Megan Mouse issues statement on AEW season premiere

STANFORD, Connecticut — All Elite Wrestling will debut with a one match show to determine the World Heavyweight Champion.

On this show — the date and name of which will be announced — we will have a first of its kind Open Invitational Battle Royal.

The men’s roster, not including inactive members and legends contracted, is well over 60 wrestlers. Taking that into consideration, the first 50 men to sign up will be entered into the Championship Battle Royal. Unlike the traditional battle royal, however, the participants will enter at timed variables, starting with four participants.

When we get to the final five, the match will then cease to operate under battle royal rules and will instead become a ladder match! The individual who captures the championship will be crowned the All Elite Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion!

Over the coming days, I will be announcing a number of the participants for the match (the name of which is being finalized) and the order in which they will enter — as of tonight, the following have already approached me about being in the match:

  1. Brock Lesnar
  2. AJ Styles
  3. MJF
  4. Kenny Omega
  5. Sammy Guevara

Stay tuned for additional updates.

Megan Mouse

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