HLW Results: Rocky Mountain Mayhem (8/1/22)

HLW Rocky Mountain Mayhem Results from August 1st.

Eric Matson


The debut show for Higher Level Wrestling opened to a raucus crowd as the stage was set for the explosive card put together by Mr. Cross. The top of the show featured Chief Brand Officer, Chris Van Vliet coming out to thank the crowd for coming out to the show and then he introduced the opening contest as a special guest ring announcer.

Jay White vs Orange Cassidy vs Darby Allin

Darby used speed and agility to upset both men earlier on, but the bigger and stronger Jay white was determined to when this epic triple threat match and solidify himself with the company. Using shady tactics and a torture rack neck breaker, White was able to pin Orange to put this one away.

William Zabka and Ralph Macchio make a huge announcement


The stars of Cobra Kai 🐍came out to a thunderous applause and discussed the upcoming 5th season of their hit show on Netflix. The Karate Kid himself, Ralph Macchio pulled out a red Velvet bag and said, “Are you ready to go to the highest level Colorado?!” He then pulled out a beautiful championship belt. Then the announcement was made. A first of it’s kind title. The Main Event Championship! This goes beyond T.V. titles. This belt goes beyond a tier title. Rather it be main event on T.V, a streaming app, or a local indy show…this belt is always featured in the Main Event. Pushing tomorrow’s stars 🌟to a higher level!

In what may have been the surprise of the night, Wade Barrett appeared on the first ever Throne talk with the Nigerian Prince Apollo Crews to ambush Xavier Woods! It wasn’t a new day for Xavier. It was a bad day. He took a shot to the trombone. Xavier, “I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news…for your balls!” The shocked look on Woods face tells the story.

Scorpio Sky vs Swerve

Going into the match, Swerve was already aware that Vegas odds had him as the underdog. This was a grueling dog fight to the finish. Not a lot of their normal fancy offense. It was a brawl! 👊The match came to a close with a missed 450 splash from Scorpio Sky and a roll up with the tights by Swerve. Who’s house? Swerves house?

Moments before the main event to crown the first World Champion. A reflective Riddle prepares to meet the opponent he didn’t train for…the “Tortured Artist” Dexter Lumis

Rocky Mountain Mayhem closed out with a stellar main event featuring Matt Riddle vs Dexter Lumis to crown the first ever Higher Level Wrestling World Champion. Before the participants made there way to the ring, a video package aired of what appeared to be a not so injured Matt Cardona explaining how this was for the interim championship (which isn’t true) Matt flipped off the camera and said this is the fans fault.

The match itself was very back and forth, pitting two different styles against each other. Dexter, the brawler and mercenary against Riddle, the high flying submission specialist. At times it seemed that Riddle had bitten off more than he could chew with the tortured artist but in the end a Bro Derek would send Riddle on his way to the highest level as our first ever World Champion 🏆🥇

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