HLW News for June 29th, 2022

HLW C.E.O. Camden Cross offered the following communications on June 29th, 2022:

(9:08am) “We have signed our first ten superstars to the company ahead of our inaugural show in August! Under the innovative management of myself (Camden Cross), Freddie Prince Jr., and Chris Van Vliet; Higher Level Wrestling (a promotion governed by the Pro Wrestling Council of Puerto Rico) provides an alternative to other promotions.

We will not deter fans from making a choice on what product they like. We will not use name calling either. We provide the highest level of competition at Higher Level Wrestling.


In addition to the ten stars already signed, another ten homegrown stars have been signed. These are the best stars from around the globe that have been sought diligently by our agents. We have pulled the best wrestlers from 8 different countries. These countries are China, Japan, Scotland, Ireland, Mexico, England, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa.

We don’t break our arm by patting ourselves on the back for a long run of past achievements. We work hard. At Rocky Mountain Mayhem, joining our World Championship and Tag Team Championship will be a first ever of its kind title announced! We will keep the fans engaged.

Thank you for your time. CC”

(1:41pm) “We have 3 superstar signings to announce later today and some personnel being added to our amazing team! 📋

(4:16pm) “Citing Muhammad Ali and Floyd Mayweather Jr. as influences for his in ring persona, we are honored to have signed Scorpio Sky! 🔥 Scorpio Sky is on a Higher Level!”

(5:47pm) “Weighing “whatever”, from “wherever”… 🔥 Orange Cassidy is on a Higher Level!”

(6:14pm) “Conrad Thompson, “The Podfather” is the new Executive Vice President of Television Production. We are pleased to announce a partnership with NBC Sports 🔥 Conrad is on a Higher Level!”

(8:56pm) “Darby is on a Higher Level!”

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