HLW Superstardom August 27th, 2022

Saturday Night Superstardom August 27th Results**

The show opened to thunderous applause with the arrival of Colts owner Jim Irsay coming to the ring to greet the Indianapolis audience. Irsay, with his recently purchased Kurt Cobain Jaguar guitar that was used in the “Teen Spirit” video was gifted a custom made Colts Championship belt from Conrad Thompson. Irsay thanked the crowd for coming out and said that the start of the 8 man eliminator tournament to crown the first ever Main Event champion would be bigger than the signing of Peyton Manning to Indy!

Darby Allin vs Bad News Barrett

The match got off to a great start with some high flying moves from Darby. Barrett, the more powerful of the two was able to take control and mount an offense that Darby was having trouble overcoming. Darby, still wore out from his triple threat match at Rocky Mountain Mayhem, looked like he was done after Barrett hit the Winds of Change. 1…2…chair shot! A bloodied Barrett and an enraged Xavier Woods. The referee had to call this one. Barrett wins but not the way he probably wanted to.

Winner: Bad News Barrett

We see a video clip of Riddle celebrating at home with some friends. Then a loud noise, some glass breaking. Riddle stands up from his Hooka and goes to his front door to see what is happening. Outside we see cops. Riddle is worried at first but then we see cops pressing there knee into the back of someones head on Riddles front lawn and putting cuffs on the assailant. It is Aiden English! Aiden is screaming, “I am going to ascend to greatness!”

Orange Cassidy vs Dexter Lumis

Another contest featuring speed versus power. Speed had more of an edge here as Cassidy was able to punch his ticket after a hard fought battle with the beach break ⛱️

Winner: Orange Cassidy

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