Higher Level Wrestling: Press Release for July 2nd, 2022

HLW C.E.O. Camden Cross offered the following communications on July 2nd, 2022:

(5:04pm) “PRESS RELEASE –

Hello wrestling fans,

First, a big thank you!

Remember that old Simpsons episode where Krusty the Clown stays on the air 24 hours a day, alone in the desert through public broadcasting? He was the only game in town. The audience didn’t have a choice. Did that make the show the best? Did it prove the best content? No. Not at all. This is what the wrestling world has received from Mmouse Enterprises.

Have you ever wondered why their roster throughout the years seemed to be related to famous people? I mean HBK doesn’t have fifty brothers. Every famous star like Kane doesn’t have a brother called Kane 2. Scott Nash and Kevin Hall are just not so cleverly reversed names. The CEO is a man dressed in a mouse costume. It is insane!

They have been degrading women since the 90’s. Bitches Ball…what is that? They claim to be reliable but what were they doing from 2014 to 2019? Don’t tell me to write storylines! They haven’t done that since they started as an organization.

I don’t say these things out of spite. I just want to remind the wrestling community that the alternatives have always cared for the content and fans just a little bit more. Over saturation belongs in an asylum. Wait…isn’t that the name of one of their events?

They are keeping people imprisoned. Every main event is two out of three falls? Yeah, who would ever get tired of that?

I implore all of you this year to please change the channel. Watch something that doesn’t have twenty seven tiers. Watch a product that has fresh names that don’t pretend to be related to established stars. Mmouse Enterprises should start using the K.I.S.S. rule (not the rule Mickey uses when hiring talent) but the other one. Keep It Simple Stupid!

Lots of love,

Camden Cross”

Published by Daniel Crawford

I'm a single father of two, one of four children of a single mother (who passed at the age of 49), an activist, an aspiring public servant, an author, a podcast host, and an average member of the working class.

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