rousey wastes no time in charging at Rose, taking her off her feet with a takedown and following up with a series of ground and pound attacks. Nyla is able to kick her off and get back to her feet. Rousey goes for another takedown but Rose sidesteps it and sends Rousey to the post. Nyla whips Rousey into the ropes and hits her with a back body drop. 

Nyla follows up with a huge splash into the corner before Rousey is able to reverse a knee strike into a submission hold. The announcers note that as strong as Rousey is, she’s most dangerous on the mat with her submission maneuvers. Kelly notes that with Rousey, Lesnar, and McGregor, AEW is the home for former MMA fighters. Rousey is able to block a power bomb attempt and rolls through with an Ankle Lock! 

Rose writhes in pain but is able to get the rope break. Rousey again mounts her with her offense, but Rose is able to hit a samoan drop. Rose goes again for the powerbomb, but her ankle is in too much pain and Rousey rolls through with a roll-up, just barely getting the three! The bell sounds and Rousey quickly rolls out of the ring as an upset Rose strikes the referee in anger. 

WInner: ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey
Match Time: 9:22


Match #5 | Open Challenge TLC | AEW World Tag Team Championship
The Bludgeon Brothers vs. Proud & Powerful vs. The Brothers Metal vs. The Outsiders 

During the introductions, Jane Mouse announced The Outsiders and their music plays but Kevin Nash and Scott Hall do not appear. The music stops and Jane tries again, but the camera cuts to the back where Hall and Nash are bloodied and laid out as Randy Orton smiles with a wicked grin! 

Anderson notes that it appears we’ll be having a triple threat TLC, and notes that the match is a first for the company. The tag titles are suspended above the ring as ladders, tables, and chairs are placed about the ringside area. Harper and Rowan square off against Metal Head and Heavy Metal as Proud & Powerful bring in several chairs from outside the ring. Harper cuts Santana off as Rowan does the same to Ortiz. Ortiz tosses a chair and hits Rowan in the face. Santana leaps off a chair and goes for an aerial maneuver, but Harper tosses a chair and it collides with him mid-air. Metal Head comes out of the corner with a clothesline as the Brothers Metal double team Harper. Harper pushes Heavy Metal off but Metal Head catches him with a drop toe hold onto a chair! Metal Head grabs a ladder and whacks Santana and Ortiz with it before placing it against the ropes in the corner. 

Rowan takes down Metal Head and the Bludgeon Brothers go on the warpath, utilizing their strength to toss around the much smaller Metal Head and Heavy Metal. Ortiz and Santana bring a table into the mix, but the Bludgeon Brothers overpower them as well, chokeslamming both men onto and through the table! Out of nowhere, Harper and Rowan are taken down by Metal Head, who flies at the giants with the ladder set up in the corner of the ring! The crowd chants “This is awesome” as bodies, tables, ladders, and chairs are strewn about! 

Ortiz has a different ladder and slams Harper onto it, before sandwiching him between it and the original ladder. Santana flies off the top rope and hits a splash onto the ladders, smashing Harper between them! Five of the six men are down as Ortiz sets up the ladder and ascends for the belts. Heavy Metal tips over the ladder and Ortiz flies to the outside! 

Kevin Kelly: There are bodies everywhere! Reminiscent of my last orgy, if I’m being honest! 

Arn Anderson: Nobody needs to hear that! 

Heavy Metal ascends the ladder and Harper cuts him off. Metal Head is up the ladder as well, as the three men fight for control with the belts just out of reach. Harper cuts them both off with a double suplex from the top of the ladder to the outside! The three men crash hard onto the concrete as Rowan goes up the ladder. Just as Rowan is about the reach for the belts, Chris Jericho, Jake Hagar, and Sammy Guevara run out and push him off the ladder to the outside, crashing down onto Metal Head, Heavy Metal, and Harper! Jericho, Guevara, and Hagar cut off the entrances to the ring as Proud & Powerful climb the ladders, retrieving the World Tag Team belts! 

Winner and NEW AEW World Tag Team Champions: Proud & Powerful (3-0)
Match Time: 20:33


Megan Mouse and Rob Amick are wandering through the halls. Megan is furious that she sent the Authors of Pain out to look for “him” at the beginning of the show and they still haven’t returned. As Megan and Amick round the corner, they see Akam and Rezar laid out and covered in blood! The camera pans to reveal Armageddon as Megan looks terrified and the scene fades out! 

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