HLW Superstardom: October 1st, 2022

Message from Cross prior to show (5:04pm): Tune in tonight for Superstardom! Bad News Barrett has promised to open the gate in what he calls an open gate challenge to any past legend by defending his newly won Main Event Championship!!

10/01/2022 – Superstardom:

Emanating from the Joe Louis Arena, Saturday Superstardom 💫saw a number of huge new talent signings, alongside two main events. The Main Event Championship was on the line as Bad News Barrett issued his “Open Gate Challenge” to any past legend.

The World Championship was on the line as Matt Riddle defended against Matt Cardona’s hired hitman, Trevor Murdoch!

The show opened with Chris Van Vliet discussing the Pay Per View coming up, All Hallows Eve Extravaganza!

“Trevor Murdoch is on a Higher Level!”

The first segment featured an interview conducted by Chris Van Vliet with HLWs first signed tag team, Beer Money Inc. Cowboy James Storm and Bobby Roode are renowned across the globe and said they are what any future team that comes in should strive to be.

“Beer Money Inc. is on a Higher Level!”

The Riddle vs Murdoch match was an absolute blood bath. Riddle went to his mma roots to fight off Cardona’s assassin. The odds were stacked against Riddle. Cardona’s new stable, including interference from newly recruited Aron Stevens almost was too much. However, Riddle overcame the odds with bro dereks to each men.

“Aaron Stevens is on a Higher Level!”

Coming back from commercial we see Bad News Barrett in the ring with microphone. Barrett: “Alright. Enough talk. The wind of change has arrived to Higher Level Wrestling! I destroyed Xavier Woods. That misfit piece of crap from some alternate wrestling universe that touts my name as an alum. Take me off your website you second rate pieces of shit! Are there any legends left? Or did they all die?” *The arena goes dark* A loud voice over the P A…Open the gates!!!

Out comes….VEGA!!! The crowd is in a frenzy. But before the bell can sound, Apollo Crews attacks Vega on the outside and Barrett swarms. Inside the ring..Winds of Change! Bell rings. 1…2..kickout! Vega unleashed a may lay of martial arts, hurricanranas and topesuaseedas. Unfortunately a night of interference has plaqued this Superstardom show because we see the chairman himself, Shawn Spears come to Barretts aid. The ref has lost control and calls for the bell. This is a no contest but the show ends with a bloody Vega and Apollo, Spears, and Barrett standing tall.

“Vega and Shawn Spears are on a Higher Level!”

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