AEW Dynamite #003 (12.12.22)

Live from Delaware Stadium | Newark, DE | Crowd Size: 18,800


In the parking lot outside the arena, AEW World Champion AJ Styles arrives! He’s greeted briefly by the American Dragon Brian Danielson, formerly known as Daniel Bryan. Bryan’s got his gear and is preparing to leave the arena when he greets AJ Styles. Styles greets Bryan back, as the two briefly recall their time working together on the independent circuit before AJ Styles broke into the original EWA. Danielson tells Styles that it’s nice catching up, and he hopes they eventually get to tear it up in the squared circle. Styles says it’s nice to see Danielson and agrees as they part ways. 

As AJ Styles goes to enter the arena, he’s met with resistance at the door. He tries to pull on it, but it won’t budge. Out of nowhere, it’s Kurt Angle from behind, attacking Styles and throwing him face first into the heavy door. The door swings open and Angle is joined by American Alpha, Jason Jordan and Chad Gable! The three men beat down a helpless AJ Styles, who has been lacerated in the altercation. Kurt Angle picks up the AEW World Heavyweight Championship and holds it eye level – envious. He drapes the title over an unconscious Style while telling him to keep the belt warm for him. Angle and American Alpha go back into the arena leaving AJ Styles bloodied, beaten, and outside. 


In Megan Mouse’s office, Megan is at her desk when Rob Amick, head of security, arrives with Recon and Sniper, the Establishment! Amick tells Megan that he brought them to her, just as she requested, and he hopes that proves his loyalty to his role as head of security. He says there’s no reason he cannot serve her as faithfully and dutifully as he served her father. The Establishment want to know why they’re here, and ask if Megan’s looking for extra protection. Recon jokes that she doesn’t have near as many enemies as Benny did. Sniper laughs as Megan tells him to shut up, because if she wanted a joke she’d review their careers. Megan gets in their faces and says that now that she’s gotten the company off to a good start, she has the time to turn her focus to Benny. She demands to know what they may know about what Benny is planning. Recon and Sniper resent her hostility and remind Megan they were in the ring when Molly gave birth to her, so they don’t appreciate being talked down to by someone they see as a child. Megan says that she was hoping they’d give her the information willingly, but she has made plans for in case they refuse to cooperate. Megan introduces the Establishment to her new guards, Akam and Rezar the Authors of Pain! The Establishment is scared shitless as the scene fades. 


The opening video package plays and pyro explodes as the announcers inform us that we are live from Delaware Stadium in Newark, Delaware in front of a sold out crowd. Kevin Kelly and Arn Anderson welcome us to Dynamite, as we’re off to a violent and surprising start. Kelly says tonight we’ve got two first round tournament matches in the 16-man tournament to crown the TV Champion, and Sasha Banks and Miss Athena Star will battle it out in a 30-minute Iron Woman match. The winner will be crowned the number one contender for Asuka’s Knockouts Championship! Plus, we’ll hear from Connor McGregor two weeks after he cost Brock Lesnar the AEW World Championship! All this and more, tonight on Dynamite! 

Match #1 | TV Championship Tournament — Round 1
Wardlow (0-0) vs. Rey Mysterio (0-1)

Wardlow comes out with no music and without MJF. Anderson says he was informed that MJF refused to come to a “shithole like Delaware,” as Anderson clarifies those were MJF’s words, not his. Mysterio is out to a big pop and the announcers recall the events of last week, where Wardlow used his body as a shield to help MJF defeat Mysterio. Mysterio comes at Wardlow fast and hard, using his speed to lead him around the ring and taking him down with a series of arm drags and luchadore maneuvers. 

Kevin Kelly: Mysterio playing to his advantage in the early goings, trying to tire the big man out!

