Press Release: Mickey Announces Card for August 1st Installment of PWI Live!

Mmouse Enterprises

Chairman’s HQ

Knoxville, Tennessee

July 9th, 2022

The following press release was issued by the Chairman of Mmouse Enterprises, Mickey M. Mouse Junior:

“On August 1st, the PWI will return to action for the first of three, bi-weekly preseason shows!

The first episode of PWI Live! for the 2022 Preseason will feature the following card:

The new Ascendant Champion, and leader of the Kingdom, Matt Taven, will open the show as he defends his title against the self-proclaimed “Best Damn Wrestler Today, and Any Day” Mike O’Malley!

We will then see the up and coming duo of Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde – Los Super Luchadores – team up against the first Tag Team Champions of the modern era, Eddie and Chavo, Los Guerreros!

Of course, we have to honor our contractual agreement with the HCW by giving them their own segment; something that is only required on shows that is not women’s division-exclusive. In this first installment of the HCW Segment, we see Ted Brown’s HCW determine Champion Brandon Lee’s first challenger in a four way brawl pitting Stan “STD” Hart against the returning John Cena, Blade, and against former HCW Champion, Scott Nash.

This next match is a big one, and is one about which I am very proud. Two former world champions and former tag team championship partners square off when we see “Mr. Monday Night” Rob Van Dam take on the “Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment” The Rock!

While Attitude cashed in his Immunity Title to earn a spot in the Premier Athlete Tournament Roulette – which he went on to win -, Attitude remains the Immunity Champion, as he still has two cash-ins remaining. However, following Christian Cage’s victory at Motivation IX over fellow former Immunity Champion Sean Olson, Christian will challenge Attitude for the Immunity Gold at PWI Live!!

Then, we have our Main Event of the evening! We will see the two top-ranked men of PWI battle for the right to take on the PWI Champion at Desperate Times as former EWA Champion – and arguably the greatest former Intercontinental Champion in history – Granddaddy Duxen, the current number one contender, takes on the number two ranked former multi-time PWI Champion, Teo!

By the end of the hour, you should have the latest ranks of PWI posted!


Owner and Chairman of Mmouse Enterprises,

Mickey Marcus Mouse Junior”

Respectfully submitted by:

Mmouse Enterprises Spokesman, Lawrence Mason

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