Megan Mouse issues statement on AEW premiere, HLW

STANFORD, Connecticut — This afternoon, I had a very nice call with HLW CEO Camden Cross. Unlike my uncle, I welcome Mr. Cross and the HLW to the fold. And following a very productive conversation, the AEW has come to the release of Xavier Woods, who has since been signed to the HLW roster!

While far from a partnership, I hope to have a working relationship with Mr. Cross and with the HLW, as when one wrestling organization thrives, so too does the industry. Unlike my uncle who fears competition, I welcome it and even encourage it. I look forward to seeing what Cross and his team of bright, young superstars have to offer.

Additionally, AEW’s Gold Rush Battle Royal Ladder match will take place on our season premiere, which has been announced for July 4, as AEW presents: Independence Day.

Lastly, the following names have been added to the Gold Rush Battle Royal Ladder match:

1. Pac

2. Johnny Gargano

3. Alistair Black

Announced thus far:

  1. Brock Lesnar
  2. AJ Styles
  3. MJF
  4. Kenny Omega
  5. Sammy Guevara
  6. Kurt Angle
  7. Dolph Ziggler
  8. Chris Jericho
  9. Vader
  10. Cody Rhodes
  11. Roman Reigns
  12. Rey Mysterio Jr.
  13. Pac
  14. Johnny Gargano
  15. Alistair Black

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