Mysterio catches Wardlow with a sunset flip and scores a two count. Wardlow is getting frustrated and lunges at Mysterio, who rolls out of the way. Mysterio lands a series of strikes in the corner and springboards off the second rope, only to be met mid-air with a huge clothesline that turns the tide of the bout. Wardlow is able to follow up with his strength, hitting Mysterio with a series of slams before positioning him for the power bomb. 

Arn Anderson: Mysterio played it smart, but one mistake lead to the carnage we’re witnessing now! 

Mysterio tries to counter out of the power bomb, trying to reverse it into a hurricarana. Wardlow is too strong and fights back, gaining control. He hits a huge power bomb on Mysterio, only to follow it up with three more power bombs! He covers Mysterio loosely as Michael McMahon counts the three! 

Winner: Wardlow (1-0)
Match Time: 7:52


Backstage, Kevin Nash is getting ready for his match tonight with Randy Orton when Hulk Hogan walks in. Hogan tells Nash that he’s sorry about what happened last week. He said he’s been getting a lot of hate mail from fans about how he reacted last week, making the food from catering seem more important to him than Nash. Hogan said he had a senior moment, and that it won’t happen again. Hogan tells Nash that as his friend, he’d advise trying to avoid such conflicts in the future, because now he has to wrestle Orton. Nash says that he wants to wrestle Orton, and he’s happy for the opportunity to seize a spotlight he’s been denied for too long. Hogan says that Nash isn’t in his prime anymore, and he should just accept the contract for what it is at their age — getting paid to enjoy catering. Nash says that Hogan may be okay riding off into the sunset, but he’s not done yet. He’s going to teach Randy Orton a thing or two about respect. Nash leaves frustrated as Hogan yells that he’s only trying to help… 


Renee Young is standing by with ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey. Rousey’s frustrated and says that because of Nyla Rose, she’s now got to sit and watch Asuka parade around with HER Knockouts Championship. Rousey tells Young that additionally, Megan Mouse left her out of the number one contenders match and instead gave the spot to Athena Star and Sasha Banks. Rousey says she’s already beaten Star, and that she would break Sasha like a twig. As far as she’s concerned, as long as she’s around she’ll always be the number one attract in the Knockouts Division. Young says she’s just been informed that Rousey will get a chance to settle things with Nyla Rose next week on Dynamite! Rousey says she’s going to kick Nyla’s ass so bad she’ll consider going back to the men’s division. Rousey storms off as Renee apologizes for her remarks. 


Metal Head and Heavy Metal are standing by with Dave Matthews, not to be confused with the popular singer/songwriter. Matthews asks the legendary brothers what’s next for them, and Metal Head says they’re going to reclaim their spots at the top of the tag team division. Heavy Metal says that working with his brother after all of these years is a dream come true, and that he’ll be satisfied to cap off their legendary run with one last tag title win. Metal Head says The Brothers Metal are putting the division on notice, and that it’s just a matter of time before they bring the tag belts home where they belong. 


Match #2 | TV Championship Tournament — Round 1
Mark Henry (0-0) vs. Vader (0-0)

Before the match, Arn Anderson and Kevin Kelly announce that next week, two more first round match ups will take place in the 16-man tournament to crown the Television Champion. Next week Samoa Joe will square off against “Johnny Wrestling” Johnny Gargano and Ricochet will square off against a mystery opponent! 

As the bell sounds, the two super heavyweights clash in the center of the ring. Anderson says Henry had the biggest opportunity of his career two weeks ago on Dynamite in the Massacre 6 match, but inevitably he fell short of the World Heavyweight Championship. Henry’s looking to recover from that missed opportunity. Henry manages to overpower Vader and the two exchange blows before inevitably taking one another down with a double cross body that takes both men down. The action continues to go back and forth, with Henry executing an impressive scoop powerslam on Vader for 2. 

Kevin Kelly: This is what I like to see, two massive men colliding… there’s nothing better than massive man meat, am I right Arn? 

Arn Anderson: How many times do I have to ask you not to say things like that to me? 

