HLW Superstardom: September 17th, 2022

Superstardom ⭐️

Quick Hits ✊️

September 17th

Bad News Barrett defeats Xavier Woods to become the first ever Main Event Champion 🏆via interference from Apollo Crews.

Barrett gave a speech after the match:

“It is time. Time to make America Great Britain again! A lot of you thought I was done after a storied career. Well…I’m afraid I’ve got some Bad News! This is only the beginning of my reign of tyranny. I am not here to live in the past and talk to you about eras. That is bullocks. Truth is, past don’t matter much anymore. Let the old dogs lie and die. They are all a bit dodgy anyway. I am the main event! I am your Main Event Champion!”

Kushida defeated Darby in a high flying quick paced bout. Kushida looked very impressive in this showing.

Higher Level Wrestling Saturday Superstardom returns live October 1st to kick off the road to Allhallows Eve Extravaganza that will take place in Times Square on October 30th!

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