Megan Mouse issues rare response to Mickey Mouse

STANFORD, Connecticut — I learned long ago from watching my father that the best way to deal with my uncle was to ignore him and not take the bait, but I couldn’t help myself after he rambled at the press for a half hour at midnight this morning.

You see, as my uncle touts beating an EWA show in the ratings from two years ago (even though ratings have ALWAYS trended upward for the majority of the industry’s history) I’ve been hard at work prepping for the launch of All Elite Wrestling. It doesn’t bother me that Mickey’s ignoring twenty years of ratings precedence, but I did take issue with the fact that he implied we were somehow copying him with our Independence Day launch. My uncle claims he owns the PPV name, but I’m confident that you can’t trademark America’s birthday, that it’s a federal holiday, and that he owns no claim to it.

Furthermore, as we celebrate America’s birthday with our launch, I would also like to note the name’s deeper meaning. We finally will celebrate this industries independence — from my uncle’s tyrannical grip; the independence from my father’s failures, and the freedom for the industry to prosper under an organization that doesn’t recycle the same storylines over and over. (I’d rip Mickey for copying the HCW invasion angle, but he’s been copying variations of the story since 2001, and like the audience, I find it insulting…)

This will be the last direct statement I make on my uncle, as he’s not worth the time or energy. My focus is in providing the absolute best wrestling product on the planet, and that will continue to be my priority in the weeks, months, and years to come.

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