The tide again turns when Vader catches Henry with a patented belly to belly suplex. Vader goes to the top rope and executes a picture perfect moonsault, but unfortunately for Vader, Henry moves and Vader eats a mouthful of the canvas. Henry follows up with a bear hug, draining the life out of Vader. Henry whips Vader into the corner and charges at him, nailing him with the body avalanche. He whips Vader into the opposite corner and tries again, but Vader moves and Henry runs his head face first into the steel post. Vader hammers Henry in the corner with stiff lefts and rights, 

Arn Anderson: Big Van Vader has taken control! 

Vader whips Henry into the turnbuckle and nails a big splash. Henry’s down in the center of the ring as Vader climbs to the second rope, nailing Henry with the Vader Bomb! A cover! A count! A victory! 

Winner: Vader (1-0)
Match Time: 9:14


In a dimly lit room, Alistair Black is illuminated by a spotlight as he talks with the Legion of Maniacs and the Legion of Doom. Black says that the four of them have served him well, but the time has come to shake things up in the House of Black. Suddenly, the Legion of Maniacs and the Legion of Doom are ambushed by Harper, Rowan, Braun Strowman and Abyss! The four monsters lay out the legends as Black introduces the world to the new and improved House of Black! Black says with the House of Black behind him, he’ll ascend to new heights and will conquer AEW!


Rob Amick is standing by with Frank Dutch. Amick says he’s been asked by Megan to deliver an announcement pertaining to next week. Dutch asks why Megan wouldn’t just deliver it herself. Amick says as we all saw earlier this evening, Megan’s a little pre-disposed at the moment with the Establishment. Amick says that next week on Dynamite, an open tag team challenge will decide the first ever AEW Tag Team Champions. Amick says the match is open to any team wishing to participate and it will be a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match! 


Match #3 | Exhibition Match 
Kevin Nash (0-0) vs. Randy Orton (0-0)

The bell sounds and Orton heels it up, acting somewhat cowardly and making Nash go on the offensive. The announcers note that this is Nash’s first match under the BWM Inc. banner in years, as they recap the events from last week that resulted in this grudge match. Nash uses his power to his advantage and scoops Orton up, tossing him into the turnbuckle. Orton is then met with a huge big boot as Nash goes for a cover but only gets a two count. The two brawl to the outside and Orton whips Nash knee first into the steps. The announcers play up Nash’s history in the business, including the injuries he’s suffered to his legs over the years. 

Arn Anderson: Randy Orton is so methodical, so vicious… 

Back in the ring and Orton tries for an RKO but Nash blocks it. He gets Orton on the second rope and charges at him, attempting to jump and hit his thigh across his neck. Orton moves at the last second and Nash is sent through the ropes to the outside. Orton’s quick to follow him to the outside and tosses him into the barricade. Orton drapes Nash’s legs over the barricade and hits the DDT, sending Nash’s skull straight to the concrete. Orton begins disparaging Nash, calling him old and unworthy of the “legend” moniker. 

Kevin Kelly: Kevin Nash has overcome a lot of obstacles in his career, but Randy Orton is presenting a unique challenge tonight. I’m not sure Nash has ever had an opponent so cold, callous and willing to do anything to win! 

Back in the ring and Orton goes for the punt, but Nash dodges and follows up with a lariat. Nash motions for the Jackknife, but his knee gives out and Orton quickly counters with the RKO! Orton covers Nash and gets the three count! 

Winner: Randy Orton (1-0)
Match Time: 8:18

After the match, Orton refuses to leave the ring. He spits on Nash and grabs two folding chairs from the outside, wedging Nash’s head in between them as he gears up for a punt that could possible end Nash’s career. Just as he’s about to hit it, Hall and Macho Man make the save, protecting their friend and sending Orton retreating through the crowd. 


