Higher Level Wrestling News: As of July 26th, 2022

HLW C.E.O. Camden Cross offered the following communications from July 16th, 2022 through July 24th, 2022:

(7/16 – 12:26pm) “On the very first Throne Talk on August 1st, the “Nigerian Prince” Apollo Crews will be interviewing Xavier Woods to discuss his split from the New Day and his future goals within Higher Level Wrestling!

(7/17 – 11:16am) “Pleased to announce that William Zabka and Ralph Macchio of the hit series Cobra Kai will be in attendance on August 1st to deliver a special announcement on behalf of Higher Level Wrestling!

(7/19 – 7:31pm) “Higher Level Signings this FRIDAY!”

(7/23 – 8:11pm) “ Shotzi is on a HIGHER LEVEL!”

(7/23 – 8:49pm) “Breaking News Update!!

Earlier this afternoon outside of Higher Level headquarters, former wrestling superstar Aiden English was arrested after trying to force a receptionist to give him a wrestling contract. We here at HLW do not condone the use of force on women to secure contracts. We have a simple video submission process. We did receive Mr. English video submission and we did call him to let him know that we appreciate his efforts but the submission requirements are to make a 3 minute video showcasing past matches. We received one of him that showed 30 seconds of a match from an up and coming independent promotion from last year and the other 2 minutes and 30 seconds was just him on a couch petting his cat while watching a disney movie. We wish him the best in his future endeavors.

(7/23 – 9:55pm) “ Damian Priest is on a HIGHER LEVEL!”

(7/23 – 10:11pm) “Brian Cage has arrived! The Machine is on a HIGHER LEVEL!!

(7/24 – 12:17am) “ Daniel Cormier is on a HIGHER LEVEL!!”

(7/24 – 12:49am) “Contract negotiations will be going late into the night. We hope to have a blockbuster announcement in the early hours of Sunday !

(7/24 – 10:11am) “Negotiations are complete. It is official!  Thunderosa is on a HIGHER LEVEL!!

(7/24 – 6:02pm) “Our homegrown stars will be debuting over the next few months  We are very pleased to announce that we have signed:
Kyle Dalton 

Castiel Reyes 

Viho of the Cheyenne

Zac Sharp (A man that promises to make America Great Britain again) 

“China’s Champion” Mi Chao 

Ahmed Boro 

“The Fighter” Corey O’ Hennessey 

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