HLW Saturday Night Superstardom (10/8/22)

Saturday Superstardom 💫



Opening Segment

Beer Money Inc comes out to the ring and declares how disappointed they are to be the only signed team in HLW. James Storm tells the crowd that since they have been Champions all over the world that it only makes since to put the titles on them now! Chris Van Vliets music hits* Chris walks out and says that he understands the frustration but in good conscience cannot gift Beer Money Inc the belts. He explains how Kushida has come to him and asked to bring a partner of his choosing to All Hallows Eve Extravaganza to face Beer Money Inc for the Tag Team Gold. Beer Money Inc says they accept as long as we find out who Kushida partner is before the end of the night.

Superstardom Quick Hits 👊

Matt Riddle defeated a debuting Aron Stevens w/Trevor Murdoch

Vega and Xavier Woods engaged in a backstage Brawl with Main Event Champion Wade Barrett and “Perfect Ten” Shawn Spears

Coming back from commercial we see Conrad Thompson and Mr. Cross in the board room interviewing a candidate for a position on the announce team. Conrad: “We are comfortable with the fact that you have long hair. We want to express our different styles to our audience.”

Mr.Cross: “Wait a second…Is that a wig?”

*Conrad pulls the wig off the candidate to reveal Aiden English!*

Officers storm in the room and cuff English.

Orange versus Darby to determine the number one contender for Bad News Barrett’s Main Event Championship at All Hallows Eve Extravaganza!

When these two get in the ring it screams main event! This match was high flying, brutal, and fast paced risk taking at the highest level. A back and forth match full of counters and near falls that would eventually see Darby winning with a little assistance from his skateboard.

Superstardom 🌟concluded with Kushida coming to the ring to announce that his friend and idol Michael J. Fox would be his tag team partner at All Hallows Eve! The crowd erupted with applause as the Back to the future star came to the ring. The celebration was cut short as Beer Money came out. Bobby Roode said that he is appalled by HLW management forcing him into a situation where he will have to break a man with Parkinsons legs.

Bobby Roode: “Hey MJ! Where we are going we don’t need roads, but we will damn sure need a body bag”

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