In the ring, Renee Young is set to interview the “Notorious” Connor McGregor. The announcers recap the events from two weeks ago, when Connor shocked the world and cost Brock Lesnar the AEW World Heavyweight Championship. Connor is out to a mixed reaction that quickly turns to boos as he tells Renee that he comes from the Ultimate Fighting Championship and that he gets paid to beat people senseless. He says that his entire MMA career people have said he’s got a knack for wrestling, and McGregor said that he originally came to Dynamite as a fan. But something about watching Lesnar in the Massacre 6 match filled him with rage. He said Lesnar has been calling himself the next big thing for almost 20 years now, and that Connor is sick of it. He’s not the next anything, because Connor McGregor IS the Big Thing in pro wrestling right now, and two weeks ago he did what he’s always done; find the biggest bully in the yard and made them his bitch. Lesnar’s music hits and Brock charges to the ring as he and Connor McGregor brawl all over the ringside area in a largely even exchange. Security is out and the two men are pulled apart as the audience chants “Let them fight!”


Backstage, James E Cornette is standing by with Frank Dutch. Cornette says that he and Asuka will be watching tonight’s number one contender ship Iron Women match closely, and they’ll gladly take on the winner, because NOBODY IS BETTER THAN ASUKA! Just as Cornette is leave, he’s approached by Nia Jax! Jax tells Cornette to put his money where his mouth is, challenging Asuka for the belt next week! Cornette accepts and tells Jax she doesn’t know what she’s gotten herself into. 


Match #4 | Exhibition Match
Roman Reigns (0-0) vs. Buddy Murphy (0-0)

The bell sounds as the announcers state that both men are looking to make a good first impression in their debut performances with the AEW. Roman gets Buddy into the corner and backs off. He follows up with a right hands and tosses Murphy down. Murphy counters with a leg strike and a cover, but Roman kicks out. Murphy gets Roman into the corner and stomps on him. Roman slides to the outside and Murphy follows, whipping him into the barricade. Murphy slides in and out of the ring to break the count. 

Murphy charges back at him and misses with a leg strike. Roman nails him with a right hand and tosses him on the announce table. Roman goes for the Drive By but Murphy moves! Murphy follows it up by whipping Roman into the steps and rolls him back into the ring where he scores a two count. Murphy attempts to follow it up with double knee strike but Roman catches him with a powerbomb! Roman goes for a cover but Murphy kicks out. 

Arn Anderson: Both men are giving it their all tonight! 

Back to their feet, both men exchange right hands but Roman ends that with a big clothesline. He tosses Murphy into the corner and follows up with another clotheline. Roman runs the ropes and catches Buddy with a big boot. Roman goes for the Superman Punch but Murphy manages to get out of the way. Roman follows up with an attempted Spear, but Murphy again moves out of the way and counters with a roll up. Murphy has both feet on the ropes but Roman still manages to kick out at two! 

Murphy sends Roman to the outside, and follows it up with a dive to the outside. He rolls him back into the ring and ascends to the top rope, nailing Roman with the double knees to the chest! He goes for the cover as Roman again kicks out! Back to their feet, Murphy tries for a kick but Roman hits the Superman Punch! He covers and Murphy kicks out just shy of three! 

Roman tries to hit a spear but Murphy hits him with a knee to the face. He nails a brain buster and goes for the cover; he gets the one, the two… but Reigns kicks out at the last second! Murphy climbs the top rope and tries to hit Roman with a cross body, but Reigns moves out of the way. Murphy lands on his feet and is immediately folded in half by a HUGE spear!  Roman covers and gets the three! 

Winner: Roman Reigns (1-0)
Match Time: 10:36


Match #5 | 30-minute Iron Woman Match
#1 Contender for AEW Knockouts Championship
Miss Athena Star (0-0) vs. Sasha Banks (0-0)

Commentary plays up the big match feel between Sasha and Star, two rivals with everything to prove. They also play up the significance of the match, as it’s the first Iron Woman match for BWM Inc. The winner will be next in line to challenge for the AEW Knockouts Championship, which Asuka will defend against Nia Jax next week. 

The two tie up in the center of the ring, jockeying for control. Sasha gets Athena into a headlock and follows it up with a shoulder tackle and attempts a quick series of pins with no avail. Star reverses the sequence and goes for a series of quick pins herself, again to no avail. Sasha charges into Athena who sidesteps and counters with a backslide into another pinning attempt. 

Arn Anderson: Both women understand the importance of scoring an early fall but neither can keep the other down for three!

Sasha grabs Athena by the hand and goes to the top rope, hitting a big arm drag from the top. Sasha tries for the Bank Statement but Athena blocks it. Athena takes control and slams Sasha down. Athena follows up with a sunset flip into a pin but again only gets the two. Athena Star hits a couple of dropkicks and grabs a fist full of hair to the admonishment of the referee. Star nails a bulldog. Sasha counters with a rollup and has her feet on the ropes, but the ref catches it. Both women charge at one another and almost take out the ref, allowing Banks to catch Star with an eye poke that the ref doesn’t see. Banks follows it up with a rollup and barely gets the three count, scoring the first fall of the match about ten minutes in!

Kevin Kelly: It’s 1-0, as Sasha has the advantage over the veteran Knockout! 

Sasha goes right back to the attack, but Athena follows it up with an exploder suplex that sends Sasha into the corner, where she lands ugly on her neck. Athena goes to follow it up with a 420 splash, but notices Sasha about to move. Athena rolls through and lands on her feet, catching Sasha with an enziguri. The two battle to the outside and Sasha whips Athena into the steps, sending her flying over them. Sasha is in full stack mode and back in the ring she covers Star, who kicks out at two. Back to the outside and Star follows it up with a belly to belly suplex on the ramp! The ref is counting both women out, and Star manages to get back into the ring at the nick of time as Banks tends to an already hurt neck from earlier in the match! 

Arn Anderson: The veteran able to tie things up with that countout, as we’re back to square one! 

Back in the ring, the two continue to put on a hell of a performance as Anderson exclaims that tonight’s main event is already one for the history books, and it isn’t over yet! Sasha takes control and nails a half Boston Crab at a high angle, as Kelly puts her over for grounding Star, who is known for her aerial moves. Sasha follows it up with a nasty modified back breaker. She gets Star back into the one legged Boston, but Star is able to reverse it into a pinfall, just barely scoring the three! Star is now up 2-1 with about ten minutes left to go. Star follows up with a series of shoulder blocks and tackles until Sasha counters it into the Bank Statement! Sasha won’t let go and Star has no choice but to tap to break the hold as we’re tied at 2-2! 

Kevin Kelly: One of these women will be the number one contender, and we’re tied at two! 

Both women are back to their feet as the action again takes us to the outside. Star positions the stairs on the outside, launching herself off them with a cannonball that takes Sasha down. Back in the ring, both women are exhausted as Star goes for her patented spring board elbow to the corner. Banks sidesteps it and hits Athena with a belly to back suplex that dumps Star hard on her head. Sasha goes for the pin but the ref notices Star’s foot on the rope at 2.99. We’re still tied at two falls each as the match is down to its final three minutes. Both women go to the top rope and Star attempts a reverse hurricanrana but Sasha lands on her feet! Sasha hits Star with a snap suplex and follows it up with the Bank Statement, as the clock is at around 90 seconds. Star drags herself closer to the ropes, but Banks kicks off the ropes, rolling them both back to the center of the ring, all while refusing to let go of the hold. Sasha is determined to tap Star out as we’re under a minute now! Star is finally able to get out with 30 seconds left on the clock. Banks follows through again with the Bank Statement putting the pressure on Star, who is left with no choice but to tap! 

Winner and #1 Contender for the Knockouts Championship: Sasha Banks (1-0)
Match Time: 30:00

The announcers say we’re out of time as Sasha celebrates the biggest win of her career to date. 

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